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Prince Zuko - They will Never Find You

Everyone always wanted more Team Avatar bonding, right? How about some hide-and-go-seek with the Gaang, and a lovably grumpy Zuko?

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1065

This island was probably one of the more foresty places you’ve been with the Gaang. Huge, twisty, moss-covered trees, full of secret places and little streams. It was awesome. Sokka and Katara, however, had become decidedly agitated.

“It’s just too close in here,” Katara said, crossing her arms.

“You can’t even see the sky,” her brother added. You understood, of course; there were no trees where they grew up. Of course that would make them claustrophobic in forests. Still, it was grating on your nerves.

“I’m gonna hit someone,” you growled under your breath.

“Not if I beat you to it,” Zuko whispered back, and you couldn’t help smiling. Being grumpy is a strange thing to bond over, but apparently neither of you had a choice in the matter. You were friends, and there was nothing you could do about it.

“How long do you think it’ll take them to complain about how hot it is?” you mumbled.

As if on cue, Sokka rolled his eyes skyward. “Ugh. It’s so hot in here.”

You giggled, and even Zuko cracked a smile. 

It seemed like such an innocent suggestion - a nice, friendly game - when Aang said, “Hey, who wants to play hide-and-seek?”

“You must be great at that.” Zuko’s expression didn’t change, but you could see the glitter of mischeif in his dark eyes. “You won for like a hundred years.”


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Loved Me Back To Life

You come back to set to film your final music video and circumstances change, so after a severe panic attack Jared suggests that you just admit your feelings but you just can’t figure out what to do.

Jensen and Reader *No Hate towards Danneel she is our queen*

Fluff, Angst, Panic Attack, Jensen being cute and a dork

Originally posted by the-spncest

           The minute I walked on the Supernatural set, I was welcomed with open arms. It was an amazing experience. The first time I met Jensen, I knew I was in trouble. He was everything I could have ever wanted in a man, but I knew I couldn’t. Over the time, we had gotten to know each other, I fell deeply in love with him. After I had found out he had a girlfriend I had asked them to kill me off.

           I had my record company create a tour just so that I could get out of here, away from Jay. Did it hurt? Yes, it did. Did it feel like I was numb on the inside? Every damn day. For those six years, I worked day and night, no vacations, no relaxation, just hard work.  

           I had just heard that they were renewed for their thirteenth season, and I was happy for them. I kept in contact with Jared and Misha mainly, and they always told me that Jensen had felt the same way, but I couldn’t accept it. After about twelve years in the music business I decided to do a final single then retire. I had enough money to last over several lifetimes so I wanted to relax and just have fun, enjoy life to the fullest.

           I had gotten a call from Robert Singer asking if I wanted to use the set for the last music video I would ever do. I hesitantly said yes and he assured me that no one would know I was there. I wanted to do ‘In the Dark’ by Billy Squier and had gotten the ok to do it.

           I had taken the red eye out to make sure I was there before everyone would know I was there. I had a trailer I could stay in when I needed to rest or whatever I needed, I wanted this to be an amazing video for those fans who had supported me all these years.

           Once I had gotten there nothing had changed, I took a quick nap and headed to the stage that was reserved just for me. I walked in to see my band and choreographer to help get things started. I started warming up my vocal chords while the band went through their instrument checks. ‘Ok y/n! You can do this’ I walked up to the microphone and started singing when it was my time.

           I gave the song everything I had, I kept my emotions in check to make sure I didn’t let anyone know what was going on. I saw Jared and Misha come in, they were a little shocked at my song choice but that’s what was going on in my head. I finished the song a little rough but I would work on it.

           I stepped away from the mic feeling dizzy, I then collapsed having issues with my breathing. I knew it was one of my famous panic attacks, I tried to play it off but this one was a mean something. Both guys were at my side helping me up, I had no strength so Jared had to carry me to his trailer.

           He sat down with me in his lap helping me through it with ease. Misha handed me a bottle of water. I heard the door open but I was too out of it to know who it was. Jared just sat there rocking me, calming me down. I had called him many times over the years when they got bad. So, he knew exactly what to do to fix the situation.

           Once I finally calmed down, I was exhausted, so Jared led me back to his bed so that I could rest. In no time, I was out, resting from the war against my brain.

Jared POV

           I walked back after getting her comfortable, I knew they were bad, but this was beyond bad. I was tired just from watching her have the panic attacks, I closed the door and went back out to talk to Misha and Jensen who had come in with coffee, and got the shock of his life.          

           “What was that?” “That was one her famous panic attacks” Misha shook his head, I could see the sadness on his face. “Jay, I’m sorry man, I didn’t know she was here until I heard her singing” “That’s ok, is she ok though?” “No, she’s not, she’s pushed herself beyond exhaustion, she’s retiring so she thought that would be a good song to end her career with, but it just destroyed her mentally”

           “I should have told her how I felt, I was with Sarah then, but I should have just grown a pair” I felt bad for him, I knew how he felt and I also knew how she felt, I had to come up with a plan and fast.

Reader POV

           I woke up feeling better than ever, I decided to change my finale song, I didn’t want to deal with that again. I walked out to see a note from Jared saying to help myself to the snacks, and to also think about changing my song choice. I saw a post it note on the fridge and opened it up see cold coke and a turkey sandwich. I’ll have to thank him later.

           I called my manager asking if I could do something different, and of she quickly agreed and told me to think about it. I went through my iPod and quickly had an idea to mind, I finished my lunch and text Jared about my plan and of course he was on board with it. For six years, he told me that love was mutual from Jay, so now I tell him the only way I know how.

           We got everything planned, and ready for this to work. I stayed with Jared that night and everything was hammered down. I was really excited about this and hoped that I wasn’t going to get my heart broken. I decided to go shopping the next morning and find the perfect dress to sing in.

           The video was going to be simple, just me singing with my band and the guys from Supernatural hanging out. It would be my greatest or my worst decision. I had finally found what I wanted and got myself ready for the reveal.

           Misha had snuck me in so that Jen wouldn’t see me, and once I got there it was so simple yet so awesome. Misha gave me the thumbs up and the band started the intro, ‘Loved me back to Life’ by Celine Dion. The boys came once I started singing, Jay was in shock and just stood watching me sing the song the told my true feelings.

           Over the next week, we filmed the video and got everything ready for the reveal to my loyal fans. Over that week, Jay and I got to know each other again, it was amazing. The first time he kissed me was when we livestreamed my last video and wanted everyone to know that I was now taken.

           The video was a big success and it was my highest selling single to date. The record company tried to get me to reconsider but I declined. When the hiatus had come, Jay had planned a vacation, just the two of us. When we had arrived to our destination I was in shock to see the house from the twilight movies. The secluded island was just what we needed, I giggled at him, he knew I was an inner twihard so he made sure I had an amazing time.

           Over the next month, we spent time just enjoying our free time. There was one day where we found a beautiful waterfall. He had a picnic made and wine at the ready, he just had on a pair of shorts and a baseball cap. I had on my red bikini that showed a lot of skin but I didn’t care I was proud of my curves.

           The whole day was spent eating, drinking, splashing and chasing each other. The sun started to set showing the true beauty of this paradise. “Whatcha looking for hot stuff?” “Nothing now” He laid back down next to me and pulled me to him. “He started kissing down my neck leaving hickeys in his wake. I felt something weird on my left ring finger only to see a beautiful diamond ring.

           “Yes!” “But I didn’t ask yet” “Sorry” “No you’re not!” I laughed at his whine that sounded way too much like Dean. He held up his phone and took a picture of us and tweeted out that ‘she said yes!!’

           “So, tell me, have you ever made love on a beach?” “No but I know sand gets everywhere!” “Woman!” I squeaked and ran away from him, yelling at him to catch up. He finally caught up to me and threw me over his shoulder carrying me the rest of the way to the house.

           He went in and started a bath so that we could get the sand out, we soaked and just enjoyed each other, the way we wanted. After we were dried off properly, he carried me out to the living room where he had blankets on the floor in front of the window showing off the night sky. The entire night was spent on those blankets, crying out each other’s names and celebrating your engagement.

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 10 Translation

Thank you again to @chibiyuuto​ for posting the scans earlier this week.

And shout outs once again to @meimi-haneoka and @syaoransama for being awesome and helping/chatting with me while translating.  You guys are great! \o/

☆★Translation Notes Reminder★☆

Disclaimer: These are just fan translations. Please support the official release.

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Bête Noire (Acts of Intimacy #7)

I keep swearing I’m going to wrap up the Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Prompts, but I’m just having so much fun with them. Much thanks to Jenniferjuni-per for sending in this prompt: forehead or cheek kisses! Thank you very much for being patient as it took me forever to finish this :)

Just for a reference, I picture Jyn’s section very soon after Scarif, but Cassian’s several years later, once the Rebellion is settled into Echo Base on Hoth.

Quick Warning: Both Jyn and Cassian wake up in various states of panic attacks (Though I’ve never written one before, so I’m not sure how well I conveyed it here) and Cassian gets focused for a minute on some of his past assassinations, so if any of that bothers you, I would encourage you not to read!

Other stories in the series: Previous Work // Next Work

Words: 1908 

AO3 / / Below the Cut!

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We’ll be thinking ‘bout our friends as we chase the setting sun. 

But we’re leaving them behind, we’re on the run.

Some Civil War things, possible print? Maybe I just love the trademark MCU undercover gear: hoodie, hat, sunglasses.

Love, Actually [Part 4]


TMR Cast Imagine [ prev ] [ next ]

Pairing: Thomas Brodie Sangster x Reader

A/N: I’ve been contemplating what this next part is about as Y/N and Thomas venture into this part of their relationship so I hope this turns out okay and stuff lol !! To the anon who requested more parts to this series, sorry this took a while! Hope y’all like <3

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Home-Sirius Black Imagine

Hi there, another Sirius imagine coming your way! This one was suggested by one of my lovely followers, so thank you for requesting! My requests are open, so please send in any that you may have. I hope you all enjoy!

“No, we can’t live in James’ house anymore,” Y/N sighs, a giggle escaping her lips as Sirius pouts.

“But why not?” he whines, looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

“He’s a married man, with a baby on the way. We can’t live with him and Lily when the baby arrives, they’ll already have so much on their hands. Besides, I’ve already been looking at houses and I found the perfect one.”

“What makes it so perfect?” Sirius asks with a dramatic sigh.

“It’s a five minute walk from James,“ Y/N replies with a grin.

“It’s perfect! Show me at once! Make haste woman, come on!” Sirius exclaims dramatically, running out the door. Y/N laughs, following quickly after him.

“You don’t even know where you’re going Sirius, slow down!”

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took this with the point and shoot . I chased the sun set looking like it was a great yellow, by the time i got to a spot , in the car, it changed quite a bit. edited in light room only with the tonal contrast. Its not great quality but definitely a fun shot.

anonymous asked:

"Yet I am here by your side my love." Pain crossed her gaze. She knew that her father held a deep resentment. Failed attempts to sire a son only to have bitterness compounded with a difficult birth and a lone daughter. It made the fresh scar on her left shoulder ache at the memories of ripping herself away from her family with her possessions including the things she had inherited from her deceased uncle who had tried to nurture her individuality. "I couldn't be happier."

Jacob caught the look, and it was in the moment he could only assume what triggered it. Hands moved and buried into the pockets of his trench coat, he looked absentmindedly over his shoulder at nothing in particular it seemed as the sun was soon set and the moon chased away its last presence with a gentle blanket of stars. “Getting quite late, love,” he mentioned, clearing his sinuses as he gazed back to her. “Perhaps we can stop by the library on our way home?”

He wasn’t big on libraries or reading, but it seemed to make Anna find comfort and enjoyment, and if that would ease her mind and take her away from the pains of her birth, then he would gladly do it. He could find something to read, and at the very least, he would have her company to enjoy.

Jacob’s hand moved then, gentle upon her back as he urged her onward from where they stood, idling in the time of the day. “Come; if you fancy tea we can grab a cup on the way there as well.”

Suburban Miami Gothic
  •  Everything is bright and new.  Everything is chrome and green and blue and stained white-yellow by the rays of the seemingly never-setting sun that you feel chasing you into the shade, into your home. Even shadows are illuminated and there is no such thing as a hiding place.
  •  Salsa and reggaeton spill out of passing cars as you walk down your sunny palm tree line street. You see a large green log lying in the road in the distance. The log turns and stares back at you with ancient eyes and jagged teeth and it takes you a little too long to realize that that is not a log. You are glad you were taught to run in zigzags in school and remember that this land is not yours, that while the pavement pushes into the green sawgrass, the green pushes back.
  • An old man riding his rickety old blue bike waves to you as you slowly turn the corner. He has waved to you for years and he is a familiar and welcome sight. One day your grandmother tells you that the nice old man was hit by a car while riding his rickety old blue bike. “He died this morning,” she tells you and you tell no one that weeks later he waves to you still.
  • Sometimes it seems as if all the old ever do is talk. They talk about how things used to be in their homeland, la madre patria, their land, about the wives/husbands/siblings/children they left behind to escape the war/revolution/prison/rubble. They talk about the past as if they speak of it enough it will rush in and replace the present. They talk about their dead as if they aren’t dead at all and talk about the living as if they have been dead for years. In time you learn that for some the future becomes a mirror and not a door.
  •  It’s 2 AM and neither you nor your mother can sleep so you stand together on her balcony and look over your oil-stained street. In the distance you hear a door slam and catch sight of your neighbor stumble out of his house and let out a mournful wail. His voice cuts through the bright night even as he comes to a stop in front of the house across from yours. “¡Asesino! He killed my daughter! I buried my baby and they let him go. ¡No hay justicia! No hay allá y no hay acquí! ¡Asesino! He killed my daughter and now he has killed me!” You look to your mother and find her watching for falling stars and remember how her stories are littered with the word “Guerra”.
  •  You and your friends sit and complain about how backwards this place is. North is south and south is north; the past is alive and the living haunt the present.

never let me listen to synthwave while I’m driving because I won’t stop I’ll just keep driving west trying to chase that setting sun

Analysis of Rubi no Yubiwa

The other side of the frosted glass in this windswept town
An unprompted remark of the heart is rather miserable
The weight of a dry leaf isn’t my life
All because I lost my most beloved person

While hunching over
The ring finger was pulled out
If you intend to return to me, discard it

If this birthstone, this ruby one
Such words in my head whirl all around
There inside the dazzling sunlight of August
I pledged myself to the illusion of love

I enjoy my loneliness
It’s good to be without a care
Let these unchanging feelings quickly disappear

The other side of the frosted glass in this windswept town
Cooled tea left behind on top of the table
In the sunset, I adjust my collar in the crowd
Distracted, I look around for you

Then, two years to the date, the crowd disperses
In that town, I happen to catch a glimpse of a beige coat
On their finger, I look for the ruby ring
All because I lost my beloved

(I wrote this analysis before Katte ni Shiyagare)

The other side of the frosted glass in this windswept town
An unprompted remark of the heart is rather miserable
The weight of a dry leaf isn’t my life
All because I lost my most beloved person

‘frosted glass’ appears quite often so I think it’s referring to Shizuo’s sunglasses. Windswept town – well, Yahiro brought with him a new wind; so I assume the previous wind was Mikado or Izaya. So the image I get is Shizuo looking through his sunglasses in Ikebukuro, and finds he’s rather miserable because he lost his most beloved person. Maybe he just realized it because it was an ‘unprompted remark of the heart’. So it would make sense if it takes place after Vol 13.

While hunching over
The ring finger was pulled out
If you intend to return to me, discard it

He remembers the ring finger as Izaya points his knife towards him. Since Izaya tends to rest his ring finger (as in finger with the ring) on the hilt of his knife.

And he says if Izaya intends to return to him, discard it. Perhaps discard his knife, or the act of pointing knives at him. Which is essentially saying he wants Izaya to stop provoking him/ wants to stop fighting with Izaya if he returns.

If this birthstone, this ruby one
Such words in my head whirl all around
There inside the dazzling sunlight of August
I pledged myself to the illusion of love

Not sure what this stanza means (I initially skipped it). Maybe how Izaya’s ring which is his trademark (which he always sees when Izaya points knives at him) reminds him of Izaya’s voice (words). 

Dazzling sunlight of August – well it’s summer. (Volume 9 and 10 take place in August, and after Izaya is knocked out at the end of Vol 10 it’s just a rush of time to Vol 13) But maybe also dazzling because Ikebukuro is peaceful since Izaya has left. Shizuo realizes his feelings, and pledged himself to the illusion of love – illusion because he’s not sure if it’s real since well, it’s Izaya. And maybe he just thinks he’s in love because he wants to be able to love someone even if it’s Izaya.

I enjoy my loneliness
It’s good to be without a care
Let these unchanging feelings quickly disappear

But he enjoys his loneliness, and he wants to go back to the days where he didn’t have feelings for Izaya. And he wants his unchanging love to disappear.

The other side of the frosted glass in this windswept town
Cooled tea left behind on top of the table
In the sunset, I adjust my collar in the crowd
Distracted, I look around for you

Not sure what the tea means (since this is not an original character song like it wasn’t created for Shizuo some things may not hold significance) maybe Izaya likes to drink tea and Shizuo misses him so he drinks it to remember him? But he doesn’t like the taste lol that’s why it’s ‘cooled’ and left behind.

In the sunset, he adjusts the collar of his bartender shirt and looks around for Izaya distractedly. Because he usually chases Izaya until the sun sets. (And maybe ‘cause Izaya is looking at his own sunset in Orihara Izaya and the Sunset)

Izaya is not there.

Then, two years to the date, the crowd disperses
In that town, I happen to catch a glimpse of a beige coat
On their finger, I look for the ruby ring
All because I lost my beloved

Then by SH, two years after the middle of Durarara (and one and a half years after Volume 13 I think) the crowd disperses. Vorona went back to Russia with Slon, the Raira trio are separated, etc. Ikebukuro is peaceful again. (Either that or the crowd disperses because Shizuo is looking over the crowd to search for Izaya) Shizuo catches a glimpse of a beige coat in Ikebukuro, and he looks for Izaya’s trademark ring –

All because he lost his beloved person.

And whether it’s Shizuo’s imagination or foreshadowing their future encounter is up to debate. And if it’s foreshadowing, losing his beloved person could mean losing not only Izaya, but losing the one person who would never be afraid of him. Which would make sense since (in Orihara Izaya and the Sunset) Izaya is traumatized from his death match with Shizuo.

It’s so beautifully ironic how though this song wasn’t created for Shizuo, it fits Volume 13 and the aftermath and SH so perfectly well. And that’s why I think it isn’t a coincidence. That the people behind intentionally chose this song for Shizuo.

Also Izaya’s character song hasn’t come out yet. We have Ketsu this season and Volume 13, so I think it will come out at the end. Which would fit, since we’re seeing it twice – Shizuo’s character song (about Izaya) came out around the same time as the 2nd season and SH. We’re gonna be seeing Volume 13 again, this time in anime form so Izaya’s character song coming out after would be fitting.

(And it is)

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anonymous asked:

what steven universe songs would you match up with each of the straw hat crew?

 I am diggin’ the way you are thinking, anon. This probably would have been better if you had asked this of someone who’s more obsessed with both Steven Universe and One Piece than I, but I’ll admit I’m more of a casual fan. 

But this is probably gonna be a fun HC to answer. 

If you want clarification on why I chose the particular song for each character, don’t be afraid to send me an ask about it.

Originally posted by lontraazul

                                                   L U F F Y

                                              “Stronger Than You.”

                     You’re not gonna stop what we’ve made together.

                                We are gonna stay like this forever.

                       If you break us apart we’ll just come back newer.

                                                   Z O R O

                                            “Do It For Him/Her.”

                                                You do it for him

                                        And you would do it again

                                     You do it for her, that is to say

                                               You’ll do it for him.

                                                  N A M I

                                            “Don’t Cost Nothing.”

                                A bright sunny day don’t cost nothing,

                             Light summer breeze don’t cost nothing,

                                    What do I do with all this money?

                                  When the only thing I want is you   


                                                U S O P P

                                              “On The Run.”

              It’s time to get moving, time for us to have some fun.

           There’s no time to hang around, our adventure’s just begun.

         We’ll be thinking ‘bout our friends as we chase the setting sun.

                But we’re leaving them behind, we’re on the run.

                                              S A N J I 

                                          “Love Like You.”

                                      If I could begin to be,

                                Half of what you think of me,

                                     I could do anything,

                               I could even learn how to love

                                     C H O P P E R

                                   “Be Wherever You Are”

                            Isn’t this such a beautiful night,

               Whoa, we’re underneath a thousand shining stars,     

                   Isn’t it nice to find yourself somewhere different,    

          Whoa, why don’t you let yourself just be wherever you are     


                                        R O B I N   

                                    “Full Disclosure”  

                            What am I going to tell you?

                   You’re better off not knowing the trouble I’m in ,

                I don’t want you to worry about what I’ve just seen, 

                            About where I’ve just been         

                                      F R A N K Y   

                          “Steven and the Crystal Gems”     

                            Can’t you see it in our eyes,

           We’re the one, we’re the (ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!)    

                          We’re not like other guys,

                            We’re not like anybody.


                                   B R O O K  

                               “The Jam Song”

                               The sun is bright, 

                             Our shirts are clean,

                       We’re sitting above the sea, 

                  Come On and share this jam with me.