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support nonbinary people

support nonbinary people regardless of what gender they were designated at birth

support dmab nonbinary people who use he/him pronouns and refer to themselves with male gendered language, and dfab nonbinary people who use she/her pronouns and refer to themselves with female gendered language

support nonbinary people who choose not to label their gender other than as nonbinary, nonbinary people who have long and complex labels for their gender, and nonbinary people who change how they label their gender every other week or every other day

support fat nonbinary people

support dfab nonbinary people who don’t bind or who wear makeup

support dmab nonbinary people with facial hair and dfab nonbinary people with no body hair to speak of

support dmab nonbinary people with short hair who always present as masculine and dfab nonbinary people with long hair who always present as feminine

support all nonbinary people, regardless of your personal ideal of what nonbinary “should” be


Happy Valentines Day!! 

what other way to celebrate than to make cards haha

a few other versions under the cut:

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i cant stop thinking about dmab nb rose

rose never feeling like a “boy” so they let their hair grow long and their mom doesn’t care because that’s how she is

rose choosing their new name because it’s the most stereotypically feminine thing they can think of at the time, it’s a flower, it’s the sort of name used idly for princesses in storybooks and they’re not sure they’re a girl either but they just so desperately want everyone to stop seeing them as male

rose getting into the occult and reading about eldritch beasts and ancient gods because they’re just like them, ancient, undefinable, and they can relate to them more than to the characters in books for children their age anyway, with their gender roles and stereotypes, and maybe one day they’ll get good enough at this stuff that they’ll be able to summon one of those ancient things to take them away or at least turn them into something that looks less like a “little boy” (bonus if it looks more like an abomination from the pits of the deep)

rose chopping their hair off again when they’re 11 and bleaching it from muddy brown to nearly white with chemicals far too harsh in a fit of rage and disgust at how the world sees them, then looking in the mirror and crying because fuck, they look like a boy again and they can’t go to school like this because the other kids teased them before but now they WON’T because rose looks how they think they're SUPPOSED to and that’s WORSE

so they pinch their mother’s makeup and apply it clumsily in the half-light of their bedroom at 5am, too much eyeliner and too-dark lipstick but they like it because it makes them look like something else and they feel again ancient and horrifying and undefinable, and place an alice band in their hair just before leaving, daring anyone to fuck with their new hairstyle 

after about a week their mother silently buys them new makeup and leaves it in their room along with a few outfits she thinks rose might like, and begrudgingly a couple of gift cards because no matter how much she wishes her child would accept her help she knows those black dresses will remain in the back of rose’s closet for years even if they go out and buy the exact same things themself

rose draping themself in black leather and fishnets like oil in dark water because it’s better to be called a goth and a freak for that than a boy, and when your eyes can tell someone with a glance that if they say ANYTHING ELSE you won’t hesitate to raise something horrid and snarling up from the dark places and set it out for blood it’s a bit easier to face the ones who teased you and pulled your hair for being just a bit longer than theirs

rose meeting the other beta kids and not correcting them when they assume rose is a girl because they might as well be, in the same way they also might as well be something dark and disturbing with too many tentacles and teeth, and rose hasn’t really found a pronoun that can account for how they feel anyway so they just start using she to avoid explaining the void of their gender to the others for a little while. by the time they all meet in person in the game rose has slid a bit out of her disguise and all the others know about her gender by now and it hardly even seems to matter any more… she still wears lipstick like a starless night and an oil slick because that’s who she is now, that’s who she’s become, and even though it started out as a defense mechanism, when she leaves black marks on her vampire girlfriend’s neck and realizes that it’s okay now, these people accept her no matter what flickers of confusion she feels inside sometimes, this ragtag, broken family they’ve assembled through the bonds of seeing eachother die love her, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

dmab nonbinary rose

where r my soft queer spaces. where r my lgbt+ cafes and bookstores and parks, where r my underage & ace/aro & mentally ill/disabled accessible safe spaces. the only spaces that are really “for us” are gay bars/clubs and pride parades, the former being 21+ and uncomfy for lgbt+ addicts, and the latter, while in theory an all-ages event, being frequently very sexualized. both spaces are also likely to be super overstimulating for asd and/or anxious lgbt+ ppl as well as inaccessible for physically disabled lgbt+ ppl. i just wanna chill w other ppl who know how tough it is. i just wanna have a cup of tea or whatever and talk about how trans i am. where r my gently & lowkey safe spaces

  • Percy: What if-
  • Annabeth: No.
  • Percy: Annab-
  • Annabeth: No.
  • Percy: Please-
  • Annabeth: Percy, no!
  • Percy: Come on, it's just one giraffe!

imagine all the teenage ghosts hangin around at hogwarts now

im sure some of them are bitter & some of them hide out most of the time but after seein how much better everything is now after they helped to win the war, most of them are very sweet whenever they come into contact w students, & some of them help out muggle born first years who are scared, & older students having breakdowns at 3am in the common rooms, & anyone who seems a bit lonely

students make friends w ghosts 

history of magic is hardly even a real class when it comes to the years surrounding the battle of hogwarts bc all the ghosts are there to tell the students about their heroics

they embellish the shit outta it & make it seem like they defeated voldemort single-handed

but they always look a little sad

harry & everyone come to visit sometimes, & even the most obnoxious & quietest of the teenage ghosts r always kind to their direct descendants, bc they were the heroes

but the years pass and they start seeing the people they died for die too, and the kids they made friends with leave school, one by one, and they get a little quieter