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Prince Zuko - They will Never Find You

Everyone always wanted more Team Avatar bonding, right? How about some hide-and-go-seek with the Gaang, and a lovably grumpy Zuko?

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1065

This island was probably one of the more foresty places you’ve been with the Gaang. Huge, twisty, moss-covered trees, full of secret places and little streams. It was awesome. Sokka and Katara, however, had become decidedly agitated.

“It’s just too close in here,” Katara said, crossing her arms.

“You can’t even see the sky,” her brother added. You understood, of course; there were no trees where they grew up. Of course that would make them claustrophobic in forests. Still, it was grating on your nerves.

“I’m gonna hit someone,” you growled under your breath.

“Not if I beat you to it,” Zuko whispered back, and you couldn’t help smiling. Being grumpy is a strange thing to bond over, but apparently neither of you had a choice in the matter. You were friends, and there was nothing you could do about it.

“How long do you think it’ll take them to complain about how hot it is?” you mumbled.

As if on cue, Sokka rolled his eyes skyward. “Ugh. It’s so hot in here.”

You giggled, and even Zuko cracked a smile. 

It seemed like such an innocent suggestion - a nice, friendly game - when Aang said, “Hey, who wants to play hide-and-seek?”

“You must be great at that.” Zuko’s expression didn’t change, but you could see the glitter of mischeif in his dark eyes. “You won for like a hundred years.”


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“It’s time to get moving, time for us to have some fun.
There’s no time to hang around, our adventure’s just begun.
We’ll be thinking ‘bout our friends as we chase the setting sun.
But we’re leaving them behind, we’re on the run.

I don’t care about what all the others say.
Well I guess there are some things that will just never go away.
I wish that I could say that there’s no better place than home.
But home’s a place that I have never known.

Guess who’s going crazy on Hiatus?? IT’S ME! -Cnv99

I am a sucker for a good high school AU so I had an idea because ideas are running through my head almost all the time:

  • Yuuri receives a letter in his locker one day when he comes into school. It’s not signed and it immediately makes him flustered because it’s so sweetly written and while Yuuri has received his fair share of confessions and love letters, this one really gets to him and makes his heart beat a little faster than normal. 
  • Phichit finds out (obviously) and is goes into ‘must find out who this mysterious secret admirer!’ and even teases Yuuri with the possibility that it might be Viktor. Yuuri shuts that down immediately because why would Viktor, a v. popular boy and upcoming figure skater, be interested in someone like him. 
  • On the other hand, Viktor is freaking out because he did send Yuuri the letter but had forgotten to sign his name. Chris tells him to simply go and tell Yuuri how he feels but despite what people think and see, Viktor isn’t all Mr. Confident all the time and does, in fact, get shy and flustered. 
  • So cue Yuuri and Phichit trying to find out who wrote Yuuri the letter while Viktor tries to tell Yuuri that he wrote it but keeps getting his opportunities and chances ruined. 
  • It drives him absolutely crazy and Yurio finds the whole thing incredibly hilarious, Mila insanely adorable and Georgi views it as a strong and endearing attempt at an expression of affection. 
  • Yuuri is also getting nowhere after following various leads which come up dead and a few people who are more than willing to take credit for it. Phichit calls them all frauds and Yuuri whines because he’ll never know who this person is. 
  • Just when all seems hopeless, Yuuri receives another letter in his locker which leads him on some sort of wild goose chase. And he meets Viktor on the roof as the sun sets and that leads to the confession (lots of mumbles and happy laughter) and the beginning to what will be a beautiful relationship. 

Bonus: Phichit does the ‘I told you so’ dance when Yuuri tells him it was Viktor all along. 

Magic Lessons

In which Nesta gets rip-roaring drunk.  Mildly NSFW.  There’s a small shout-out to Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy too.  Makes more sense if you read the rest first:  1  2  2.5  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11

Nesta scanned the library shelves.  She had about half an hour before she needed to meet with Amren, and wanted to see if there were any books on life magic.  Months earlier, she had read what limited information there was on death magic, but none of it had felt like what she had called up that day against the King.  Hopefully, she had just been searching for the wrong thing, but she’d spent an hour already with no luck at all.  There were stacks of books on Illyrian killing power, and many more on the more generic magics like managing pocket realms and winnowing.  None of which she had tried yet.  Damn.  The silent librarian who escorted her turned into a different set of shelves, pulled two volumes down, and handed them to her.  She carried them to one of the desks that lined the circular walls and flipped one open.  It was a dissertation on magical theory, reviewing the concept of magic as manipulation of molecules.  She didn’t even know what that meant, but it sounded like it might be informative.  The second book opened to a gruesome picture of a fae being misted.  She’d seen enough of that in person during the war, and it had never called to her power.  Closing that one, she lifted the first and turned to the librarian.  “Can I borrow this?”  The female shook her head, and pointed to the desk, then to Nesta.  Okay, then, she could leave it here and come to read it.  She set it back down, nodded her thanks and left, realizing as she climbed that she could have verbally thanked the librarian; Clotho was mute, not deaf.  Oh well.  

Amren had suggested they meet on the roof; it was vacant when Nesta emerged from the House of Wind so she settled into one of the chairs.  Cassian had taken Feyre with him to train with Brisa again, so they wouldn’t be working out up there.  Her stomach ached from his absence.  Or from the memories of the day before.  She still felt a twinge of pain at how close she came to plucking his life before she remembered him after returning to her body.  Though he hadn’t been nearly as disturbed by the fact she’d nearly killed him as by the idea that she might have stayed in the abyss.  Their bond vibrated, and she realized she was sending her thoughts down it unawares.  She opened her pathetic, untrained barrier to him and he sent back an image of their return to the apartment the night before.  Her lips curled into a smile as she recalled flying back from the townhouse chasing the setting sun, all the colors more vibrant  than she had ever noticed before, his arms warm and hard around her, the wind tickling her skin, setting her into a state of arousal yet again.  Cassian must have felt it too, because as soon as he landed he lay her down on the chaise in the rooftop garden and they didn’t bother to fully undress before they were tangled with each other again, his wings flared to hide them from any eyes flying overhead.  Then he had carried her down the stairs, ignoring her laughing protests, mouth claiming hers as he gently set her on her feet.  It felt strange, to return to their apartment after so much had changed and realize they had been gone less than twelve hours.  She had been a little worried that Willow would reject or fear her, but the half-grown cat had greeted her as enthusiastically as ever, whole body vibrating with the force of her purr.  Then this morning, they had lingered in bed far past his usual sunrise awakening.

The sound of a throat clearing interrupted her reverie, and she looked up to see Amren glaring at her.  “Are you ready to work, or am I going to have to deal with newly-mated nonsense all day?”

Nesta bristled a little at the tone, but replied, “Yes” as flatly as she could manage.

The tiny female’s eyes narrowed.  “Yes to which one?”

“You pick,” Nesta replied, but got to her feet.  “What’s the plan?”  

Amren led her over to the door, where she had set a box of plants.  “We need to figure out what your magic affects, and you need to practice control.”

Nesta looked down at the box, wondering if Elain would be mad at her if she destroyed a bunch of plants.  Or if she was right, and it was life magic she possessed, could she turn the roof into a jungle if she pushed her power the other way?  “I found a book,” she said, noticing the crossing of Amren’s arms at the delay, “that talks about magic as manipulating molecules?  I don’t really understand what that means, but it sounded brilliant…” She broke off as she realized Amren actually looked a little embarrassed.  Her expression changed to bored contempt as soon as she noticed Nesta’s attention.  Hmm.  Perhaps the ancient female had more talents than she knew, if she was writing books.  Though after thousands of years of existence, she supposed writing was just another thing to do.

Amren waved a hand dismissively.  “That’s all well and good to read on your own time.  Maybe it’ll help, if you can actually understand it.  For now, grab a plant and sit down.”  Selecting the ugliest plant of the group, Nesta sat at the little painted iron table.  “Close your eyes.”  She obeyed.  “Now, remember what you felt yesterday when you returned and everything was fresh.  Breathe in, and let the power flow through you.  Then breathe out, and reach out with it.  Don’t do anything with it, just feel.”  

But Nesta didn’t have to reach out.  As soon as she thought of the power, she could feel Amren’s life force flowing, so close to her.  The people in the House of Wind behind her as well, servants and librarians and the couple of scholars who had been admitted.  She directed her focus to the plant in front of her, but it may as well have been made of the same iron as the table; she couldn’t feel it.  Minutes passed, and finally she felt a tiny flicker from the plant.  It felt clean, content.  Simple.  And it was…moving.  She opened her eyes and focused on the spot of movement.  A small bug was crawling along a leaf.  “I can’t feel the plant,” she said, “but I can feel the bug.”

“Can you manipulate its life force?”

Nesta shook her head.  “I don’t want to kill it.”

“What?” Amren’s tone was incredulous.  “You don’t want to kill the bug?”

“It’s cute.  And it’s not going to hurt anyone.”

There was a long enough pause that Nesta looked up.  Amren was shaking her head.  “The girl who beheaded the King of Hybern doesn’t want to hurt a bug because it’s cute.”

She gestured at it.  “Look, it’s got all those little spots on its shell.  And the little antennae, they’re…waving.  It doesn’t mean any harm.”  

Amren’s expression shifted from incredulous to intensely focused.  “Can you sense its intent?”

Nesta shrugged.  “I don’t know, it just sounds…feels…benign.”

“Have you been able to sense people’s intentions before?”

“I’ve never really tried.  I mean, I can feel Cassian’s but, you know, the bond.  And he’s remarkably easy to read even without it.”

“Try with me.”

Pursing her lips, Nesta shifted the focus of her power to Amren and just sat for a moment, listening to the complex force flowing under that fair skin.  “You’re…sharp, for lack of a better word,” she said, finally.  “That’s not an intention, but I don’t know how else to describe it.”  

“Do you remember how the King felt?” Amren asked softly, leaning in, silver eyes fixed on the swirling gray-blue.

“No,” Nesta replied automatically, then paused to remember.  She called up the feel of the King when he sat on that throne of bones, conducting the mindless members of his court, thriving on the dismay of his prisoners, on the pain.  Then, when he was readying that Cauldron blast, she had been able to feel his gleeful anticipation at the destruction it would wreak, like a staccato beat.  She had thought it was the Cauldron she had felt, but the Cauldron did not have emotions, did not have an opinion about anything outside of itself.  Finally, as he had appeared holding her father prisoner, the off-notes that had sounded - she had known he would kill him, regardless of what she did.  When she spoke again her voice was trance-like.  “Yes.  He was dissonant, he wanted to disrupt all the threads.  After he died, the chords got more…harmonious.  But then the Cauldron was broken, and you and Rhys…”  She couldn’t find words for the cacophony that had erupted, hadn’t been able to differentiate between emotion and power at all at that time.

“And the queens?”  The words were barely more than a whisper.

Nesta didn’t move or speak for a full minute before shaking her head.  “No, I can’t remember.  They felt wrong, but I don’t know that wasn’t just because they were so obviously uninterested in helping us.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, Nesta watching the bug delicately nibbling a leaf, still listening to its tiny life force humming.  There was something soothing about it.  

“Well, we know you can’t feel plants and won’t kill bugs,” Amren finally said drily.  “Is there a creature you’re willing to practice on?  Other than Cassian, of course.”

Nesta shivered at the reminder of her near-disaster the day before.  “I don’t know, maybe Elain can point out some pests or something.”

Amren’s mouth twisted.  “She and her mate went back to the Dawn Court once it was clear you were okay, so we’ll have to wait a bit if you’re going to insist on that.”  Nesta had forgotten Elain and Lucien were on their honeymoon.  She wondered briefly why they had come back, how they had known, but Elain must have seen it and asked to return.  Sweet Elain.  She hadn’t thanked her, or Feyre for that matter.  Her history was filled with unspoken gratitude.

They worked for another hour on pinpointing and describing individual life forces.  She could easily reach about halfway across the city, but selecting an individual to follow among the crowds was challenging.  And exhausting.  By the time Mor came to bring them to dinner, Nesta was starving and had a headache brewing between her eyes.  The three walked towards the dining room.  Mor glanced at her out of the side of her eye.  “Looks like I miss all the fun,” she said casually.

Nesta snorted.  “Well, I would’ve issued you a formal invitation to witness my trauma, but I just don’t like you.”

Mor grinned, golden brown eyes glimmering with humor.  “Given that you apparently came out of wherever the hell you were in a killing rage, I think I’m grateful.”

“Now, now, I wouldn’t go into a killing rage without you to inspire me.  I was just a little confused.”

“Remind me to always be crystal clear with you, then.”  They slid into their seats at the table, the first to arrive.  Mor poured them each a glass of wine.  “I’ll tell you what, though,” she said, more seriously, “I felt you from here.  When you surged.  As soon as I regained my breath I winnowed to the townhouse, but I was told to let you and Cassian be and Feyre promptly dragged me right back here.  You’ve got some wicked power there, I’ve never felt anything quite like it.”

“I still think you should talk to Rhysand,” Amren interjected.  “He may be able to help.”

The High Lord appeared then as if summoned, Azriel a step behind him.  “What can I help with?”

“Managing your sister-in-law’s terrifying power,” Mor chirped, her bright tone at distinct odds with the words.

Rhys inclined his head towards Nesta as he took his seat.  “I’d be happy to.”  He snapped his fingers and food appeared on the table.  “Feyre and Cassian should be here shortly.  She said to get started without them.”

Mor frowned.  “Everything okay?”

Rhys chuckled and even Azriel gave a dry smile.  “Yes, just something has evidently gotten under Cassian’s skin and he needs to blow off some steam before appearing in polite company, apparently.”

Nesta and Mor looked at each other, then back at Rhys.  “Where exactly is the polite company?” Nesta inquired mildly.

“That is a very good question,” Feyre answered, entering the hall.  Cassian prowled behind her, expression stormy.  She dropped a kiss on Rhys’s cheek before slipping into the seat next to him.  Cassian threw himself onto his chair, arms crossed, and Nesta pressed his knee with her own.  He gave her an apologetic grimace that was probably intended to be a smile and she bit her lip to keep from laughing.  Glancing at Feyre did not help her maintain her composure, as her sister’s own lips were twitching.  Whatever had been gotten Cassian riled was clearly not of any dire nature.  Everyone watched him quietly for a moment while he chewed on his lip.

He finally erupted.  “I’m going to wallop her!” His hand slammed onto his table.

“Who?” Mor and Amren chorused, while Nesta asked, “Sabine?”

“Yes!”  He fumed silently for another moment before going on.  “She had the balls to ask me if I was going to invite her father to our mating ceremony.  Of course, she called him our father.  Why the hell is she even thinking about the ceremony?  How does she even know?  You’ve been able to feel the bond for all of a day.”

Azriel cleared his throat and said quietly, “Well, brother, you’ve been engaged for a few weeks now.”

Cassian glared at him.  “She had already asked about the wedding, just assuming she’d be part of it.  Now she’s trying to shove into the mating ceremony that Nesta and I haven’t even had a chance to discuss.”

Mor raised a hand.  “Um, I may have told Brisa about the events yesterday, and I guess she could have told Sabine.”

The warrior whirled to her.  “What?  Why?  When?”

“I ran into her at Rita’s last night,” she said, shrugging.  “She asked me if anything exciting was going on.  I didn’t realize it was a secret, I’m sorry.”

His brow furrowed and jaw clenched as he looked at Mor, anger darkening his eyes.  Nesta wanted to kiss the little wrinkles between those eyes, that muscle feathering in his cheek, but settled for brushing his hand with hers and murmuring, “It’s okay, Cass.  Everyone was going to learn eventually.”  

After a brief moment he glanced at Nesta, then took a breath and settled back into his chair, turning his attention to the food.  Tension still rolled off of him, but he did a passable job of acting normal as they ate and discussed the growing rift the death of the eldest mortal queen had caused on the Continent, and what that might mean for the movement going forward.  When the meal was finally over, and Rhys had agreed to join Nesta and Amren the next day, Nesta took Cassian’s proffered arm and they walked in silence to the roof.  “Can we go out?” he asked abruptly as he scooped her into his arms.

“Sure, if you want.”  So much for going home and finding inventive ways to relieve his tension, but they hadn’t gone dancing in a while, and dancing was often a good source of inspiration.


They landed at the top of a hill unfamiliar to Nesta.  Cassian strode down the darkening street, fast enough Nesta nearly had to jog to catch up.  She took his hand and he slowed, squeezing hers in a gentle apology.  “Why does it bother you so much?” Nesta asked.  “They don’t mean any harm.”

He stopped abruptly and turned to her, his free hand moving to her cheek.  “Because you and I haven’t even had a chance to talk about this, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them push you into something you don’t want.”  

“Oh.  So it’s not that you don’t…want…all of this?”

He laughed, loud and long, before taking her face between his hands and answering, “I want nothing more than to be with you for the rest of time.  I’d be mated or married or whatever you want tomorrow if we could arrange it.  But if we let Sabine and Mor and everyone take over, we’ll end up having half the Night Court at the ceremony.”  Nesta blanched at that idea, and there was a smile in his voice as he continued, “And since I highly doubt that’s what you want, I’m going to fight like hell to prevent it.”  He kissed her thoroughly, and a couple of kids on the street whooped.  “Now let’s go dance.”

The club was busy, almost as jam-packed as Rita’s always was, the music just as demanding.  “Let’s grab a drink first,” Cassian said in her ear as he steered her towards a booth.  Leaving her there with a kiss to her hair, he headed towards the bar.


Nesta’s head snapped up at the unfamiliar voice, and she glanced at him where he had stopped, halfway across the floor.  She noted the stiffening of his posture, the subtle tightening of his hands into fists, as a tall, curvy female with large dark eyes and full lips approached.  “Hello, Tamirah,” he said warily.

“It’s been ages since I saw you last,” she replied brightly, “I was wondering when you’d come seek me out.”

“I’m not…” he started, then stopped, collecting himself.  “I’m with someone.”

She laughed, a high, fluttering sound.  “I heard you had someone sharing your bed,” she said, “but that never stopped you before.”

“This is different,” he said warmly.  

Nesta smiled internally at that warmth, though her impassive mask did not shift.  She pretended to be watching the dancers as his eyes flicked to her, then felt Tamirah’s attention shift to her as well.  “Oh, she is lovely, though I heard she’s colder than ice.  Well she’d be welcome to join us, you know I’m always up for that.  And I know you’ve always enjoyed having multiple females at once as well.”  Nesta could feel his flinch down the bond.  The tall female moved as if to run a hand over his chest but he snarled at her, viciously enough that all the nearby dancers stopped and stared.  She took an involuntary step backwards, then laughed again to cover her confusion.  The others shuffled away before resuming their dance, continuing to glance nervously at the warrior.

“You know,” she drawled, cocking her head to the side as she studied Nesta, who still pretended her attention lay elsewhere, “she looks just like the High Lady.”  Her eyes moved back to Cassian, a nasty smile playing over her lips.  “There was a rumor that you and Feyre had a fling before the High Lord claimed her.”  Cassian’s Siphons flared a little, but Tamirah didn’t notice the brief flash of red light.  “She certainly has a taste for powerful males, doesn’t she.  First the Spring Court lord, then you, then Rhysand…I know you and the High Lord are close as brothers, but I guess he wasn’t willing to share.  Looks like you found your own version to play with.”  

Nesta had nearly leaped from her seat at the reference to Feyre, but on feeling Cassian’s anger flare through the bond she settled back to see how he would handle it.  There was nothing of his usual warmth and kindness in his face; no, he looked truly menacing as he stepped towards Tamirah, towering over her.  “If you ever - EVER - insult our High Lady again I will break your fucking neck,” he said, voice low but all the more threatening for it.  “It just so happens that Nesta is Feyre’s sister.  And my mate.  So do me a favor, Tamirah.  Since you love to spread rumors, tell everyone you know that I am mated, and to be married, and completely in love with the High Lady’s sister.  And get the hell out of my face.”

Tamirah obeyed, scurrying for the door with real fear in her face.  Nesta couldn’t help it, she reached a tendril of power out to her.  The tall female’s life force was limp, held together by thousands of tiny threads that spread out to others in a huge fragile web.  There were no thicker threads to anchor her, no strong connections to anyone.  Nesta couldn’t be angry at her, she just felt…sorry.  Even when she had herself barricaded behind ice, Feyre and Elain had always kept their bonds strong and now she was tethered to so many.  This female had no one really, just the illusion of a lot of someones.

A tug from one of Nesta’s someones drew her focus back to Cassian.  He was watching her, expression wary and a hint of sadness in his eyes, and he turned away as she met his gaze.  She rose and eased through the crowd which had encroached upon Cassian again, until she was standing next to him, lightly brushing his arm with her shoulder.  He just looked down at her, and there was something in his face she couldn’t read, a void where the humor usually underlay everything else.  She ran a questioning internal finger down the bond and it came to her - shame.  Her chest ached, and she searched for what to say to let him know she understood, that she didn’t care about anyone he’d let into his life or his bed before her.  

“So, I take it she won’t be sending us a Solstice card?”  His lips twitched but he didn’t reply, and the flash of humor didn’t reach his eyes.  She tried again.  “We can seat her next to Sabine’s father at the ceremony.  I bet they’d hit it off.”  A low growl but a slight thaw.  “I’ve always wondered what the role of the third person was in a multi-partner situation.  It sounds like she’s an expert.  Maybe I should go ask her for information.  Maybe she’s written a book.”  Now he was struggling not to laugh, and she nudged him with her shoulder.  “I never thought you were celibate for five hundred years.”

He sighed and rubbed his hands over his face.  “I know, it’s just…running into her with you here…”

“Well,” she said, tone practical, “I imagine if we wanted to avoid all of your former lovers we could never leave the apartment.”  

He started to protest, but paused.  “Okay, you may have a point.”  

“And as long as I’m the only one around at present-”

“You are.”

“- then I don’t care.”  He wrapped his arms around her then, pressing her into his chest and kissing her temple before resting his chin on her head.  She felt the tension he’d been vibrating with leave him.  Another question flitted through her, but now was not the time to ask it.  She tugged him towards the bar.  While they waited for the attention of one the bartenders, she read the various signs that listed the different drinks.

“What’s a Gravedigger?” she asked.

Cassian laughed.  “Trouble in a glass.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s some specialty cocktail they make.  I had two once and it put me completely under the table, Az had to drag me home.”  He laughed again at the memory.

“I want to try one.”

“No you don’t.”

Her eyes flashed.  “Are you telling me what I can have?”

“Of course not,” he said, raising his hands in surrender.  “You want a Gravedigger, that’s fine, I can carry you home.  But don’t blame me in the morning.”  The female bartender turned to them then, and Cassian raised his eyebrows at Nesta.  She nodded.  “I’ll have a brown ale,” he said, “and the she’ll have a Gravedigger.  And a glass of water.”  The golden-haired bartender was grinning, her exotic face alight with humor as she returned with the drinks.  Nesta took a cautious sip of hers.  It didn’t burn as she expected, but instead a gentle warmth flowed through her.  She rolled a second sip on her tongue, savoring the way the sweetness of fruit and honey was balanced by the slight sharpness of the alcohol.  A third sip and she felt strong, bold.  What had Cassian been worrying about?  She drank the rest down and then grabbed his hand and dragged him out onto the dance floor.  

They danced forever, Nesta surrendering herself completely to the music, the pulse of the crowd, all those bright lives moving around her, with her.  The life force flowed through all, she was everyone and everyone was her.  There was no way of knowing how much time had passed, time really didn’t mean anything anyway, it was just a construct after all, when strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her away from the small group she had joined.  She swayed slightly and her back hit against something warm and solid.  She tilted her head back and found herself looking up a vaguely familiar pair of nostrils.  Her focus shifted and there were amused hazel eyes behind those nostrils.  She spent a moment going back and forth between nostrils and eyes.  Odd that she could control that.  Something tickled her face and she reached a hand up to brush it away, but it wasn’t the light feather she was expecting.  Instead her hand smacked the face above hers, one finger going into an eye.  Ew.  There was a deep grunt that reverberated through her back, and the face above hers pulled back.  Now she could see a mouth above a strong chin, and black hair curving down around it.  “Must you poke my eye out, love?” a familiar voice asked.

“Is she okay?” came a husky female voice from nearby.  Nesta turned towards the sound and saw a blur of golden hair surrounding sapphire-colored eyes in a narrow pink oval.  She blinked, and the blur coalesced into a face with sharp, exotic features.

“I think so,” replied the voice behind her.  “I guess I better bring her home though.  I don’t know what you put in that shit, but Mother above…”

There was a warm laugh.  “Need help?”  

“No thanks.”  The face above her swung from side to side, making her dizzy, and she felt herself being hoisted off the ground.  She was floating, suspended, and she stretched her arms over her head, bending backwards over the two hard beams that held her up.  Other hands brushed hers, and there was a murmuring as she passed weightlessly through the crowd.  Then they were outside, the cool air bracing.  She gulped it down like water and felt her head clear a little.  She knew these arms that held her.

“Cassian?” she asked.

“Yes, love?” he rumbled, as something dark spread behind him.  His wings.

“I love you, Cassian,” she said, tears starting in her eyes.  How had she never really realized this?  How deep this went?  How it affected every part of her?

“That’s a relief,” he replied, then kissed her forehead and launched them into the sky.

The cold air nipped at her skin and tore at her hair as they sailed over the city.  “We’re flying!” she shouted.

“Mother’s tits, Nesta, we fly every day.”

“But we’re really flying!  Don’t you know how…how…what a miracle that is?”

His whole body vibrated and she grabbed at his shoulders in case they should fall.  What was wrong with him?  Was he having some sort of fit?  They touched down on a roof and he set her gently down before bending over, howling with laughter.  She didn’t know what was so funny, so she just waited.  Finally, he regained control and straightened.  “Come on, love,” he said, scooping her up again, “let’s get you to bed.”

The apartment was dark as he kicked open the door, and there was a patter of tiny feet and then a small squeak, then lights flared to reveal the fluffy gray cat.  “Willow,” Nesta said, tears welling again.  “Willow, I missed you, kitty.  I love you.”  

Cassian carried her down the hall with the cat trotting behind and set her carefully on the bed then knelt to remove her shoes.  She sat watching him, the way the hair had escaped from its tie to fall across his cheekbone, his fingers undoing the straps of her shoes.  He pulled her to her feet and deftly flipped back the bedcover, then began unbuttoning her dress.  She pushed at him.  “I shouldn’t,” she said, and the words sounded uncomfortably loud in her ears.  “I have a mate.”  

“Yes, love, you do.  Me,” he replied, continuing to gently undress her.  Desire flared through her at the scrape of his fingers against her bare shoulders as he eased the dress down.  He picked her up and lay her down on the bed, then tucked the covers around her.  She grabbed his shirt when he tried to turn away, and tugged him down so his face was close to hers.  

“I want…” she couldn’t think of what she was going to say.  He waited patiently until she remembered.  “I want you to fuck me.”

“Not tonight, sweetheart,” he said, a smile in his voice.  

“But why not?”  She smacked him lightly on the shoulder.  

“You’re drunk.”

“Nah, I’m not drunk.  That’s just a…” Words were really hard to find.  “An excuse.  I’m not…I’m not a child.  Don’t you want to fuck me?”

He sat on the edge of the bed, cupped the side of her face in his hand, and brushed his thumb across her cheekbone.  “Yes, love, I do.  But not like this.”  She started to protest but he pressed a gentle finger against her lips.  “If you still want me to in the morning,  I promise I will.”  He rose then and left the room before she could respond.  Clinking sounded down the hall and she could hear Willow’s excited mews.  Lights turned out in the apartment, and then Cassian came back into the bedroom and set a glass of water on her nightstand.  He shut out the lights, but she could still hear the rustle as he removed his clothes.  Good.  Once he was naked in bed she could convince him.  But first, she would just close her eyes and rest for a minute.  She felt the bed sink under his weight, then his arms wrapped around her and pulled her against him.  In just a moment, she’d begin seducing him.  She just…needed…a…little…rest…

The Rogue

Okay, here is another angst fanfic for @shinyzango 2D Bendy AU. I gave everyone on discord a hint of what’s gonna happen and they do NOT like the hint I gave them. (XD) 

But I was unsure of how to add it in, but now I do when I made homemade pizza for dinner and it just struck me. So here we go! 

The crickets chirped at night, some animals roaming around in the forest, just minding their own business–


Everything went silent as something large walked past a small opening, squishing sounds being heard, leaving a dark trail right behind it’s path. Deep growls heard as a glowing red eye glanced around. 

It sniffed the air, growling deeply until it pushed down a tree with great force, the tree falling making a large impact on the ground, the sound echoing in the night. 

It was on the hunt. 

And it was not going to rest. 



The day starts normally at the park, Henry smiling as he watched Bendy played with the children he knew at the park. It gives his heart happiness when he see Bendy playing with them, laughing and smiling. 

Just as he was about to zone off, he suddenly felt a tap on his arm. The old animator looks down to see Bendy and he smiled. “Something on your mind, bud?” He asked. 

Hey, Henry. Can you play Hide ‘n seek with us? Pretty please?” He asked, some of the children gathering around him as well. 

“You sure you want an old geezer like me playing?” He joked, making Bendy give him his puppy eyes attack, his hands clenched together as his eyes sparkled from toon logic. 

Even the children joined in with him. 

“Oh no, not the puppy eyes.” Henry groaned playfully before he finally gave in. “Alright, alright, I’ll play.” He slowly stood up, stretching his back–

Henry’s it!” Before Henry could get a word, the children and the toon demon already ran away to find a hiding spot. He chuckled before he turned around on a tree, starting to count to thirty. 

Some of the children were giggling as they try to find a place to hide away from Henry, which some of them did. But Bendy seemed to be struggling to find a hiding spot. He could hear Henry almost done counting, making him panic a bit and looks around frantically to find a spot. 

When he saw a specific spot, he smirked. 

“…29….30. Ready or not, here I come.” Henry smiled, turning around to find the hiders. Some of the children were trying to contain their snickers so that he would not find them, but he managed to. 

Just as he thought he found all of the hiders, he still needs to find Bendy. “Now…where could he have gone?” He asked, looking under the playground set, but did not find him there. 

He looks in the bushes, but does not find him there either. Where did the little demon gone to? 

He scratched his head in confusion, thinking that he said that he was gonna call out that he could not find all of the seekers until he heard a twig snap. He looks over at a tree and could see some branches moving a bit. 

Henry smirked a bit as he walked over to the tree. “I wonder where Bendy could have possibly gone?” He asked, pretending to look around. 

“Oh well…guess I’m gonna have to finish up the bacon he did not finish eating this morning for breakfast–” 

I AM SAVING THEM FOR LATER!” Bendy hanged upside down behind Henry before he realized what he did, his eyes wide as Henry turned over to him, a playful smirk on his face. 

Bendy was silent for a minute before Henry chuckled and pats his head. “Gotcha, bud.” He smiled. Bendy stuttered before pointing his finger at him. “No fair! You cheated!” Bendy pouted and Henry chuckled. 

He helps Bendy out of the tree before he could hurt himself, holding him in his arms. “You actually revealed yourself, bud. I didn’t cheat.” 

Did too!” 

“Did not.” 

“Did too!” Bendy stuck his tongue out at him before he giggled when Henry hugged him. “Aw, don’t be a grouch bud.” He said, starting to tickle his sides and that made him laugh more. “No! Henry, please! Mercy!” He tries to wiggle himself out of Henry’s arms, but he had a good hold of him. 

“You forgive me, bud?” Henry chuckled, making the toon nod and wrapped his arms tightly around his neck. “Yeah.” He smiled, giving him a squeeze before pulling away. 

Henry smiled as he placed Bendy down as he chased the children, laughing. 

As the sun starts to set, he could see some of the children leaving, just leaving Bendy on the swing sets as he watched the last friend leave to go home. Henry smiled a bit before he stood up and walked over to him. 

“Ready to head home, bud?” He asked. Bendy looks up at him before shaking his head. “Just a little longer, Henry?” He asked. Normally, Henry would say no and that they had to leave.

But that’s when a shadow loomed over him and he looks up to see Bendy in his monster form, giving him a whine. 

Henry sighs deeply, but smiled and nods. “Okay, bud. A few more minutes then we are leaving, okay?” He said, patting his arm. This earned a happy grin from Bendy and whined happily, starting to nuzzle Henry’s cheek with his head enthusiastically. 

Henry laughed a bit, patting his head. “Okay, okay, easy bud.” He chuckled, trying to keep Bendy’s nuzzles under control, but he knows that he was gonna lose as Bendy kept nuzzling him, accidentally pushing Henry to the ground. 

“Oof!” Henry grunt when he fell on the ground. This made Bendy panic a bit, holding his hands out to Henry, but saw him smiling. “I’m okay, bud. I keep forgetting how strong you are.” 

Bendy smiled a bit sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head–

There was a faint thoom. 

Bendy froze in place, looking around before looking at the vast forest. Henry saw the look before. 

He sensed something and it was not good. “…what is it, bud?” 

Bendy didn’t say anything, still looking around to find the source. He heard it again and looks at the forest, taking cautious steps–

He saw something moved in the forest, something large that was too big to be a deer. 

He whined and backed up a bit, being near Henry. This made Henry worry a bit, never seeing Bendy this scared since the studio. “…bud, what is it?” He asked, patting his arm. 

Bendy did not respond to Henry’s question. He was focused on what was in that forest. 

That’s when Henry heard the thooming sound as well. Henry did not like it one bit. He narrowed his eyes a bit as he saw something squirming by the entrance of the forest, some of the forest life dying around it. 

He could make out something black and slimy….kind of like….


It was all silent, Bendy placing Henry behind him, his back arched in defense to whatever source it was in the forest. Just as he was about to leave, telling Henry that the source was gone, something rammed itself through the trees and walls, revealing a large black creature. 

It was near the size of Bendy, the black substance running around its body like worms, the steps it took making the life decay around it. What they could make out was a red eye that stood out, growling and hissing with each step it took. 

When it got to the opening, some of the substance cleared away and they both stilled at the sight. 

It was a bulk searcher. From the studio. 

It lets out a loud roar, the ink dripping from it’s face and fangs of its dis-formed figure. The ink starts to form back on it’s face, making it’s one white eye turning back to red, shaking itself of the possession of this unknown ink before starting to charge at Henry and Bendy. 

How did one escaped the studio? Henry did not know but he needs to get Bendy to move because all he could feel was nothing but fear from his large friend. Bendy was standing there, shaking in fear. 

“Bendy, snap out of it!” 

He got no response from Bendy, still staring at the charging bulk searcher in fear.


This made Bendy snap out of it and managed to grab Henry and jumped to the side, the bulk searcher missing them as it attacked a tree, making it decay from the amount of ink it was given. 

Henry gulped, staring at the tree and the bulk searcher in shock. If he gets touched by that ink, it was lights out for him. Bendy was also shocked of the result of the tree. 

The bulk searcher turned and lets out a roar, the sound so ear piercing that Henry had to cover his ears. But that was not even enough, still being able to hear the ear piercing roar. 

“Bendy, we need to lead it out of here!” He managed to shout while the searcher roared at them. At first, Bendy wanted to object to it, but when he saw that it was near the playground where the children play at, he knew that he was right. 

Bendy whined and looked at Henry before nodding. He helped Henry onto his back and roared at the searcher, getting it’s attention. Bendy glanced up at Henry and nods before he turns and starts to run into the woods. 

The searcher roars and gives chase. 

Henry held on the best he could onto the ink demon, glancing back at the searcher, who would push the trees down with great force just to catch up to them. 

Bendy came out to a small opening out of the forest, growling at the searcher as it came to a halt as well, growling deeply. It was wanting to fight Bendy and it was not gonna leave until it got what it wants. 

Bendy had his back arched, growling deeply as his teeth turned to fangs out of anger. Henry could feel his anger raising up from the back of his head from their connected bond. But he had to be careful. 

If his anger goes up for too long, he will go into a rampage. 

He was going to answer Bendy when he felt him suddenly jerk, the claws from the searcher clashed with Bendy’s claws, making some sparks fly a bit. This made Bendy back up a bit out of shock. 

That’s when it saw metal on it’s claws that was mixed with the ink, making it chortle evilly as it clicked it’s claws together, making sparks fly once more. This made Bendy back up more when the sparks kept flying, landing in the grass. 

Henry stilled when he saw smoke starting to form a bit on the grassy ground, knowing what it’s intention on doing. 

It was trying to burn them alive. 

A small fire starts to form on the grass. Bendy tensed at that and kept backing up when the fire starts to build. The searcher hissed, growling as it starts to walk towards them both. 

Bendy looks at Henry and whined at him. He wants Henry to get to safety. “Bendy, I am not leaving you–” Bendy grabs Henry and takes him to the side of the forest, placing him out of harm’s way before going back to the searcher, the fire now building up more, the heat so intense that Henry could not come near.

“Bendy!” Henry coughed, covering his mouth to prevent the smoke damaging his lungs. 

Bendy growled at the searcher, which it growled and roared back at him. That’s when they clashed, claws and teeth going at one another, ink being flown everywhere. 

Henry could barely see what was happening, the heat getting too much, the fire starting to build more and more for it to be too much to handle. 

Bendy roars out in pain when he was thrown to the side and Henry stilled when it saw the red eye through the blanket of fire. The searcher was now locking it’s eye on Henry. 

“Fuck…” Henry whispered, slowly backing away from the beast as it jumped over the fire, growling loudly. Henry looks over at Bendy, who was struggling to get back up, so Henry could think of one thing to help Bendy. 

He ran the opposite direction, making the searcher give chase after Henry. 

Bendy managed to stand up, feeling something that was not his emotions. 


Henry’s fear. 

Bendy looks up to see the searcher chasing Henry into the other parts of the woods, the fire building up more and more. He needs to get to Henry. 

He just needs to!

His teeth starts to turn sharper, his horns getting more curve. His form starts to grow big as a familiar sharp teethed grin appeared on Bendy’s face, making him give out a loud roar. 



Henry jumps over a log, trying to get the searcher away from Bendy as far as he could, which he could feel the searcher catching up to him faster and faster, shoving things out of the way to catch him. 

The fire kept building around them until Henry came to a sudden halt near a steep hill. It leads him down to nowhere, making Henry turn around to see the searcher blocking his path to escape, along with the fire. 

It gives him a toothy grin, the eye glaring down at him while it gives out a deep growl. 

He had nowhere to run to now. The searcher roars at him before trying to slash at him with his claws, but Henry rolled out of the way, gasping before coughing when the smoke starts to blow their way.

He could not see nor could he breathe, the smoke getting thicker and thicker by the minute–

He lets out a gasp in pain when he felt something large hit him, making him land hard on his back against a rock, making him cough up blood. The searcher had a large bark from a tree in it’s grip before tossing it to the side. 

What made matters worse is that he had a burn mark on his side. 

Henry coughed a bit of blood from the harsh landing he got, glancing at the searcher when it slowly starts to make his way towards the human. Henry couldn’t stand, the smoke starting to affect him. 

The searcher raised it’s clawed hand up, ready to strike Henry, making him clench his eyes shut, waiting for it to happen. 

But it did not came when he heard a grunt…and a much deeper growl. 

When Henry peaked through, opening one eye open, he sighed deeply and smiled with relief. 

It was Bendy, but it was in his giant nightmare monster form. The grin he use to see was a deep frown against the searcher, holding the searcher’s arm with his massive hand. He was not gonna let it hurt his human. Bendy’s growls became louder at the massive searcher, telling it to back off now. 

But the searcher was not having it, trying to get it’s claws out of Bendy’s grip. Bendy shook his head in grimace before letting out a roar, pinning the searcher to the ground. The bulky searcher starts to try to wiggle itself out Bendy’s grip. 

But Bendy silenced it when it pressed it’s hand against it’s neck, before making a sickening crack against it’s neck. 

Henry’s vision was starting to get more blurry and more blurry by the minute due from lack of oxygen in the air. He could barely make out Bendy’s form as well when he heard him walk up to him, whining deeply. He tries to stand up, but fell right back down. 

Bendy whined and starts to shrink down a bit, turning into his monster form and nudged Henry gently with his head, trying to see if Henry could try again. “…bud…I…can’t move….” Henry was trying to take steady breaths, but coughed loudly. 

Bendy whined more. 

“…we…we need…to get away…from the fire….” He coughed, wincing at the sudden back pain, making Bendy panic even more. But he was right, they had to get away from the fire or it will make Henry’s health worse. 

So Bendy, being as gentle as he could, picks Henry up with both hands. Henry’s breathing hitched at the sudden pain, making Bendy whine. Henry cracked one eye open and smiled painfully, managing to rest his hand on Bendy’s cheek. 

“…’s not your fault….” He said. 

That’s when Henry passed out, his whole world gone black. 

Bendy could hear sirens in the distance, knowing that there was the fire department trying to put the fire out. And they were gonna reach over to them soon.

But he did not know how to explain what happened or how the fire started, the searcher’s body melted into a puddle of ink now. Bendy looks around before he starts to find a way around the forest fire, avoiding the humans.

Henry breathed deeply, suddenly hearing soft platters of rain against a window, thunder gently thooming. His eyes clench shut before he fluttered them open. 

He saw himself in his room, his back ached badly, but he knew that it was only bruised, nothing major broken. But his side did burn like crazy, making him glance down. 

He was not wearing a shirt, but could see his side red, but it was covered with bandages to cover the burn mark. How did that get on without his knowledge. 

Of course, his answer was given when he heard a shuffle on his other side. When he turned his head to the other side, he smiled a bit at the sight. 

Bendy was asleep on the chair, covered in his blanket along with the plush he held in his arms as he slept. He could tell that Bendy was up for some time, seeing bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. 

He smiled a bit tiredly and tries to reach over to Bendy, but winced when his side starts to protest in pain. This made him groan in pain a bit, jolting Bendy out of his sleep. 

H-Henry! D-Don’t move too much okay? You’re hurt!” Bendy said out of panic, seeing the pain look on his face. Henry looks over at Bendy when he grabbed the cup of water and hands it to him. 

“…thanks bud…” He said, his voice hoarse and scratchy. He managed to drink the water without spilling it and sighed deeply with relief. But then frowned when he heard a sniff. 

He looks over to see Bendy’s head lowered a bit, hiding his face while his shoulders shook. Henry could feel relief from Bendy…but also fear. “…c’mere bud…” Henry managed to open his arm out to him. 


“…please, Bendy…” Henry said, looking at him. Bendy didn’t say anything at first, but then crawled onto the bed and hugged him around his neck, being careful of his injured side. 

Henry wrapped his good arm around Bendy, slowly rubbing his back. “…alright, bud?” He asked. He knew the answer, but he wants a confirmation from Bendy first before he could say anything. 

“…You…you were asleep….and…and you wouldn’t wake up. You were out for nearly three days, Henry. It scared me…I thought you wouldn’t wake up…” Bendy choked, burying his face into the crook of Henry’s neck. 

His heart heaved when he heard that. Three days…three days that he was unconscious. 

Three days that made Bendy so worried about him. 

“…oh, bud….I’m so sorry….” He whispered, rubbing the back of Bendy’s head, feeling something cool and wet landing on his neck and chest, knowing that Bendy was crying silently. 

He tighten his grip on Bendy when he felt the toon tighten his grip on him as well. “…h-how did that searcher escape the studio?” Bendy suddenly stuttered in fear, remembering it now. 

Henry looks down at Bendy, who starts to shake, ink starting to roll down from his head. “Wh-What if more come? I-I don’t want you to get hurt more! What if the next time we see one, it will…it-it will–” Bendy was cut off from Henry’s response. 

He had his forehead pressed against the toon’s, trying to send comforting emotions through Bendy’s mind through their mental bond. Bendy could not say anything, but clenched his eyes shut, pressing his forehead firmer against Henry’s, an inky tear rolled down his cheek. 

When Henry pulled away, he lets Bendy hug him tightly. He ignores the aches in his body and wrapped one arm around him, hugging him tightly in return, feeling Bendy silently sob into his shoulder.

“…we’ll figure it out bud….I promise…” 

WHOOO! This was a doozy to write, but I was able to get it all down now! I’ll try to see if I can write more whenever the inspiration comes to me. 

Until then, 


Home-Sirius Black Imagine

Hi there, another Sirius imagine coming your way! This one was suggested by one of my lovely followers, so thank you for requesting! My requests are open, so please send in any that you may have. I hope you all enjoy!

“No, we can’t live in James’ house anymore,” Y/N sighs, a giggle escaping her lips as Sirius pouts.

“But why not?” he whines, looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

“He’s a married man, with a baby on the way. We can’t live with him and Lily when the baby arrives, they’ll already have so much on their hands. Besides, I’ve already been looking at houses and I found the perfect one.”

“What makes it so perfect?” Sirius asks with a dramatic sigh.

“It’s a five minute walk from James,“ Y/N replies with a grin.

“It’s perfect! Show me at once! Make haste woman, come on!” Sirius exclaims dramatically, running out the door. Y/N laughs, following quickly after him.

“You don’t even know where you’re going Sirius, slow down!”

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We’ll be thinking ‘bout our friends as we chase the setting sun. 

But we’re leaving them behind, we’re on the run.

Some Civil War things, possible print? Maybe I just love the trademark MCU undercover gear: hoodie, hat, sunglasses.

Loved Me Back To Life

You come back to set to film your final music video and circumstances change, so after a severe panic attack Jared suggests that you just admit your feelings but you just can’t figure out what to do.

Jensen and Reader *No Hate towards Danneel she is our queen*

Fluff, Angst, Panic Attack, Jensen being cute and a dork

Originally posted by the-spncest

           The minute I walked on the Supernatural set, I was welcomed with open arms. It was an amazing experience. The first time I met Jensen, I knew I was in trouble. He was everything I could have ever wanted in a man, but I knew I couldn’t. Over the time, we had gotten to know each other, I fell deeply in love with him. After I had found out he had a girlfriend I had asked them to kill me off.

           I had my record company create a tour just so that I could get out of here, away from Jay. Did it hurt? Yes, it did. Did it feel like I was numb on the inside? Every damn day. For those six years, I worked day and night, no vacations, no relaxation, just hard work.  

           I had just heard that they were renewed for their thirteenth season, and I was happy for them. I kept in contact with Jared and Misha mainly, and they always told me that Jensen had felt the same way, but I couldn’t accept it. After about twelve years in the music business I decided to do a final single then retire. I had enough money to last over several lifetimes so I wanted to relax and just have fun, enjoy life to the fullest.

           I had gotten a call from Robert Singer asking if I wanted to use the set for the last music video I would ever do. I hesitantly said yes and he assured me that no one would know I was there. I wanted to do ‘In the Dark’ by Billy Squier and had gotten the ok to do it.

           I had taken the red eye out to make sure I was there before everyone would know I was there. I had a trailer I could stay in when I needed to rest or whatever I needed, I wanted this to be an amazing video for those fans who had supported me all these years.

           Once I had gotten there nothing had changed, I took a quick nap and headed to the stage that was reserved just for me. I walked in to see my band and choreographer to help get things started. I started warming up my vocal chords while the band went through their instrument checks. ‘Ok y/n! You can do this’ I walked up to the microphone and started singing when it was my time.

           I gave the song everything I had, I kept my emotions in check to make sure I didn’t let anyone know what was going on. I saw Jared and Misha come in, they were a little shocked at my song choice but that’s what was going on in my head. I finished the song a little rough but I would work on it.

           I stepped away from the mic feeling dizzy, I then collapsed having issues with my breathing. I knew it was one of my famous panic attacks, I tried to play it off but this one was a mean something. Both guys were at my side helping me up, I had no strength so Jared had to carry me to his trailer.

           He sat down with me in his lap helping me through it with ease. Misha handed me a bottle of water. I heard the door open but I was too out of it to know who it was. Jared just sat there rocking me, calming me down. I had called him many times over the years when they got bad. So, he knew exactly what to do to fix the situation.

           Once I finally calmed down, I was exhausted, so Jared led me back to his bed so that I could rest. In no time, I was out, resting from the war against my brain.

Jared POV

           I walked back after getting her comfortable, I knew they were bad, but this was beyond bad. I was tired just from watching her have the panic attacks, I closed the door and went back out to talk to Misha and Jensen who had come in with coffee, and got the shock of his life.          

           “What was that?” “That was one her famous panic attacks” Misha shook his head, I could see the sadness on his face. “Jay, I’m sorry man, I didn’t know she was here until I heard her singing” “That’s ok, is she ok though?” “No, she’s not, she’s pushed herself beyond exhaustion, she’s retiring so she thought that would be a good song to end her career with, but it just destroyed her mentally”

           “I should have told her how I felt, I was with Sarah then, but I should have just grown a pair” I felt bad for him, I knew how he felt and I also knew how she felt, I had to come up with a plan and fast.

Reader POV

           I woke up feeling better than ever, I decided to change my finale song, I didn’t want to deal with that again. I walked out to see a note from Jared saying to help myself to the snacks, and to also think about changing my song choice. I saw a post it note on the fridge and opened it up see cold coke and a turkey sandwich. I’ll have to thank him later.

           I called my manager asking if I could do something different, and of she quickly agreed and told me to think about it. I went through my iPod and quickly had an idea to mind, I finished my lunch and text Jared about my plan and of course he was on board with it. For six years, he told me that love was mutual from Jay, so now I tell him the only way I know how.

           We got everything planned, and ready for this to work. I stayed with Jared that night and everything was hammered down. I was really excited about this and hoped that I wasn’t going to get my heart broken. I decided to go shopping the next morning and find the perfect dress to sing in.

           The video was going to be simple, just me singing with my band and the guys from Supernatural hanging out. It would be my greatest or my worst decision. I had finally found what I wanted and got myself ready for the reveal.

           Misha had snuck me in so that Jen wouldn’t see me, and once I got there it was so simple yet so awesome. Misha gave me the thumbs up and the band started the intro, ‘Loved me back to Life’ by Celine Dion. The boys came once I started singing, Jay was in shock and just stood watching me sing the song the told my true feelings.

           Over the next week, we filmed the video and got everything ready for the reveal to my loyal fans. Over that week, Jay and I got to know each other again, it was amazing. The first time he kissed me was when we livestreamed my last video and wanted everyone to know that I was now taken.

           The video was a big success and it was my highest selling single to date. The record company tried to get me to reconsider but I declined. When the hiatus had come, Jay had planned a vacation, just the two of us. When we had arrived to our destination I was in shock to see the house from the twilight movies. The secluded island was just what we needed, I giggled at him, he knew I was an inner twihard so he made sure I had an amazing time.

           Over the next month, we spent time just enjoying our free time. There was one day where we found a beautiful waterfall. He had a picnic made and wine at the ready, he just had on a pair of shorts and a baseball cap. I had on my red bikini that showed a lot of skin but I didn’t care I was proud of my curves.

           The whole day was spent eating, drinking, splashing and chasing each other. The sun started to set showing the true beauty of this paradise. “Whatcha looking for hot stuff?” “Nothing now” He laid back down next to me and pulled me to him. “He started kissing down my neck leaving hickeys in his wake. I felt something weird on my left ring finger only to see a beautiful diamond ring.

           “Yes!” “But I didn’t ask yet” “Sorry” “No you’re not!” I laughed at his whine that sounded way too much like Dean. He held up his phone and took a picture of us and tweeted out that ‘she said yes!!’

           “So, tell me, have you ever made love on a beach?” “No but I know sand gets everywhere!” “Woman!” I squeaked and ran away from him, yelling at him to catch up. He finally caught up to me and threw me over his shoulder carrying me the rest of the way to the house.

           He went in and started a bath so that we could get the sand out, we soaked and just enjoyed each other, the way we wanted. After we were dried off properly, he carried me out to the living room where he had blankets on the floor in front of the window showing off the night sky. The entire night was spent on those blankets, crying out each other’s names and celebrating your engagement.

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perfect storm.

i don’t want to spend a minute, day, or hour with another, you’re my favorite kind of lover, wouldn’t have it any other way

your head fell against ashton’s shoulder, humming along to the melody softly playing from the radio. he hardly reacted to your change in position, taking one hand off of the steering wheel and placing it on your knee, but keeping his amber eyes focused solely on the open road in front of him. since you had cracked the windows in the back, his hair ruffled against your forehead, and you could notice the subtle honey scent from his shampoo.

where were you going? wherever the wind wanted, really, and that was the best part. for the longest time, you had been on a mapped trip with ashton, a new city every night, go go go. you loved him, he loved the tour, he loved you, you loved being with him while he did what he loved. but tour was over, and suddenly, all the time in the world belonged to the two of you. the past months had been so hectic, it felt strange just lounging around home, and both of you knew that ashton’s travel bug would never really go away.

and so you both packed a few duffel bags, loaded up the hatchback and set off chasing the sun. the farther you drove, the clearer your brains got. you stopped when you wanted, explored the small towns and city corners, and when it was time for bed, you’d google the nearest motel and buy a room for the night. who knew where you’d end up, or when you’d come back. didn’t matter where you were; anywhere with ashton was home.

“hey now, honey,” ashton murmured after your eyes had closed. his fingers started tapping against your thigh to draw your attention away from sleep. “if you wanna turn in, find me a motel. you know that when you fall asleep, i fall asleep. let’s go, phone out.”

reluctantly, you pulled yourself up and picked your phone up from the cupholder and groaned tiredly as you searched. luckily for you, the nearest bed and breakfast was only about five minutes away, and in what looked like a pretty cute town. you’d explore it in the morning, but for now… a bed to lay down in with the love of your life next to you was the only thing on your mind.

it was a mom and pop kind of place, with what was clearly a daughter manning the desk. she definitely recognized ashton, but must’ve realized that he’d still be there in the morning. she rang us up with a smile and handed over the key to the nice room with a park view even though you had paid for the cheapest one in the corner. she told us it was on the house, as was breakfast in the courtyard the next morning and 24 hour coffee in the lounge.

the army green duffel had pajamas and toothbrushes, so that was the only one you needed. while you sifted through it looking for a pair of adidas shorts and a tank, ashton unmade the bed and took a very fast shower, so fast you knew he hadn’t washed his hair. must be saving that for tomorrow morning.

“so babe,” he said, after emerging from the bathroom. “i think i’m gonna run and get some coffee, i got this melody in my head and i wanna get back before the rain starts. i’ve been hearing thunder.”

“ash, you hear thunder all the time and it never rains,” you grumbled, situating the pillows underneath your head. “it’s dry season, it’s been weeks.”

“my wrist hurts,” he replied simply, pulling a new shirt over his head. “it twinges when there’s humidity, and it’s really been killing me.”

you bit your tongue instead of reminding him he was just in a steamy shower, and instead blew him a kiss as he jogged out the door. no matter how stubborn he was, god, you loved him, he made you smile. you were smiling, settling your back into the little dip in the bed. before you knew it, your eyes were falling closed, your fingers were curling up around the corner of the pillow, and you were out.

when ashton came back in, he swung the door open with the news on his lips that not only was coffee 24/7, but muffins were too. however, once his eyes fell onto your face, eyes closed, mouth only slightly ajar, he swallowed the news, rolling his eyes instead. he leaves you alone for a few minutes and you go ahead and fall asleep on him. it’s a good thing he loves you, he thought to himself, chuckling.

he bit into his muffin, sitting down in the chair in the corner of the room and pulling his laptop up. he quick jotted down the notes so far, and focused mostly on brainstorming matching chords. he put on his headphones, really getting lost in the music, when suddenly, in his peripheral vision, he saw you shoot up, looking around confusedly.

“love, what’s happening?” he asked, pulling one side of his headphones away from his ear.

“you didn’t hear that?” you asked groggily.


“massive thunderclap,” you answered. “guess your wrist was right, mr. weatherman.” he could literally hear the smile in your voice as you laid back down, which made him shut his laptop, set it on his bedside table, and climb in next to you. instinctually, your arm wound itself over his abdomen, and his arm wrapped up around your shoulders. he pulled you nice and close, planting a kiss on your temple before nestling his head into the pillow.

as he drifted off, all he could think of was that the two of you were really the perfect storm. he wouldn’t change it for the anything. he never thought he could take home all around the world, but now it was all he knew.

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas | Irene (Red Velvet)

Word count: 5.3k
Genre: smut + gang!au
Warnings: misogyny, sexual harassment

Never once in your life had you ever considered wanting to be a fish but there’s a first time for everything, and quite honestly, today has been filled to the brim with as many “first” as you could find applicable to your life. It’s to the point where you’re considering removing the title of “life” from whatever your current timeline of existence is because right now it’s more akin to a bus station bathroom’s meaningless graffiti than it is an orderly thing of habit, just as it had been less than 24 hours ago. You’d woken up two minutes after your alarm; an unpleasant mashup of screamo and opera that your nephew swore by to get him to his college classes on time, which was a first.

The beginning of many new occurrences that would tear apart your habitual lifestyle. Next was receiving thirty-seven new text messages from your best friend before you’d had time to spit out your toothpaste. They all were long-winded jumbles of upper and lowercase letters that could barely pass as words, yet it got the point across clearly enough. Turns out the wedding that you’d been so graciously offered the maid-of-honor position in was canceled due to irreconcilable differences. Now Min Ah is getting married to the man her fiancé was always so jealous of just to spite the man that’s apparently been cheating on her for years. In your email–amongst the untidy clutter of spam and work related things–you found a plane ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada for early tomorrow morning.

You probably should’ve let it go and resolved to your fate of never participating in a wedding, yours or otherwise. But no, instead you decided to request the next week off. Had you bothered to sift through even a few of the emails related to your job you would’ve found that you were desperately needed at the office seeing as you’re the only employee in your department. Only you were qualified to do the job that needed to get done before the deadline next week. Your boss hadn’t even bothered to call you to fire you. Just a simple text relieved you of your workload indefinitely. The more logical part of your brain decided to activate around that time and inform your landlord of the issue that your rent might pose this month. Again you were met with a wall devoid of even the smallest glimmer of sympathy. Six years of payments delivered on time and in full meant nothing if there could be another tenant to pay the money you didn’t have by next week. That had been the point where you’d picked up the closest object to you–an antique lamp that you could’ve probably pawned to get your rent money–and chucked it hard against the adjacent wall. The glass shards exploded in the air like jagged confetti.

Your stunt with the lamp inconceivably started a small fire. Maybe it was the jolt of the prongs tearing out of the wall, but it undoubtedly caused more problems for you and everyone in your building. The grimacing faces of your soon-to-be ex-neighbors as you stood barefoot on the sidewalk in a nighty with a smear of toothpaste dribbled on the collar was somehow more embarrassing than explaining to the fire marshal how you’d almost single-handed taken down an entire city block in an angry fit. Luckily, being detained for attempted arson didn’t get added to your list of problems as the kindly marshal confessed to having done something similar in college with a toaster. That was where everything began to simmer down.

You begrudgingly packed up your most important belongings into discarded fresh fruit boxes and drove them over to Min Ah’s apartment. The peppy woman was more than elated to see you and easily agreed to let you live with her until you got back on your feet while her new fiancé interjected about keeping you around forever. Min Ah had let out a raucous laugh at the suggestion, conveniently missing the fact that his eyes were trained on you as you bent to place your stack of fruit boxes on the floor. Now you had one more thing to worry about. Min Ah wouldn’t have any qualms over dropping her ex, an upstanding guy with solid income and eyes only for her, in favors of this beef cake of a man that was making eyes at the mailwoman as she walked past the window. Grant it, she did give the reasoning of his infidelity, though this was coming from the same woman that could mistake a peacock for a pigeon. Min Ah was so unobservant and empty headed at times that she could tell you she’d broke it off with her ex over differing views on how one drama had or should have ended and you still wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Honestly, that’s what it probably was in all actuality. Either that or he ate one of her favorite snacks without asking. This new man looked like he ran on pure protein so Min Ah wouldn’t have to worry about losing even a nibble of her sugary foods to him.

As you’re trying to figure out what reason Ki Young would have to cheat on Min Ah the woman in question is rooting around in your things. Apparently, what she truly needed to lose sleep over was what you were going to pack on your impromptu trip to see her married in a union that you couldn’t confidently give even half a year’s time to. It would probably be over before you’d saved up enough money to move out. You tried to gently relay this information to Min Ah but she wasn’t having any of it. The second you’d mentioned postponing the wedding by just a month she was shouting over your reasonable arguments to compliment your choice of bathing suits. Of course, Mr Fiancé thought it appropriate to agree with her, going as far as to teasingly suggest you try a few on for them to “put on a little show”. The words sent ugly shivers scampering down your spine and bile up your throat. If this was how he was going to be acting you’re not sure you could manage to live under the same roof as him and not beat him over the head with a frying pan.

As you tried to take a mental inventory of Min Ah’s kitchenware without the murderous mood you’re in showing, Min Ah takes it upon herself to start sneaking items of her own clothing in with yours. It’s wasn’t hard to differentiate between what belonged to who seeing as most of your clothes tend to be in muted or pastel colors while Min Ah walks around sporting any color at full intensity without worrying about other people’s well being. If you were to so much as peek into her closet you ran the risk of getting a migraine from all the loud, clashing colors. She could twirl in a circle on a sunny day and causing someone to go blind from the overuse of sequins. For once, though, you decided to let her have her fun and continue dropping whatever she deemed necessary into your suitcase.

By the time you actually boarded the plane you were dead on your feet and the ratio of your clothing to Min Ah’s that’s in your suitcase was regrettably low. You didn’t mull over it too much in favor of trying to sleep off the last 24 hours, so you could wake up in Vegas and pretend it was all just a lucid dream induced by a few bites of bad airline food.
Unfortunately, you’re now awake and in Las Vegas with vivid recollection of how your life broke apart at the seams yesterday, plus the douchebag–whose name you’ve discovered is Yoon Bum–is still following you and Min Ah around. He looks more predatory than loving as he glides in between the two of you, brushing your hand with his. You tug it away in favor of pretending the nonexistent strands of hair in your eyes were annoying you. He doesn’t pursue any other form of contact, opting to drag his hand down Min Ah’s back to rest almost inappropriately low on her back. If this wasn’t Vegas you’d be worried about children running around and thinking this was a normal thing between couples. Even you–though you didn’t tend to shy away from a more subtle type of PDA–were bothered. You decide to ignore them just as they seem to be ignoring several things, you included.

It’s amazing that with how ontop of things you usually are yet it took you this long to ask for his name or notice that he nor Min Ah had offered it to you before you asked. Just to spite the woman that’s skipping ahead of you now, luggage in tow, to find your hotel room, you considering calling her ex. Ki Young would surely be worried about what Min Ah was doing even after she upped and left him even if he is a cheater. You think better of it when you remember there’s a large time difference between America and Korea, but even in the middle of the day this city that’s advertised solely by its night time affairs seems to be teeming with life.

“Found it!” Min Ah suddenly calls from in front of you. She’s sliding her key card into the door and for a moment you worry she’s too loopy with excitement to read the numbers properly until the door belatedly beeps green. Inside the room is just like any normal hotel with a bed, couch, flat screen TV. Off to the side you see a door open to an adjoined room that you immediately claim as yours. You hadn’t given yourself enough time to process anything as you slept on the plane ride, but you’re here now and something has to be done about it. Any other day you’d probably curl into a ball beneath a mountain of blankets and cry, but that didn’t seem like the right kind of reaction. It’s all over and done with now, so you just have to pick up the pieces and keep living. Plus with the differing time zones it’s like you’ve traveled back in time. It’s early tomorrow morning in Korea, but you get to relive the date again as your plane had chased the sun as it was setting. Might as well make the most of the opportunity.

“How long are we gonna be here, by the way?” You hadn’t bothered to check since you had no real reason to return home by a certain time. Min Ah skips into your room with her shirt off, a dress in either hand. You can almost see the tremors of her elated mood rising off her skin.

“In a month.” You blink.

“A month!” She nods eagerly, “Why would you–you know what? Never mind. We’re here for a month.” Maybe you could get a job and exchange the money for won when you all go back home.

“That’s the spirit, [Name]!” She giggles. You allow her to grab your wrist and tug you back into the next room. Yoon Bum has stationed himself on the couch, legs open in a wide V.

“So your name is [Name]?” He drawls. You’d assumed Min Ah would have enough sense to inform him of the name of the woman that will be living with them for a while, but you guess you were being just as rude as they were by skipping introductions. Though the way he says your name gives the illusion that slime is dripping from each syllable and you’re less than pleased. Min Ah doesn’t pick up on your discomfort. In fact, she scoots you closer to him, going as far as to park you next him on the couch. His knee brushes yours as you try to scoot away. You try to ignore it and turn your focus to Min Ah. Now she’s standing in front of the TV while struggling out of her tight jeans. Yoon Bum whistles once they hit the floor.

“Okay, so, it’s either this one,” She tugs a red dress over her head. It’s pretty, falling just above her knees with straps that hang down her shoulders. You nod in acknowledgement. “Or this one.” It takes her a minute to get into the black one since it has a zipper to it. You roll your eyes and stand up to help her. This one is nice as well albeit much shorter, coming in mid thigh, but you do like the sweetheart neckline. Min Ah twirls a few times, her hair brushing your arm with each revolution until she plants her feet to look to Yoon Bum.

“Well, which one?” He leans forward and rests his elbows on his knees, seemingly deep in thought.

“I like the black one.” She spins again, giggling as she goes round. She stops halfway around in favor of going to her suitcase. A few items are discarded on the bed before she returns with three bundles of fabric.

“Okay, you try these.” She hands you the first dress. You take it with skepticism, but head towards the bathroom all the same. “Where’re you going? Just change here.” No, you want to say. You really don’t want to change in front of Yoon Bum, but he’ll probably be with you this entire trip which will undoubtedly involve a day at the pool in this dry heat. Underwear is just a fancy bikini, you try to convince yourself as you take off your clothes as slowly as possible. Yoon Bum doesn’t seem to even blink as he takes you in. You quickly tug on the dress. It’s purple and hits your knees. Nothing too flashy.

“No,” Yoon Bum and Min Ah say at the same time. The latter going as far as to make a big X with her arms. You discard the dress and catch the next one Min Ah throws you. It’s black and stops at the tops of your thighs, similar to Min Ah’s. Another decline from Yoon Bum. Min Ah asks him why not.

“You guys can’t match,” He says. That’s all she needs before tossing you the last dress. This one takes some time to get into as it has an odd bodysuit underneath it. Once it’s on you understand why. If not for the nude toned one piece beneath it the sheer fabric of the dress wouldn’t cover anything. If not for the rhinestones scattered across it you’d mistake the fabric for an elaborate piece of tissue paper.

“Holy shit!” Min Ah dives towards you, spinning you by your shoulders. The strapless thing billows around you. “You look hot! Never take this off.” She teases as her eyes look over you. Yoon Bum whistles from behind her.

“Isn’t this a bit much?” You don’t feel self conscious in the dress but you’re hyper aware of how you must look in the skimpy outfit.

“It doesn’t look like much to me.” Yoon Bum deadpans. Min Ah let’s out a peal of laughter like he just spouted off a one liner that would rival even the best comedian. You feel anger well up in your chest, but you tamp it back down. It’s not like he can act on his words with Min Ah around. She may be more than a little offbeat but she’s not blind.

“You are getting laid tonight!” Min Ah raves, her eyebrows wiggle at you excitedly. “But not before our wedding! You’re my maid-of-honor!” She can’t stop shouting and Yoon Bum looks as though he’s just remembered why you’re all here. “Okay, hair and makeup, then we can go hit the town!”

The process of beautifying both of you is something Min Ah makes out to be the end all be all of the trip. If she can’t get a curl to sit right or your highlight to properly shine she might burst a vein in her forehead. It could be either that or the way she’s straining her husky alto voice to hit all the insane notes possible in every song that bursts out of her phone speaker. You’re so engrossed in making sure she lives to see the damn alter she brought you here to witness that you risk her singeing off your eyebrow to grab for the phone resting on the counter when you hear the opening notes of Good Day. There’s no way she could hit and hold a high note like IU without losing the ability to speak. Min Ah doesn’t seem bother. She looks content to continue primping you for a night out and humming along to a song by 2NE1, a much safer choice of music in your opinion.

By the time the sun has finally retired after what seems like an eternity after seeing nearly 18 hours of sunlight you’re all ready to leave. Yoon Bum has changed into what is possibly the most douchey outfit choice you’ve ever seen from a groom. Min Ah finds it comical as you all clamber into the elevator, but the tux printed T-shirt and blue jeans isn’t doing it for you. Good thing it’s not your wedding or you’d be pitching a fit worthy of putting the worst of the bridezillas to shame. You decide to focus your attention on what’s happening tonight instead of what items in the lobby you could incapacitate Yoon Bum with because the pens on the front desk look all too tempting.

“First, we can go down the strip; see what we can see. Then we’ll head to one of those mini chapels.” You nod and follow behind them. The lights that seemed so useless when you arrived now light up the night like a neon skeleton of the city. Everything looks better than it did hours before, like the club you’d written off as tacky when the taxi drove past it. Now you eagerly await your chance to enter. Maybe it’s something in the warm air that feels like silk against your skin that has you’re loosening up, or maybe it’s years worth of pent up energy that you had stupidly tried to expel through typing behind a desk. Min Ah had seemed so eager for you to score tonight and you can’t even remember the last time you had sex.

The bouncer talks slow when he gets to the three of you, speaking mostly to you as you apparently have the most American accent out of your possy. Though your English is muddled and limited he still understands you and easily allows you to pass through. That’s the single advantage of working at a large company: job requirements on bilingual employees. The darkness that was so oppressed by blazing signs outside makes a reappearance once you get past the tiny hallway. The room is lit predominantly by the lights on stage with a few beams of neon lights pulsing over the mass of dancing bodies.

“Let’s get shots!” Min Ah suggests, already tugging you and Yoon Bum towards the bar without waiting for a reply. The bartender compliments your dress in a way that somehow doesn’t sound sleazy as she flips around bottles, making a show of preparing your drinks. Min Ah and Yoon Bum knock theirs back in a second while you’re tempted to sip yours. You haven’t drank any hard liquor since college, so this tiny cup presents a challenge. Min Ah shouts that they’re going to go dance and you wave her off.

“You speak Korean?” The bartender pipes up suddenly. You hadn’t realized she’d stayed around after Yoon Bum paid, but she’s looking at you with bright eyes.

“Yeah,” The word comes out awkwardly and you down your shot to hide your embarrassment. She doesn’t say anything for a moment as if she’s giving you a moment to get over the familiar burn in your throat.

“I have a few friends from Korea. I lived over there for a while.” The lights on stage dim causing a hush to momentarily overtake the swarm of grinding bodies. “There’s one of them now, actually.” She nods towards the stage as she makes another patron a drink. The girl on stage is impossibly gorgeous in a glamorous way. You’d been thinking the same about the bartender a moment ago. Her light brown hair that faded to blonde falls past her shoulders in soft waves and her smile is heart stopping, but the girl on stage has something more. Maybe it’s the alcohol or maybe it’s the mysterious vibe she gives off as she sings one song or the other while strutting across the stage, flirtatiously flipping her hair as she goes.

“Her name is Seul Gi. And I’m Wendy by the–oh.” She stops mid sentence to focus on something over your shoulder. And it isn’t Seul Gi by the looks of it. Your thoughts are proven true when an arm slings loosely around your shoulder. “This is Joo Hyun.”

“I know who I am, but who is this?” She coos, looking down at you. You choke on your spit as you take in the woman standing over you. Her face looks like it was painted by a Renaissance artist and her hair falls in an ink black waterfall, brushing your exposed shoulder.

“I’m [Name].” For some reason you’ve switched back to Korean and her eyes light up.

“Pretty and multilinguistic.” You preen under the strange compliment. She has plenty more to bestow upon you until a sweaty Yoon Bum and Min Ah come find you.

“It’s time!” Min Ah’s so jittery that she can’t keep balance in her heels, or it could be the alcohol. Joo Hyun looks desperately between the two of you, grabbing your arm when you stand.

“Wait, can I come, too.” Min Ah nearly melts. You’d mentioned the reason you’d left Korea for Las Vegas a bit earlier so Joo Hyun knew what she was getting herself into.

“The more the merrier!” Min Ah cuts in. Yoon Bum looks as though he could care less as he drags away his giddy bride-to-be. You say bye the Wendy and ask her to pass your compliments on to Seul Gi. She happily waves you off as you all weave your way through the thickening crowd towards the exit. You note that the entire place is a fire hazard as most people would be too drunk or too panicked to leave in an orderly fashion if some blind drunk person dropped their cigarette, even if it was a non smoking facility.

On the way to the chapel you get flagged down by an Elvis impersonator and Joo Hyun starts babbling in Korean to get him to leave after he’s trailed the four of you for half the block. The man didn’t seem to know she was just angrily shouting lyrics to a Big Bang song. Had he kept at she would’ve had to yell “wow, fantastic baby” at a man in a white bedazzled suit and too much hair grease. This was shaping up to be an interesting night. When the man has disappeared Joo Hyun happily sidles up next to you. You both must look odd next to each other. Besides the yelling there’s really nothing to draw attention to Joo Hyun from a distance. Everyone has seen shorts and a crop top before, but everyone old and young; male and female, hoot at you as you pass. It doesn’t really bother you but Joo Hyun’s hand has started to tighten around yours. She eagerly pushes you inside the tiny building that Min Ah and Yoon Bum have pointed out, muttering about no one looking at you.

True to her statement the only person inside the chapel is the priest. Though he has the proper white collar and black shirt the man is oddly sporting khaki shorts and sandals. Not the most reassuring look for a person deemed worthy of joining two people in holy matrimony. Nonetheless the wedding proceeds. When it’s her turn to say “I do” Min Ah bursts into tears and the words are barely audible through all her babbling, but the priest accepts it and declares them husband and wife. You awkwardly clap to remind the two of them that their are people witnessing their intense lip locking. Min Ah blushes and smiles at you.

“Thank you for being here!” You nod to her, “No, really I’m so happy.” She’s crying again and trying to move towards you. You step back, away from your snotting friend and into Joo Hyun. She holds your waist to stop you from moving.

“There’s some paperwork that needs to be done then you guys are free to go.” The priest points you all to a room off to the side. Joo Hyun and Min Ah enter first, leaving you alone with Yoon Bum. Now that he’s actually married maybe he’ll lay off. After all he never got a bachelor party to release the last dregs of gross “I’m single” entitlement. You look back at him only to see a dark look in his hooded eyes. He stalks towards you until you’re crowded into a wall.

“Y’know I thought about getting you both sloshed and marrying you instead. As long as they don’t get the right signatures this wedding never happened.” His voice is low like he’s trying to sound seductive, but it just sounds sinister to you. You open your mouth to give him a piece of your mind, but another voice cuts in.

“Get the hell away from her!” Joo Hyun leaves the room and charges at Yoon Bum. For as tall and strong as he looks Joo Hyun moved him a good three feet. The resulting anger that seems to flare up inside Yoon Bum has you tugging Joo Hyun away from him, towards the exit.

“They only need one witness, right? Let’s go.” You try to reason. With how mad both of them look you’re sure Joo Hyun would get in a few good hits, but you’re also sure Yoon Bum isn’t the type of man to shy away from hitting women or stopping once his opponent is down. Joo Hyun lets you hastily drag her outside with only a quick shout to Min Ah to inform her you’re leaving. The two of you walk in silence for a while before she speaks again.

“We’re going back to my place and I’m going to fuck you into the ground.” There’s a pause as she gives you time to refuse her borderline possessive comment. Her tone doesn’t put you off at all. If anything it entices you to agree even more. After such a long dry spell it’s amazing that someone so beautiful is your first suitor. So much so that you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself. Joo Hyun arches a brow at you as you start squirming in your dress. The heat starts to go from her eyes as she tries to steady you with her hands on your arms.

“What’s wrong? You don’t have to say yes, y’know.” Her previous confidence seems to wane as time stretches on.

“Yes, please,” You finally blurt out. A passing couple gives you a side glance. From the way you said it they must know you’re about to get laid. You couldn’t care less what they’re thinking as you watch Joo Hyun light up. Even as she puffs up with pride she’s still a shorter than you. Maybe it’s the heels, you can’t really remember how high they are. Honestly, you can’t remember anything with the way Joo Hyun’s eyes are making you feel more naked than you already are. Somehow she moves you through the crowds of people with precision that surprises you. You can barely navigate through the building you worked in yet here she is ducking and weaving through legions of drunk people with you in tow. Suddenly you’re jerked left and into a hotel. It’s much more grandiose than the one Min Ah booked.

“Close your mouth or you’ll catch flies.” Joo Hyun jokes. Your jaw snaps shut as she leads you into the elevators. As soon as the doors glide shut you come face to face with yourself. Joo Hyun catches your eyes in the gold-tinted metal, looping her arms around your waist. The strength that had surprised you back in the chapel makes a reappearance as she scoops you up into her arms. The two of you look comically mismatched in the flipped image before you. Joo Hyun looks like a cherub with her youthful beauty and minimalistic clothing as you are the spitting image of sin. You wonder idly if that will change once your clothes come off. The elevator dings on the second to last floor and Joo Hyun steps out, still holding you in her arms.

“How are you so strong?” You asks, completely enraptured by the way her lithe muscles flex around your body. She just smirks at you.

“Baby, do you really want to know?” You nod frantically causing her to laugh, but instead of answering she shifts her hold on you to toss you over her shoulder so she can unlock the door. Once inside Joo Hyun tosses you on the impossibly huge bed. The sheets are made of something expensive–silk, maybe–that feels amazingly cool on your heated skin. Joo Hyun walks across the room only to return after a minute with her arms full of money. With a flourish she tosses it all in the air so the money settle across the bed and over your body. Most of them are marked with 100’s some with 50’s. You could easily be laying in thousands of dollars.

“Want to get fucked on all my money?” Joo Hyun asks with a dark look in her eyes. It’s a look that command you to say yes, yes, yes. She smirks at you and starts tossing away her clothes. You follow suit, struggling out of your skimpy one piece until you’re lying naked atop of a mountain of foreign money. The you from the time before you were jobless and stuck in America would worry about how unsanitary this must be, but then again you had noticed someone getting a blowjob in the crowd at the bar, so what the hell. During all your contemplating Joo Hyun has outfitted herself with a harness and matching dildo. Your eyes widen at the impossible size of it. There’s no way you can fit that monstrosity inside you, but he’ll of you’re not gonna try. Joo Hyun flips you into your stomach and tugs your hips up so your ass is in the air.

“Look at yourself,” She commands, tugging your head up by your falling curls. You hadn’t noticed before, but the headboard of her bed is actually a mirror. The erotic scene of Joo Hyun fingering you is reflected in the glass and you moan. It’s almost like watching your own sex tape, and it has you getting wet faster than you ever have before. Joo Hyun smack a hand across your ass, soothing the pain with a soft caress, before pushing the head of the toy against your opening. You’re so wet that she glides in halfway with one roll of her hips. Your chest sags against the bed, paper teasing across your nipples, as she fucks into you hard enough to shake the bed. The dildo is so huge that you swear you can feel it just below your cervix.

Each of her trusts brush up against that spot that chokes moan after moan out of you. Each time you quiet down Joo Hyun goes harder until you’re screaming into your arm, begging for more. By the time you come your voice is all but gone. Joo Hyun pulls out and flips you onto your back.

“You’re so perfect,” She mutters, “I’m about to make you a mob wife, baby.” You couldn’t care less what she actually means by that, but if it’s what you think you’ll happily agree. Anything can happen in Vegas.
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 10 Translation

Thank you again to @chibiyuuto​ for posting the scans earlier this week. [Link Removed by @cardcaptorcoconut]

And shout outs once again to @meimi-haneoka and @syaoransama for being awesome and helping/chatting with me while translating.  You guys are great! \o/

☆★Translation Notes Reminder★☆

Disclaimer: These are just fan translations. Please support the official release.

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Bête Noire (Acts of Intimacy #7)

I keep swearing I’m going to wrap up the Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Prompts, but I’m just having so much fun with them. Much thanks to Jenniferjuni-per for sending in this prompt: forehead or cheek kisses! Thank you very much for being patient as it took me forever to finish this :)

Just for a reference, I picture Jyn’s section very soon after Scarif, but Cassian’s several years later, once the Rebellion is settled into Echo Base on Hoth.

Quick Warning: Both Jyn and Cassian wake up in various states of panic attacks (Though I’ve never written one before, so I’m not sure how well I conveyed it here) and Cassian gets focused for a minute on some of his past assassinations, so if any of that bothers you, I would encourage you not to read!

Other stories in the series: Previous Work // Next Work

Words: 1908 

AO3 / / Below the Cut!

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for when you finally file through that rusted-out padlock and climb out onto your fire escape to drink july sangria while the sun sets

(and if you chase it with some tequila, well. ain’t nobody here stoppin you from dancing across the rooftops)

we can dance up in mid-air (summer 2k17)
spotify  |  youtube

came here for love  sigala, ella eyre  ||  haciendo ruido  pitbull, ricky martin  ||  can’t stop dancin’  becky g  ||  more than you know  axwell /\ ingrosso  ||  ugly heart  g.r.l.  ||  call me  neiked, mimi  ||  cut to the feeling  carly rae jepsen  ||  only wanna dance with you  ke$ha  ||  the queen of white lies  the orion experience  ||  kissing strangers  dnce, nicki minaj  ||  dance off  macklemore & ryan lewis, ft. idris elba, andserson .paak  ||  wut  le1f  ||  lasers ‘n lesbians  diego’s umbrella  ||  la camisa negra  juanes  ||  kiss  prince  ||  work  rihanna, drake  ||  put your graffiti on me  kat graham  ||  instruction  jax jones, demi lovato, stefflon don  ||  jumpin’, jumpin’  destiny’s child  ||  activated  cher lloyd  ||  strange clouds  b.o.b., lil wayne  ||  swalla  jason derulo, nicki minaj, ty dolla $ign  ||  dare (la la la)  shakira  ||  despacito  luis fonsi, daddy yankee  ||  lions  skip marley  ||  it wasn’t me  shaggy, ricardo ducent  ||  club can’t handle me  flo rida, david guetta  ||  bite down  bastille, haim  ||  cool for the summer  demi lovato  ||  cake by the ocean  dnce  ||  jenny  studio killers  ||  little of your love  haim  ||  your type  carly rae jepsen  ||  supercut  lorde  ||  strangers  halsey, lauren jauregui  ||  coastin’  zion i, k.flay  ||  tightrope  lp

h/t to @sashayed for some key inspo

♞ ┊❝ What was in a name? (hc.)

I am Optimus Prime. ❜

       They heard a proclamation.

I am Optimus Prime!

      They thought it was a reminder intended for them.


      They heard a battlecry.


      What they hadn’t heard was the small voice desperate to remember

      What cry breaks out in remembrance when a slash of red across the cheek meant total deficiency in agency. The succubus did more than lay claim to Cybertron as ( hers ) for she asserted her will onto his so overwhelmingly that his all but disappeared. She CONSUMED his mind like a shadow that chased the setting sun, entrapping him in the smallest corner…

      She left him so small. Prime possessed an antediluvian mind that surpassed the ages of most, reached into ancient time and understood with familiar reverence. August as he was, he could not be PRIME with all but a small corner. So small as he was he had little to retain as his formerly provincial intelligence, and so he understood little of her commands. He was but a ( brutish child )obedient to the whims of a vituperative enchantress. All else was taken; she robbed him of all else that he was save for ONE thing desperately hidden.

                               ALL THAT HE WASa whisper;
                                          lest he forget all else.        

         Try as he might, he held onto ONE thing.                ❝ I am Optimus Prime
                      All else was lost.

and i’ll be yours until the stars fall out of the sky | Sungjin [drabble]

fluff, shameless fluff | 516 words | pg-ish

a/n: Elaina, @daystring6, my love, this is for you. I wrote this on the train on my way home from work today so this is raw and ugh and it’s a mess obvs but I also really want to show you now (because i kind of drew insp from yours) so I hope you like it even just a little bit <3 bb, you deserve more than this, and I will give you more than this, but for now this is what I have for you.

Once in a while, Sungjin lets you get your way.

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🤦🏼‍♂️ Walk of Life 🦄

In this infinite walk of life
You are too meet a million souls in your time
Always giving them the best of you
Or else, ain’t you the fool?

Try the best you can
But there are some that will see your demons too
They are ones that see all your soul
Even if you try to act bold

My unicorn was one of them
She had seen all the mayhem
Then why did you let her through ?
Why? Fool.

I thought we both chased setting suns
We could do it together after our days were done
At the end, she brought out the worst in me
I can’t thank you enough, everyone can wait and see


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Love, Actually [Part 4]


TMR Cast Imagine [ prev ] [ next ]

Pairing: Thomas Brodie Sangster x Reader

A/N: I’ve been contemplating what this next part is about as Y/N and Thomas venture into this part of their relationship so I hope this turns out okay and stuff lol !! To the anon who requested more parts to this series, sorry this took a while! Hope y’all like <3

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