chase truck

Never Hated You - Theo Raeken

word count: 6872
summary: Theo and y/n do not get along, it’s difficult for them to be in the same room together, but things change when he finds her after a bad accident
warnings: car accident, mentions of surgery and broken bones if that bothers anybody, and swearing
a/n: i combined two requests into one and i’m real excited to share this with you i hope you both like it!

[ I know you haven’t made your mind up yet / but I will never do you wrong ]

“Well maybe, it wouldn’t be such a problem, if you weren’t here!” You spat angrily at Theo, who was currently glowering at you from where you stood on the opposite side of the couch as him.  This pack meeting had gone from a check in, to a brawl, in a matter of minutes.

“Oh? And sweetheart what makes you think you can protect yourself against a werewolf huh?” Theo asked you, his aggression just as high as yours.

“Really guys it wasn’t a werewolf, I just heard a howl it seemed like a regular-”

“Shut up!” You and the chimera yelled at Liam at the same time, making Scott stand up from where he’d been sitting at the table.

“Alright, alright this is getting out of hand, really guys chill it down” The alpha warned, both you and Theo calming and turning away from each other and the alpha who made you whimper just slightly under your breath.  You didn’t catch the way Theo glanced over to you upon hearing the sound.

“You know what, I’m just gonna head out” You mumbled, picking you bag up from the couch and fishing your keys out of it.

“No y/n don’t leave I was thinking us girls could have a sleepover” Lydia said, giving you pleading eyes but you just shook your head, no longer feeling in the mood for ‘pack time’.

“I really just want to go home and get some rest” You said quietly, pulling your jacket on then walking to the door.  Scott gave Theo a look.

“Oh no, no” The chimera said.  “I’m not apologizi-” He stopped when Scott’s expression only intensified.  “Fine” He groaned, and followed after you, only to find you’d just walked out the door.  “y/n!” He called, walking outside after you.  You turned back to look at him, then scoffed and walked to your car.

“What now Raeken? Here to slash open my tires?” Theo sighed, but shook his head.

“No, I’m here to-”

“To what? Spit it out, I just want to go home” You breathed, pinching your fingers over your nose.  Theo’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“You know what? Fuck this I’m not apologizing to you”

“Apologizing to me? Oh no sweetie, it’s not your fault that you’re such a jackass.  Oh wait no… Jackson was the jackass.  Jackson the jackass get it? It has a ring.  Now what were you again? Hmm… oh right! You’re Theo the traitor!” You said with fake eagerness, clapping your hands together and making Theo visibly whither.  “You tried to kill me, you tried to kill my pack, now I don’t care if they want to let you back in and trust you again, but just, please” You stressed on the word.  “Leave me the hell alone” Theo’s mouth opened to protest, but he looked at the despair in your eyes and decided against it.

“Fine” He mumbled, backing up to head back into the house.  “Forget it” And with that, he went storming back inside, while you got in your car and drove off.

Screw you anyways, screw you and your nosy intelligence, and your curiosity, and your absolute breathtaking beauty, screw you.  He didn’t need you anyways.  Good riddance.

Theo hadn’t even closed the door when he grabbed his keys and went running back outside to get in his truck and chase after you.

“Scott?” Theo spoke into the phone, it was pressed between his cheek and his shoulder as he drove, searching the streets as he drove recklessly.  “I can’t find her anywhere, I can’t find y/n”

“She probably just went home, I think she was getting a headache actually” Scott said through the speaker.

“I already checked there, she wasn’t there, I can’t find her is there anywhere that she usually likes to go? Secret spots maybe? Favorite places?” He asked, voice desperate.

“The library but I mean at this hour it’s closed” Scott said, and Theo slammed on the brakes, then quickly turned the car around and began to head towards the library.

“Yeah but that wouldn’t stop y/n she’d go anyways” He said, speeding off again.

“Are you going over the speed limit? Cause that’s really not-”

“Scott y/n could be in trouble!” Theo shouted, not caring about the law at the moment.

“And since when did you care?” Scott shot back, and Theo gritted his teeth, then hung up the phone before Scott could ask or say anything else.  He couldn’t live with himself if you got hurt.

He’d met you first in the library at school.  At the time, he hadn’t known that you were a human in the McCall pack, he’d just been watching you with an amused expression as you stacked book after book in your arms, and were now jumping to reach ones on higher shelves.  After a few minutes of watching he finally decided to get up and help you.  He walked over, not saying a word as he easily reached for the novel you’d been jumping for, and handing it to you.  You’d stared at him, not having recognized him because surely you’d remember those green eyes.

“Th-thanks” You said quietly, setting it on top of the other four books in your arms.

“No problem beautiful” He replied, then turned to walk away, leaving you blushing and gaping a little.

“Wait” You called, and he looked at you over his shoulder.  “What’s your name? I’ve never seen you around here before” Your brows crinkled and he gave you a genuine smile.

“Theo Raeken” He told you, and you smiled back as you replied.

“y/n l/n”

“It’s been a pleasure meeting you” He said, before leaving the library, again leaving you standing and staring at his retreating figure.

You didn’t know then that he would screw up your life so horribly.

That he’d inject you with a venom that left you unconscious for three days.

Theo drummed his thumbs on the steering wheel anxiously as he looked all around in the dark, but being able to see fine.  But it had been fifteen minutes and he still hadn’t found you.  He wasn’t sure what else to do, he’d been all over Beacon Hills searching every possible place but you were nowhere.

With a sigh, he slowed down and began to head to where he usually parked for the night.  You probably didn’t even want to be found, and certainly not by Theo.  He felt ridiculous, you were probably just driving around, and even if he had found you, you only would’ve chastised him for following you in the first place.  You hated him, and at this point he should just let you.

Besides, you would never, ever, feel the same way about him that he felt about-

Theo slammed on the brakes, and rolled down his window, breathing deeply out in the air.  He could’ve sworn that he’d caught a whiff of blood, your blood.  When he caught it again, he whipped open the door and began sprinting down the street, knowing that it was yours, that you were in trouble.

“y/n! Y/N!” He screamed, and the further he ran the stronger the scent became.  And soon, he caught sight of just what it was that made your scent of blood so thick.

Your car was upside down, crushed at the front, and completely wrecked.  Somehow upon seeing this he ran impossibly faster and nearly ripped off your car door in his desperateness to see if you were safe.

You moaned, reaching to rub your head but winced and retracted your arm.

“Oh my god, y/n” Theo carefully leaned over to unbuckle you, and pulled you into his arms.

“My leg it- call an ambulance” You begged, tears rushing down your face and mixing with blood from small cuts on your cheeks.  This only made you hurt more, and Theo fumbled in his pocket, still kneeling on the ground with you in his arms.  You had a fist holding tightly to the front of his shirt

“Okay, it’s gonna be okay, you’re gonna be okay” He kept repeating those same words as he dialed 911.

“911 what’s your emergency?” The woman on the other end spoke.

“My friend got into a real bad car accident, she needs an ambulance” He said quickly but tried to sound calm enough for her to understand him.

“Where is your location?”

“Uh-uh Baker’s Ave” He said.

“We’re sending an emergency response crew now, stay calm sir, your girlfriend will be taken to the hospital soon” She responded, and he hung up, typing in Scott’s number again.

“How-how long?” You whimpered, and your body shook slightly as you curled against him.  Theo held his phone between his shoulder and ear, rubbing an arm up and down your back as the phone rang.

“Give me your hand”


“So I can take the pain just give me your hand” He said in a rushed way, and you slipped your bloodied hand into his.  A groan came from his throat as he took away your agony, his veins darkening as it coursed through him.

“Theo? Are you still looking-”

“y/n got in an accident” He cut off Scott.  “The ambulance is on it’s way now we’re going to the hospital”

“Oh-oh my God” Scott mumbled.  “Okay, I’m telling the others we’ll see you there” He said.

“Alright” Theo said through a wince, but he could feel you begin to relax out of relief so he didn’t stop.  “See you there” He said, then hung up on that call too, and focused on you lying in his arms.  “You’re going to be okay” He said, cradling you close, and you closed your eyes. “You’re gonna be okay” Theo repeated, still taking your pain, which was becoming more and more of a struggle.

Soon after, you passed out.

“If you want, you could always just go down to the cafeteria to eat something maybe” You could faintly hear Lydia’s voice, but it seemed distant.

“Yeah man you’ve been here all night and all day, the nurses might get mad soon” Said Liam.

“No, no I can’t leave” Theo’s voice.  Theo? Where were you that Theo was staying?

“Seriously, don’t you think she’ll be confused when she wakes up and we aren’t here?” Stiles said.  You tried to open your eyes, but you were so tired and it felt too good to keep them shut.

“I don’t care, this is my fault, I could’ve gotten there faster” Theo ensued.  “I’m staying with her, whether you like it or not, I’m going to be here when she wakes up”

“Alright Raeken what’s up? You really think she’ll want to see you of all people when she-”

“Okay” Scott’s voice cut off Stiles.  “We’ve gotta go anyways, school starts in fifteen minutes”

“I’m skipping today” Theo brushed off.  “I’ll go back whenever she does” You felt a hand covering over yours, and another one holding your small and limp hand between two warm ones.

“Alright, we’ll come back together after school, but I’ve got a free period in like… four hours” Scott said.  “I’ll come back then” All you heard after that was a door closing.  And you figured the group left, but the warmth around your hand was persistent.

You weren’t sure how much time passed when you finally opened your eyes, turning your head to see who the owner of the hands on yours were.  You were surprised to see Theo there, sitting in an uncomfortable looking chair that he likely stole from the waiting room.  His head was awkwardly laying on a small space of the cot you were situated on, and both of his hands were cupped around your one hand.  You weren’t sure if he was sleeping or not, but you decided not to wake him.

Instead you looked around yourself, trying to gather up how serious your situation was.  You’d been in the hospital numerous times due to Scott’s mother working here and often you were the one to bring her dinner, and had figured out long ago the difference in all the rooms.  The smaller ones with less things inside of them, usually only consisting of a cot and an area of cabinets that the nurses and doctors would work with, were for one night stays, easy fixes.  People who would be out in no time but need a place to be for their procedure.

Looking around the room you were in, you knew this wasn’t the case.  It was large, with a much more elaborate doctor’s station, and you had a rack of different tubs all leading to a pouch that looked like water to you but you weren’t exactly a medical practitioner  Your cot, which was more like a bed, at least it felt like a mattress and not just foam padding like most of the rooms, was larger than most.  Your chest began to rise and fall much more quickly than it previously had been, and you could hear not only your own heartbeat, but the beeping of the monitor in the room quickened as well.  You must have been in bad shape.

Your free hand rose, touching the rubber piece that was hooked delicately in your nostrils, and your eyes followed the tube to a bag that hung near the water pouch, you watched it inflate and deflate as you steadied your breathing, the heart monitor slowing back down to a regular pace as you calmed yourself.  You closed your eyes, trying to remember what had happened that wound you up in here, but you weren’t sure.  You looked over your body, but couldn’t see much since a small woven blanket covered over your chest, hiding you from yourself.

This was when you chose to wake Theo.  Your hand untangled from between his, and you rubbed your palm as calmly as you could over his arm.  He leaned up almost instantly, slowly, but looking straight for you.

“Hey” You spoke, your throat scratchy and making your voice raspy.  “How long have you been here?” You asked him, your brows cinching together with both confusion and concern.

“You’re awake” A small smile of relief spread on his lips, and you weakly returned it.  Thankful that at least there was a familiar face you could wake up to.  “How-how’re you feeling? Any pain?” You shook your head, though you did feel a dull ache.

“What happened to me? Why am I here? Is there a new threat-”

“No no, nothing like that” Theo shook his head, and moved forward, closer to the edge of his seat so he could be closer to you.  “You uh, you got in a car crash” Your eyes widened with surprise, usually you were a completely safe driver, at all times.  Enough that it would piss of Malia when you made her wear a seatbelt, even in the backseat.  And if you braked hard enough, your arm would shoot out towards the passenger side in front of whoever was sitting there.  Sometimes it would happen on instinct even if no one was there.

“I-I did?” You asked, trying to sit up a little to listen more tentatively but you winced, and laid back down.  Theo’s hand shot out to yours as you situated yourself back onto the pillow.  He didn’t speak again until you seemed as comfortable as you could be.

“Yeah, when I found you your car was flipped over and it looked like you’d hit something from the front, but nothing else was around” He told you.  “Looked like a hit and run” He grumbled, annoyed that someone would get you into that bad of a wreck and then just leave you there.

“Oh” Was all you could say in your croaky voice.  “You found me?” You clarified, and he nodded.  “How?”

“I was…” Theo licked over his lips anxiously before continuing.  “I was heading home” He said, knowing it wasn’t a lie, that at the time he had been driving back to the vacant parking lot that he could get away with parking and sleeping in his truck for the night.  You nodded slightly, and then realized that he hadn’t released your hand.  You tried not to draw attention to it, finding the warmth he brought to you to be pleasant.

“Thank you” You eventually told him, making him look up at you out of astonishment by the words.  You smiled at him, a soft, and genuine smile that he’d only seen from you one other time, and it had been the first day he’d met you.

“You’re welcome” Theo replied, voice expressing the shock that he’d felt.  You curled your fingers around his hand, and closed your eyes again, hoping for some sort of peaceful sleep to come over you, but it didn’t.

“Why did you stay?” You whispered out, opening your eyes to reveal their worried orbs.  Theo kept his gaze away from your face though, not bearing to see the blossoming bruise across your cheek along with scattered cuts and your perplexed stare.

“Because I… because” He finished lamely, and you rolled your eyes in response.

“That’s not very explanatory” You stated.

“Yeah, well” He shrugged his shoulders sluggishly and you tugged a little on his hand, prompting him to look at you.

“Were you the one who hit me?” You asked, and immediately he shook his hand and widened his eyes.

“No no, god no y/n I’d never-”

“Then why’re you acting so guilty?” You asked him pointedly, and you could hear a small sigh escape his lips.

“Because y/n I… I care about you and I let this happen, I got there too late and now you’re all…” He didn’t know what to tell you about your injuries.  He wasn’t sure what all you already knew or had figured out.  You decided to take in his words, making a mental note to bring up the fact that he cares about you later.

“What happened to me? I can’t see-”

“I don’t think I should be the one to tell you that” He said, and you huffed slightly, but decided against forcing him to reveal the information.  He already seemed… on edge.

“So, you care about me?”

You spent a few hours with Theo, and it was only nine in the morning.  On a school day that would seem late-ish (which it was a school day so you at least missed classes) but on a weekend you would normally be fast asleep at this hour.  Though you found yourself actually enjoying Theo’s company.  You talked as though a beautiful new friendship was beginning to grow, which it sort of was, but this felt like it was something different.

You weren’t sure what it was that was bubbling up inside of your chest as he told you little things he could remember from his childhood, or why you smiled whenever you’d speak and he’d stare at you, giving you his complete and undivided attention, but it was nice.  It felt warm, and safe.  And being in this confined room, you were glad to have him there with you.  All the while never letting go of his hand.

When nine-thirty hit, Melissa came in, carrying a clipboard while wearing her scrubs, a stethoscope around her neck.  You felt relieved that she was the one to come check on you rather another nurse that you were unfamiliar with.  The woman gave you a sad smile as she checked up on your vitals.

“How’re you feeling miss y/n?” She asked in her concerned mom voice.

“Fine, I think” You replied.  “What happened? Exactly?” You questioned, and she gave you a tired frown.

“You shattered your left femur and patella, but on the right you’re only bruised up, still a pretty ugly mess but nothing broken on that side” Melissa said, and looked over the papers she had on her clipboard.  “Three broken ribs, and a piece of windshield glass actually lodged in your stomach, which is currently just being wrapped up while your ribs are somewhat healing, and we’ll wheel you in for surgery in…” She looked at her watch.  “Ten minutes” She told you, and caught sight of your wide and tear filling eyes.

“I-I-” You choked, your heart monitor beeping like crazy as you began to freak out.  “Surgery?” You looked over to Theo, who stood from his chair, taking your hand in one of his and the other setting a soft palm against your cheek.

“It’s okay, you’re alright” He spoke gently, keeping calm for your sake.  “They’re going to fix you up, you’re safe here, they’re going to make you all better” The longer he talked to you, the slower your monitor became, and soon you were relaxing again.  Melissa looked between the two of you, remembering a time where Lydia had laid on a similar cot to yours, and that she’d had Stiles stay in the room so she’d be calm, knowing that he would anchor her down.  She saw an almost identical connection there that she did with you and Theo, but pretended not to notice the scene in front of her.

“He’s right” The older woman spoke up.  “You’re going to be all better and at the earliest you can head home tomorrow” She said with a warm smile, and you nodded, feeling calmed down once more at her sincerity.

“You’re gonna be okay” Theo said, removing his cupped hand from your cheek and sitting back in his chair.

Your hands were still connected though.

When the time had passed, and it was time for you to be taken down the corridors to where you would be operated on, you grew nervous, which Theo could smell thick in the air.

“y/n” He said softly, and you looked at him from where you were fiddling your fingers on the edge of your blanket.  “It’s going to be okay, Melissa and I will be right there when you wake up” He told you.

“You’ll stay?” You said hopefully, your eyes rounded with optimism, and he smiled as he nodded.

“I will until they let you go home” He told you honestly, and a slight blush creeped up on your cheeks at the way he cared for you.  You just bit back a grin and nodded.

“Okay” You whispered, and just then Melissa came back into the room, wheeling in a wheelchair.

“Alright y/n, we gotta get you in this” She said, and you could already tell that moving would be difficult, and painful.  You visibly winced at the idea of the agony that would shoot through your body when you stood up.

“Okay, come here” Theo instructed, letting go of your hand for the first time in a few hours, and pulled the blanket off of you.  You caught sight of the cat that covered your entire left leg, from the top of your thigh to your ankle, and on your right leg it was mostly patches of deep black and purple marks.  Theo slid one arm beneath your upper legs, the other going around your back.  “Count of three, okay?” He warned you, and you nodded, closing your eyes tight as you counted in your head with him.  “One, two.. Three” He lifted you up with ease and set you swiftly back down into the chair.  You sighed with relief, grateful that you felt only a small amount of pain.

“Thanks” You breathed out, leaning your head back slightly.  Theo nodded, as Melissa came over to guide your chair out of the room.  You looked back quickly to Theo but he was already walking behind you both to stay near you.  He saw the way you desperately looked for him, and made his way up to walk next to your wheelchair down the mostly empty hallways.  You looked up at him, and reached your hand out for his that was swinging at his side.  He didn’t think too much of it, seeing that you were about to go into surgery and he knew it scared you, but you intertwined your fingers between the spaces of his, and it was something that made his heart beat a little faster.

Before you’d only clasped your hand around his, but now you were legitimately, holding onto his hand, conjoining your fingers.  You actually needed him.

Theo looked down at you, to see your eyes were on your hands as he caressed his thumb over yours softly.  You looked up at him with big doe eyes, and he gave you a smile which you returned before looking down at your casted leg.

He kept your hands together until you had to be taken into the operating room, and he released it.

“No don’t-” You could barely protest before a doctor took your chair from Melissa.  “Please let him stay just until I have to-”

“The room needs to be sterile” The man said in a bored tone.


“It’s okay, I’ll be right here when you get out” Theo said, and you looked back at him with panicked eyes.  Worry filled his chest, knowing that if you started freaking out now there’d be nothing e could do.  “I’ll be right here” He told you, planting his feet on the ground to try and prove to you he’d be as close to you as he could the entire time.  You opened your mouth to say something to him, but the door closed.

Theo stared at that door, standing in the middle of the hallway for a few minutes, before finally sitting down in another uncomfortable chair, impatiently waiting for the doors to open again and for him to go in and see you.

He’d passed out sitting in that chair, but was woken up again by Melissa nudging him.  He groaned slightly, not wanting to be awake.

Until he remembered you a few moments later, and shot up, seeing Scott standing next to her as well.

“Is she awake? Can I see her?” He rushed out the questions.

“She is, she’s still coming down from the anesthetics so she’ll be a little loopy, but I can sneak you in there for a while” Melissa said.

“Can I see her too?” Scott asked, to which Melissa looked around, double checking the halls were empty before nodding.

“Be smart about it” She warned, before swiping her card through the coded lock, and Scott walked in before Theo could go in first.

You were sat on a cot, the top half of it slanting upwards so you were in a partial sitting position.  You didn’t seem to be in any pain as you curiously looked all around the room

“Scottyyyy!” You called, a big grin pulling at your lips as you held your arms out for him to hug you.  He chuckled quietly, trying to hug you as lightly as he could as not to press against the stitches over your stomach.  “I missed you puppy” You said, petting his hair.  Both Scott and Theo gave each other a look.

“You are ten feet off the ground” Theo said, and you stopped touching Scott’s head and looked quickly to where Theo was.  A brighter smile made it’s way onto your face as you saw him, and you pushed Scott away, eagerly holding out for him now, your fingers opening and closing impatiently as he came over to you.

“Hey princess, how do you feel?” He asked, holding you gently for a moment before dragging over a chair to your bed.  Scott did as well, watching the two of you interact with a curious glint in his eye.

“I feel so good! Doctor doctor said they’d bring me pudding if I feel good, and I do!” You said enthusiastically and making the chimera chuckle.

Doctor doctor?” Scott repeated.

“Yeah, I didn’t catch his name, so i figured it was also just doctor.  Doctor doctor isn’t that neat?”

“I’ve never seen her so out of it” Theo said as you sing songed doctor doctor over and over again.

“Yeah me either.  She’s not even like this when she’s drunk” Scott replied.  Suddenly you shot your hand out and grabbed onto Theo’s.

“You let go of me, you let them push you out” You said, a dramatic pout on your face as you studied Theo’s hand, tracing your fingers over the creases in his palm and along his knuckles.

“I’m sorry sweetheart they wouldn’t let me go in with you, I’m not a Doctor” He said as kindly as he could, his free hand petting over your head gently, pushing your hair away from your face.

“Well made you should be” You said sassily, but it only made him smile.

“I’ll try harder next time” He told you, and you nodded curtly.  Scott stood up, deciding that he wasn’t the one you needed to be with right now.

“You’re leaving?” You asked him, eyes staring at him in a puzzled way.

“Yeah, I’m gonna head out and uh… find my mom” He said, lying only a little.  You shrugged.

“Fine” You said, pulling on Theo’s hand and wrapping your arms completely around his.  “More cuddles for Theo” You stated blankly, nuzzling your cheek against the crook in his arm.  Scott chuckled at the way Theo grinned instinctively before containing it.

“He can have all the cuddles” Scott said with a wink before heading out the door.  “I’ll see you in bit y/n” He said then left, closing the door behind him.  You shrugged a shoulder, looking up at Theo through your lashes.

“More cuddles for youuu” You said in a singing tone that made him laugh, and continue running his fingers through your hair.

“How’d everything go?” He asked, though he was sure you wouldn’t give him a  valid answer.

“Prettygoodprettygoodprettygood” You told him.  “I missed you though, I miss you”

“You miss me? I’m right here” Theo said.  You frowned.

“You haven’t always been right there, you used to hate me” You whined slightly, but he shook his head.

“No y/n I’ve never hated you, I could never hate you” He told you sincerely.

“But you used to fight with me all the time” You said.  “You stabbed me in the neck and I slept for a long long time” Theo sighed, wishing he could talk to you about this when you weren’t still high on anesthetics.  But now was as good a time as ever, and he needed you to know the truth.

“y/n, I did that to you so that you would stay out of the mess” He told you, and your brows furrowed together.  “It put you to sleep, safely, I swear to god it was safe, for seventy two hours so that you wouldn’t be out there trying to fight off The Beast and the Dread Doctors” You lifted your head from his arm, staring at him seriously, and he felt like suddenly you were completely grounded and sober.

“What?” You asked in a quiet, unsure voice.

“I know, at the time it seemed like a bad move but I couldn’t have you getting hurt, you weren’t ever supposed to get hurt” You blinked a few times, letting this new information sink in.  After a few silent moments, you laid your head back onto Theo’s arm, holding onto him still and beginning to doze off.

“I like you so much right now that it scares me” You whispered, before falling asleep while clinging onto him.

During your little nap, you were placed back into your wheelchair and taken back to the room you’d been previously staying in so you could recover smoothly.  Theo moved with you, going back to sit in his chair from earlier while you slept peacefully.  When Melissa had left the room after he laid you back in bed and pulled the cover over you, he held onto your hand again.

He clasped it around your palm gently, his eyes trained on your small hand in his, before letting go, and sliding his fingers in between yours.  He liked this much better, feeling he could hold onto you more closely and liking that he could rub circles into the back of your hand.

You let out a soft moan, your head rolling slightly as your eyelashes fluttered open.  Your gaze landed on Theo sitting next to you, his hand holding onto yours.  A soft smile graced your lips as you stared at him adoringly.

“You’re here” You said hoarsely but quietly.  Theo smiled back at you, his eyes flickering from your hands to your eyes.

“I’m here” He murmured back.  “I was with you when you got out of surgery but you probably don’t remember” You eyes narrowed and lips parted as you thought.

“I remember some of it” You mumbled, and a soft breathy laugh emitted from him.  “I remember you telling me about… about what you did” You whispered, somehow impossibly lower than you’d spoken earlier.  Theo stared at you tensely, his mind racing on what you could possibly say next.  “Which confused me- well, still does” You corrected.

“It confuses you?” He asked, brows furrowing at your words.  You nodded in response.

“Yeah” You said, licking over your lips.  “If you wanted me safe, you should’ve just told me” Theo almost snorted.

“You would’ve listened?” You smiled as you laughed a little.

“No, not at first I’m sure” You replied, both of you laughing quietly at your stubborn tendencies.  “But I think eventually I would’ve listened”

“I don’t think you trust me enough for that” Theo sighed, and you held onto his hand a little tighter.

“I trust you” You said, and you declared it as though it were a secret you kept pent up inside you for a long time.

“You didn’t” He said simply, and you both knew he wasn’t wrong.

“I do now” You said earnestly, pulling your molded hands up closer to you, holding them against your chest.  “You saved me, I could’ve died” You told him.

“You wouldn’t have-”

“I could’ve” You cut him off.  “And you’ve saved me multiple times, apparently” You stated.  Theo looked down, his free hand drumming anxiously against your blanket.  “Thank you” You said.

“You don’t have to thank me, I couldn’t just leave you in the street like that y/n, or back then I- you’re human you don’t heal like the rest of us if you’d gotten hurt because of stupid century-old robot men I wouldn’t be able to live with myself” You chuckled slightly at his wording.

“Stiles is human” You whispered.


“Stiles, he’s human” You said again.  “You let him go out there and fight against him, didn’t try and protect him” You said, an uncontrollable smile tugging on your lips and a pink tint on your cheeks.  “He doesn’t heal any faster than I do” Theo laughed, but it was a short and nervous sound.

“Yeah well… maybe you need more protection than he does” He said, and you rolled your eyes.

“I was taught to shoot by Argent, and before him, Allison, and never once have I missed” You told him.  “I can shoot a military standard machine gun, and Stiles can swing a bat and sometimes it doesn’t break” You said, and it really wasn’t a lie.  “If anything, you should’ve done it to Stiles, I fight far better than he does-”

“Yeah well I like you far more than Stiles” Theo cut you off, making your blush darken, and your momentary confidence dissipate instantly.

“I’m flattered” You said, making him laugh slightly.  “But thank you anyways, even if I could’ve killed the Doctors before any of you” Theo shrugged.

“Anytime” He said, then shook his head rapidly.  “No no not anytime, not again, I’m not doing it again I promise-”

“Theo” You said through a short laugh.  “I get it” He was quiet as you stroked your thumb over his hand, really liking the way he’d held onto you all day, and hoping it didn’t change when you got out of the hospital.  “Theo” You said softly, and didn’t look away from your hands.  “I don’t hate you, and you’re not a traitor” You told him, in the most serious, straight faced way you could.  “I never hated you” Theo pulled half a smile, moving closer in his chair and ran his hand over your forehead, petting softly down your hair to about ear’s length, then moving back to the top of your head again.  It was a very comforting motion that you closed your eyes in gratification.

“I never hated you either y/n” He responded solemnly, still running his palm over you gently.  “I cared about you too much to see you get hurt, far before anything horrible happened” A small hum came from your throat, and you turned your head while his hand had just brushed over your cheek, pressing slightly against his warm skin.  Your nose brushed slightly over his wrist as you nuzzled into him, rolling onto your side slowly, and wincing during the process.  “Don’t do that” Theo scolded slightly upon seeing the pain it brought you to lay on your hip.

“I’m good- it’s good” You struggled, and he took your pain away with the hand cupped around your cheek before you could protest.  You then laid peacefully facing him, using the palm of his hand as your pillow and relaxing again.  “Theo?”


“I… I’m really glad that you stayed with me today, it means a lot” You murmured, and making Theo smile again.

“I am too” he murmured, and you kept his gaze for a few moments.  Normally, you would’ve felt nervous, awkward staring into someone’s eyes for so long.  But his hazel green irises were just so appealing and you couldn’t get yourself to glance away.  “I’ve liked getting to know you for real y/n” You grinned wide, a slight blush appearing on your cheeks.

“You too” You said back wiggling a little closer to the edge of the bed.  He moved to the edge of his seat, staring down at your wide and sparkling eyes.  Even with the oxygen tube placed in your nose you looked breathtaking in this moment.  Theo let go of your hand, placing it opposite of his other palm on your cheek, holding your face in his hands.  You stared up at him, all of your attention, completely on his every move, his every touch.  He leaned down, ever so slightly, his eyes flicking from your rounded eyes to your lips, parted and plump, awaiting his own warm mouth.  You smiled after a moment of your intense stare, and he swore your eyes lit up as you watched him.

You rose your hands up, tiredly hooking your wrists behind his neck and mustering the strength to push upwards, hesitating just slightly, but Theo’s hands still on your cheeks guided you the rest of the way, your lips meeting in the softest, most gentle kiss ever given.

It was sleepy, and slow, both of you testing the waters with your newly found chemistry.  And neither of you disliked it one bit.  Theo carefully laid you back down onto your bed, so that you could rest and not have to gather the strength to lean up.  But not once did you break the kiss, just softly slant your lips against his, your head tilting slightly and moving in sync with him.

Your hand slid from behind his neck and tracing down his cheek, laying on his jaw as he pulled away from you.  Your bottom lip became encased by your teeth, but his thumb gently prodded it out.

“You, are the most beautiful girl, that I have ever, and will ever meet” He told you quietly, making a deep blush rush to your cheeks.

“Theo I’m wearing a hospital gown and there’s literally tubes in me” You said with a nervous laugh, but he shook his head, his thumbs caressing over your face in a soft fashion.

“It doesn’t matter” He whispered, and you smiled before pulling his lips back down to yours, falling in love with the warm and plump sensation as they moved together.  You hummed softly out of pleasure and delight.  Your fingers curled slightly around his jaw, and even when you parted you still held him close, your lips pulled into a smile as your lashes flicked up from his to his eyes.  He smiled back, his forehead resting against yours.

“I love you” You murmured out, ever so quietly as you stared at him intensely.  Teo’s hand brushed across your cheek, before tilting his head up to press a kiss against your forehead.

“I love you too princess” Theo said, then leaned back in his seat.  Propping an elbow up on the side of your cot so he could lean his head against his hand.  “Now get some sleep, the pack’s gonna wanna see you soon” You nodded, taking his empty hand and linking your fingers together before closing your eyes peacefully.

Things weren’t so scary when he was sitting there watching over you.

alright i hope that was slow burn enough for ya XD

xoxo ~ jordie

Three days after winning the Cup, Fleury showed a side that nearly caused one of his dearest Pittsburgh friends to do a spit-take. Michael Hornick, a Caldwell Banker agent, sold Fleury his Moon Township home and attends to it when Fleury and LaRosee return to Sorel during the offseason.

“I went over to collect the keys; we’re talking about a few things as ‘Vero’ says she is taking their dog, Lilly, out,” Hornick said. “Next thing I know, Vero is running back into the house, screaming something in French, and she runs back outside after grabbing something from the kitchen drawer. Fleury and (Penguins defenseman Kris) Letang leap off the couch, and all I see are shorts and flip-flips in front of me. I thought there was an emergency.”

Hornick stepped outside to the sight of Fleury and Letang trailing LaRosee – the three of them chasing an ice cream truck.

“I caught up with him and said, 'Marc, you make a lot of money; you can probably buy some ice cream and keep it in the house.’ He said, 'Yeah, you’re right, but this is more fun.’ Then, he smiled, turned around and started buying ice cream for all the neighbors.”

–Rob Rossi, Pittsburgh Tribune, December 2009

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How did you meet Ms Scripty? Please tell me it was very gay and adorable!

It was extremely gay and adorable. 

We met writing fanfic. 

It was a torrid affair: I wrote, she commented, I commented back. I came home from school every day waiting to see if she’d left more reviews. 

Then came the first contact: “Can you help me write this character better?” 

Then: “Do you want to write a story together?” 

And it worked, or it didn’t, but we got to know each other as people and fell in love: by email, by telephone, by this passion we found in each other. 

About 18 months later she moved all the way clear across the country to be with me. Thousands of miles in a pickup truck, getting chased by bison and wildfires and dogs, seeing a beautiful desert for the first time, the wind blowing so hard I thought there was lightning in the tent from the sparks as the rain fly slapped a gainst the tent itself. 

We were married in a park, her in a shirt and pants, me in a dress, and I couldn’t be happier. 

If you’re reading this, Mrs Scripty, I love the hell out of you. 


BTS reacting to their crush being high (College AU!)

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A/N: One of my favorite AUs so I knew I needed to write this. - Admin Jaefairy

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Namjoon -  Namjoon would be the intellectual stoner so as soon as he saw the gloss in your eyes, he would make space for you on the couch, between him and yoongi. He’d ramble on about deep shit, like jury verdicts and its purpose to democracy, or why flip spinners should be a prescription and not a toy. You’d be amazed at all of the things he was passionate about, your legs over his lap. He’d rub your thighs, and just ramble on. You’d find him dorky and cute, but this was the best way to spend your high. Chilling with Namjoon and Yoongi, having Namjoon giving you special subtle attention. 

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Seokjin - Jin wouldn’t do weed, but he wouldn’t be against you doing it yourself. He’d watch over you and the guys, giving you a piggy back ride as you all ran down to the cafeteria for free pizza night. He’d stuff his face with you, laughing at how giddy and silly you were high. If he noticed you feeling weird or wandering off, he’d make sure that he was around you and that you were safe. Once you started crashing, he’d be by your side, petting your hair and watching over you till you fell asleep. 

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Hoseok - After a few puffs, Hobi would be good. He’d let you and and the others pass it around til it was a roach, then ask you to dance with him. You wouldn’t be as awesome as Hoseok, but he didn’t care. He liked taking your hands in his and doing his favorite thing, with his favorite person. Your high would have you floating and if the music turned to something slow, you’d find yourself cuddled up with Hobi on a couch. You guys would talk about everyday things, but being touchy person you are you’d find yourself caressing his arms. The sensation would send a tingle down his spine, and even though his head was kind of cloudy, he’d have to force himself not to kiss you in front of everyone else. 

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Yoongi - It was hard being the weed dealer on campus, but it was harder watching you act a fool eveytime you were high. Yoongi would be the chill stoner, the type to smoke a blunt and just chill and watch a movie or listen to kendrick lamar and make out. How many times he thought about getting baked and kissing your lips was too many to count. He’d looked annoyed, watching you and taehyung high as two kites screaming on campus and chasing an ice cream truck. It was so hard for yoongi to be chill when most of his friends weren’t. When you two would finally be alone, smoking another joint to keep the high going, you’d ask Yoongi anything and everything that was on your mind. He’d answer, his hands gently petting and playing with your hair while he played humble on repeat. He wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off your mouth and if it wasn’t for namjoon barging in and asking for a dime, he would have taken the plunge. 

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Jimin - Jimin loved weed as much as he loved hanging out with you. He wasn’t into smoke, but thank god Yoongi taught you how to make weed butter. After a really stressful test you’d go over to jimin’s house and make weed brownie or weed smores and just chill watching tv til they hit you. You’d be cuddle up on the couch watching steven universe and all of a sudden jimin who laugh about something not even funny, and so would you. Being high with Jimin would be an adventure. As you would ride your high some days you’d find yourself at the town pool or just driving to the park to explore the forest, just to see things in a different light. Jimin would hold your hand and point out things to you. (“Oh, Y/n look! That cocoon is waking up.” “It’s doing the metamorphosis shit!” “Yeah, that word!” ) after a long day, you’d both walk back to his dorm and just nap. At first you’d face each other, but everytime somehow you’d end up spooning in his arms. When you were in a deep sleep, Jimin would kiss your head, afraid to even try it with you awake. 

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- Jungkook, like Jin, would probably not be into weed. Nothing against you guys, it’s just not his thing. You were his thing though. When ever you got high he’d find himself being dragged into something crazy with you. Like the one time you took him to to quiet side of the school library to make a blanket fort or when you make pancakes out of cake mix for his birthday. Jungkook enjoyed being around you, even when you were high. You weren’t a sloppy high person, just a little more adventurous then usual. He’d hug you from behind and playfully flirt with you, feeling more open with you because you opened up to him. Even during long college parties full of weed, booze and whatever else namjoon could find, you would sit on the balcony with him and chill. Heads nuzzling into each other, chilling with friends and being a special kind of close you both would be afraid to talk about any other time. 

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- Tae was unpredictable high. He could be on his laptop looking at the weirdest documentaries or heading to the most random places he could decide on. He’d always ask you to tag along, ditching your group to spend time being weird together. Tae would get close, rubbing his cheek to yours, excited to experience something new alongside you. You’d find yourself in chuck e cheese, playing wack a mole with Tae because he wanted to get the Playstation 4 prize for Jungkook. Or at the local park singing Adele at the top of your lungs. Taehyung was so unpredictable that it you couldn’t help but smile wide whenever you were alone together.  










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omg can i get a ghost! woojin au pleaseee in the bulletpoint format

[sure, anon! not sure how you wanted this but?? lol this just wrote itself tbh i apologize for the LeNGth and the ANGST i did not intend for this to reach over 1k words]

(image credit

pairing: park woojin x reader
summary: Park Woojin is the shyest, sweetest, and most talented ghost you’re ever going to meet.

  • ever since you moved to Busan, things have been a little strange
  • you settled in easily enough, joining the school newspaper’s tiny staff as its sole photographer
  • when they unveil the new arts building where the old gardens used to stand, you’re one of the three students present
  • the new caretaker offers to give you a tour, and you’re the only one who takes it
  • within minutes of unlocking the building, the caretaker grows bored and asks you if he can go take care of something
  • you’re tempted to report him because you know he just wants to smoke on the grounds, but this is an important chance to explore before everyone else
  • you’ve run out of battery on your camera and your phone, but it doesn’t matter since nothing exciting is likely to happen anyway
  • you’re climbing the stairs when you get a prickly feeling at the back of your neck, a wave of light-headedness hitting you, and you KNOW there’s something there
  • you see something in the corner of your right eye and follow the faint sound of music that grows louder as you near the end of the hallway
  • the door’s ajar and you see a bulky old radio, R&B from the early 2000s booming from its speakers
  • in the room is a young man dancing with his back to you, his form graceful and fierce. you’re watching him with wide-eyes because??? you were expecting something as dumb as a ghost sighting and instead you find something moving and beautiful
  • you enter the room as the song finishes, and he turns around, revealing one of the gentlest faces you’ve seen in a while, prompting you to say, “hey, you’re a really great dancer!!” with a smile
  • then he smiles a snaggletooth smile and blushes and FUCKING DISAPPEARS
  • you were always a cautious believer in the supernatural; back in Seoul, your aunt would warn you about which alleyways to stay away from, when to apologize to an errant spirit, and how to pay due respects
  • when you moved to Busan to live with your no-nonsense grandfather, he dismissed everything spiritual as ridiculous, and soon you came to agree with him
  • sure, you enjoy reading scary stories till late at night, freaking out at the smallest noise at three in the morning
  • and yes, you may be known as the paranormal “expert” in your class because of how well you know all the different superstitions
  • okay, you may have nearly burned down the gardens because you lit a candle to make sure the guard dog that had chased a truck wouldn’t come back
  • but you definitely considered yourself a retired paranormal believer, so seeing and talking to an honest-to-goodness spirit has you reconsidering your life choices
  • the next day you return with a fully charged camera, prepared to catch at least his dancing on film for you to send to your aunt, and you wait hours and hours after school in dance studio B but nothing happens
  • you’re curled up in a ball and nearly fall asleep when the radio clicks on, and you scramble to get either your phone or your camera but they’ve both run out of battery
  • the boy doesn’t appear anyway, so you get up to leave, and you stretch while closing your eyes, and when you open them he appears, shy and shimmering in the sunset’s light
  • his name is park woojin; he’s seventeen years old; and those are pretty much the only two things he can tell you for sure
  • you try to make a lame-ass twilight joke—“how long have you been seventeen?”—and he just looks confused, so you ask him about dancing instead
  • and he tells you he’s glad to have found this space because it feels right for him to be dancing here, but also that for the first time he has an audience
  • woojin blushes when you ask him to dance for you, but readily agrees, his smile morphing into what you’ll soon call his “killer dance face”
  • you mean dead dance face? he jokes, and your hand goes right through his arm when you try to slap him
  • dance studio B becomes your regular hangout after school until the school’s dance troupe begins to use it, and you’re worried you’ll never see woojin again until he appears by your side as you’re walking home
  • that becomes part of your daily routine: you and woojin at the edge of school grounds, with you watching him dance by the light of the fading sun, his lithe body casting no silhouettes
  • he walks you home, and after talking about anything and everything under the sun, you say your goodbyes at your gate, your school day not complete without the sight of his smile
  • “woojin,” you say once, fiddling with the settings of your camera, “don’t you ever want to move to the next life?”
  • and he looks at you, the leaves’ shadows covering all but your bright eyes and fond smile, and his heart aches, but all he says is, i don’t know how
  • you look up and mistake the longing on his face for sadness, so you tell him, “we can fix this,” and call up your aunt as soon as you get home, and she says you need to find his story to find out what’s keeping him on earth
  • and you start to read through the school newspaper’s physical archives, searching for a mention of his name
  • woojin doesn’t know how to tell you he wants to stay, that you’re the first person who’s made him wish he were alive again, if only to find out if your hair is as soft as it looks, if your nose against his would tingle as he imagines it would, and he wants to say all of this but can’t find the words
  • day by day, his dancing grows more impassioned, the movements precise but desperate, and one day you cry while watching him, promising him you’ll help him soon
  • and you feel guilty because you’ve been going slowly at the archives, not wanting to lose your new friend, not thinking about how he’s the brightest part of your day
  • you finally find out the details of his death, an awful construction accident that left him in a coma for a week, which your aunt says is easy enough to fix with blessed spring water and the right prayer
  • and you tell woojin and he smiles sadly
  • tomorrow, woojin says, not able to say no when you’ve worked so hard
  • and he asks to come in when you arrive at your gate, and after dinner, you find him sitting at the foot of your bed
  • jokingly, you take a picture of him, telling him it’s an image you’d like to save forever, and he makes a face at the camera
  • you get under the covers and pat the space at your side, and the two of you lie face to face, and you swear you can feel his slightly translucent arm draped over your shoulder, and you close your eyes so he doesn’t see your tears
  • the next afternoon, the two of you decide you’ll perform the ritual as he dances, a fitting goodbye for the both of you
  • and you’re crying as you chant, the repetitions forming a rhythm he dances to, the setting sun growing clearer behind him as he fades away
  • before he disappears, he reaches over, and you feel a whisper of a kiss against your lips
  • i’m glad i met you, you hear
  • you cry and cry and look for him everywhere, but woojin is nowhere to be found
  • months later you’re going through your camera roll and you find something that makes you smile
  • and whenever your friends ask about the unfamiliar face among your photos, you tell them
  • “oh, that’s park woojin, my first love.“

your entire mentality changes when you become a taylor fan like im out here purposely picking seat 13 in every situation i can, chasing down ups trucks to see if they are the reputation ones, thinking of her ANY time i see a freakin cat like i dont even remember life before i associated all those things with her

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Daddy bots!! TFP Optimus Prime and Smokescreen, RID15 Grimlock and Bumblebee caring for their sparkling(s) while their S/O is away? Bonus: Sparkling Shenanigans~!!!

Transformers: Prime

Optimus Prime

- When he discovered he’d be caring for your sparkling alone as you left for a mission, he was rightfully concerned. Not only is it best for the sparkling to be cared for by it’s carrier in it’s earlier stages, but he’s not as experienced as you are when dealing with the bitlet.

- It goes better than expected, and for a while, Optimus isn’t sure why he was ever worried. The sparkling was quite peaceful, resting in his arms with an old toy in their little servos. He couldn’t help cooing at the little bitlet, gently nuzzling his helm against theirs. Optimus nearly melts when the baby starts cooing back, giggling and grabbing at their sire.

- But he does eventually discover the problems that come with caring for a baby so small, as he just then discovers the kid’s been able to transform for the past few weeks. Arcee nearly spit out her energon when she saw Optimus chasing the tiny truck across the hallways.

- You come back home from your mission and are instantly relieved of any worries you might’ve had. Instead of seeing the chaos you expected, you walked in to see your sparkmate at rest with your child resting just as peacefully on his chassis.



- Smokescreen is definitely going to need help. He cannot, and I say this in full confidence, cannot care for your child alone.

- He can barely hold the child correctly as it is. Spending a full day caring for the tiny bitlet is definitely going to be a challenge; but, as the sparkling’s sire, is more than willing to put the effort into learning. He soaks up as much advice from you as possible before you leave.

- It starts out smoothly. Smokescreen got the kid to take a nap for a couple hours, allowing to get a few things done around the base; and 3 hours later, the child is awake and ready to play.

- You had told him some of the kid’s more favored games during your little debrief session before you left. They had a preference for any racing games, but were also not against a few good rounds of hide and seek. Smokescreen was definitely lucky when it came to the temperament of his child. They never got upset for more than a moment when they lost at a game, too hyper and excited for the next round to care.

- After a few scrapes along the way, Smokescreen and your bitlet pass out in a little sire and spawn cuddle pile. It was the best thing to come home to.



- Daddy dino? Daddy dino.

- Your child is probably just as energy-filled as their sire, and being that they likely have a dino mode of some sort, are just as rowdy. While Grimlock is always around to help you care for the bitty, he’s always had quite a few hiccups. He’s rightfully concerned for his own ability to watch the kid on his own. You have to reassure him several times throughout the day before he feels he’s ready enough for it.

- Lucky for him, the kiddo seems less ruff-and-tuff now that mom isn’t around. Instead, they look bored; after all, a carrier is usually the closest friend to a young bitlet they can get. Grim knows for sure they play with you a lot; he can often hear you both when you do.

- Grimlock doesn’t take long to break into the kid’s shell, and is quick to become their playmate as well as keeping the role as their sire. It’s a sweet sight to come home to, when you see a tuckered out dinobot and his little bitlet resting peacefully under a patch of sunlight. You made sure to join them, happily nestling your way into the cuddle pile. You’re the cutest family ever.


- Bumblebee is the definition of a nervous, yet strict dad. He tries to take a more Optimus-like approach with his parenting, and is usually successful in doing so. But Bumblebee has a harder time keeping an eye on the bitlet than he’d like to admit. Even when you’re around, he has a tendency to lose track of the baby speedster.

- When you have to leave the kid with him while you go on a mission? He’s got the bitty on lockdown. Never loses track of them, godly dad reflex speed whenever the kid’s about to do something dumb, etc. It’s impressive for a dad who nearly had a heart attack when the kid picked up a sharp pencil. 

- Despite his overprotectiveness, he learns more about his kid throughout the day. He learns about his child’s love of racing games and Earthen vehicle modes, as well as the toys and games they can find lying about; probably left behind by their carrier before they left. Bumblebee never thought playing jenga with a toddler would be so challenging. 

- At the end of the day, you walk in to the sight of Bumblebee and your child sitting together and watching the stars. While Bee may be protective and nervous, he’s still a pretty great dad.

im tired anyway here’s some more time travel fic

Everything goes the way it does in the books, except that occasionally someone looks up and Neil isn’t there and the air smells a bit like burning, but then they blink and he’s right back in front of them. The Ravens switch divisions. Neil and the monsters go to Eden’s Twilight. Neil pays someone to knock him out. He hitchhikes back to Palmetto. He tells Andrew his half-truths and whole lies. They go on Kathy Ferdinand’s show. He fights Riko. Andrew offers Neil his protection.

It goes the same. Sometimes Neil travels in time and space, sometimes only in time. Usually to somewhere around Andrew, except he hates Andrew, so for the most part, Neil stays away, even when Andrew is an angry-looking kid, even when Andrew is a calm-looking adult.

Until one day, when he gets whisked into a bedroom in the middle of the night and the figure on the bed stirs.

Keep reading

Them Witnessing Her Kindapping: GOT7


He would barge into the middle of the people who were trying to kidnap you and try to help you by force, his force long forgotten and mind empty as you cried behind him and you two just tried to fucking survive for a bit longer until someone else called the police.


He would probably be calling the police with a chill down his back at someone getting kidnapped, not getting himself involved out right because there was virtually no chance of him winning- he didn’t think it was you who was being kidnapped since he had no reason to believe otherwise.


The kind to chase the truck/car/whatever it is that you were kidnapped in in his desperation to save you and only thinking of calling the police after he realizes what kind of foolish thing he tried to achieve.


The kind to call the police right there and there with heavy panting because holy fuck you were being kidnapped and he knew he had no chance against the men there so he would rather play it safe for the both of you.


Would freeze in his fear and be so lost that he would be near tears. He would stumble for his phone while hiding behind a corner all the while casting a nervous glance in your direction as well.


Welp he would definitely keel over because he knew there was nothing he could actually do against men that bulky and grave looking and he hand’t even seen their faces yet. He would probably have the hardest time, with a slight possibility of hyperventilation at his shock.


I think he would freak out a lot to the point of starting to cry out right and start chasing the car, or van, and start calling the police all the same and calling other pedestrians if there were any for them to help and just a general mess.