chaser draws

Oh~ What is it ? <3 A little gift for my favorite artist and their AU *A*

@underchaser is here 8D Chaser and Nectos belongs to them <3

Sorry I really like this AU >w< ! So I will continue to draw them <3

Don’t ask me what’s going on on this picture ;A; I don’t really know… I wanted to do a perspective in low angle shot and this position and the rest came to me XD

These last day I had a little difficulties to try to draw something… I don’t know why… But Finally >w< ! I finished a drawing again <3 VICTORY >w< !

anonymous asked:

pls supply tim/brian headcanons or proxy poly headcanons cause those fuel me

<333333333 omg pls i love them

so like Kate has super bad social anxiety to the point where she starts shaking if shes even remotely near people so often times she’ll go in groups with Tim Brian and Toby because their the only people she can trust,

Sometimes if Tim is watching something on the couch everyone manages to slowly make their way into a cuddle pile with him and hes just sitting their thinking where did I go wrong

one time Kate brought back this like salamander thing and now its their child, they named it erika<3 she’s a cutie, and like Brian takes care of it the most but Toby likes to refer to himself as the 1# Dad. Tim doesn’t really like the idea of having a lizard in the house but he lowkey loves her on the inside,,,

littleren26  asked:

I just saw your drawing of chaser, and I literally gasped from how amazing it was. I wish I could draw like that!

I have no drawing experience so I don’t know how anything thinks my drawings are good XD