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Cos-play and Coffee

Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 558

You (quite literally) bump into Sebastian Stan at Comic Con.

Author’s Note: Hi guys! I really just wrote this today and that’s why it’s probably more crappy than usual. I procrastinate. Anyways, I hope our lovely Seba has a wonderful day and year! Someone requested a Seb imagine and so I hope this is good enough for you, nonie! I hope you guys have a good day/night. Enjoy!


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I Ship It

Not a Request but due to one of the asks on Chase shipping Rob and his S/O, I wanted to write a little thing with that idea. 
Also I wanted to write something with Chase Bro Average. 

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“Rob! Bro!” Chase yelled as he came skidding around the corner, almost crashing straight into the Zombie. “Here!” 
Rob looked down as a rose was pushed into his pale hands. 
He looked back up at Chase with a raised eyebrow, holding the stem carefully so the thorns didn’t prick his skin.
“Um…thanks?” He said, uncertain. Chuckling slightly as he offered the rose back. “I kinda don’t understand-”
“Give it to (Y/N)!” Chase said, a wide smile on his lips. He was practically bouncing on his feet. Something Rob noticed the playful Egos seemed to do. 
“Err, why?” The Zombie asked. His eyes lighting up a bit at your name. “I’ve already brought them flowers before. They wouldn’t find it very interesting.”
Ever since you had agreed to the first date, Rob had constantly gone to Chase for advice on relationships.
Anything from what clothes to wear too how to not become a stuttering mess when you smiled. Rob would flee to Chase and drink in every word the man had to say.
It had been a few months since that first date, and Rob could confidently say things were going smoothly. 
But he was always open to new ideas to impress you. And Chase was beyond excited that his Undead friend had found someone he was happy with. 
The idea of you and Rob together had been absurd at first, but now, Chase would loath to see either of you with anyone else. He’d even go as far as locking the two of you in the basement if you ever thought of breaking up. 
And he was pretty sure the other Egos would aid him.
“No, bro, this is different.” Chase insisted eagerly. “Last time, you brought them flowers as a gift for the date. Sorta a thank you for giving you a chance. But this is more sentimental. Just walk up to them and give them the flower. And say you saw it, and you thought of them.” 
Rob didn’t really see how a bunch of flowers was different to a single rose.
But Chase was yet to be wrong and Rob was willing to try anything to make you smile.
He examined the red petals with tender fingers. Not wanting to bruise or tear the fragile plant. It was a rather deep shade of red. Matched with dark forest green leaves and a long thin stem. 
“I suppose…it is rather exquisite.” Rob murmured as he twirled the rose slowly. “But (Y/N) can’t be compared to a flower, Chase.” 
Chase clapped his hands and poked Rob’s chest. “Exactly! Say that! And they’ll be blushing like mad.” 

Rob did like it when you blushed. And the smile that stretched your lips made something equivalent to a heart-beat flutter inside his chest.
“O-Ok, I’ll give it a go.” Rob said with a wary smile. Chase gave his friend a thumbs up and spun him around. Giving the Zombie a small shove down the hallway.
Chase followed behind, but stayed back behind the corner when Rob entered the kitchen.
You were currently discussing something with Anti, who seemed rather irritated.
As usual.
His eyes sparked when Rob tapped you on the shoulder and presented you the rose.
“I saw this and thought of you.” Rob said with a small nervous shake to his voice. “But I don’t think a single rose could be compared to you.”
Chase had to bite on his fist to stop himself from ‘awing’ too loudly at the bright blush that spread across your cheeks. And Rob’s chest tightened at the way you smiled. He could never tire of the sight.
Anti rolled his eyes and threw his hands up. “Couples are disgusting.” Turning away and marching out of the room.  
You took the rose and pecked a kiss to Rob’s cheek. “Thank you. That’s so sweet of you.” 
Rob looked at the ground and giggled at the touch. He was still not use to that sort of affectionate contact. He doubted he’d ever get use to it. It was too amazing to become something normal to him.
You disappeared to go find a vase for the flower and Rob turned to see Chase poking his head into the kitchen. 
“See. Told you.” Chase hissed with a very broad smile. 
Rob chuckled and nodded. “Next time Anti steals your cap, come to me, bro. I owe you…again.”

Chase Imagines
  • Chase has a son and a daughter. 
  • The son used to play sports with him but chase got too busy and so the son started playing video games and played with him less and less. 
  • His daughter was his precious little girl and she loved everything he did, but when he got to busy she felt sad that he couldn’t hang out with her, and he felt really guilty about it. 
  • He tried to make time when he could, but it was too much. He could barely call. But he tries to mail them now that he can’t see them. Whether the letters and gifts get to the kids is a mystery.
  • Cute: Chase actually likes hot tea in a teacup but he won’t tell anybody. He also puts way too much sugar and creamer when he does.
  • He likes to mix sodas and energy drinks and honestly doesn’t know if that’s a good idea or not.
  • He takes his hat off sometimes, but then immediately feels weird and puts it back on. He’s also tried different styles but nah he can’t do it.
  • He really likes to watch fosters home for imaginary friends. I have no reason for this, I just like the idea.
  • His favorite pet is actually a gold fish and he will be a dork and feed the fish going “will he make the shot??” *Pours the food into the bowl point blank* “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”
  • He had a goth phase cause he thought it was cool, hurt himself on a studded bracelet, immediately stopped being goth
  • He REALLY likes cheez-its. He likes to eat them, throw them in random things, throw then at people, land it in his mouth. He just really digs it
  • He carries around a hackysack and throws it behind him, even though there isn’t a hole or anything behind him. He’s just throwing. Sometimes it hits people and then he just yells “YEEEEES”
  • Comfort: You being sad and he just puts his hat on you, finds you a blanket, wraps you up and hugs you. Doesn’t say anything
  • You being sad and he gets you the best cup of lemonade ever, puts it in a really cute mug, and then puts it in front of you. Again he doesn’t know what to say. 
  • I feel like he would just panic on the inside but he would try his best to make you feel better. Like try to get you things he’s seen you be happy with.
  • If you want romance, imagine him being easily flustered. Like if he was trying to record and you just go up and kiss him all of a sudden, he would be blushing for the next three shots. 
  • Him over working himself, and you hold his hands so he can’t throw anymore, making him take a break.
Darkness part 1

Idea based on this post 

Hearthstone quickly scrambled out of the way as a tree was thrown at him, ducking down behind some rocks. The troll had come out of nowhere and attacked them, probably smelled the god blood in Magnus or Blitzen. Hearth peeked over the rocks to see where the other two were, Magnus darting around trying not to get stepped on as Jack hacked at the troll’s legs, the sword having some trouble cutting through all the thick skin and fat and muscle. He scanned the clearing to see where Blitzen had ended up, finally spotting the dwarf struggling to untangle himself from the branches of a tree, having been knocked up there by the troll failing its thick arms around, blood dripping down his forehead. Hearth grit his teeth as he felt rage bubbling up in his chest at the sight of Blitzen injured, grabbing his bag of runes as he considered which one would finish off the troll quickly but also very painfully. 

He decided on Thurisaz, the rune of Thor, that’d take care of this beast. But he’d need to get closer to use it. Luckily the troll was distracted with trying to shoo Jack away and step on Magnus, giving the elf a chance to dig the rune out of his bag and jump back over the rocks. He dodged and weaved, ducking under the trolls failing arms to slam the rune into the monster’s stomach. The trolls let out a gargling cry of pain before suddenly exploding in a bright flash of light, knocking them back, leaving nothing but a crater and the smell of burnt flesh behind. Magnus slammed into a tree as Jack arched through the air before stabbing into the ground, Hearthstone landing in some bushes. Blitzen fell out of the tree before scrambling up onto his feet, clutching the deep cut on his forehead as he stared at the crater and then looked over at Hearthstone.

“Holy shit buddy, that was awesome”

He called out to him as the elf sat up, edging around the smoking hole over to the other two. Magnus pushed himself up and helped Jack pull out of the ground.

“A little heads up next time might be nice Señor”

The sword grumbled, runes on his blade flashing in annoyance. Magnus ignored him and pushed himself up, meeting Blitzen half way around the crater. 

“Here let me fix that”

He said as he easily healed Blitzen’s wound before looking over at Hearthstone.

“Hearth, are you alright? Did you break anything?”

He asked but the elf didn’t answer, a frown on his face as he stared forward, blinking rapidly. He rubbed at his eyes furiously, shaking his head. Blitzen frowned with worry at his odd behavior and walked over to him, crouching down.


He frowned worriedly, going to touch his shoulder. Hearth jerked away from him, looking around wildly.

“Who’s there? Why’s it so dark?”

He signed quickly continuing to stare around with wide unfocused eyes. Blitzen froze in shock and quickly grabbed Hearthstone’s shoulder, who flinched at the sudden contact but quickly relaxed as he recognized Blitz’s strong hands.

“Magnus, Kid, he needs some of those healing powers of yours”

The dwarf said quickly as he glanced back at him, Hearth clinging to him as he rubbed his eyes with his other hand, as if he was hoping to just rub the blindness away. Magnus quickly hurried over and knelt next to them. 

“Whats wrong?”

He asked, hands already glowing as he looked Hearthstone over, not seeing any obvious bleeding or broken bones.  

“I’m not really sure, but something’s wrong with his eyes”

Blitzen answered, freaking out a bit as Hearthstone started to sign rapidly again, confused and panicked. 

“I can’t see Ican’tseeIcan’tseeIcan’tsee”

He kept signing over and over again as his breathing picked up and tears gathered in his eyes, feeling totally lost and helpless. Magnus grabbed his hands, not something he’d normally do to the deaf spell caster, but he needed to sign to him against his hands so he’d be able to feel each sign. 

“Try to heal you, be calm”

He signed slowly and clearly as Hearthstone shook slightly before moving his hands up to gently press hands over his eyes, focusing on surging his healing energy into him. But this wasn’t a physical or mental wound, there was nothing he could for him. Magnus pushed a little longer before pulling his hands back and shaking his head.

“I-I can’t fix it”

He stuttered as he looked up at Blitzen. 

“What no, this can’t be permanent, there’s got to be a way to fix him”

He said, starting to panic as Hearthstone rubbed at his eyes again, letting out quiet whimpers, making the dwarf even more freaked out, used to him being constantly silent.

“Mm looks like what you got there is a classic blinding spell, that troll probably used it when he got too close”

Jack hummed, the sword having hovered over, bladed tilted down towards them. Blitzen looked up at him desperate for a solution 

“If it’s a spell there has to be some way to reverse it, right?”

He said hopefully but the sword tilted from side to side in lieu of having shoulders to shrug. 

“Nah, you just have to wait for it to go away, a few days, maybe like a week at most. It’s just a simple defense spell”   

Blitzen bit his lip worriedly, at least it wasn’t permanent but still…. Hearthstone was shaking in his arms, clutching the front of his vest as tears gathered in his eyes. He hated seeing him like this, Hearth usually so strong and in control of his emotions. He pulled one of the elf’s hands off his vest so he could trace words slowly on his palm, having no other way to communicate with him 

“Temporary… only last… few days…”

He traced the letters one by one, Hearth slumping limply against him once he was done, relieved it wasn’t permanent but still fearful by the thought of having to spend so much time totally helpless. Blitzen held onto him tightly, not sure what to do, just going to be stuck waiting for the spell to go away. 

“If… If there’s nothing we can really do, I’m just going to take him home. There’s no way he can fight like this” 

The dwarf muttered as he scooped Hearthstone up bridle style, the pale man clutching tightly to him. Magnus nodded as he stood as well, taking Jack’s hilt and flinching as he felt the strain of hacking at the troll but thankfully wasn’t enough to make him pass out. 

“Yeah, don’t want him to get hurt”

He sighed with a worried frown, feeling pretty bad his healing powers couldn’t help. 

“I’ll drop by tomorrow, see if I can’t find any cure in Valhalla”

Magnus suggested, Blitzen nodding as he let out a sigh, Hearth pressing his face into the crook of his shoulder, the dwarf feeling the wetness of tears soaking his clothes.

“Alright… See you then kid”

He said as he shifted his grip on Hearthstone and headed back through the woods to return to Nidavellir, feeling like the next few days were going to be rough on him and especially his elf…