chaser era


those weasley kids ;

“Mr. Weasley conjured up candles to light the darkening garden before they had their homemade strawberry ice cream, and by the time they had finished, moths were fluttering low over the table, and the warm air was perfumed with the smells of grass and honeysuckle.”

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For the moment, A random Prongs

Before many of you could ask me : that is NOT a nimbus 2000. I know that was created in the 90’s, so it could easily be a nimbus 1000/1001/1500/1700  :D

 I solemnly swear that I’m working on a new marauders illustration. ;)

  • *headcanon that Minnie McGee was Gryffindor's Captain*
  • Oliver Wood: I'm like, the toughest, cruelest and most brilliant Quidditch Captain EVER.
  • James Potter: *lazily throws a Snitch in the air* Bitch, please.
  • Minerva McGonagall: *sipping her tea* Settle down, boys.
Infinite - Introduction

Kim Sunggyu: Gyuzizi, Gyu-grandpa, Gyu-leader. Oldest in infinite. Voice of an angel. Kontrol is my jam. Used to hate Woohyun but they’re now married. Would sacrifice everything for his 6 children. Princess of Woollim. Can go from oppa to baby in less then 0.01 sec. Hamster-gyu. Needs to be protected and loved. CEO is scared of his whining. Wink master. Changes from being bullied to strict leader when they practice. Refers to the rest of infinite as ‘the kids’. Loves them to death. Always commenting on their instagram posts. RISPECT. Musical king. Raps perfectly. Performed the whole of daydream by himself including the rapping for their concert. Variety king. Weekly Idol = Diss is Sunggyu

Jang Dongwoo: Pure child. Loves his members ass. Give the boy booty. Dances like the ocean. Raps like he’s spitting fire, sings like an angel. Jang angel. Crybaby. Kindest in infinite. Protect the poor child. Loves his parents. And his niece. Jang Dino. Never bring the pure child to a haunted house. The real maknae. Respects Sunggyu. Always finds the booty. Soft. SKINSHIP. Sleeps through anything, including Sungyeol drawing on his face. Abs. TEPUUUNG. His adlibs in Diamond killed me. Nam Woohyun: Fanservice king. Nam-grease. Namu. I am tree. Vocal king. Power vocal. Boi got moves. Unofficial 3rd member of dance line. Disses Sunggyu like there’s no tomorrow. Solo album. FEELS. Part of parent line with Sunggyu. Kkeudeok kkeudeok. Voice like honey. HEARTEU. Hearts for days. Loves Inspirits with all his heart. Nam-Pabo. Probably an exhibitionist but who’s complaining. Best friends with Kibum (Key) from Shinee. Toheart. Abs. Abs flash in Be Mine. NEKOHAJA. High notes on point. Supports and is supported by Sunggyu even though they used to hate each other. Nam Perfect. Lee Howon: MAAAH BIASS. Boi got dance moves for dayss. Two modes, Hosass or Hoaegi. Boy loves purple. Sends selcas to his members. Can’t do aegyo. Has natural aegyo. Dances like a god. Kicked ass on hit the stage. Acting on point. REPLY 1997. Part of the exhibitionist club with Woohyun and Dongwoo. Abs. Loves his members and Inspirits to death. Became more open to affection. Scared of ghosts but wants to meet one ever since they stopped living in their dorm. He’s lonely. Members show him love. Was in Ah-choo. Sasses his members. Loves puns. Boy is so witty. I say ho, you say ya. Lee Sungyeol: Yeol-choding. Competitive af. Inspirits love him. “I’m in charge of being tall.” Inspirits would name all his strengths and wouldn’t be done till next year. Used to be in SM Academy. Visuals on point. NEEDS TO STAR IN A FUCKING DRAMA. Best actor, in my opinion. PIERCINGS. Used to have a ton. A whole row on his left year during chaser era. Has crossdressed more than once. Troublemaker and pick me. Special stage king. Sexy back with Hoya. Must watch. He will chase Inspirits to the other end of the world if we cheat on them. We would never. Disses everybody. Infinite, Woollim, his brother, his father, himself. Never disses his mother. Boi been exercising. Bickers with Sunggyu on instagram. ARIGATOU. Red hair was amazing. I’m as tall as his legs. Yeol-model. Tags irritate his skin. Manly and cute. Kim Myungsoo: L. VisuaL. L-cosplay. Looks like an anime character. Japanese on point. Was in a Japanese drama but played a Chinese character. WOZAIZHELI. Taboo words. Sunggyu almost got hit. Loves his members. SKINSHIP KING. Pure marshmallow. Used to fall over a lot. ACTOR MYUNGSOO. Is adorable. Best aegyo. Would cling onto the members 24/7 if he could. Hyungdon and Defcon are his biggest fans. Apparently watches a lot of porn. Sungyeol and Hoya found out. Soft. Second softest in infinite after Dongwoo. I love him. Straightens his hair. Lee Sungjong: MAKNAE ON TOP. Could beat all his members to a pulp. Anyone insult them and he’ll take out a knife or just give you poisonous lemon candy. LEMON SATANG KING. Visuals. So pretty. Prettier than all the Inspirits. He’s beautiful. He knows it. Used to kick a teddy bear when he was pissed. The bears name was usually Kim Sunggyu or Nam Woohyun. Looks beautiful even with different coloured face paint on his face. Looks amazing with blonde hair. Does girl group dances like he owns them. Loves lovelyzs like his actual dongsaengs. Can’t act. Jjong-victim. Always gets dissed by his hyungs. Jokes on them cause Sungjong is fabulous. And he knows it. 7 visuals. 7 vocals. 7 dancers. 7 rappers. 7 perfect human beings. 7 members. 7 boys who have has our heart forever. This is Infinite.
INFINITE is a Flop?!


#1 First KPOP GROUP to have SHOWCASE in 5 CITIES in ONE DAY (Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Seoul) INFINITIZE ALBUM - THE CHASER
#2 First KPOP GROUP to use helicopter in a SHOWCASE (THE CHASER ERA)
#4 First KPOP GROUP to held concert in DUBAI (OGS)
#8 First KPOP GROUP recognized by BLUEHOUSE and the President herself
-28 Awards Won
-21 Nominations
-42 trophies (35 - INFINITE, 2 - SUNGGYU, 5 - INFINITE H)
-5 days concert at AX-KOREA (That Summer Con)
-7 days split concert (That Summer Con 2) at BLUE SQUARE SAMSUNG CARD HALL w/ 15k fans
-ONE GREAT STEP (21 countries, 24 total stages)
-INFINITE EFFECT (18 countries, 22 total stages)

A FLOP built their entertainment a building. A FLOP as the first group who beaten SNSD’s winning record music show streak with BAD.

anonymous asked:

taylor, i have a confession to make to you. I have been following your blog for a while now and the thing is, i know nothing about infinite. I don't even know the members names except myungsoo, because hes always making these weird faces in their vids. and i also know hoya because his name reminds me of this spanish food company called goya. and he seems like the type to be bullied. so if you could do me the favor of introducing me to infinite i will be forever grateful :)

i feel so bad for u how did u struggle w following me, the biggest infinite trash, for all this time…goya tht is a new one im gonna have to write that one down but also u have come to the right place here we go heres infinoodle:

ok here are the members ill start out them i guess in age order?? oldest to youngest yee:

sunggyu: leader & residential old man i dont know how he escaped the nursing home but he did & he’s here to revive his old emo/scene band days (he rly was in a screamo band & has done screamo recently) but a good guy @ heart & is always looking out for his members even if they give him a hard time!!

dongwoo: !!! DINGLE!!! MY LIL ANGEL….. hones tly a the most precious human bean there is every time u blink hes laughing at some new stupid thing one of the other members or doing… or laughing @ himself tbh hes in his own world sometimes??? he also farted on national tv while he was on a show with his mom so yeh theres that„ also dressed in drag multiple times i luv my gf dragwoo     ….hes actually so caring towards his parents & a beautiful dancer & despite being a rapper has one of the best voices imo (listen to DIAMOND… HIS ADLIBS U WILL DIE…AS I HAVE MANY TIMES BEFORE) also has the weirdest hair colors but he looks so hot in them LIKE TH E BLUE HAIR DURING CHASER ERA MY ULT FAVE & PINK DURING INFINITE H    theres so much more abt him i can go on about but    i will spare u  OH ALSO HE IS S O SO OO OOO SHORT HE HAS TO WEAR INSOLES ALL THE TIME RIP (in subunit with hoya called infinite h)

woohyun: a sad lil man (hes p short too) um but he is honestly s o??? cheesy to the point where u wanna chase him down the block with ur steel-toe shoe & beat him bu t it grows on u i cant lie….he tried to be a model predebut & the pics are so o ooooo funny borderline mullet look & also appeared on this show dressed like a girl & was in this cf(?? idk what it is jsut so funny) infinite cares about their fans so much & they always say it but this guy he has to go to the extent of calling us his li ke….gfs (meanwhile sunggyu friendzoned us!!! smh) but as the main vocal he has a rly powerful voice & his last verse in the chaser makes u feel like ur looking into the eyes of god!!! he was in a subunit last yr called toheart with shinees key & has act/ had the lead role in hslo this past year as well (bonus clip of him trying to act mad lms if u cried)

hoya: h to the o y a i go top of the world u know my name… the usher luver of the group & literally never stops fc ukgin dancing like if u tied him down with titanium steel he would break free & dance…. he left school to pursue becoming an idol & his dad was kinda mad but they r good now… he was in dance groups predebut (sporting a jordans shirt & bedazzled jeans amazing) but he is very passionate about what he does & is so dedicated to his work… to the point of overworking himself like he got hurt (his foot) this past summer bc of dancing during a show & if u look @ the vid he gives 120% the whole time i didnt even know he got hurt during that perf until he said thats how he got the injury?? he had a solo in which he had a snapback rise from beneath the stage, puts it on, then later rips off his shirt what a guy…. is in the subunit infinite h & has acted on dramas before!!! aka sad gay doctor hoya in the drama reply 1997 (RLY GOOD even if u dont like ifnt) & was on my lovely girl with myungsoo as a grade a asshole idol (random clip of him hitting a girl in the head w a ball on accident)

sungyeol: literally kool guy when he wears sunglasses bc long tall & slender but he is honestly a child whether he is pranking the other members or doing rly … interpretive (skip a lil to around 3 min)… dances. did a special stage with sungjong in which he dressed up as a girl & sung troublemaker a classic tbh. one time jokingly wanted to rap for fun then they actually had him rap in the song cover girl?? sickest bars ive ever heard. hes actually rly insecure about his talents bc so many ppl only equate him to the tall guy :-( but hes so much more & has been improving vocally with each comeback!! hes also an amazing actor (he originally wanted to be an actor) starring in many dramas i recommend love potent also hi!school:love on!! this past november him, sungjong, & myungsoo debuted as infinite f!!! the cutest group    I ALMOST FORGOT HIS SEXY BACK PERFORMANCE

myungsoo: his stage name is L but honestly wtf does that even mean its just an excuse for his weeaboo trash ass to talk about anime more!!! but no rly at debut they kinda made him put on this cold front & act all mysterious as “”L”” but he is the complete opposite…. he is so weird i d ont even know where to begin. he laughs at everythgin just like dongwoo & is actually SOOOOO CLUMSY RIP  he falls all the time its so tragic but i love it…. hes so into photography!!!!!! its rly his passion & has published 2 photobooks. he’s the visual of infinite but he said he doesnt want to be seen as just this?? he plays guitar too hes done it in tons of stages & acts a lot too!! (this one was the funniest role) also in infinite f

sungjong: ETHEREAL SMALL BEAN OF INFINITE….. H E IS UNREAL AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL he should rly model (he’s recently been sooooo into fashion & models) but hes basically the ruthless maknae?? hes not afraid to say what he wants to the other members despite being younger but in public events i find him to be eloquent & composed?? hes rly close with all of his members & has vocally improved soooooo much since debut im so proud of him!! he has the best airport fashion….he has rocked pink hair….there is nothing this boy cant do!!! he also plays piano too & used to dance to girl group songs a lot (perfect i luv) hes in infinite f

so thats basically all them members im gonna go into shows/mvs/songs now??


  • sesame player this is prob my fave one they are ruthless in this (this is very early on in their career)
  • ranking king this is just them being dumb and getting wild trying to beat each other in various competitions (this is recent like 2012)
  • this is infinite them being dumb yet again while dragging each other (this was this year in feb/ march….the first show i watched and i fell in love now im too deep)
  • you are my oppa so they get stuck with some stranger and they have to treat her like their younger sister…long story short sunggyu loses tablos credit card and mithra gives them sex ed im serious (this was them predebut)
  • birth of a family they have to raise puppies in this and they make sungjong pick up all the dog crap rip scenejohn (this was 2011/2012)
  • more here

mv: (not including dance ver)


um wow this was a lot i could add tons more but here is a playlist of my fave infinite vids  i feel like i am forgetting a lot but i hope this helps this is infinoodle