chase young x jack spicer

I Love You Head Cannons

-Jack was the first one to say I love you. The two men had officially been together for two months with Jack calling Chase his boyfriend and Chase referring to Jack as his mate. They’ve lived together for four months and have been intimate multiple times, but the words weren’t spoken yet. One day Jack had caught a bad case of the flu and Chase took care of him. Chase helped the younger man get into bed, gave him some medicine and patted a wet rag on Jack’s burning forehead. At one point Jack put a hand on Chase’s arm and said I love you very softly, his thumb mindlessly rubbing against Chase’s arm. Chase only smiled at the comment and gave Jack a long kiss. He tucked the younger man in and left the room, saying ‘As do I’ before turning off the light and letting Jack rest.  

-Chase doesn’t say the words ‘I love you’, but shows it through his actions. He does little things to let Jack know that he does care for him. He’ll make breakfast for him since Chase woke hours before the other man did and he was usually eating lunch by the time Jack got out of bed. Chase will hold open the door for Jack if he’s the first one to it and Jack does the same, but the younger man makes a little bit more of a show of it. Every now and then Chase would find a red rose when he’s out and bring it back for Jack, making sure all the thorns are gone before handing the flower to him. Chase says ‘I need you’, ‘I want you’ and ‘I care for you’, but ‘I love you’ has yet to cross his lips and Jack’s willing to wait for the day when it does.  

-Jack says I love you often and he means it every time. Whenever Chase would go out with his warriors or when Jack would go out to buy supplies for an invention or some snacks, Jack would always say I love you before either him or Chase left. Chase usually responds with ‘As do I’ or hums in acknowledgement. Jack says I love you right before the two would go to bed for the night, nuzzling up to Chase and smiling when Chase would kiss his forehead and rub his back before settling down to sleep. He says it several times when they’re being intimate, usually gasping it between pants. Jack’s not sure why he says those three words so many times, but he believes it’s because he wants Chase to know that he really does like him and care for him and never wants Chase to think that he’ll ever leave him.  

-The first time Chase said I love you, Jack cried. Chase and Jack were having a very serious argument, Chase suggesting that Jack no longer went out after the Wu, leaving it to him and his warriors if the Wu was that important. Jack said that he wasn’t just going to sit around the lair all day and do nothing while Chase got to have all the fun and Chase argued that Jack gets hurt too often when he goes after Wu and he needed to either get stronger or stay out of the way. Jack used language that he wasn’t that proud of and ran off, telling Chase to not follow him or he was never coming back. Jack ended up running into the Xiaolin Monks and fought them over a Wu he knew nothing about. He lost, horribly, and Clay had accidently hit him too hard into a boulder. Jack flew off before the monks could make sure that he wasn’t too injured. The young man went back to the lair, collapsing before making it to the entrance. Chase had been outside, waiting for Jack’s return and ran over to him when it didn’t look like the young man was going to get back up. Chase quickly scooped Jack off of the ground, cleaned him off and bandaged him up. Chase was finishing up when he was scolding Jack for running off like that, saying that he loved him too much for him to get hurt like this. Chase hadn’t realized what he said until Jack started crying and hugged him, apologizing and promising to never do it again.