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CONCEPT: Mermaids

In the depths of the ocean where little sunlight goes, there are pale, pasty, white and grey mermaids. Few colonies live close enough to the surface to produce any form of melatonin.They love the cool, wet ocean and it’s pitch-black depths; playing with the sea life and fighting viciously with predators.
Some have eyes, but those in the depths very rarely use them, relying upon alternate senses… bodies luminescent and dangerous.

Above, in the skies and far closer to the sunlight/solar radiation, mermaids are darker hues of brown and black. They swim through the skies on air currents, flitting in and around clouds, riding the lightning in thunderstorms and glorying in the Heat of sunlight perpetually streaming down upon them. 
Their eyes are developed to cope with such an excess of light; and they love racing, or chasing, little flying creatures entering their aerial domain. The scales of their tails are much like tiny solar panels, feeding them energy and life whenever the sun is out.
Though, there are a few for whom electricity, lightning, is more practical; they are more like mer-eels, and take to chasing stormclouds wherever they are found.

Mermaids, of deeply tanned hues that flit about within the hearts of volcanoes. Skin resistant to the ever-present heat of the magma; bodies designed to be thermodynamic. They live within the earth, underground, riding lava currents and enjoying the (blistering) warmth of their world. Powerful, muscular due to the thickness of their environment.
Their eyes are almost non-existent; other senses are far stronger.
They have senses their underwater or aerial sisters do not, something akin to echolocation to find one another, and the confines of their environments.
Eruptions are a time of joy and fear; the outside world is too cold, they might turn to stone if deprived of a warm enough environment.

Mermaids of the Snow, of the Mountains. For those that dwell on mountain peaks, their thick skin various hues of white, or deep earthy tones; depending on the environment in which they exist. They camouflage, to protect themselves; to ambush their prey, or use against predators.  These mermaids do not feel the cold, and swim through the deep snowdrifts as if they were water; scales covered in shimmering silvery/bronze tails that blend with their environment and insulate.
They are usually quite strong, and a little chubby; eyes sharp as a hawk’s. Few creatures live up on the slopes, but occasionally they create avalanches… for fun… and also to discourage humans from coming into their world. Of course, they also occasionally take pity on lost hikers/skiers/etc, and drag them from the snowdrifts to safety. Some prefer to watch them die.
It all depends on the location, and what kind of contact they have had with humans beforehand.

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Good morning🐫🐪

Today I’m feeling highly motivated to reorganize my training for this year’s big races: Worlds Toughest Mudder, Spartan Beast (Chris Kyle Run), the Burning Man Ultra Marathon and (fingers crossed) a 175k relay race in Chamonix, France. This is a year of big race goals, which means BIGGER training goals than before💛 Grateful to have so many knowledgeable friends to advise me on this!

Thank you, @tmooreocr and @runningmuddy for current and future advice.

Chase those dreams!