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Ok when will my inadvertently-queer girl crushes from my childhood stop kissing girls later on in their careers while giving me heart attacks in the process

The Bold Type

Have you ever seen a commercial for a new show, and told yourself that the show totally isn’t for you? This was my first opinion The Bold Type, a new series on Freeform. A starting seeing commercials for it in the final days of Pretty Little Liars, and while I usually skip past commercials, I stopped and watched The Bold Type ones because I recognized some of the main cast from other roles. Katie Stevens seemed to be taking over the lead as Jane, a new writer in the female magazine industry. With her Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy would be playing her friends Kat, a social media rep, and Sutton, a receptionist, respectively. My introduction to Katie Stevens was Faking It in her lead role as Karma, and Aisha Dee I knew from Chasing Life in her main role as Beth Kingston. Both of these shows were short lived and while I didn’t care about the premise of the show, I decided to at least watch the pilot because of them.

The show I found was way beyond any expectations I have ever had for a show. I was instantaneously hooked. I don’t care about female magazines, nor Instagram, nor getting the intern job for the fashion department, but within the first hour the show allowed me to engage in topics I never thought would interest me. The Bold Type to date has only aired 6 episodes, just 6, but with the emotional connection I have gotten from the characters I feel like I’ve been watching them for years, already tearing up on a weekly basis.

I really don’t want to give away what occurs in the show because the surprise and going on the journey with the characters I feel is more important than listing the reasons why you should. Mainly because Tumblr can’t handle the infinite reasons yet.  I will tell you that in its short run so far, The Bold Type has tackled issues of female sexuality, breast awareness, empowering women, questioning sexuality, race relations currently in America, strong caring bosses, going for the dream job, taking chances, and understanding the importance of friendship. 6 episodes. Also, every single character is amazing. Prior I stated that I believed Katie Stevens was the lead, but honestly both Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy equally share the spotlight with Katie, all of their characters getting separate, but unique storylines that highlight the characters’ flaws and help them grow throughout the show. All 3 hit it out of the park with every other member of the cast giving A+ performances. This show destroys so many stereotypes per episode, I believe they will run out of them prior the end of the season.

Now some people will say watch this show because wlw representation. Some people will say do it for the feminine values and the empowerment of women. Some say for the cultural l relevance that the show has in this era of media. Others for the breakdown of stereotypes or the fresh take on magazine business or the performances. I’m not going to tell you to watch this show because of any of these things even though every single one of them is a grand reason. No, I’m going to say that as a person who still has no interest in magazines, this show touched me like most shows can’t these days. Everything about it is honest, some moments raw while others show the realism of the daily life of these women.

I urge all of you to give this show a chance, right now. This show has the power to change many lives, but we need to build this shows fan base and proves to Freeform why it is vital to renew. I don’t care if you like magazines or the New York life. Put in on in the background at first if you must. Pick a favorite at the beginning of each episode, I swear every time some other character will top them. Don’t let this amazing piece of art fall prior to letting it live a full life. I want to say some much about it right now, but most words fail me with the amount of emotion I feel when I think about this show. Make it to episode 6 and if you aren’t convinced maybe this show isn’t for you, there is no perfect fit for everybody. But give it just to 6, please give this beauty a chance to shine.

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