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Velociraptor - “Swift Seizer”

1. Chased by Dinosaurs (2002)
2. Dinosaur Planet (2003)
3. The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs (2005)
4. Dinosaur Revolution (2011)

A Kaiju-Sized Skull Island

So, King Kong is coming back with a new rebooted franchise, and word on the street is that they’re going to pit Kong against Godzilla again. Considering this would mean that Kong would have to be scaled-up in size in order to contend with the Big G, I’ve been wondering how that’s supposed to work, which led to this. 

As with the last map, there’s a long write-up under the cut.

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You Again

Prompt: Reunion

Word Count: idk too lazy

A/N:This is the 10th demon summoning this week?! Why are you the frequent one?!” 

“Officer Heartfilia and Fullbuster responding to a 10-15 on Waters Street. Arrived on scene. Stand-by while investigating.” she said into the speaker mic on her shoulder, glancing to her black haired partner for confirmation.

“10-4. Stay alert.” Levy’s voice came not two seconds later over the speaker. “Officer Redfox is inbound.”

“Copy that.” She sidestepped a particularly deep looking puddle, eyes scanning the suburban house with the wood swing on the porch. The front light was on, moths and gnats bopping on the bulb and the screen door. It looked like a normal house…aside from the flickering candles looking like blowtorches.

If that wasn’t such a familiar sight. The hair at the back of her neck bristled at the thought that there was not a human in the house…alive that is.

Her concentration was shattered when her partner leaped into the puddle, his boots showering her pants with rain water and whatever else the street puked into that pothole. Lucy whirled around to witness Officer Gray Fullbuster standing ankle deep in a puddle with the stupidest grin on his face. “Nice, huh?” he jeered.

“You are a child.” Lucy hissed in annoyance, shaking her legs and baring her teeth. Soggy socks, ugh. She jabbed her finger at him. “Payback is a bitch.”

They clomped up the stairs, both catching sight of the curtain flickering in the corner window and freezing mid-step.

“You see that?” Gray murmured, reaching to unlock his holster.

“Yeah.” Lucy breathed, electing to just march the rest of the way to the porch. “Cover me.”

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A message from a former anti-feminist/anti-sjw:

When I first joined the anti-feminists on tumblr, I had a lot of anger and a lot of arguments I wanted to take out on feminists. I searched the feminist tags and got offended at everything that feminists did. 

I realize now how stupid that was. Nobody will listen to an irrational person who only uses insults and gifs in their arguments. 

As I became aware that my useless tumblr fights only made beliefs stronger, I toned it down and removed my anti-feminist label. I realized that it’s not worth hunting down every misandrist or radfem. Most of them are trolls or only want to make antis angry - and it works. 

So as I became less and less argumentative, I started to see anti-feminists and anti-sjws using bullying tactics - chasing down otherkin who weren’t hurting anyone, attacking genderfluid people, attacking people who put their mental illnesses on their blog, accusing people who had diagnosed illnesses of self-diagnosing…it’s really awful.

Nobody should be bullied like that - whether you’re an anti-WHATEVER or not.

And the saddest part is, a lot of anti-sjws/feminists like to say they’re better than the people they’re against, but they’re not. Different reasons, same tactics. And I’m sick of it. I’m tired of seeing people bully others because of their blog content. I’m tired of people attacking feminists because they have a feminist shirt or they dress their kids in feminist onesies.

Please. Just. Stop.

Grow up. Not everything is us vs. them. Reason, don’t attack. Just be decent fucking human beings to each other, okay?

Why Alaska sent Tatianna home:

Tonight was a classic example of what I call “Bear Chase” tactics.

If a bear is chasing you and your friend, you only have to outrun your friend, not the bear.

Alaska is playing the game. She knew Tatianna could win this whole thing, so she sent her home. She knows Roxxxy is clearly not gonna win, so she kept her around so she could beat her later in the final three.

Honorable? Absolutely not. A valid play? Definitely.