Check out new video Alive shot on The Blackfeet Reservation, Mt and featuring all Native cast.


Maistoinaa Heavy Runner – Hero…
Treyace Yellow Owl – Girlfriend
Steve Reevis – Father
Marcile Reevis – Mother
Sean Lewis – Lookout/ shooter
Robber 1/ Drug Dealer – Philbert Joe
Robber 2 – Vallen Crawford
Shop Keeper – Amorette Ground
Drug Dealer – Clay Spotted Bear

House party:
Clay Spotted Bear
Kordell Big Knife
Joe Croff
Brandon Running Crane
Mariah Kipp
Cyril Archambault
Elias Moore

Sheldon Carlson
Jay YoungRunningCrane
Rick Ground
Roxanne Demarce

Curly Reevis
Lila Reevis
Feather Still Smoking
Cyril Archambault
Jimmy St. Godard

Afterlife music:
Larry Grounds