chasing helicopters


Some Riku x Sora x Roxas Love triangle

Child Sora is so cute, I’m sure Riku would just snatch him up and make Sora his bride, but Roxas definitely won’t like that.

This is a parody of a gif I saw, which I can’t find or name because it was like a flash. Basically it involved two ladies at a bus stop. One had a dog, the other stared at the dog. At the end, the pet owner and a helicopter chased the girl for stealing the dog.

akisona replied to your post “So with the release of the Death Note Netflix trailer let me just say……”

also how they managed to miss the point of death note’s mindgaming so spectacularly and added a police chase, helicopters, and some sort of fucking action scene

“So research tells me that people enjoyed this Death Note because it was full of intrigue, suspense and the duality between the protagonist and antagonist where the one you believe is the good guy isn’t necessarily good, and the one you believe is the bad guy isn’t-”


What is your preferred genre of music?

Maybe you have that one style of music that really suits you.  Or maybe you like a wide variety of tunes, to keep things interesting and diverse.  Or do you shift around from time to time, going through phases depending on your situation.  Silence is cool too, if you don’t have time for all that noisy nonsense.

So, what’s your genre?  who are your artists?  and what can you absolutely not bear to listen to?
Let’s hear it. 


Rare bit of original content here folks, from my old man.

So sporting the shorts n’ shades is my dad, watching my mum play about with a life vest of sorts I guess. They were both in the cops back here in the UK. My dad joined in 1979, at 18. His best mate who lived across the road from my grandparents went out to Hong Kong after finishing uni and joined the cops over there. Back then of course it was a British Crown colony. So my dad wound up with a lot of mates in the Hong Kong Police Force.

He took my mum out there in 1991/’92 and they were invited to go for a ride on the pursuit boats used to chase down Chinese smugglers. They’d come over from mainland China, pick up a nicked car and run off home with it - note the black Lexus in the boat on the last two photographs. So one of my dad’s mates, who shall remain nameless, was in a helicopter chasing these two smugglers. He chose to shoot a flare into the boat - which set the thing on fire. The boat sank, unfortunately so did the car. A none too impressed boss told him to ring the owner. Apparently that call went like this: “Good news mate, we’ve found your car. Bad news is it’s at the bottom of the South China Sea.”

Spider-Man comparisons
  • Bug-themed hero
  • Social Outcast before gaining powers
  • Rich friend’s dad is neglectful and the main villain
  • Friend is rich
  • Blonde love interest
  • Red head love interest
  • Brunette love interest (?)
  • Blonde love interest likes science
  • Puns
  • Bully is your biggest fan
  • Bully becomes a villain that’s the opposite of you
  • Bully is blonde
  • family member dies (mini menace pages)
  • Friend is red head
  • lots of journalism
  • *swinging around on tall building* it’s me your friendly neighborhood-
  • after a freak accident you gain your powers
  • Cat person
  • Cat person’s dad is evil
  • Your best friend turned evil (for a time?)
  • Villains with really bad outfits
  • John Carpenter 1976-1980: I love cars. I'm going to set a lot of scenes in my movies in and around cars. Let's show cops driving around L.A. Let's have Michael Myers drive around for a while. Let's have some long pretty shots of my wife driving to her weird job at the light house. Cars are nice.
  • John Carpenter 1981-1982: Cars are actually kind of lame because helicopters are way cooler. I love helicopters now. Let's have a lot of long establishing shots of helicopters landing and taking off. Let's have a helicopter chase a dog and throw grenades at it. Fuck cars.
  • John Carpenter 1983: I hate cars so much I'm going to make a whole movie about a car that's a dick.