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Your not a proper culchie if u haven't experienced the cattle breaking out on the lawn and pure panic breaking out with your granny chasing after them with a wooden spoon

Cows do not have fear

Love Potion #9

Happy (day after) Valentine’s Day!  This is a collaborative story written by @ bixisarusher, @flslp87 @hellomommanerd @snowbellewells and @whimscallyenchantedrose.  A big thanks to @duathadun for making the above graphic!

Summary:  When Cupid puts a love potion in Storybrooke’s water supply on Valentine’s Day, all kinds of chaos ensues.  Can the heroes find a way to reverse the spell and bring peace back to their overly loving community?


Valentine’s Day dawned crisp and clear, the sun shining down on the snow that had blanketed Storybrooke overnight, making it sparkle like tiny diamonds.  Emma woke slowly, enjoying the warmth of her bed and the security of Killian’s arms around her.  

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- Ahhhh where to start??/?

- Well they are the purest and I mean the purest thing on Earth. 

- When they go to Themyscira all the Amazons pinch Kara’s cheeks because she’s just so adorbs! Cassie loves it and Kara tolerates it at best.

- When Hippolyta does it she feels SO special.

- When Diana does it she almost melts because ‘OMG WONDER WOMAN IS TOUCHING ME’

- They like to stair of stars and the sky, most of their dates are just them cloud gazing or star gazing.

- Cassie likes to point out different constellations and ask Kara about them because let’s be honest Kara’s probably been there for a vacay.

- Cassie also likes to point out clouds and claim they look like something they definitely do not, ie.

- ‘Hey look it’s a cat riding a basket,”

- ‘Oh Hera its a turtle on a skateboard chasing an old Granny!’

- “Okay now you’re just being silly Cass -”

- ‘No! I’m serious look!”

- That’s how they met a nice old Granny who did the cheek pinch thing to Kara and Cassie almost lost it because, awww your cheeks are so pinchable!

- They really like strawberries. Anything strawberry is their weakness.

- Strawberry milkshakes, strawberry ice cream. That’s all the strawberry stuff I can think of.

- Steph and Courtney pretend to act offended when Cassie and Kara go out because ‘I thought the Blonde Brigade goes nowhere without each other!’

- Clark fully approves of the relationship.

- Kon pretends to act hurt as a running joke because ‘Oh so because we didn’t work out you date my sibling? Cousin? Idk what we are but REAL MATURE CASSIE’

- Kara thinks its hilarious.

- Kara helps Cassie when she has breakdowns or outbursts of emotion that she can’t control.

- She likes to wrap them both up in blankets as they eat melted chocolate and vent to stop Cassie from spiralling.

- Cassie likes to stay up and chat with Tim about TT buisness so Kara sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night because she thinks there’s an emergency but no. Its just Cassie getting really worked up about a Crime.

- Kara begged Cassie to let them keep ALL her super pets. How can Cassie say no to that face?

- Streaky has a love-hate relationship with Cassie.

Lonely Hearts Club - CS AU (surprise surprise)

Summary: In which Killian finds a strange message written over a table at Granny’s, feels like answering, and everything goes down from there. 

Rating: T

Word Count: 16.542

On __________________________________________________________________

oh, what is it? they said.

i have no idea, i said.

i love aus, i said.

we know, they said.

*slow clap* lovely, i know. 

Love always, nini.

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