chaser cosplays

Happy Valentines day! \(>w<)/ Had a pretty eventful day. And by that, I mean that I worked, went swimming with a friend and then got home. Probably gonna go pass out now, cause holy crap I’m exhausted. XD 

Anyways, sorry ‘bout the quality on some of these pics, I had another plan, but it failed so I took these in a hurry. >^< I’ll make some better ones next year, pinky promise! <3


Chaser, another commission completed ✌🏼️😊 #mixedcandy #fursuit #latinvixen #blue #fursuitmaker #work #costume #cosplay

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work was awesome, we all had a great time and my boss was super in love with my (mediocre) cosplay
also she said she’d comp me materials + labor for making the costume and I’m like ???? okay?? $70 in fabric and 35+ hours of work idek how much she’s gonna pay me *_* but apparently it was such a huge success that she wants to do more themed parties where I dress up and teach and brb laying down bc I just realised I’m getting paid to cosplay