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@jack+sol- i dare you to pull off the best prank known to any living creature

Sol: *opens his mouth when Jack coughs loudly* umm…i’m sorry but i am just the little prince of mewni. I does not get into trouble, i does not prank. that would be irresponsibilly of me. 

Jack: And just because I am the greatest half demonic magician in the world doesn’t mean i prank people.

*A single spotlight shines on Sol and Jack

Speaker: You two are under arrest! Please give yourselves up quietly.

Sol: You’ll never take us alive! *hops on Jack’s back*

Jack: *begins using flaming jets to fly through the air, the attack helicopter chases after them.* 

Nova:..hey, is that sol and jack? *squints*

Connor;…being chased by an attack helicopter? Are you…

Nova; *Looks at him*

Connor: sigh, i’ll call his mom. hopefully bail isn’t too bad this time.   

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i HAD NO IDEA GORILLAZ HAD PHASES AND STORYLINES could you try and explain them quickly for us new bbies getting into this fandom??


so the WHOLE ENTIRE STORY of gorillaz is actually extremely ridiculously long and very very complicated and confusing so i am going to try my very hardest to sum everything up as best as i possibly can without missing too much

(also the “phases” don’t really mean much besides marking the different album releases, which is why you may have noticed the band members look different every few years)

phase 1 (celebrity takedown) started around 1999. before phase 1, there was only this guy:

murdoc niccals. on august 15th, 1997 (d-day), he wanted to steal music equipment so he crashed a car into a music store where this guy:

stuart tusspot (then in his young twenties) was working, and he hit stuart in the eye and sent him into a coma. murdoc was arrested, but rather than serving time he had to do a lot of community service and also take care of stuart while he was in his coma. murdoc being murdoc, he crashed his car a second time and sent stuart flying from the backseat, through the windshield and he hit his good eye on the concrete, which woke him from his vegetative state, thus “creating” the stuart you know today:

he was nicknamed 2D because he now has two “dents” in his head (which are actually 8-ball fractures if you wanted to know how this look could be possible). murdoc saw that 2D was really attractive and he could sing, so he made 2D the singer of his band

now, this is russel hobbs:

he was involved in a drive-by shooting when his best friend Del (Deltron 3030 irl):

was shot and killed. del possessed russel, thus turning his eyes completely white and haunting him from time to time when he plays the drums. he also raps in some of the gorillaz songs.

murdoc and 2D needed a drummer so they kidnapped russel and russel for some reason forgave them and agreed to be their drummer.

the guitarist for a short while was 2D’s girlfriend, Paula:

and together the four of them formed the band “GORILLA”:

and the only song they recorded together was “ghost train”. paula was kicked out of the band because russel caught her having sex with murdoc in the bathroom. they needed a new guitarist, so they sent out an ad in the paper. not too long later, this little angel arrived at their front door:

she saw the ad and fed-exed herself from osaka to kong studios:

in essex, england. she was only ten and she only knew one word: noodle. therefore, they named her noodle and they made her the guitarist because she was really really good.

thus, gorillaz was born:

then they made the first album around 2000, titled “gorillaz”. they released a bunch of music, music videos, interviews, merch, a completely interactive website where you could walk around their house, and they even released little shorts that were shown on MTV for a while. you can watch all of their videos and interviews on youtube. they won some awards too, and even performed live using holagrams.

{clint eastwood

rock the house

tomorrow comes today
 (epilepsy warning)
live performance
 (epilepsy warning)
all “bites”
 (shorts shown on MTV)}

around 2002, they got a little tired of one another. lots of different personalities living under one roof. they faught a lot, especially murdoc and 2D (2D is not “all there” and he takes a lot of medication, murdoc is an asshole and abuses 2D CONSTANTLY). so they all left kong studios for a while, but not before releasing some b-sides (g-sides).

at the end of two years, murdoc ended up in a mexican prison, russel excorcised del’s soul from his body (but kept the white eyes), which sent him into a horrible depression, 2D got a job at his father’s amusement park, and noodle went back to osaka, japan to discover more about her past.

while in japan, noodle found out from some old dude that she was actually a part of some kind of organization that turns young children into war-machines (yeah, i know, fucking crazy, right?????). her memory had been erased by the old dude so that she could live a normal life, and when her memory was restored, she remembered everything, including how to speak fluent english. having found herself, she was the first one to go back to kong studios. she wrote most of the second album by herself before the others came back to kong and helped her out.

(btw, that is noodle’s pet monkey, mike. murdoc had a pet crow named cortez, and 2D had a pet dog named Prince, but no one knows what happened to them. keep reading)

this was around 2004 and would start phase 2 (slowboat to hades):

note the drastic style change. this phase was famous for its darker look, and the music became a lot darker in their second album, “demon days”.

dirty harry



feel good inc.

el manana

they released some more teasers (which were “filmed” during their two-year break), more music, more music vidoes, more live performances, and more merch. even some gorillaz games. very cute, very fun (especially if you have a dark sense of humor? there is one game in particular that has the murdoc/2D fans feeling some type of way lol). if you watch the videos and interviews, you can really tell how their personalities shift from phase to phase. also, this is the phase where the windmill island makes its first appearence:

and this is where things get very weird and very very complicated (especially for a cartoon band). in the feel good inc. music video (watch it), noodle is on this island and she is being chased by helicopters from afar.

in the el manana video (watch it now or you might be confused), however, noodle was supposed to get “shot” by the same helicopters before parachuting safely off of the island where she would then flee to the maldive islands to get away for a while (she just wanted a vacation but i guess she didn’t want people to find her). however, in the gorillaz autobiography, murdoc says that something completely different happened.

murdoc was trying to get some guy killed (i forget his name) because murdoc is a horrible guy who holds a lot of grudges. murdoc tricked this guy into hiding inside the windmill to wait for noodle to “die” so he could take her place. noodle did not know about ANY of this. she wasn’t going to get hurt either way because she was given a parachute. so when DIFFERENT helicopters (DIFFERENT PEOPLE THAT WERE NOT HIRED BY MURDOC OR GORILLAZ!) started shooting at her, TRYING to kill her, she freaked out and the windmill ended up crashing into a canal. there is a picture in the autobiography of her parachuting off the island, but no one knows where she went after she hit the ground. everyone searched for her, but no one could find her. at this point, murdoc was confused as well, but everyone assumed she still went to the maldives to mellow out—or that she DIED.

this left 2D, murdoc and russel in deep depression. russel left kong studios first, as it was falling apart due to it being built atop a landfill and infested with zombies. 2D left afterwards to live in beirut, and only murdoc was left in the rubble that was kong.

this was around 2007. the second b-sides album (d-sides) was released and if you went on the interactive website, it was completely abandoned. murdoc tried to sell it but it was gross, run down, shit everywhere, noodle’s room was left bare. BUT. sometime in 2007, noodle sent a message to murdoc via radio telling him to come and save her. she never stated explicitly where she was, but she was in deep, deep trouble. murdoc assumed she was in hell, and, being a satanist in a made-up universe, he somehow made it to hell and searched high and low for noodle, but never found her (THOUGH HE RECENTLY STATED THAT THE ENTIRE HELL TRIP MAY HAVE BEEN A DRUNKEN FEVER-DREAM, SO WE ARE ALL EXTREMELY FED UP AND CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO NOODLE AFTER THE EL MANANA THING. WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, THOUGH THE MURDOC/NOODLE FANS ATE THAT SHIT UP).

after this, murdoc got word that the organization who tried to murder noodle (the black clouds) were now after him. he had no choice but to leave kong studios forever. so he set kong on fire and left. then the autobiography was released (it is implied they started writing the book well before even the middle of phase 2).

and then gorillaz were on hiatus for about four years. not a single word. if you went on the website, nothing changed. shit was cryptic. but the fandom was loyal and WAITING.

THEN. OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE, sometime in 2009, murdoc showed up in an interview talking about new gorillaz music. and very slowly, more information was released on the “unofficial gorillaz website”. the fandom was BATSHIT. half of us were butthurt about how ugly murdoc looked, and the other half was excited about NEW GORILLAZ MUSIC, and more importantly, THIS PICTURE:

people were mostly concerned with noodle and the fact that her eye was all fucked up, presumably from either the fall from the island OR from when she was “in hell”. also, peope assumed the whole band was together again, but this was FAR FAR FAR from the case.

murdoc wanted to make new gorillaz music that would “top” their second album (which could never happen, but a pickle can dream). murdoc couldn’t get a hold of russel, and noodle was presumably MIA, so murdoc kidnapped 2D in beirut and shipped the poor guy to plastic beach:

plastic beach is essentially murdoc’s hiding place where he is “safe” from the black clouds, and it is literally an island made out of garbage and spray painted pink. 2D did not want to be there, but murdoc held him captive:

in a bedroom at the southernmost tip of the island, underwater, guarded by a whale (2D has a crippling fear of whales, murdoc is a GIANT ASSHOLE). he made 2D sing, and 2D agreed because he has been agreeing to murdoc for a long time and he knew better than to disobey him.

since gorillaz was lacking a drummer and a guitarist, murdoc had to improvise. to replace russel, murdoc used a drum machine to mimic the way russel plays the drums. to replace noodle, murdoc gathered some of noodle’s DNA from the el manana crash site and built CYBORG NOODLE:

she was just as good on guitar as noodle was and she was also the “war machine” that noodle was “supposed” to be, i.e., murdoc stuffed her with weapons. she even had a gun that fired from her mouth.

thus, this was the “phase three: plastic beach” crew:

they recorded the new album, titled PLASTIC BEACH, and murdoc “kidnapped” all of the artists that gorillaz collaborated with and they just had a grand ol’ time. the album was released in early 2010, followed by a revamped website featuring a full tour of plastic beach, more merch, and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of interviews. some of them are probably no longer findable, but it doesn’t matter because pretty much every single interview was just murdoc hooting and hollering and drinking because IT WAS ESTABLISHED THAT AT THIS POINT HE HAS LITERALLY GONE INSANE.

the music video for stylo was released and did not contribute much to the “main plot”, which disappointed some people because we all wanted to know where noodle and russel were. after a long time, murdoc made a twitter to communicate with the fans who were more interested in the now extremely involved plot line of gorillaz as well as the music.

sometime in 2010, new “idents” were released. 2D’s showed him getting kidnapped and shipped to PB, murdoc’s showed him getting SHOT AT on a boat, probably on his way to plastic beach. then RUSSEL’S ident was released, and it showed him jumping off of a dock into the ocean in an EXTREMELY ANGRY MANNER. lots of people speculated he was mad because he found out what murdoc was doing or he was going to confront murdoc about noodle’s whereabouts or both. cyborg noodle’s ident was released after that, it was nothing special, it was just really creepy (btw you can watch all the idents on youtube!

AND THEN. AND. THEN. noodle’s ident was released and IT WAS THE GREATEST DAY. AFTER FOUR YEARS we finally got to see what happened to noodle, dear, dear noodle:

her ident showed her on a boat (she is around 18-19 at this time), being asked to evacuate because the boat was being attacked by pirates (presumably the black clouds, coming after noodle). being the supreme badass she is, she grabbed a gun and stormed out of the room, and that was all we got. the fandom was in uproar. why the cat mask? was it to cover her eye? why was she on a boat?

shortly before the “on melancholy hill video”, murdoc stated he could see a brown rock moving towards plastic beach (official art told the fans it was russel’s head, as russel had eaten toxic waste and had grown into a giant):

and it was implied from this that russel was going to meet up with noodle sometime in the near future. 

hope you’re still following me. im trying my best lol

in the “on melacholy hill” video, murdoc was now aware that noodle was very much alive and also in some kind of trouble, so he and all of the album’s collaborators went on a giant search for noodle, but never found her. they ended up finding some manatee on top of a rock (random af), while noodle defended her boat from the black clouds, and ended up escaping on a life raft with her guitar. and then this happened:

in both the stylo and OMH videos, a mysterious figure called THE BOOGIEMAN appeared:

he is implied by murdoc to be a symbol of death, as he “murders” both a police officer and the manatee on the rock. not much more is known about him.

after this, not much more happened. there was more official art, more games on the gorillaz website, more merch, a gorillaz live band tour (not featuring the actual memebers of gorillaz, much to murdoc’s frustration), one new single called doncamatic, and a music video released during the tour featuring russel and noodle:

about a year later without any more activity, gorillaz released a fourth album titled “the fall”, composed entirely on an ipad by 2D (note how “gorillaz” = russel, “demon days” = noodle, “plastic beach” = murdoc and “the fall” = 2D). it was not entirely popular, but there were some really good tracks.

the gorillaz hype slowed to an almost-halt as far as plot was concerned. noodle and russel never made it to plastic beach, murdoc was still on the island with 2D, 2D was still a wreck, etc etc etc. the fandom was content, but the plotline was pretty stagnant for another year or so. there were a lot lot LOT of unanswered questions, but the fandom was used to it, as gorillaz was never really “designed” to have such a convoluted plotline to begin with, as you can probably imagine. who would have thought “gorillaz” would evolve into such a CRAZY, INVOLVED STORY?? we were at least content knowing noodle was safe with russel, and they were both happy (russel loves noodle like a daughter btw its adorable af). as far as 2D and murdoc went, a lot of people kind of knew that their relationship, as dysfunctional as it was, was still salvagable as 2D is pretty much infatuated with murdoc, as fucked up as that seems.

in 2011, rhinestone eyes was supposed to get a music video. alas, this never happened because the music video was no longer being funded for (it costs a looooot of money to make gorillaz music videos, and gorillaz lost a good deal of popularity after phase 2, mostly because of the plotline. no one besides the die hard fans knew what the fuck was going on in the music videos).

BUT we were blessed with the rhinestone eyes storyboard, which was pretty much everything we could have asked for. the black clouds were surrounding PB, murdoc was flipping out, the boogieman was cornering him. 2D was about to be eaten by the whale buT THEN OUT OF NO WHERE, FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY RUSSEL GRABBED THE WHALE WITH HIS HUGE YAOI HAND AND SENT IT FLYING ACROSS THE OCEAN, SAVING POOR 2D. MORE DRAMA ENSUES, AND AT THE END OF IT ALL, RUSSEL OPENS HIS GIANT MOUTH TO REVEAL NOODLE HIDING INSIDE. GOD BLESS.

now, even though the music video was never made, it is implied that everything that happened in the storyboard happened irl. but we still had so many questions left unanswered regardless.

in 2012, gorillaz released a music video to go along with their new single DOYATHING feat. ANDRE 3000. the hype for this video was as real as it could get, and the gorillaz fandom was practically pissing their pants after they saw the storyboard.

the doyathing video (which was actually a collaboration with converse shoes) depicts the four members of gorillaz living together in a janky apartment. what a shock, but what happened to plastic beach? 2D seemed a bit more “himself”, and to everyone’s relief and jubilance, he opened the door to noodle’s bedroom to reveal noodle sleeping soundly, and he smiles, and the fandom was finally at ease. to top it off, russel is shown laying on top of the roof of the apartment, sleeping, noticably smaller in size, but still a giant nonetheless. and attached to the apartment, to EVERY SINGLE GORILLAZ FAN’S COMPLETE SHOCK, is the fucking windmill island, albiet in shambles. how they got it up in the sky again is a mystery to us all.

and, according to murdoc a short while after the release of the video (or before, i cannot recall), after russel and noodle arrived on the island, the cyborg attempted to kill murdoc (which was a surprise to no one….). noodle and the cyborg duked it out and the real noodle ended up coming out on top. and they all left plastic beach after the black clouds fled the scene, probably because it was shot to bits.

and that’s it as of right now. that is the gorillaz story, in summary. there are still a plethora of unanswered questions, however, as we have yet to hear ANYTHING from russel and noodle. we still do not know what exactly happened to noodle after el manana. we do not know why russel jumped into the ocean, we don’t know how russel and noodle found the beach, we don’t know what happened to noodle’s eye. we don’t know a lot of things. hopefully some of our questions will be answered in PHASE FOUR! which has officially started as of yesterday.

i hope i have given you a sufficient insight on the wild, wild world of GORILLAZ. they are more than just a band, they are characters with complex backstories and their adventures are pretty fucking crazy if you have the patience to keep up with them

thanks for reading!


What is your preferred genre of music?

Maybe you have that one style of music that really suits you.  Or maybe you like a wide variety of tunes, to keep things interesting and diverse.  Or do you shift around from time to time, going through phases depending on your situation.  Silence is cool too, if you don’t have time for all that noisy nonsense.

So, what’s your genre?  who are your artists?  and what can you absolutely not bear to listen to?
Let’s hear it. 

Divided: Part 20

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 1832

Summary: Your journey with T’Challa takes an unexpected turn as he causes you to question things about your relationship and yourself. 

Authors Note:  I am still technically on hiatus for one more week until my sister’s wedding is over, but I had a bit of time today and figured that you guys might enjoy this. Plus I’ve been feeling like shit and could use a small confidence boost before the wedding. <3  I always love hearing from you all, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions!  Tagging is open, just ask, if you are on my tag list and your username has changed PLEASE let me know!

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19

“You’re never going to find him.” You snarl, your arms crossed against the thick leather belt that held you against the chair. “Do you ever stop talking?” T’Challa rolls his eyes in front of you, his fingers flexing in annoyance as they curl tighter around the steering stick.

“Nope.” You pop your lips, the sound making him wince slightly, “Better get used to it T.C. You’re the one that pulled me from my team and dragged me on your wild goose chase. You can let me off anytime…” You taunt, narrowing your eyes in annoyance.

He refuses to acknowledge you, his gaze darting briefly to the radar as he flies slightly to the left, correcting his course. “Come on T.C. we’ve been screwing around in the air for hours now. I know for a fact it does not take this long to get to Wakanda.”

He smiles slightly, biting his lip as you suddenly start with surprise. “We’re… we’re not going to Wakanda… are we?” You ask in confusion, your brow furrowing slightly at him, his silence causing your heart to beat faster, each thump echoing in your ears.

“Then where… where are we going?” You feverishly glance around through the windows of the cockpit, trying to get your bearings but all you see is black as the rain whips along the outside.

T’Challa smiles slightly, as if he knows something you don’t, “I don’t know yet.” T’Challa speaks slowly, his patience waning as he stares at the radar screen. Suddenly a large area of the radar becomes illuminated as you hear a deafening rumble from below.

“What is that?” You search wildly for answers as you try to look out through the darkened windows of the small jet, but you are unable to see anything but the black sea. T’Challa reacts quickly, causing the plane to tumble sharply to the right, turning at a tight angle to skirt along the sea, shaking with turbulence under the full force of the storm.

“What are you doing!?” You yell, gripping onto the leather straps as T’Challa lets out a slightly exhilarated laugh. “Finding out where we are going… wasn’t that your request?” He chuckles, explaining himself as if none of his flying technique was out of the ordinary.

You glance forward to see a large fortress rise from the ocean, as if it were a fabled sea monster rising beneath the surface, it’s iron jaws springing open to release a small helicopter before closing quickly as it descends back to its home in the depths of the black water.

T’Challa raises the jet slightly, elevating up to the clouds, quickly chasing the small helicopter. “Stark.” You breathe, reading the name emblazoned on the side of the chopper, “We’re following Stark?” You question as T’challa sinks the jet into the clouds, his eyes carefully watching the helicopter above.

“Oh come on… you could at least fucking answer me.” You huff, crossing your arms across your chest once more, your annoyance peaking at being ignored. There is a small flash of light in the distance below the chopper, a slight bit of movement ruffling over the roof of the jet, though nothing appears on the radar.

T’Challa moves quickly, tilting the jet directly upwards as he rolls into position, turning to follow the small streak in the air. “Stark… He knows something… He knows where we are going.” T’Challa affirms, finally providing you with some answers, however cryptic they were.

You sit there staring straight ahead in bewilderment as T’Challa flicks the controls, setting the plane to increase in speed as you follow the air current of Stark’s suit, keeping a safe distance.

“Why won’t you just listen to reason T’Challa. You are King now, your people rely on you, to lead them, to take care of them. But instead you gallivant off in chase of false vengeance?” You spit forward at the would be king, hoping to talk some sense into him.

“How much you think you know, but how little you understand, young arachnid. My father will not know rest until his murderer faces justice, it is my duty to see it done.” T’Challa speaks firmly, his tone biting as you recoil slightly at the sharpness of his tone.

You take a deep breath, your attitude returning in full force as you find your voice once again, never being one to lose it for long. “First off, how many times do I have to tell you? Bucky did not kill your father, it was this crazy guy who impersonated the psychiatrist, he has a plan to awaken these deadly assassins in…” You stop yourself before giving away the location, not wanting to aid T’Challa in his quest.

“He didn’t do it T’Challa, you’ll see I’m right in the end.” You finish, your voice losing its hostile tone, as you implore him to hear you. “And the second thing?” T’Challa asks quietly, requesting the latter part of your argument.

“The name is scorpion, not arachnid.” You speak firmly, declaring your title for his use. He nods, smiling slightly at your defiant tone.

“Ah, yes, the scorpion. Known for its stinger, dulling out critical hits from a small puncture wound.” He speaks softly, chuckling slightly to himself, “Tell me scorpion, is that the only reason for your title? Your exceptional ability with knives?” He raises an eyebrow.

You don’t respond, not knowing where he is going with the question, confused at T’Challa’s sudden desire to talk to you. “No.” He answers softly, responding to his own question, “I believe not. It is not just your deadly skill… it is your nature… to defend yourself; to attack.” He speaks slowly, his words swirling in your head as something tenses inside your chest.

You bite your lip, your eyes stinging slightly as tears prick at the back of them. Your fist curl into defensive balls as your shoulders roll back into a broad position. You couldn’t quite explain why T’Challa’s words were causing such a visceral reaction in you, or why his simple statement caused your stomach to twist into knots, but the dark truth of his words caused every hair on your body to stand on edge.

“I spoke once before about the story of the scorpion and the turtle. In my culture, we tell this to growing children when they reach the age where they begin to find themselves.” He takes a deep breath as you watch him, your shoulders tense, awaiting his lecture.

“One day a scorpion needed to cross a river, so it implores a turtle to please carry it across the river. At first, the turtle hesitates, unsure of whether or not to trust the scorpion, fearing that it might be stung.” He begins, you roll your eyes as he lectures you.

“The scorpion argues with the turtle, reasoning that if it was to sting him, then they would both drown… The turtle considers this, realizing the logic of the scorpion’s argument and agrees to carry the young scorpion across.” T’Challa speaks slowly, wanting every word to resonate with you.

“And let me guess,” you snarl, your anger flaring forcefully in your chest, “The scorpion stung the stupid turtle anyway.”

“Yes.” T’Challa said simply, “The scorpion stung the turtle, dooming them both. And when the turtle asked the scorpion why, do you know what it said?” You stay silent, knowing him well enough to predict that he was about to answer his own question.

“The Scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.” T’Challa falls silent, waiting to see the effect that the story had on you.

“So what? You’re saying that I am self-destructive? You’re not the first one to notice that T.C.” You snarl, your defenses rising again. “Besides the turtle should have been looking out for himself, you expect me to believe that his shell failed to shield him? Or that he was actually dumb enough to believe the scorpion?”

“You miss the point young one.” He interrupts you, recognizing the defensive tone in your voice, “The scorpion does not sting the turtle for self-destruction. The scorpion is fundamentally vicious… vicious in its nature… it will not change.” T’Challa finishes, falling silent once again, leaving you to think.

“So is it about me? Are you saying I’m vicious?” Your hostility rises as his insults sting inside of you, touching on nerves of truth that you subconsciously kept controlled.

“I’m not saying anything, Y/N. It’s just a story…” He smirks to himself as you sit behind him in silence. His words reverberating in your head.

Who was he talking about? What was he talking about? What all does he know? Your heart pounds quickly as your mind races, is he referring to what I did to Steve… how I hurt him, how I stung him? So if I am the scorpion… Then is Steve the turtle… Or is Bucky now the turtle? Your eyes squeeze shut, your head aching slightly with your swirling thoughts.

Is Bucky the scorpion? It would not be far off that T’Challa thinks him vicious…Why insist on telling me this story if there is no point to it? You glance through the window, noticing the terrain had changed in the time you had gotten lost in your swirling thoughts. The area outside had become mountainous, snow coating the ground and peaks of the rising crests.

“Where… where are we?” You ask, getting nervous at the sight of your new location. T’Challa does not answer you, remaining silent as he fiddles with the controls at his fingertips, his eyes never moving from the wind shield.

“T’Challa,” you speak more firmly, demanding him to answer you, “We are passing over western Russia at the moment.” He says quietly, paying careful attention to your quickening breath at his words.

He knows. He knows Bucky is in Siberia. “T’Challa,” You start slowly, knowing your hand had already been played for you. Your only hope now is to reason with him on your lover’s behalf.

“I am done listening to your arguments Y/N. I have heard your words and have weighed them against my evidence. They have been found wanting.” T’Challa speaks quickly, his tone calm, but assertive. “I will do you the service of taking him captive. Thus leaving him alive, and able to stand trial. This is all I will guarantee you.”

You sit silently, thinking through T’Challa’s offer, knowing at the least it was a guarantee of Bucky, remaining alive… T’Challa would give him a trial, he would see once and for all that Bucky was innocent, you were willing to take those odds.

You smile slightly, now understanding Natasha’s promise that she was doing you a favor. At the very least you had the guarantee of Bucky’s survival… Your stomach clenches as you suddenly realize how faint of a guarantee that was, knowing full well what Steve and Bucky had headed towards, hoping that Tony, T’Challa and yourself would be enough to help them.

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Polls showed that crime was the most pressing domestic issue to the public, so everyone running for reelection needed something to tout on the campaign trail. At this point, there really wasn’t any real debate about crime policy. It was really only about which party could come up with the most creative ways to empower cops and prosecutors, strip suspects of their rights, and show they were more committed to the battle than their opponents were. The most significant provision in the newest crime bill again dealt with asset forfeiture. The new proposal was to let law enforcement agencies involved with federal drug investigations share in any asset forfeiture proceeds that the case might produce…Under the new law, the Justice Department would set up a fund with the cash and auction proceeds from its investigations. After the lead federal agency took its cut, any state or local police agencies that had helped out would also get a share.
The measure was considered uncontroversial at the time, but it is difficult to overstate the effect it would have on drug policing over the next thirty years. With drug investigations now a potential souce of revenue for police departments, everything would change…
…Some people in northern California owned thousands of acres of land, much of it densely forested. Growers were also known to set up operations on someone else’s land, without the owner’s permission. If the feds started a forfeiture process, the owner was then in the difficult position of having to prove his innocence…Because it was much easier to win land through civil forfeiture than to win a conviction in a criminal court, federal prosecutors often offered to drop the criminal charges if the landowners agreed to hand their property over to the federal government.
These sorts of offers exposed just how fraudulent the government’s justification for its terror tactics really were. Allegedly, these pot growers were the dregs of humanity, greedily poisoning America’s children with their sinister harvest. They were dangerous enough that the government had to send virtual armies to occupy entire towns, buzz homes and chase children with helicopters, set up roadblocks to search cars at gunpoint, and strip suspects of innocents alike of their Fourth Amendment rights. The growers were that dangerous. However, if they were willing to hand over their land, the government was more than happy to let them go free.
—  Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko
What went down in Copycat
  • Alya: I think it's time you called Adrien
  • Marinette: HE MUST NEVER KNOW
  • Alya: you mean about your crush on him? or about some deep and incredibly plot-relevant secret that you're keeping from everyone?
  • Marinette: um...the first one? bc I defs don't have any secrets
  • Alya: yeah I think he already knows you have a crush on him
  • Alya: and probs your secret too honestly
  • Alya: I think we all know about that
  • Marinette: oh come on lemme just call him already
  • Phone: hello you've reached Adrien Agreste, fashion disaster extraordinare, and I think you're stunningly gorgeous
  • Marinette: AAAAAAAAH
  • Phone: psyche, this is his auto-responder, just leave your message now
  • Phone: message saved!
  • Marinette: HE MUST NEVER KNOW
  • Alya: for once I agree
  • Marinette: imma steal his phone
  • Alya: you're gonna what now
  • Marinette: it's what I do best
  • Alya: kk well imma go to this ceremony thing where they're gonna unveil that statue of you
  • Alya: yeah you're defs keepin that secret identity hidden from everyone
  • Adrien: *is cool and has a sword*
  • Plagg: you have one new message!
  • Adrien: lemme listen to it
  • Plagg: oh it's not recorded
  • Plagg: I answered the phone and pretended to be your auto-responder
  • Adrien: well who was it and what did they say?
  • Plagg: it was Marinette basically just being herself
  • Adrien: gotcha
  • Plagg: shouldn't we go to the statue thing
  • Adrien: yep! Plagg, catify me!
  • Chat Noir: *allons-y's himself over to the park*
  • Théo: hey Chat Noir where's Ladybug?
  • Chat Noir: defs on a date with me
  • Théo: um what
  • Chat Noir: you can kiss your chances with her goodbye
  • Théo: I didn't even—
  • Théo: that was weird
  • Théo: anyway I'm sure she's doing something very important
  • Tikki: which one
  • Marinette: ALL OF THEM
  • Tikki: I think maybe you should calm down
  • Tikki: here I found the phone now calm down!
  • Tikki: ok how are you gonna do that
  • Marinette: *spikes phone into the ground*
  • Tikki: I guess that works
  • Chat Noir: well she didn't show up so she defs loves me more than you
  • Théo: why are you going on about th—
  • Théo: fine imma go get akumatized I guess
  • Hawkmoth: hey Théo do you wanna replace that guy
  • Théo: that guy?
  • Hawkmoth: that guy
  • Théo: why would I wanna be that guy
  • Hawkmoth: idk maybe you could steal valuable artworks?
  • Théo: ok I guess
  • Copycat: *steals the Mona Lisa*
  • Roger: ok officers listen up
  • Roger: so Chat Noir's stolen a painting and this is definitely him and there's nothing suspicious about it despite his past behavior not matching this in the slightest
  • Roger: so here's our foolproof plan
  • Roger: when he shows up and says the cat burglar was an imposter imma pretend to believe him
  • Roger: and then imma lead him to where the painting was
  • Roger: and imma trip the alarm to close the gate and trap him in there
  • Roger: and then I'll leave him unsupervised because he defs doesn't have any powers that could break through a metal gate
  • Roger: and that's how we'll capture him bc this is the best possible plan
  • Chat Noir: I'm standing right here
  • Roger: oh hey Chat Noir! you wanna see the site of the burglary
  • Chat Noir: I was gonna be cooperative but you just said you're planning to trap me so instead imma run away
  • Roger: chase after him! with helicopters!
  • Chat Noir: *evades helicopters*
  • Ladybug: *calls Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: so just a hunch but the akumatized villain is probs that sculptor guy who said he was gonna go get akumatized
  • Ladybug: kk where you at
  • Chat Noir: I must face him alone
  • Ladybug: ok but here's a better idea
  • Ladybug: what if you face him alone but with backup from me
  • Chat Noir: oh yeah that's way better and I probs won't die now
  • Copycat: HEY GUYS
  • Chat Noir: I guess the cat's out of the bag
  • Copycat: dammit! I was just about to say that! stop stealing my puns
  • Chat Noir: stop stealing my identity
  • Copycat: ok that's a valid piece of criticism and now imma beat you up
  • Ladybug: and imma beat up both of you!
  • Chat Noir: what really?
  • Ladybug: jk no, I have no spoons for this fight
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *spoon happens*
  • Ladybug: correction, I have one spoon for this fight
  • Copycat: you can't beat me with a spoon!
  • Ladybug: *beats him with a spoon*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Chat Noir: no that one's him this is me
  • Ladybug: whoops
  • *beats the actual Copycat with a spoon*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Alya: so Marinette do you still have Adrien's phone
  • Marinette: yeah it's here. and there. and there.
  • Alya: you spiked it into the ground, didn't you
  • Marinette: mebbe
  • Alya: well I'm sure he'll defs date you now
  • Adrien: *defs dates her*
  • Alya: WHAT

light-kun  asked:

you can't convince me that episode 24 and the entire higuchi chase and the helicopter scene wasn't the fucking best and most intense episode in death note

first of all i feel absolutely blessed that you of all people sent me an ask. that url, that blog? BLESSED. and SECONDLY:

yo he was flying a helicopter by educated guess, and whammy be over here with that motherfuckin ski mask and that sniper rifle like damn bitch, and then light let out that hell scream and L was literally simply like “u good?” fantastic


Some Riku x Sora x Roxas Love triangle

Child Sora is so cute, I’m sure Riku would just snatch him up and make Sora his bride, but Roxas definitely won’t like that.

This is a parody of a gif I saw, which I can’t find or name because it was like a flash. Basically it involved two ladies at a bus stop. One had a dog, the other stared at the dog. At the end, the pet owner and a helicopter chased the girl for stealing the dog.

Chapter 4 (Part 1): Civil War {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 5~ The Life of an Avenger: Civil War

Prompt: Bucky escapes the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre with Steve, Sam, and (Y/N) who end up lost in hiding, taking on the task of fighting the army of Winter Soldiers alone…well, sort of.

Warnings: CACW spoilers, cursing

Originally posted by suckstobemeforaday

  “The Red Book,” (Y/N) thought out loud to Steve and Sam as they rounded the last corner, coming up to where Bucky was being interrogated by the Theo Broussard impersonator and murderer. Well, isn’t he a busy guy.  “He’s gonna let Bucky escape. He wants him to cause more damage. The only questions are where and why.”

  “Possibly,” Steve breathed out, “but I sure as hell hope not.”

  As they entered the chamber, lo and behold, (Y/N) was right. The black, armored bodies of the guards lain in perfect stillness, like a graveyard, strewn across the hallway and the interrogation room itself like ragdolls. Bucky was gone.

  “I’ll find him,” (Y/N) promised Steve, but he quickly grabbed her arm. He loved Bucky, but (Y/N) was on another level of love in his life. “I’ll find him before somebody else does,” (Y/N) comforted Steve. “Nobody kills James Buchanan Barnes, remember?”

  “Be safe,” Steve pleaded, but he was confident in her skills. She was (Y/N) (Y/L/N), she could handle anything. He kissed her quickly, then let her go, Sam giving her a nod before she sprinted around the corner again.

  “Help me,” someone rasped, his body contorted into a tight knit ball on the ground beside Bucky’s empty vault, the ‘impenetrable’ door fallen like a tree. Bet Theo heard it make a sound. “Help.”

  “Get up,” Steve ordered firmly, then pulled the guy up, shoving him against the wall, leaving his feet to dangle uselessly off the ground. “Who are you? What do you want?”

  “To see an empire fall,” Theo answered coyly.

  And then, there was Bucky. It was always Bucky…but, to be honest, it wasn’t Bucky. This was the Winter Soldier…Bucky, for the time being, was gone.

  The Winter Soldier attacked Sam from around the corner, striking his metallic fist into the wall where Sam’s head had been a second before, crumbling the cement like sand. Under the monotonous flashing red light of the facility’s alarm, the Winter Soldier threw Sam across the room into the metallic frame of his once occupied, solitary cell…now he was free.

  Steve decided to try his luck next and long story short, no dice. He ended up at the bottom of an elevator shaft wondering why the hell himself and Sam were the first ones to reach the interrogation room, despite Everett deliberately shouting into his walkie-talkie, ‘get me eyes on Barnes.’ Seriously, what?

  Anyway, Bucky escaped and this is where the real fun began.

  (Y/N) heard a loud clang and shouts as something heavy fell somewhere…in the wall? She had been sprinting, until she came to a room full of empty, black tables, much like a deserted school cafeteria, florescent lights casting the space in a dull, grey glow. (Y/N) pivoted in the center of the room, until she looked up towards a small mirror on the wall and caught a glimpse of a man walking towards the room, heavy gait, broad shoulders, and a face to kill. It was Bucky.

  She rapidly spun behind one of the white pillars, her eyes locked on the mirror, locked on the man who helped her escape Hydra. She had two options: she could fight him or join him…well, she didn’t get much of a choice before she showed herself, hands out in front of her to demonstrate she had no intention to fight.

  “Bucky,” (Y/N) breathed out. “The voices in your head…they’re all lies. You’re being manipulated. The thoughts aren’t real…you’re safe. You don’t have to fight me.“

  “Who are you?” Bucky asked lowly as he continued his steady approach, only a few feet away from (Y/N) who kept her feet planted like a tree as she listened to the monotonous sound of his heavy, labored breathing.

  “Wonderland…I know you remember me,” (Y/N) stressed. “The words, the book, they’re screwing with your mind. Please remember me-”

  “I don’t know you!” Bucky howled as he charged (Y/N), forcing her small body against the white wall that cracked in a spiderweb pattern where her head hit the concrete, dazing her slightly as paint flakes decorated her hair, freckling her nose, Bucky’s metallic hand still grasping her soft neck in an iron vice like a rabbit caught in a bear trap.

 “Yes, you do!” (Y/N) choked out, eyes pleading him to stop. “No fear, no weakness. Remember?” Bucky’s furious eyes softened slightly as his hold lessened, allowing (Y/N) to breathe. “No fear, no weakness…there, I said it. You happy now?” (Y/N) echoed her words from back in Hydra, her voice drifting into Bucky’s mind as her face became recognizable, her eyes so wide, so beautiful, so real.

  “Wonderland?” Bucky whispered, eyebrows furrowing in confusion, but recognition was clear in his deep, blue eyes as his grip lessened even further. “Where are we? I don’t…I don’t understand…”

  Just then, Tony. In only his business suit and bitch glasses, he stepped out from behind the cement pillar across the room, his hand extended with only his Iron Man hand fitted as his thruster built up power. He approached Bucky from behind, but (Y/N)’s eyes shot to the side, setting Bucky off again in a wild panic. 

  Thanks Tony, you suck.

  “No!” (Y/N) screamed as her magic moved Tony’s hand to direct the blast away from Bucky, then (Y/N) twisted Bucky around, forcing him against the wall as he kicked out his legs at her, sending her sliding across the ground as he charged Tony again. (Y/N) back flipped off the ground, round-house kicking Bucky into one of the black tables, his body smashing the set to wood chips as she leaned over him, freezing his struggling legs and non-metallic hand to the ground.

  “Brooks,” (Y/N) whispered breathlessly, her long hair draping over her shoulder in a braid, the end just barely touching his face. “It’s only me. Come on, you’re not crazy. The voices are wrong…Brooks…”

  “Aagh!” Bucky shouted, breaking free from his bonds, then flipped (Y/N) to the ground, raising his fist the shatter her doll-like face into a million, crystal pieces. “Shut up!”

  Suddenly, a shock wave of sound, like a cannon, shattered (Y/N)’s eardrums, stunning her and Bucky for a moment as he stood from her body, facing Tony.

  “You stay away from my her,” Tony threatened lowly as (Y/N) whipped up, shaking her head to clear the ringing before she lifted Bucky from the ground in a whirlwind blizzard, throwing him across the room away from Tony, simultaneously sending Tony a dirty look.

  “I got Kurt Cobain, you got the Accords,” (Y/N) warned Tony. “Everyone’s happy, so stay out of it.”

  “Wish I could,” Tony responded, but (Y/N) was already gone.

  Bucky landed across the room where Sharon and Natasha appeared…well, that fight didn’t take long before Bucky shoved Sharon into one of the tables, stealing her gun as Natasha wrapped her legs around his neck, riding on his shoulders as she pounded uselessly on his head before he dropped her to another table, his hands around her neck in a choke-hold.

  “You could at least recognize me,” Natasha choked out, face reddening by her lack of oxygen before (Y/N) twisted Bucky’s arm behind his back, distracting him from Natasha as he howled in outrage.

  “We gotta go, Brooks,” (Y/N) whispered in his ear. “We gotta break out. We gotta go, Brooks.”

  Brooks was long gone. He twisted from (Y/N)’s grip, pulling her braid downwards, leaving her neck exposed, her face towards the ceiling. (Y/N) wasn’t nearly as strong as he was, not at all. She could feel her body giving up, so she back flipped, kicking off of Bucky’s chest, she slid to the floor, but Tony stood in front of her before Bucky could attack again. Bucky lifted Sharon’s gun to Tony’s forehead, but the bullet disappeared in a zap of electricity.

  “Whoa…” (Y/N) sighed in awe, then shook herself off, pulling Tony to the ground after he sliced Bucky’s face with the gun shaft, before Bucky could rip Tony’s head off. 

  And then, there was T’Challa….are you fucking….you’ve gotta be kidding me…

  T’Challa box kicked Bucky until the two locked arms in a battle of strength, T’Challa’s ring doing…something to Bucky’s arm before Bucky flipped him to the ground next to (Y/N) and Tony, then took his soldier ass and marched up the stairs.

  “I had him, you idiots!” (Y/N) yelled, lifting herself from the ground. “He knew my name! He recognized me!”

  “And then, he tried to kill you,” Tony argued, pleading for (Y/N) to stop. “You gotta let him go, punk. He’s gone.”

  “You don’t fucking get it, do you?” (Y/N) dared him as she pulled T’Challa from his mid-air jump to the ground as he leaped towards the balcony for Bucky’s death, (Y/N)’s eyes never leaving Tony’s face. “I am him…just two days later. He saved my life and my sanity. It’s time I saved his.” (Y/N) pivoted away from Tony, freezing T’Challa’s hands to the wall before she left, stopping T’Challa’s pursuit for a moment longer.

  “Where are you going?” Tony yelled at her.

  “None of your goddamn business,” (Y/N) called back, stopping for a moment at the top of the stairs, taking one last dig at Tony. “Haven’t you heard? I don’t play nice with the government.”

  Then, she was off to find Bucky, freezing her tears away. She wanted Tony to be on her side. Why was he being so stubborn? She didn’t want to hurt him, but if she had to….God, she didn’t know. All she knew was that she had to find Bucky and get the hell out of Government Express. The place was seriously killing her good vibes.

  (Y/N) sprinted through the darkened hallways, searching for any sign of Bucky, until she saw Steve. He charged through one of the doorways out onto a helicopter strip, chasing down a helicopter about to take off…then, (Y/N) looked down to see T’Challa and a few other guards chasing her…so, she made a choice based off of trust, her complete trust in Steve. He could handle it, he could get Bucky back, so she feigned frustration, sending a web of black ice to lace the wall to her left, then pivoted, sprinting in the other direction.

  She ran and ran, searching and searching, searching for a guy whom she had already found, hoping that Bucky and Steve would be able to get out…and that she would as well. This could totally have been a mistake because, eventually, she hit a wall. 

  No, literally she hit a wall. It hurt, but realizing she was trapped hurt more. She pivoted to find the guards chasing her ghost past the hallway she had just ran down…idiots. However, she didn’t see T’Challa. As she moved into the corner, her back hit something, a red button. 

  Any logical would’ve not pushed the button, so obviously, (Y/N) pushed it because, at that point, why not? And, bingo, an escape route…for people with parachutes or had a helicopter waiting beneath them. Literally, it was just a balcony with no banister, no railing, just a small launch pad.  

  (Y/N) turned to find T’Challa just as he rounded the corner to her hallway, not fooled by her false trail.

  “I’m sorry,” (Y/N) taunted him, eyes lost in theatrical confusion. “It seems the Cheshire Cat has pointed me in the wrong direction…silly cat.”

  “Where has he gone?” T’Challa demanded, charging (Y/N) who leaned against the wall, smiling brilliantly from the light that streamed into the dull, lifeless facility from just outside the balcony.

  “I’m not one of your subjects,” (Y/N) stated. “You don’t rule me. I don’t bow down to you.”  

  “I will find him, and I will kill him,” T’Challa promised darkly as he looked down to the river below, no sign of Bucky.

  “You got your work cut out for you, Liam Neesan,” (Y/N) taunted him. “You still have to go through Captain America…and more terrifyingly, me.”

  “I shall manage, Ms. (Y/L/N),” T’Challa swore. “I will see you again.”

  “Don’t count on it,” (Y/N) whispered as he turned, sprinting back down the hallways away from (Y/N) who took a deep breath, gazing out the balcony window towards the everlasting blue sky, so clear, so beautiful, so free…and then, she spun around, extended her arms, and fell….the wind whipped at her back, lifting her hair as she closed her eyes and felt the breeze fight for her, demanding her to stop, but gravity was stronger, until (Y/N) lifted herself from the ice platform she made atop the water, allowing for a nice dive into the river. 

  Cold as Loki’s heart, the water froze (Y/N) to the core, leaving her invigorated and feeling alive. Her face broke the surface of the river as she swam to the edge, pulling herself out, she faced the large, grey, concrete building, a prison it seemed, to find black bodies spilling out of the facility, searching for the fugitives that were already gone. However, more importantly, (Y/N) saw a familiar red tie up in one of the windows, knowing his bitch glasses could see her, (Y/N) shaka-ed to him with a smile gracing her lips, then, she turned and sprinted away. Far, far away from her best friend.

  (Y/N) found Steve dragging Bucky’s limp body into a stolen truck a few miles from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, Sam already in the driver’s seat, they drove to an abandoned warehouse just outside the city in silence. What the hell were they supposed to do now?

  Steve forced Bucky’s metal arm into a machine in a make-shift prison, clamping down the Winter Soldier, protecting Bucky…and everyone else in the warehouse. 

  (Y/N) sat right beside Bucky, legs criss-crossed as she leaned her cheek against the edge of the cold machine, waiting impatiently for Bucky to wake up, to hear his story, and, most importantly, for her to apologize to him for not finding him sooner and letting him go too soon.

  Steve just paced around the warehouse, avoiding windows while also avoiding everything else. He needed a plan, a place to go, but there was nowhere to go. They were trapped. Home was a no-go…and just to think, a few weeks ago, Steve had been looking at engagement rings with Wanda and Nat…so much had changed in just two days, too much. It was all too much.

  Sam watched on protectively over (Y/N), waiting for Bucky to make the slightest move against her, arms folded, eyes full of hate, his whole body rigid from seething anger. No, Sam didn’t blame Bucky, specifically, for the situation they were in, but he did blame the Winter Soldier side of him. So much shit TWS had put (Y/N) and Steve through, so much pain and suffering, so much wasted time, so many bad things that Sam, himself, had gotten dragged into. But he wasn’t doing it for Bucky, he was doing it for (Y/N) and Steve, nothing more. Shit, he didn’t even know the guy and here Sam was in a dirty, old warehouse marked as a criminal when the only criminal was locked in a make-shift prison directly in front of him. God, he was annoyed and that anger only seemed to intensify when Bucky began to wake up, the hope on (Y/N)’s face lit the room, despite the utter darkness of the warehouse and the situation before them.

  “Bucky?” (Y/N) whispered as he attempted to pull his arm from the vice, but her small hand eased the tension in his other arm, his muscles relaxing under her cool fingertips. Bucky’s eyes swung up to (Y/N), her face so gentle, so kind. Strange. She was always so fierce, so…in his death-grip. Huh, strange. 

  “Wonderland?” Bucky asked roughly as he cleared his throat.

  “Yeah, yeah I am…but you can call me (Y/N) now,” (Y/N) smiled. “We’re not in Hydra anymore…we’re free,” (Y/N) breathed happily, but Bucky didn’t reciprocate her relief.

  “As much as we’ll ever be,” Bucky muttered, making (Y/N) scrunch her eyebrows.

  “Hey, Cap!” Sam called over to Steve, who pulled his eyes away from the circling helicopter overhead, jogging over to see (Y/N) speaking softly with Bucky, almost as if they were in a sleepover, gossiping together about boys on their sleeping bags. “She really is one of a kind, isn’t she?” Sam laughed quietly.

  “Always has been,” Steve agreed, then stepped forward into the dull light. 

  “Steve,” Bucky groaned in greeting.

  “Which Bucky am I talking to?” Steve asked lowly as (Y/N) scoffed.

  “I don’t know, Steve. Maybe, the Winter Soldier one that doesn’t know your name, or your face, or anything really,” (Y/N) answered sarcastically.

  “Your mom’s name was Sarah,” Bucky stated, then paused, his mind slowly working through the cobwebs, churning away the lace that cluttered his thoughts, rearranged his memories in confusing patterns. “You used to wear newspapers in your shoes,” Bucky chuckled softly, making (Y/N) smile up to Steve, then back to Bucky.

  “Can’t read that in a museum,” Steve proposed happily.

  Sam still looked dead inside.

  “Just like that, we’re supposed to be cool?” Sam attested.

  “What did I do?” Bucky asked (Y/N).

  “You, uh…bitch-slapped the Prince of Wakanda. Well, the king now, I guess,” (Y/N) shrugged as Bucky groaned again in agony at himself.

  “Oh, God,” Bucky muttered. “I knew this would happen. Everything Hydra put inside me is still there. All they had to say was the goddamn words,” Bucky sighed, then looked up to (Y/N) from underneath his eyelashes, pain in his eyes. “Did they ever get to you, the words?”

  “No,” (Y/N) answered quietly. “They tried, but no, no you got me out in time. The words can’t hurt me.”

  “Good,” Bucky nodded solemnly. It was worth it, it was all worth it. For (Y/N).

  “Who was he?” Steve interjected. Bucky was one of his best friends and he had saved (Y/N)’s life, but the way he looked at (Y/N)…to Steve, it was almost like looking in a mirror, a reflection of every time he saw (Y/N)…

  “I don’t know,” Bucky responded gravelly.

  “People are dead,” Steve explained harshly. “The bombing, the setup, the doctor did all that just to get ten minutes with you. I need you to do better than, ‘I don’t know.’”

  “He wanted to know about Siberia,” Bucky whispered, eyebrows furrowing in concentration. “Where we were kept,” Bucky gazed over to (Y/N). “He wanted to know exactly where.”

  “Why would he need to know that?” Steve questioned, his eyes softening.

  “Because we aren’t the only Winter Soldiers,” Bucky announced darkly, his voice echoing around the empty space.

  “What?” (Y/N) asked, fear lacing her quick tongue, shock buried deep in her eyes. 

  “Who were they?” Steve inquired.

  “Their most elite death squad,” Bucky confided as Steve helped Bucky out of the vice. “More kills than anyone in Hydra history…and (Y/N) would’ve been their crowning jewel…they had such plans for you…they had…you would’ve ripped the world to shreds and left not a piece to the imagination…”

  There was a long stretch of silence after Bucky’s confession. He was right. If (Y/N) had been under Hydra’s control, there would’ve been no stopping them. There would’ve been no end to their reign.

  “Well…that would’ve majorly sucked,” (Y/N) stated bluntly, making everyone smile.

  “Yeah,” Bucky chuckled. “Yeah, it would’ve.”

  “The doctor,” Steve prompted, “could he control them?”

  “Enough,” Bucky responded.

  “Said he wanted to see an empire fall,” Steve remembered. 

  “With these guys, with or without (Y/N), he could do it,” Bucky swore. “They speak thirty languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize. They can take a whole country down in one night, would never see them coming.”

  “Dammit,” (Y/N) whispered theatrically, rolling her eyes. “I can only speak English, Italian, and sarcasm…fucking pricks one-upped me.”

  “Get over here,” Sam laughed as he pulled (Y/N) gently to stand with him and Steve. “If we call Tony-”

  “No, he won’t believe us,” Steve broke in.

  “He’d believe me,” (Y/N) promised.

  “Even if he did…” Steve shook his head.

  “Who knows if the Accords would let him help,” Sam proposed.

  “Well, we won’t know if we don’t try,” (Y/N) argued, but Steve looked down shaking his head again.

  “He’s in too deep with the government,” Steve stated. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). We’re on our own.”

  “Maybe not,” Sam shrugged. “I know a guy.”

  “Who?” (Y/N) asked, her eyes lit with wild curiosity.

  “A surprise,” Sam proposed.

  “Tell me,” (Y/N) pleaded.

  “Well, where’s the fun in that?” Sam cocked his head, mocking (Y/N) and Wanda from a few weeks ago.

  “Up my ass, now tell me anyway,” (Y/N) quipped, but Sam just laughed. “Come on, man! We’re all in this together…well, except Bucky,” then, (Y/N) turned to Bucky. “We’re totally talking shit about you by the way!” (Y/N) called to him, then turned back to Steve and Sam who were wrecked. “Please, tell me.”

  “You really want me to ruin the surprise?” Sam questioned.

  “Mm…no…yes! Maybe? No….no, don’t tell…but then again, tell me anyway,” (Y/N) babbled, while she paced, making everyone laugh, even Bucky. “Oh, God, fuck it! Don’t tell me. Just, don’t….yeah, don’t.”

  “Is that your final answer?” Sam asked, holding an imaginary microphone out for (Y/N) who took it and gulped theatrically.

  “Yes, what is ‘don’t fucking tell me, you prick?’” (Y/N) answered, but Steve and Sam were gone. 

  Laugh while you can, because you never know when it will be the last time.

  “No…fucking…way,” (Y/N) stated slowly, staring straight at the car Steve decided to steal…okay, even car was pushing it. This thing was a time-bomb.. How long could Bucky and Sam stay squished that close before the thing popped? “I call shot-gun!” (Y/N) yelled, just to be annoying as her and Sam clambered for the passenger-side door, (Y/N) freezing the handle before Sam could reach it.

  “Melt this shit before I-”

  “What? Spread your wings and fly?” (Y/N) mocked him. “I believe I can fly! I believe I can soar and touch your ass!” (Y/N) sang.

  “(Y/N)!” Steve reprimanded her as she melted the handle, smiling to Sam who just laughed as he tipped his seat forward, allowing (Y/N) and Bucky to climb into the back. It was a tight fit, but (Y/N) was small enough. Nobody even wanted to imagine what it would’ve been like if Sam was forced into the back seat with Bucky…well, (Y/N) did. Come on, that would’ve been some funny shit. Impractical, but funny.

  “I don’t think we’ve ever been closer than we are now,” (Y/N) stated to Bucky. “It’s like I can feel your soul reaching into my soul and your foot reaching far up my ass. I can feel it.”

  “You haven’t changed a damn bit, Wonder….(Y/N),” Bucky laughed, but he was still reigned back, something still hiding behind his eyes. (Y/N) wanted to break that, to free him as he had her.

  “Aw shucks, Kurt Cobain,” (Y/N) teased, then gasped. “Oh, my God! You don’t even know who that is, do you?”

  Bucky just shrugged. “Am I supposed to?”

  “Duh,” (Y/N) stated, making Steve and Sam laugh.

  “And why is he supposed to know who he is?” Sam encouraged, because he knew the reason, he just wanted (Y/N) to say it.

  “Because I believe he held the key to the meaning of life,” (Y/N) answered nonchalantly. “Or Stevie Nicks…anyway, does this Mini Trojan Condom Horse come with a radio?”

  “No, but it came with your sarcasm apparently,” Steve sighed. 

  “Fine, you don’t want me here, I’ll…find some way out of this box…the walls are closing in, they’re closing in on me!” (Y/N) panted dramatically, putting her hands on the window to her left and Bucky’s face on her right. “I’m too sarcastic to die!”

  “It’s a car that will get us from Point A, to Point B,” Steve lectured. “You can manage for a few hours, (Y/N).”

  “Please stop calling this thing a car, Steve,” (Y/N) huffed. “This is a disappointment on wheels.” Sam banged on the dashboard, shaking with laughter as he pointed at Steve’s annoyed, yet amused face while Bucky just snorted. “I’ve seen bigger Chihuahuas than this thing. It’s a disappointment like getting a side salad instead of fries with dinner, or getting a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or four inch dildos, or government…just government, or Tony’s parties unless you’re drunk off your ass…I said it once, and I’ll say it again, a disappointment on wheels.”

  “I can’t handle you, (Y/N),” Sam howled. “Christ, we’re fugitives and you’re-”

  “Pissed that Steve didn’t dig up a bigger piece of shit from the junk yard,” (Y/N) interrupted bluntly, placing her chin in her hand. “Yeah, yeah I am.”

  Aaaaand…that’s how that went. Just hours of music from (Y/N)’s phone and her sarcasm. At one point, (Y/N) couldn’t bare her curiosity any longer as she felt the cool touch of Bucky’s arm against her shoulder, so she gently pulled out hers and Bucky’s headphones that were playing, ‘Clocks Go Forward’ by James Bay.

  “Hey, I liked that,” Bucky complained, making (Y/N) laugh.

  “That’s why I’ll just pause it,” (Y/N) announced, then looked up to Bucky. “This might me weird, and you don’t have to do anything, but…can I see it?” (Y/N) asked, her eyes flashing to his arm as she could almost feel him draw away from her, his eyes full of caution, warning, danger. “Never mind, just…” (Y/N) shook her head, then tried to hand Bucky back his headphone half, but he froze, seeming to decide something. Instead of turning away from her, he slowly pulled his red, long-sleeved shirt up to reveal his metal arm, gleaming beautifully in the mid-day light that streamed in through the small windows. “Whoa…and I thought Hydra fucked me up,” (Y/N) joked as she reached cautiously out to touch his arm that he extended out to her. (Y/N) turned it over, brushing her magic-laced fingertips along his forearm, the palm of his hand, along his wrist. “Do you feel anything?” (Y/N) asked and he shook his head, remaining silent as he watched her, just as curious as she was, until (Y/N) huffed, releasing his arm that he almost promised her that she could keep. “Yep, it’s still annoying…I hate Vibranium…I fucking hate Vibranium,” (Y/N) muttered, then started the music again as Bucky chuckled at her and the road trip continued on.

  However, they eventually reached…the fucking middle of fucking nowhere.

  “What the actual fuck and we doing here, Steve?” (Y/N) demanded slowly. “I loved the movie Jeepers Creepers, but this feels wrong.”

  “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll protect you,” Sam promised snidely, while Bucky just looked at him like, ‘bitch, really?’

  “You and what side of mashed potatoes, Chicken Wings?” (Y/N) quipped, cracking a huge smile on Bucky’s face.

  “I try to be cute with you, (Y/N),” Sam sighed. “And it would be a side of biscuits. Those are the best for only the best.”

  “Dammit, now I’m hungry…Sharon!” (Y/N) called as she climbed over Bucky to get out of the car, leaving Sam and Bucky alone…in that confined space…alone.

  “Can you move your seat up?” Bucky asked after a long silence. 

  “No,” Sam deadpanned. 

  Yep, that was it. Sam had no time for anyone’s shit, especially Bucky’s.

  A few moments later, Steve and (Y/N) got back into the car with the only addition of the bag of Lay’s that Sharon gave to (Y/N). Nobody really knows why Steve stopped there anyway…there wasn’t a reason, really.

  Anyway, eventually they reached the airport where a helicopter was stationed to take Steve, Sam, Bucky, (Y/N), Clint, Wanda, and Sam’s special friend to Siberia to end the Winter Soldier’s terrorist threat. Nobody really knew how they were all going to fit in the helicopter, but they were all there, so that was cool.

  The little, blue bug parked pretty crappily beside a white van in the empty parking structure, level B6 (if anyone cares). And there was Clint rounding the corner of the driver’s side of the white van, Wanda just stepping out of the passenger side as Steve met Clint for a nice bro hand shake. 

  “Cap,” Clint nodded.

  “You know I wouldn’t have called if I had any other choice,” Steve relayed, then smiled. “(Y/N) almost lost her mind when she heard that I called you.”

  “Clint!” (Y/N) called as she climbed over Bucky again. “Move your thunder thighs, Nirvana. Jesus….Clint!”

  “Hey, baby! How you been!” Clint exclaimed as (Y/N) jumped into his arms for a hug. “I see you haven’t lost your spark, kid.”

  “No, but I lost my virginity,” (Y/N) joked, then winked over to Steve. “Multiple times.”

  “Yeah, well…so have I,” Clint laughed as he hugged her again, having missed (Y/N) horribly. He had went on so many missions over the past year just for the excuse to see her again. However, this fight…this was for Pietro….but more than that, Clint peered up to Bucky, another victim of mind control, compelled to do some other twisted bastard’s dirty work. Even if Bucky had been in Vienna, (Y/N) had told Clint all about Hydra. It would’ve been their sick, disgusting game, not Bucky’s.

  “Which is exactly why I didn’t want you here,” (Y/N) sighed, shaking her head. “Go home to your kids, please. We have two magic-based souls on this team. We got it.”

  “We need all the help we can get,” Sam interrupted. “Lord have mercy, do we need help.”

  “Besides, Steve, you’re doing me a favor,” Clint proposed as he looked back to Wanda. “I owe a debt.”

  “Thanks for having my back,” Steve nodded to Wanda, who was hugging the hell out of (Y/N), desperately clinging to her best friend whom it felt like she hadn’t seen for years. 

  “What?” Wanda asked, noticing that Steve had tried to tell her something, but she still held tight to (Y/N) who just laughed, shrugging in Wanda’s small arms.

  “I said, thanks for having my back,” Steve chuckled.

  “Oh,” Wanda sighed, smiling up to him as she let go of (Y/N), only holding her hand. “Well, it was time to get off my ass,” Wanda directed to Clint.

  “How about our other recruit?” Steve asked Clint who turned and opened the sliding door to the back of the van.

  “He’s rarin’ to go,” Clint proposed.

  “Damn, this really is Assassin’s Creed,” (Y/N) stated. “What? Did you guys drug him or just knock him out by hand? Keep in mind, you get points for style.”

  “Just had to put a little coffee in him,” Clint retorted, smiling at (Y/N) who just shrugged, “but he should be good.”

  “Zero points, you lose,” (Y/N) muttered to Wanda who giggled, putting her head on (Y/N)’s shoulder.

  “What time zone is this?” Scott asked as he stepped groggily out of the dark van into the dull light, but (Y/N) was quick.

  “The Twilight Zone,” (Y/N) answered him immediately, but Scott’s jaw was dropped too low to the ground to answer back.

  “Come on, come on,” Clint prodded Scott forward as he shook Steve’s hand.

  “Captain America!” Scott greeted breathlessly.

  “Mr. Lang,” Steve addressed as Scott continued to shake his hand…a lot.

  “It’s an honor,” Scott professed, then looked down at their intertwined hands having seizures together. “I’m shaking your hand too long. Wow! This is awesome!” Scott continued, releasing Steve’s hand, he turned to Clint, pointing to Steve. “Captain America,” Scott relished, then pointed to (Y/N). “And the Ice Queen. Holy…I mean, you’re like psshhhh,” Scott pushed his hands forward, reenacting (Y/N)…sort of.

  “Exactly,” (Y/N) nodded. “I’m so glad you get it.”

  “Yeah,” Scott agreed, not even hearing her sarcasm as his eyes fell on Wanda. “I know you, too. You’re great!” Then, he inhaled with the biggest, dumbest grin on his face as he turned back to Steve, squeezing Steve’s biceps. “Jeez,” Scott exhaled in awe.

  “You should squeeze something else,” (Y/N) stated, glancing down to Steve’s pants. “Then, you’ll really be impressed.”

  “Oh, my God, (Y/N),” Steve groaned, burying his head in his hands while Wanda, Clint, and Sam laughed, but Scott was still lost in Captain America Land.

  “Ah, look, I wanna say, I know you know a lot of super people, so thinks for thanking of me,” Scott stammered, then finger gunned Sam. Hey, man!”

  “What’s up, Tic Tac?” Sam belittled (get it?) Scott.

  “Uh, good to see you,” Scott responded, a little less enthused than before. “Look, what happened last time when I-”

  “It was a great audition, but it’ll never happen again,” Sam swore, laughing off the pain in his pride that (Y/N) could see in his eyes.

  “So, what happened?” (Y/N) asked excitedly.

  “Well,” Scott turned to her automatically, launching into the story. “I went to your compound…thing to get something, and I-”

  “Got what you came for and left,” Sam finished quickly. 

  “But not before I-”

  “Did nothing,” Sam interrupted.

  “Did what?” (Y/N) prompted.

  “I kicked his ass,” Scott concluded, a dumb smile on his face as he nodded to (Y/N) who gasped. “Yeah.”

  “How?” (Y/N) asked, her eyes wide with the insatiable curiosity that her team absolutely adored. “What can you do?”

  “Wait, and you shall see,” Scott proposed with a theatrical evil laugh as he shut the sliding door to the van, grabbing his suit to pull on.

  “I like him,” (Y/N) professed happily, while Sam just leaned against the little, blue bug, head in his hands. A few seconds later, the door slid open to reveal Scott dressed in his suit. Everyone stared.

  “Ant-Man,” Scott announced among the silence, nodding as he extended his arms and twirled, giving everyone a view of his suit. “You like?”

  “Oh, my God, Sam,” (Y/N) huffed. “Hasn’t anyone ever taught you not to bring your exterminator to a gun fight?”

  That was it, the team lost it, except for Steve who just shook his head with a smile.

  “They tell you what we’re up against here?” Steve asked Scott, who just flipped his face mask back up while Sam playfully punched (Y/N) on the shoulder, making Wanda force him into the car while she held protectively tighter to (Y/N), who just rolled her eyes, laughing at Sam.

  “Something about some psycho-assassins?” Scott answered questionably.

  “We’re outside the law on this one,” Steve declared, giving Scott a final out. “So, if you come with us, you’re a wanted man.”

  “Yeah, well, what else is new?” Scott quipped, because, honestly.

  “We should get moving,” Bucky proposed, speaking up for the first time in forever.

  “We got a chopper lined up,” Clint announced. 

  Well, so much for that plan, because immediately when Clint relayed that they had a ride, the German airport announcers were like, ‘ha, ha, no.’ 

  “They’re evacuating the airport,” Bucky translated. 

  “Stark,” Sam stated.

  “Stark?” Scott asked in shock.

  “Yeah…you still okay on this?” (Y/N) joked, but Scott was done joking for a moment as he let that shit sink in.

  “Good thinking ahead, Lang,” Steve proposed, nodding to Scott’s suit, then nodded to the rest of the team. “Everyone else, suit up.”

  “With what?” (Y/N) asked. “I forgot the condoms back at The Compound.

  “Then, I’m glad we found them,” Clint professed to her as he pulled Sam’s suit and wings, and Steve’s suit and shield from the back of the van.

  “Wait, what?” (Y/N) asked, shaking her head. “How in the fuck did you…?”

  “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” Clint explained quickly without explaining shit.

  “But, I did ask, so you should tell…” (Y/N) drifted off as Clint pulled out (Y/N)’s suit, black, light blue, with silver lining…it was beautiful. “Ah!” (Y/N) screamed with excitement, grabbing her suit from Clint, holding it up to her body. “Oh, my God! I’ve kicked so much ass in this thing! Oh, no…is that blood? Dammit…”

  “How’d you get hurt there?” Scott asked, making (Y/N) laugh her ass off.

  “Oh, this isn’t mine, no,” (Y/N) laughed. “No, I don’t bleed, I make other people bleed. A lot…so, don’t fuck with me,” (Y/N) deadpanned, staring straight into Scott’s soul, then she started to bounce around again, twirling in circles across the parking structure as she kicked her Converse off, wriggled out of her jeans, leaving her bare legs to shiver in the freezing air for a moment, then began to pull her suit on, finally throwing her shirt off, then fit her arms through the sleeves. “Someone zip me up, please?” (Y/N) called as she held her hair up, everyone staring at her. She didn’t give a fuck about anything. Wanda, eventually, helped her out, laughing her ass off the whole time as (Y/N) danced around the lot singing, ‘How You Like Me Now?’ by The Heavy.

  See, I been a bad, bad, bad, bad man

  And I’m in deep, yeah

  I found a brand new love for this man

  And can’t wait till you see

  I can’t wait

  So, how you like me now?

  “I missed you so much, kid,” Clint called over to her as he fixed his arrow pieces together.

  “I missed you, too, OG Bird Brain,” (Y/N) proclaimed as she kissed his cheek.

  “Come on, (Y/N)!” Steve demanded as he stood, looking hot as fuck in his Captain America uniform that Clint….found.

  “Coming, honey!” (Y/N) mocked him as she skipped over beside him, then killed her emotions, eyes pointed straight forward, eyebrows narrowed, she shouted, “This is Sparta!”

  “I love you,” Steve confessed, kissing her forehead. “But, you’re an idiot.”

  “Wow, hurt me right in my dead soul, Steve,” (Y/N) stated, then smiled and kissed him back as they walked out towards the helicopter, (Y/N) finally shaking herself back into fight mode, her body tingling for war, but….they still had miles oversea to get to the fight, why was her body…?

  Whoosh….zap! An electric bomb killed the helicopter right before (Y/N) and Steve, ruining their route to Siberia.

  ‘Oh…..that’s why…’ (Y/N) thought as Tony and Rhodey flew in from nowhere, descending to land on the pavement of the airport below, fully suited and armored and ready for a war.

  “Ooh! Ooh! Superhero landing! Superhero landing!” (Y/N) exclaimed, slapping Steve on the arm. “Here it comes! Aaaand…bravo. Bravo!” (Y/N) complimented in a Bristish accent, clapping her right hand to her left wrist. “Encore! Do it again! Might I suggest in China next time, though? Like go to China and show them what you got, right now. Bet they would really appreciate the performance over there.”

  “Why not here in Germany?” Tony mocked. “Don’t you appreciate us? I mean, wow. It’s so weird how you run into people at the airport,” Tony quipped, allowing his face mask to disengage from his face as he turned to Rhodey. “Don’t you think that’s weird?”

  “Definitely weird,” Rhodey echoed.

  “I can’t believe I even thought of getting back together with you, Tony!” (Y/N) yelled theatrically at him while he just smirked. “We are so over!’

  “Fine by me,” Tony stated, despite the pain he felt everywhere. He just wanted to help (Y/N) and the team, to be a family. This wasn’t anywhere close to what he expected to happen.

  “Hear me out, Tony,” Steve started. “The doctor, the psychiatrist, he’s behind all of this.”

  Suddenly, T’Challa leaped from nowhere, Black Panther-ed the fuck up, ready for a war.

  “Captain,” T’Challa greeted Steve.

  “Your Highness,” Steve responded. Then, T’Challa turned to (Y/N) who looked dumbfounded, her eyebrows narrowed until she shook her head, turning to Tony.

  “What?!” (Y/N) exclaimed, motioning to T’Challa. “You called in Black Cancer? This is, basically, a direct death threat to Bucky and I’m not here for it, Tony!”

  “Nat’s idea, not mine,” Tony stated, hands up in defense.

  “Natasha?” (Y/N) asked lowly, then shrugged her shoulders, eyes towards the sky in defeat. “Now, I’ve really been shot…” (Y/N) joked darkly to Steve, then shook her head, turning to T’Challa. “Look, T’Challa. You don’t have to do this. Obviously, this is a family matter. I’m thinking of filing a domestic abuse report on your ass,” (Y/N) pointed at Tony.

  “Barnes made it a family matter when he killed my father,” T’Challa demanded slowly as (Y/N) sighed towards the sky again, then placed her hand over her mouth, breathing heavily like Darth Vader.

  “Luke….Bucky did not kill your father,” (Y/N) insisted theatrically, making Tony look away, not allowing (Y/N) to see that she had gotten to him. 

  “Anyway,” Tony started, clearing his throat, “Ross gave me thirty-six hours to bring you both in…that was twenty-four hours ago. Can you help a brother out?”

  “I am helping a brother out,” (Y/N) declared fiercely. “Bucky doesn’t deserve to be put away and, once upon a time, you agreed with me, Tony. What the hell happened?”

  “(Y/N) is right, you’re after the wrong guy,” Steve added.

  “Okay, first of all, ouch,” Tony claimed to (Y/N), placing his hand over his heart. “Second of all, your judgement is askew. Your old war buddy killed innocent people yesterday.”

  “And there are five more super soldiers just like him,” Steve informed. “We can’t let the doctor find them first, Tony. We can’t.”

  “You thought one Winter Soldier was bad?” (Y/N) laughed. “Imagine five running rampant around the world. What then? You think Ross is gonna pull a treaty out of his ass and talk them down with ‘reason?’” (Y/N) air-quoted mockingly, then her face sobered as she faced Tony. “No…you have to let us go. Tony, you always used to say you would never want to meet me in an alley past midnight…well, you got me backed into a pretty dark corner here. I don’t think you want to see me try to break out of it, because, I’m gonna be honest here, which might be a mistake. I might lose my street cred here,” (Y/N) revealed, flashing her eyes over to T’Challa, then back to Tony, “but I don’t wanna fight you. I never did…so, please. Please, let me go. Trust me, Tony. I know what I’m doing, let me go.”

  Tony looked wrecked. (Y/N) was pleading for him to stop right in front of him, to end the war he never wanted to fight as well, the war he had brought on himself, (Y/N), and the rest of the team…Tony saw the pain in her wide, curious eyes and for once…fear. Only a flash, but it was there. And it almost killed him.

  “I can’t…” Tony whispered as Steve stood firmly beside (Y/N), reaching for her hand, but she was frozen, eyes locked with Tony across the long stretch of pavement between them…too long.

  “So after all this time, this is where it ends?” (Y/N) cried out. “After everything we’ve been through, you, and you alone, are choosing to end this in war? I mean,” (Y/N) laughed humorlessly, “doesn’t that seem…redundant? You say we’re the ones drunk on our own power, but why don’t you take a look in the goddamn mirror”(Y/N) spit at Tony, her pent up anger finally breaking it’s boundaries. “…I don’t hate you, Tony…I hate who you’re becoming, someone who’s only spine comes from the binding of a bullshit stack of papers that are on the basic level of tyranny. You’re choosing war, choosing the government over your family! Over the people who’ve protected you, fought for you-”

  “No, (Y/N)!” Tony yelled. “You’re choosing war, war with someone who has saved your life more times than you’ve even known. You could surrender right here, right now-”

  “And have Bucky imprisoned, then allow a legion of unwilling psychopaths to kill innocents when we could’ve stopped them?” (Y/N) demanded, then laughed humorlessly. “I’ll pass.”

  “You have to let us stop this before it starts,” Steve declared.

  “Steve…” Natasha warned as she approached Steve and (Y/N), “you know what’s about to happen. Do you really wanna punch your way out of this one?”

  “All right, I’ve run out of patience,” Tony stated, breaking the silence as he cupped his hands around his mouth. “Underoos!”

  Just then, a spiderweb shot from the sky as a flash of red swung past (Y/N)’s vision in a blur, pulling Steve’s shield from his hand while simultaneously leaving his hands ensnared in a concoction of handcuffed webbing. Everyone pivoted to watch the alleged Spider-Man land atop the tail of the broken helicopter with Steve’s shield firm in his grasp as he brought his eyes up to face everyone…until his eyes fell on (Y/N).

  “(Y/N)?” Spider-Man called out inquisitively, then waved to her. “(Y/N)! Hey, (Y/N)! It’s me! Remember me? (Y/N)! Hey!”

  “…mom?” (Y/N) asked sarcastically with wide eyes.

  “Please, don’t be one of her groupies,” Tony muttered as Spider-Man removed his mask, revealing…..

  “Holy shit!” (Y/N) gasped. “Peter! Oh, my God! You’re Spider-Man?!” 

  “You know each other?!” Tony and Steve yelled in unison, then looked towards each other, then back to Peter who reached his hand down to pull (Y/N) onto the tail of the helicopter where they hugged.

  “Yeah, yeah I guess I am,” Peter answered happily, motioning to his new suit.

  “Oh, my God!” (Y/N) exclaimed. “So, how’s Aunt May?”

  “She’s good,” Peter answered as they both sat on the helicopter tail, legs swinging over the edge as they enjoyed casually catching up in the middle of a war, while everyone else about blew their brains out with confusion…especially Tony. “She’s just happy that I got accepted into Mr. Stark’s program,” Peter smiled and winked as he thumbs-upped Tony.

  “No! No! Just…stop!” Tony stuttered, almost falling backwards in shock. “You can’t…stop fraternizing with the enemy! That’s…how do you know each other?!” Tony demanded.

  “From my days on the streets in New York,” (Y/N) answered nonchalantly, taking Tony down about three thousand pegs. “Peter and Aunt May took me in for a bit-”

  “Until you left,” Peter sighed in disappointment. “I’m just letting you know that that was one of the worst days of my life.”

  “What the hell, kid?!” Tony roared. “If you two were so buddy-buddy, then why…just why didn’t you tell me you knew her?”

  “I didn’t think you would be fighting your best friend,” Peter shrugged. “Seems kind of stupid…I mean, no! Mr. Stark, that’s just…not wise, but you’re a genius, Mr. Stark. Really, you’re-”

  “What did you do to him?” (Y/N) asked Tony. “Are you holding Aunt May hostage, or something?”

  “No, I just…he’s paying me to take out bad guys and I don’t wanna disappoint, Mr. Stark…but, I don’t understand why you and Captain America are bad…?”

  “We’re not,” (Y/N) stated. “Tony’s just jealous that we’re right and he’s stupid.”

  “Oh…okay,” Peter nodded.

  “No, no! You,” Tony pointed at (Y/N) who just smiled at him, “you stop talking. And, kid, you’re not friends anymore,” Tony yelled at him. “You’re done with that. You don’t know her. She’s a faceless target. I’m paying you way too much for you to screw this up over friendship bracelets when you were nine! Just no! Stop…no! Stop!”

  “Oh, my God,” (Y/N) laughed. “I think we broke him.”

  “Error, error,” Peter joked in monotone like a robot. “I think I’m malfunctioning.”

  “Oh, my God,” Tony moaned, pacing circles around Rhodey. “This isn’t happening. Tell me this isn’t happening!” Tony yelled at Rhodey, gripping his metallic shoulders.

  “Oh…it’s happening,” Rhodey sighed, staring up at (Y/N) and Peter who were just…happy and laughing together. “It’s really happening.”

  “Alright, Peter,” (Y/N) sighed dramatically. “Lesson one in Superhero School, stealing is a huge no-no. Like, it’s our moral code of conduct and stuff.”

  “Oh!” Peter exclaimed. “I’m so sorry, Captain! I didn’t…I’m sorry!” Peter apologized as he frisbee-ed Steve’s shield back to him, making Tony lose his shit.

  “Did you just…did you just give it back?!” Tony howled.

  “Yeah, Tony,” (Y/N) smiled down to him. “Turns out, he’s a much better person than you are,” then, (Y/N) tuned to Peter. “Yeah, he didn’t pay much attention in Common Sense Club.”

  “Oh…” Peter nodded with wide eyes. “Now I get it.”

  “Stop this! Stop this, now!” Tony shouted, thrusting his suit to fly beside Peter and (Y/N). “Web her! Shoot her! I-I command it!”

  (Y/N), simply, turned to Peter with a smile on her face, shrugging as Peter hugged her.

  “I can’t hurt (Y/N),” Peter laughed. “She helped me win over Mary Jane.”

  “You’re going against the guy who, not only gave you a new suit, but who’s going to pay you thousands and thousands of dollars to nail a few fugitives, for the girl, one of the fugitives, remember? Who helped you make another random girl swoon for five seconds?” Tony questioned with a smirk. “Now that, that’s not a great plan.”

  “I bought him his first box of condoms,” (Y/N) smiled as Tony buried his face in his hands, landing on the pavement, not able to go on. “So, how’d that go?”

  Peter looked awkwardly over to (Y/N), then to everyone else who was still in shock, then back to (Y/N).

  “Oh!” (Y/N) laughed, then cupped her hand around her ear as she listened to Peter who told her that he didn’t use them, but him and Mary Jane went on a walk back to his house once. Said it was, ‘really nice.’ (Y/N) nodded to him, then addressed everyone on the ground. “Yeah, he totally got laid.”

  “No I didn’t!” Peter shouted defensively, slapping (Y/N) lightly on the shoulder, a panicked sweat breaking out on his forehead. “Don’t tell Aunt May!” 

  “I swear, jeez,” (Y/N) laughed, slapping the air, then theatrically zipped her lips.

  “Only (Y/N)…” Rhodey whispered in awe, shaking his head as Tony shook himself off, even shocking himself with a few CC’s to wake himself up from the nightmare before him.

  “No! That’s it!” Tony roared, straightening himself up. “Come on, kid. You’re on our side, now act like it.”

  “Or you could be on our side,” (Y/N) shrugged to Peter. “We have free extermination for any ant problems.”

  “We have Vision who does…things,” Tony contended.

  “We have Scarlet Witch who can move things with her mind…yeah,” (Y/N) nodded.

  “And I have money,” Tony argued.

  “We have freedom!” (Y/N) announced, standing up, saluting with her middle finger to Tony. “Not like those Anti-Patriotic assholes you’ve been recruited by.”

  “(Y/N)…” Rhodey sighed. “When have you ever been patriotic?”

  (Y/N) just looked around herself, pretending not to hear Rhodey, then cupped her hand to her ear. “Oh, I’m sorry,” (Y/N) laughed. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of screeching bald eagles and the tolling of the Liberty Bell coming from my boyfriend over there. Hi, Steve!” (Y/N) waved over to him as Peter almost fell off the helicopter laughing. “Oh, yeah! And we have Captain America. He’s like…a legend. Didn’t they teach you about him in school?”

  “Yeah, yeah they did,” Peter stuttered through laughter.

  “Then, they must’ve taught you about his honesty and whatever…you know, ‘Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American Way?” (Y/N) sang. “Who vows to fight like a man for what’s right night and day?’ Spongebob Squarepants! Oh, wait…no, that’s wrong. Hold on,” (Y/N) sighed as she put her finger to her chin in deep thought. Peter couldn’t contain himself.

  “Thanks, (Y/N),” Steve muttered into his hands as silence filled the airport.

  “…I’ll tripe your paycheck,” Tony stated making Peter stumble to grab and shove his mask over his face that ended up crumpled and only covered one of his eyes as he saluted Tony.

  “Yes, sir,” Peter vowed, then fixed his mask and saluted Tony again before he stole Steve’s shield back, leaning over to (Y/N). “Sorry, (Y/N), but I have to pay for college.”

  “I don’t blame you,” (Y/N) shrugged. “Money always seems to talk it’s way out of Tony’s ass. You know, he once paid off all the local bars in New York to hold all liquor from me until after I was done with my chemo treatment…selfish.”

  “I did that to protect you!” Tony shouted.

  “Just like you are now?” (Y/N) asked lowly.

  “Exactly like I am now,” Tony answered bluntly. “Not like Cap over there, dragging in Clint, ‘rescuing’ Wanda from a place she doesn’t even want to leave, a safe place.”

  “Tony, if she wanted to be there, she’d still be in the lounge having sex over hot soup with Vision right now,” (Y/N) retorted. “So, what else you got?”

  “…(Y/N), I have always tried to protect you, the team…” Tony yelled, then sighed in frustration. “I’m trying to keep you and Steve from tearing the Avengers apart.”

  “You did that when you signed,” Steve contended bluntly. (Y/N) had never loved him more than in that moment. He was right. (Y/N) leaped down from the helicopter to join Steve, finally taking his hand, leaving Tony’s heart shattered into a million pieces. This was it. This was when he had to let her go…

  “All right, we’re done,” Tony stated. “You’re both gonna turn Barnes over, you’re gonna come with us, now, because it’s us, or a squad of J-SOC guys with no compunction about being impolite,” Tony argued, then his eyes found (Y/N), his pleading eyes. “Come on…come on, (Y/N)….”

  “I bet you think I’ve finally gone mad,” (Y/N) whispered to Tony, her eyes broken, then she looked up to Steve who’s proud, strong, blue eyes brought her strength. Then, she found Tony again as her eyes glowed faintly with silver magic, “…but, you’re wrong. I’ve never seen clearer than I see right now. So…welcome to the 76th Hunger Games.”

  “We found it,” Sam announced over the intercom, breaking (Y/N)’s gaze from Tony’s. “Their Quinjet’s in hangar five, north runway.”

  (Y/N) nodded to Steve as she released his hand that he lifted towards the sky, Clint’s arrow breaking the webbed bondage from Steve’s wrists, signalling the beginning of the war as Tony’s face mask re-covered his face.

  “All right, Lang,” Steve muttered into the intercom as shrunken Scott stood atop Steve’s shield that was locked in Peter’s grip. 

  “Hey, guys…something…ah!” Peter yelled as Scott grew to full-size, back-flip-kicking Peter off of the helicopter tail, simultaneously stealing Steve’s shield back. 

  “Whoa, whoa,” Rhodey stammered. “What the hell was that?”

  “That was the Exterminator,” (Y/N) answered Rhodey as Scott passed Steve his shield back. “We called him in because there were some pests in our house we’d like to get sprayed.”

  “I believe this is yours, Captain America,” Scott announced as Steve took his shield back with a nod to Scott who felt on the verge of squealing like a little girl at a One Direction concert. But, he composed himself…sort of. 

  “Oh, great,” Tony groaned as his suit picked up two moving targets as him and Rhodey began to lift off the pavement. “All right, there’s two on the parking deck. One of them’s Maximoff, I’m gonna grab her,” Tony called into the intercom. “Rhodey you wanna take Cap, or (Y/N)?”

  “And where are you assholes going?” (Y/N) laughed as she froze both suits mid-air like Syndrome in The Incredibles. “To get Wanda back? Well, Girl Code calls for me to tell you both that she’s not interested.”

  “Spider-ling! Web her!” Tony called at Peter who just stared on. 

  “Um…no,” Peter responded. “Anyone else, Mr. Stark?”

  “Are you kidding me?!” Tony reprimanded. “Web her, or I swear, I will override your permanent records to say that you were arrested in 2012 for joining a death cult and sacrificed a rabbit on school property!”

  “But…I-I didn’t…” Peter stated bluntly as T’Challa shoved Steve to the side and jumped on (Y/N), breaking her curse for a moment, allowing Tony to escape.

  “Wanda, Clint!” (Y/N) called into her intercom. “Heads up! Garbage Can is coming at you!”

  “Copy that,” Clint responded, laughing as himself and Wanda prepared themselves. “Garbage can,” Clint echoed, shaking his head.

  “Got two in the terminal, Wilson and Barnes,” Rhodey announced as he flew towards (Y/N) and Steve, who threw his shield at Rhodey.

  T’Challa stopped fighting (Y/N), then sprinted in the opposite direction towards the parking structure. “Barnes is mine,” T’Challa stated as Steve followed on his tail, but (Y/N) stared in awe as Peter took off, shooting webs from his hands that lifted him from the ground.

  “Whoa!” (Y/N) exclaimed. “That was fucking awesome, Peter!”

  “Thanks, (Y/N)!” Peter called back as he swung into the parking structure, breaking the glass as he barreled into Sam.

  “Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can,” (Y/N) sang, until she thought about it for a moment. “Oh, wait! Shit! You’re not on my team!” (Y/N) gasped, then chased after him. “It’s so hard to keep track of who’s on what, where, and why, and dammit! Peter, come back! Let’s order pizza, or something instead! Wait!”

  Peter’s punch connected with Bucky’s at the same time, but Peter just studied Bucky’s arm, turning it over curiously. 

  “You have a metal arm? That is awesome, dude,” Peter complimented innocently as Sam launched himself into Peter, flying through the airport, they struggled. “You have the right to remain silent!” Peter yelled as he tried to push Sam away, then extended his web to the ceiling as he ripped out of Sam’s grasp, landing on one of the ceiling beams, Peter caught the metal sign Bucky threw at him.

  “Hey, buddy! I think you lost this” Peter called as he threw the sign back at Bucky, just barely grazing the cement pillar he was hiding behind, but Sam was on Peter’s ass again, taking Peter for another ride before Peter back flipped out of Sam’s grip, webbing his jet pack, sending Sam to crash into a ticket stand below, then webbed Sam’s hands to the banister.

  “Are those wings carbon fiber?” Peter asked Sam as he stuck the landing sideways on one of the pillars.

  “Is this stuff coming out of you?” Sam questioned back as he tried to break his webbed bondage.

  “That would explain the rigidity-flexibility ratio, which gotta say, that’s awesome man,” Peter complimented Sam.

  “I don’t know if you’ve been in a fight before, but there’s usually not this much talking,” Sam denounced Peter (what a killjoy).

  “All right, my bad,” Peter laughed as he sprung to attack again, but Bucky stood between Sam and Peter, taking the brunt of Peter’s kick that sent both of them over the edge of the banister in a shatter of glass as Peter swung back up to another pillar, webbing Bucky’s and Sam’s hands to the tile flooring below.

  “Guys, look,” Peter explained as Sam sent out a signal to Red Wing. “I’d love to keep this up, but I’ve only got one job here today, and I gotta impress Mr. Stark, so I’m really sorry…what?” Peter yelled as Red Wing ripped him out the window of the airport, leaving Sam and Bucky webbed and useless on the ground.

  “You couldn’t have done that earlier?” Bucky chided Sam.

  “I hate you,” Sam deadpanned as (Y/N) walked to the edge of the floor above and peered curiously over the shattered banister at the broken men below, then pointed, laughing at them.

  “Did someone call for help?” (Y/N) asked as Bucky and Sam looked up to her. “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

  “Just help us out of this shit,” Sam huffed at her. “Please.”

  “Why?” (Y/N) asked as she descended down to the next level. “You two look so cozy together. I think you finally found your hot lady friend, Sam.”

  “(Y/N)!” Sam reprimanded her as she laughed.

  “Fine, jeez,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes as she cut them both loose. “You don’t have to get your feathers all ruffled.”

   “That kid’s better than I thought,” Sam sighed as (Y/N) cut Bucky loose, offering him a hand up.

  “That kid’s more spider than I thought,” (Y/N) stated as she ran to the edge of the airport, still in shock that Peter was Spider-Man, but whatever. “Hm…I don’t feel like doing a superhero landing right now, so…” (Y/N) extended her arms with an adorable smile on her face to Sam. “Give me a lift?”

  “I thought my feathers were too ruffled?” Sam teased her as he took a hold of her waist.

  “You’ll get over yourself,” (Y/N) retorted with a small laugh as Bucky just straight up jumped out of the window, while Sam and (Y/N) drifted down, landing into a sprint beside Bucky as they caught up with Steve, Clint, Scott, and Wanda, all running towards the Quinjet, towards the safety of the world….but…

  ‘Errnnn,’ Vision burned a line before the team with his mind stone, floating above the group as his cape fluttered in the dead breeze.

  “Oh, come on!” (Y/N) screamed at the sky, while Sam almost choked on his own laughter. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! Hey! Hey, Not-Superman! Mind your mind stone manners and sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!”

  “Enough, (Y/N),” Vision demurred as Tony and Wanda landed behind him. “Captain Rogers, I know you believe what you’re doing is right. But, for the collective good, you must surrender now.” Just then, Rhodey arrived with Black Panther in tow, who landed behind Vision as well, then Spider-Man last, completing their team, a clear line in the sand, dedicated by Vision, fully separating both sides.

  “What do we do, Cap?” Sam asked seriously. (Y/N) couldn’t help herself, it was too easy.

  “Might I suggest we stare dramatically into each other’s eyes across the battle field forever,” (Y/N) whispered intensely, then shrugged. “It didn’t work for the kids from Twilight, but maybe things have changed. Let’s test it out, shall we?” (Y/N) asked as she walked forward with her eyebrows narrowed, then called out, “What team?” Nobody responded, all she got were some giggles from Wanda. “Guys,” (Y/N) huffed at her team, then whispered behind her hand. “Wildcats!” (Y/N) nodded again, then marched forward. “What team?”

  “Wildcats!” Scott called out as (Y/N) finger gunned at him.

  “Get your head in the game!” (Y/N) shouted, then kicked her leg up like a cheerleader. “Team spirit!”

  “Are you done yet?” T’Challa asked, cracking his neck, still ready for a fight as (Y/N) just stood staring for a moment.

  “Um…no,” (Y/N) stated bluntly. Tony was on the edge, the absolute breaking point of falling to the ground in laughter, calling for surrender, but he couldn’t. (Y/N) might’ve even been right at that point, but Tony realized he was in too deep. He had to commit to something, and this was still the best option that he could see through his bruised eyes. This was it. “Are you all really going to pretend that you’re okay with this? With allowing the doctor to release his slaves to destroy the world? Really?”

  “Look, (Y/N),” Tony huffed. “Nobody’s trying to stop you…except for me and everybody else who’s trying to stop you.”

  “Ha, ha, ha!” (Y/N) fake laughed and pointed at Tony. “Oh, my God! You’re like a fucking comedian. Wanna join my Comedy Club? Oh, wait, you can’t! We’re out of business, because I have better things to do like hold off a group of psychopaths…oh, and also the death squad, Winter Soldiers, too.”

  Scott had to bite down on his own hand to keep from laughing his ass off.

  “So, we’re the psychopaths?” Rhodey laughed. “No, we’re not the delusional criminals going against the entire world when they think they’re working for it, so maybe you might wanna check yourself, (Y/N).”

  “Rhodey, I’m not a psychopath,” (Y/N) scoffed. “I’m obviously a sociopath. There’s a difference,” (Y/N) announced confidently.

  “I’m tired of this,” Tony huffed. “This is your last chance, folks! It’s the end of the line! Surrender now, or this ends just as badly as it began.”

  “Wow, really insightful, Tony,” (Y/N) chided him again. “A huge eye-opener. You know, if you’re trying to convert me to Starkism, I’m American. Thanks anyway though.”

  “(Y/N),” Natasha interrupted as everyone shook themselves off, trying to focus on the fight. “I don’t want to fight you either…but when it comes down to it, this is, apparently, the only way to get you to listen.”

  “So fight, or flight? Is that it?” (Y/N) laughed as she turned to Steve.

  “Well then,” Steve announced. “We fight.”

  And this was the beginning of the end.

  The two sides charged one another, picking up speed, picking up intensity as they went. The air became charged with a burning electricity that made everyone’s hairs stand on end as they prepared for the worst, prepared for death, prepared for…

  “Wait!” (Y/N) screamed in an agonizing howl, forcing everyone to a halt as Tony panicked half to death as (Y/N) brought her hands up to her mouth with a terrified expression. “I think I left the Gluten-Free Deluxe Cinnamon Apple Pie candle burning in our apartment,” (Y/N) told Steve, Sam, and Wanda who just about lost their minds with laughter as Tony fell to the ground on the other side and screamed. Literally, just screamed in his suit, then stood back up and brushed himself off.

  “You are not doing this to us, (Y/N)!” Tony yelled, pointing at (Y/N). “We’re not letting you through here, do you understand? I will not let you go!”

  “But it’s gluten-free,” (Y/N) stated nonchalantly, shaking her head at him as himself and Rhodey tried to contain themselves, but Nat just looked up to the sky, wondering what the hell was going on anymore. This was stupid. This whole thing was stupid. (Y/N) was fucking right. If there really were more Winter Soldiers…oh, God. This was a mistake.

  “Tony…” Natasha whispered, but Tony was up ahead of his team.

  “I’m done with this (Y/N), and I’m done with you,” Tony called over to her. “Last time, surrender, or…no, there is no ‘or!’ Just end this now, and come with us! Come home!”

  “Home is dead, Tony,” (Y/N) cried out. “I’d rather slice off my left tit than go anywhere with you. You’re blinded by guilt, by fear…and I have no more respect for you. I’m done…I’m so done,” (Y/N) whispered, shaking her head. “We’re gonna get on that jet, and leave. Come with us, or move the hell out of our way, because you’re doing no good stopping the only people who, apparently, give a damn about the world, whether it gives a damn about itself, or not. We are going to Siberia, and nobody will stop us.”

  “Watch me,” Tony challenged. 

  And that was the real beginning of the end.

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anonymous asked:

Is there a character that is up there with Pearl as a plot tumor character? I would say Peridot got a lot more of focused episodes than Garnet and Amethyst. Which I guess makes sense considering the whole redemption arc, but still it was the peri-show for a while

I don’t really love the term “plot tumor” but, like, I understand the increased focus on Peridot and Lapis. They’re the New Guys and the other characters have sort of a character development head start on them, so it makes sense that they’d put a lot of focus on them right at the beginning. 

What doesn’t make sense to me is why, when the show added new characters to the main cast, Amethyst and Garnet’s limelight had to take a major hit but Pearl’s seemed to actually get a boost. 

Also, like, I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind a Pearl Arc that’s more like Peridot’s arc, where she starts getting held accountable, where Steven sides against her and she doesn’t have “this fight is making Steven sad” as a get-out-of-jail-free card that makes the other person decide to Just Drop It for Steven’s sake, and she actually does the necessary work to earn everyone’s forgiveness. 

In the arc where Peridot was trying to earn everyone’s forgiveness, she got punched in the face, poofed, locked up, chased by a helicopter, and at a certain point even Steven wasn’t on her side, and the responsibility was all on her to do the right thing and earn everyone’s trust. In the arc where Pearl manipulated Garnet in a deeply personal and violating way, Garnet forgave her because Steven was upset they were fighting. In the arc where Pearl had been absolutely horrible to Greg for 20 years for something that was no one’s fault but her own, Greg ended up apologizing to her, and then forgave her because Steven was upset they were fighting. 

Personally, I think Pearl deserves much better writing than she’s getting, and I don’t think she can get that as long as the narrative keeps treating her like this:

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        he’s BORED — a rather dangerous thing for the golden boy. it tends to lead to chaos and helicopters chasing him from above, but geoff has specifically told the crew to LAY LOW this week. it doesn’t keep the boy so used to excitement and destruction from nearly tearing his hair out in frustration, though. but gavin is nothing if not…INVENTIVE with his free time. the armful of homemade fireworks held tightly in his arms are proof enough of this. ❝ so, wanna test these out? i made ‘em myself! ❞ it should be a huge, bright warning sign that has BAD IDEA written over and over across the surface, but gavin is rather proud of these shoddy looking things and is ready to get someone to try them out with him.


If you asked either of them, together or separately, they both would say that they despise routines. Truly hate them. Routines are for ordinary, boring people with ordinary, boring lives and there is certainly nothing ordinary or boring about jumping out of helicopters and chasing petty thrives whilst texting a complicated code to the German ambassador to indicate that yes, the condition is treatable, and no, no one has to know except for maybe that secret mistress in Vienna that is actually no secret to a rather clever wife.

Ordinary and boring have no space in their life. Impossible to commit to a routine.


They do have routines. They follow them constantly, without thinking, without realising just to what lengths they go to keep each other well-oiled, ticking, content, challenged. Happy.

John never washes Sherlock’s tea mug from where it sits next to his microscope unless it has been two days without a case, and then when he does, he puts a lump of sugar in it still empty, so that when Sherlock adds his own later the other will dissolve unnoticed in the fresh pour of just boiled water.

Sherlock bins the most disgusting items in the fridge and gives the worktop a once-over when John sends a “Tesco?” text on his way home from the surgery and afterward concedes to do the washing up, moving in tandem: close the cupboard, step to the right, circle around the table, put away the plates. Dirty drying linens swap hands and get bundled into the pile of laundry.

Laundry’s done irregularly but when it’s done, Sherlock loads it (everything that’s not sent away to be dry cleaned, of course, which for him is rather minimal and for John is rather a lot) and John folds it.

John squeezes out the last spurts of toothpaste and Sherlock bins the tube.

Sherlock leaves his bedroom door open on nights when John has nightmares. He leaves it open an extra few inches more when he’s ill, knowing that John will want to check on him without aggravating the squeaky hinge at three in the morning.

John withdraws an extra £40 at the weekend, which he knows will go to cabs and Thai takeaway and potentially a bribe for a particularly unreliable member of the homeless network.

The first time, John buys the lube. All the times after that, Sherlock does, until they decide to switch brands after a short holiday to Sicily and John has to special order (privately, of course) through a contact at the surgery.

Each time, it starts with sighs and please and small, hot hands smoothing over pale, cool skin as it moves into more and more and just there, you’re brilliant, and there’s nothing I ever wanted more than this and a flurry of expletives or a name, a poem of consonants and vowels whispered over and over beneath an inky curl or a tuft of sandy hair. It always, always, always ends with gulping a shared glass of cold water straight from the taps and wiping sweat off each other with a flannel and I’ll order the same as before, love shouted out of the clouds of steam from the shower as fingers dial numbers and click on the telly.

Sherlock pulls the takeaway out of the carrier bag, John collects a rogue blanket to toss over their outstretched legs, and Sherlock steals John’s food twice as often if a Bond film is on, because John still gets a bit caught up and fails to notice a sneaky pinch or two of chopsticks in his direction.

No. They don’t have routines.

anonymous asked:

Is the Vegas story from TABINOF true? Probably not, judging that they stole a helicopter, got chased by the mafia, and broke into Area 51.

Anything that involves Dan and Phil running is an obvious lie