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T̸̡̞̭̙͋͋̇ͬ́͞H̠̠͕̪̬ͥͣͯ̇̌́͡E̸̛͍̱̍̂͗̋̓'̥̘̦ͬRͩ̀̉͑ͫ̋̽̆͏͇̳̮̦͠ͅĚ̺̞̠͙͎͖̞̜͂̓ͬ̆̒ͪ ̢̜̪̣͕͎̬ͯ͜M̼͓̣̝̟ͯ́͋͒ͧ̋̀Ḭ̱̫͙͚̊̇̊̿̇͋͜N̫̣͖̗͍͕̿͛̇ͥͯ͟͝Ě͓̱̜͓̦̩͢ ̨̙͇̟͕̬͓̈́ͭͨ͂N̻͎̤̅͋̊̅́O̷̭̠̪̝̖̣̲͙̗ͤ̊ͭ̃͠W͍͓̯̪̲̭͚ͧ̾ͦ̽̾͌ͥ̌͟

Y'all ain’t shit gonna happen. We’re just making shit up hoping Anti comes back. What’s that thing that happens to scientists where they see patterns where there aren’t any? That’s happening to us now…we’ve lost it and Jack just thinks we’re nucking futs.

“You steal the air out of my lungs, you make me feel it

I pray for everything we lost, buy back the secrets

Your hand forever’s all I want

Don’t take the money

Don’t take the money”

Okay, I’m gonna be the first one to say this. We’re giving Antisepticeye too much credit, and missing a lot of details. I’ve seen a lot of theories regarding that “dappersepticeye” is Anti, has been Anti, and that Anti was just pretending– the truth?? Is a lot sadder.

We asked if this ego had a name, something to which Jack adamantly and QUICKLY responded with “Nope!” Anti has a name. While he may be misleading, Jack rarely lies when asked direct questions like this. Because the question was “does this dapper fellow have a name?” (or something akin to that, I do not have the post in front of me at the moment). But notably, it didn’t have does this “new ego” have a name. 

It was does this person have a name, Anti has a name. 

The second is that the transition in between Jack and this new ego is one he’s conscious of, including yelling before going SILENT— that’s not typically of an Anti possession, not in the least. However, Jack going off screen (in one way or another) and transitioning is a typical way to introduce a new ego.

The BIGGEST piece of evidence though? Is how Dapper reacts to the transition— he still has Jack’s mindset for a moment (again, not characteristic of Anti) seen in his still flailing. And then he reacts to his face, body, and time like an infant, feeling and smelling the pumpkins like a new being just suddenly thrust into the world. 

He doesn’t have a name because he’s new. 

This ego is also MUTE, and Jack referred to them on their tumblr as a “quiet, expressive boy.” (Anti sure as hell isn’t quiet). If he’s mute, and quiet as Jack said…? Then why did cards come up as if he was actually speaking if this ego can’t talk?? Easy, they were put up by Anti. 

Nearly every piece of dialogue has some element of allusion and mystery– particular fandom references, and references to Doctor Schneeplestein. (Which I will discuss in another post). 

But Anti regularly refers to the egos as PUPPETS, and what does dapper look like? Act like? A baby, an energetic, but peaceful, TOY. 

He is not Anti, but he is not complete. He doesn’t have a name, or a voice, or seemingly any inclination of who he is or where he’s from.Which is NORMAL for egos— Henrik seemed confused by his own body as well when he is introduced, the egos develop into themselves over TIME that they exist

Dapper hasn’t had that chance yet— he was BORN on screen, which is something we’ve never seen aside from with Anti. Then– the new doesn’t permanently transition to Anti– at the end of the video, he is still HIMSELF, which is characteristic of temporary possession— something we’ve seen Anti do plenty of times in the past. 

My final evidence? We’ve been through this before. Remember when we all thought Henrik was Anti’s accomplice? That he hurt Chase? Was after Jack? Anti is all about turning us against anyone who isn’t HIM.  

Remember how Anti manipulated us into thinking the doctor was the villain and by the time we realized otherwise it was too late? Some people even theorized that they were one and the same?

Remember the same theory about Chase?

This ego is a BABY and Anti’s already got half of the fandom jumping on him and saying that he is evil. Why? To prove that he can. Do not repeat the same mistakes we made with Henrik. If we keep this UP we’re never going to be able to save any of them.  Because we won’t even try. 








W.D. Gaster Masterpost

(undertale spoilers)

Doctor W.D. Gaster is an enigma shrouded in mystery, with very little known about him. Despite the scarce amount of information, this character is a popular topic for many fans who are desperate to know who he is. After the January 2016 patch, more “fun” events became available in regular gameplay, driving more people to look for answers as to who Gaster is.

The following is a breakdown of facts, circumstantial evidence, and unconfirmed theories on Gaster. All technical information mentioned below is based on v1.001 of the game.


Before Gaster is discussed, three important characters should be considered – the followers.

Facts about the followers:

  • There are three followers.
  • Their sprite names are spr_g_follower_1, spr_g_follower_2, and spr_g_follower_3.
  • Their object names in the code are obj_gaster_follower_b,  obj_gaster_follower_a, and obj_gaster_follower_c.
  • Each follower has a very low chance of appearing.
    • Follower_1: fun value 62 and 50% chance = 0.5% chance
    • Follower_2: fun value 61 and 20% chance = 0.2% chance
    • Follower_3: fun value 63 and 50% chance = 0.5% chance
  • These are the only monsters that ever mention Gaster by name.
  • They share a monochrome gray color theme.
  • Two of them use the words “they say” in reference to what they know.
  • Frisk’s phone does not turn on in their presence.
  • Follower_2 disappears after speaking.

Since the followers are the only characters that mention Gaster by name, what is known as canon about Gaster is derived from their dialogue. However, because the followers speak in such a hearsay manner (e.g. “They say he created the Core.”), it’s hard to be sure how accurate this information is. With little else to go on, this information will be taken at face value. 

Facts and hearsays about Gaster:

  • He was the previous Royal Scientist, before Alphys.
  • His brilliance was “irreplaceable”, which is why Asgore took so long to replace him.
  • He created the CORE.
  • His life was cut short.
  • He fell into his creation.
  • His experiments went wrong. (Yes, experiments is plural here).
  • He vanished without a trace.
  • He shattered across time and space.
  • A piece of him exists with Follower_2.
  • He is still listening.

Outside of what the followers share, there are a few more things known by special events in the game and by examining the code and assets.

From the game’s code, assets, etc:

  • Entering Gaster’s name in the character name screen causes the game to restart – and it only happens with Gaster’s name.
  • The Sound Test Room in Snowdin has a 50% chance of being accessible at fun value 65 (after defeating Papyrus and before defeating Asriel in the pacifist route), and Gaster’s Theme can be played in this room. Once the song starts playing, the music cannot be changed. Eventually, the song ends and then Frisk is automatically returned to the room with the fishing rod.
  • Despite not having a battle, Gaster’s monster type identifier in the code is 666, and his stats are composed using only 6. (ex. HP of 666666)
  • Sans’ attacks, which bear resemblance to animal skulls, use six sprites called spr_gasterblaster.
  • An unused NPC field sprite called spr_gb_npc looks like the spr_gasterblaster sprites, but without a face.
  • The gasterblasters are used in the code’s obj_gasterblaster, which is used in the code’s obj_gasterbl_gen.
  • By editing the game’s save files, ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN can be found in an unused room. The code for this room is called obj_gaster_room, confirming that the entry belongs to Gaster. The identifier for the text type is 666, and the game quits after the last line of the entry.

Circumstantial Evidence

The following is a list of reasonable deductions based on clues provided in the game. Unlike the facts listed above, these theories are not confirmed directly. However, they have enough circumstantial evidence to make a strong case.

Gaster is the original creator of the DT Extraction Machine.

  • Alphys specifically mentioned “using the blueprints” in her lab entry 5.
  • Since Alphys used these rather than created them, it’s presumed to be from the previous Royal Scientist.

W.D. Gaster refers to Wingdings and Aster (two fonts). 

  • Wingdings shares Gaster’s initials, W.D.
  • Because the room with ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN is coded as obj_gaster_room, Gaster has a connection to Wingdings.
  • If the W.D. refers to Wingdings, the name Gaster may refer to Aster. However, there is no Aster in the game.

Gaster is a skeleton.

  • Because Sans and Papyrus are named after fonts and are skeletons, Gaster is assumed to be a skeleton.

The Core was built before New Home.

  • Considering New Home is built above the CORE, it’s reasonable to assume Gaster built the CORE before the Royal Family moved to New Home.

Gaster may have a connection to the monster that appears in a room behind a gray door in Waterfall – Mystery Man.

  • The sprites are called spr_mysteryman.
  • The object name in the code is obj_mysteryman.
  • At fun value 66, there is a 10% chance of this door appearing. That means there is a mere 0.1% chance of finding this door without hacking or cheating.
  • Frisk cannot collide with Mystery Man; they walk right through.
  • When interacted with, Mystery Man disappears, and the sound effect snd_mysterygo plays. It is the same one that plays for the disappearing Follower_2, who claims to be holding a piece of Gaster.
  • Unlike with the followers, the phone can be used, but there is no response.

Gaster may have a connection to the monster in an inaccessible room in Waterfall – Redacted A.

  • Its sprite is called spr_redacted_a_0.
  • Its object name in the code is obj_redacted_a.
  • The room can be accessed by editing the game’s save files, but only after disabling dogcheck.
  • The monster is solid and cannot be walked through. 
  • It disappears if Frisk moves away from it, and reappears if Frisk moves towards it.
  • This is the only monster that speaks in Wingdings, specifically all lowercase. Its only dialogue is “* [redacted]”.
  • The text sound used for Redacted A’s dialogue is the same one used for ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN.

Sans has a connection to Gaster

  • Sans uses gasterblasters in his battle.
  • Sans has blueprints with unreadable symbols in his secret lab. The narration remarks that it may be just the handwriting that makes it illegible, perhaps implying it belongs to Alphys who’s handwriting is described as illegible chicken-scratch. However, unreadable symbols could also mean Wingdings.
  • During his battle, when Sans sleeps, he snores in an unidentified serif font. This font was originally thought to be Aster, but further examination has proven this is not the case.

Popular but Unconfirmed Theories

With how little information there is and how hard it is to find, it’s easy for “fanon” to become so popular that it is misrepresented as canon. The list below is made of popular theories that are commonly misquoted as fact. This was not written to diminish the theories in any way; in fact, the reason these ideas are so popular is that they make a lot of sense and are not directly contradicted by evidence in the game. However, it’s important to know fact from fun.

“Mystery Man is Gaster.”

  • Because the followers, the Sound Room, and Gaster’s stats all share a pattern of 6′s, Mystery Man has an association with Gaster.
  • However, Gaster was said to have shattered. If this is the case, it doesn’t seem right for him to still be intact as the Mystery Man.
  • It is more plausible that Mystery Man is a “piece” of Gaster.
  • Redacted A is the only monster in the game to speak in Wingdings, which makes it another candidate to being a piece of Gaster.
  • Dogbomber’s interpretation of Gaster was removed from the official tarot card merchandise, keeping his true identity a secret.

“Goner Kid is a follower of Gaster’s.” 

  • Goner Kid is the gray monster kid that can be found in Waterfall.
  • Their sprites are called spr_mkid_goner – it does not include the word “follower.”
  • Their object name in the code is obj_mkid_goner.
  • They have a gray color scheme like the followers.
  • However, Goner Kid appears if the fun value is above 90 – not in the 60′s. This means there is a 10% chance of running into them.
  • Unlike the followers, the phone can be used in the room with Goner Kid to call Papyrus.
  • Goner Kid never mentions Gaster.

“Gaster was forgotten by everyone.”

  • Based on the idea that Gaster shattered across space and time somehow causes his existence to be forgotten. There is no mention of this, however.
  • There is also speculation that Gaster is talking through Goner Kid about how the world can be the same “except you don’t exist.” However, Goner Kid has no confirmed association with Gaster.
  • The word “forgotten” is never used to describe Gaster.
  • His followers remember him.
  • Nothing indicates that Asgore forgot him, especially considering he took so long looking for a replacement since Gaster’s genius was “irreplaceable.”

“Gaster is in the void.”

  • There is no mention of a void in the game, other than what Mettaton says at the end of his battle: “IF I LEFT… THE UNDERGROUND WOULD LOSE ITS SPARK. I’D LEAVE AN ACHING VOID THAT CAN NEVER BE FILLED.“ This is not a literal void.
  • The followers only ever mention that he “shattered across time and space,” “fell into his creation,” and “his life… was cut short.”
  • Gaster is not stuck in any void.

“Gaster wrote the true lab entries.”

  • Other than the ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN that is written in Wingdings, there is no evidence that Gaster wrote any of the entries found in the true lab.
  • Alphys explains to Frisk the experiment she carried out on the fallen monsters, which the true lab entries document.
  • Based on supporting evidence in the game, Alphys wrote all the true lab entries.

“The followers are Gaster’s assistants.”

  • Nothing indicates they ever worked with Gaster.
  • They mention information about Gaster, but in a hearsay manner.
  • The “follower” name makes them seem more like fans or cult members.
  • Sans has a photo album filled with photos of people Frisk does not recognize, which people believe is Gaster and the followers. However, Frisk can meet any one of them, even if the chances are extremely slim.

“Sans was Gaster’s assistant.”

  • Sans says “you’ll never see them again” in the Lost Souls battle as if speaking from experience.
  • ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN addresses two people at the end, but nothing confirms who these people are.
  • Sans speaks about “our reports” and has a scientific background, but evidence supports that Sans may have worked with Alphys instead of Gaster.

“Gaster is Sans’ and Papyrus’ father.”

  • Gaster is speculated to be a skeleton, so it’s commonly assumed he would be their father. However, Sans and Papyrus make no mention of family outside of each other.
  • A poorly drawn picture of three people smiling can be found in Sans’ photo album under the right circumstances, but there is nothing to say who these three people are.


Shrouded in mystery and darkness, Gaster’s identity and story continue to elude the community. Filling the gaps with speculation is part of what makes Gaster theories so much fun. Hopefully, this comprehensive master post will aid with the guidance, testing, and formulation of fan theories. While conjecture and assumptions breed compelling speculation, it is always important to distinguish fanon from canon.

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Chase = Anti


So everyone’s so determined on protecting Chase right?? But Chase is /already dead/, remember?
After that drive by, Chase killed himself. So what if Dr. Schneeplestein came across Chase’s dead body and “stitched” him together which then created Anti??

What if Chase /is/ Anti, and we’ve been tricked this entire time?


  • [Percy and Annabeth are exchanging their wedding vows]
  • Percy: Annabeth, we are made of particles that have existed since the universe began. I like to think those atoms have travelled 14 billion years through time and space to create us so that we could be together and make each other whole.
  • Annabeth: Wow.
  • Minister: Annabeth.
  • Annabeth: Right... Um... Okay. Percy, you're not only the love of my life. You're my best friend. You've got a friend in me. You got troubles, I got them, too. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you. We stick together, and we can see it through... Cause you got a friend in me.
  • Minister: Isn't that the song from "Toy Story"?
  • Annabeth: He loves that movie.
  • Percy: I do.
The Dark Truth About The Scooby Doo Universe

Yes this is a serious thought that I want to share.
I think I figured out something pretty cool about the scooby doo universe.

Originally posted by watxhing

Keep reading


I proudly present…

Recreation of Max’s Journal - Episode 3!

Being in the flow again, I already recreated all of Max’s entries out of Episode 3 - Chaos Theory! I found some new methods regarding paintings and I think, these are the best entries I created yet! Still, there are two episodes left… more updates will follow soon!

*click here for older and newer entries of Max’s Journal*

Why I think Chase isn’t evil, and that Anti is showing he controls you:

Everyone has doubts about Chase now, and if he’s a good or bad ego, and I feel like I should explain why he’s not evil, and that Anti plays the puppet master role at perfection:

First of all, yes, there was a trick in the Bro Average video called “The Drive By”, but if it was real, I don’t think we would see Chase with a Nerf gun in a room.

Secondly, the person who said this:

is the same person who posted this earlier yesterday:

Dark green hair, either “Reborn” or “Return” behind him, “Finally feeling like myself again!”… Do I have to say more?

To finish, if you start to believe that Chase is evil, would you be as willing to protect him as before? I don’t think so.

Anti posted this to trick you into thinking that Chase is a villain and that he doesn’t need protection since he’s evil. The result? Well, less people are willing to protect a murderer, which means less power and attention to him and more to the glitch demon and also less people to shield him from death.

We created Anti, with our theories and art and everything, it’s so easy for him to twist our minds because of that link, we’re all falling into his trap.

Anti and Ethan

Jack has no second video. 

Ethan’s second video really caught my eye after all of the theories and ideas I’ve been reading. It’s a normal lets play of a game called ‘The Monster Inside’.

He has added the “Me” to that title. The thumbnail speaks for itself. The description is WAY too vague and the lower part below his links says “I feel strange…” 

There is nothing strange about the content of the video and that made me think “Praise the Blue Boy, it must have been a joke.”

Then I put some stuff together. The word ‘boy’ made it click. Anti threatened our “favourite boy”. He asked us “Who’s next?”. Ethan’s second video was uploaded at the same time Jacks second video normally goes up. 3 hours after the first. I really don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Are we focusing on the wrong boy?


“Do you need a doctor?” from Escapists 2 #2
“Anti, youre looking in the right places/youre looking in the right places, Anti”

I have a theory for the end of MCGA

Basically, a big thing about Norse mythology is that it has an end, which is unusual for mythology. Even more unusual is the fact that at this end, just about everyone dies (Even the gods. Especially the gods). Just about everybody kills each other. That’s it! Pretty abysmal if you think about it.

But after all this, the last few surviving meet back up, everything settles down, and these one or two gods come back from the dead and then everybody left over goes on their way to this new cool land that rose from the sea and has self-growing crops and stuff and it’s pretty chill.

This is important to note for the theory. MCGA is pretty good about following norse mythos. And, since in the last book, Ragnarok essentially began, we can expect the next book to be the “big final battle” and this to be the main myth the book surrounds. (First book: Followed the myth of the Fenrir’s binding. Second book: Followed the myth of Thor’s hammer being stolen. Third book: Ragnarok.)

Now: In the next book, a big thing is the fact that Percy will appear towards the beginning. Knowing the whole “the earth sinks into the sea” part of Ragnarok, this makes sense. It’d be good to have Percy on stand-by when there’s a lot of water. Also important: on the English cover, Magnus is shown wearing a bright orange t-shirt. As i’m sure you all are PJO readers, you’ll know there’s a very strong association of bright orange t-shirts with a certain location.

So, this leads to the final bit of the theory:

Percy and Annabeth on stand-by + Magnus in orange t-shirt on cover + Survivors of Ragnarok traveling to a new haven =

Magnus and the other survivors of Ragnarok will live at Camp Half-blood post-final battle.