chase o'leary

  • *in a crowded room*
  • Chiron: Holy gods I can't find Annabeth
  • Clarisse: I got this.
  • Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, Rachel, Nico, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Thalia, Reyna: WHO DARES TO UTTER THESE BLASPHEMOUS WORDS!!!
  • Mrs O'Leary: *growls*
  • Blackjack: *whinnies*
  • Clarisse: Um, okay. Got to try something else.

IT’S 2AM. I… AM… FINALLY… DONE……. my hands can rest in peace now..

This took a lot more effort than what was called for.

blame the stupid newly found obsession.

next up: Heroes of Olympus, probably

Percy Jackson characters as Big Hero 6 characters...

Hiro Hamada: Nico di Angelo

Tadashi Hamada: Bianca di Angelo

Baymax: Will Solace

Gogo Tomago: Thalia Grace

Honey Lemon: Annabeth Chase

Wasabi: Grover Underwood

Fred: Percy Jackson

Mochi: Mrs O’Leary

They don’t all fit, but I love it anyway.

I want a fanfic of percy working at a horse farm cleaning the stalls and annabeth taking lessons there since she was nine. And her being oblivious to Percy’s crush on her and his over all presence. But when her BFF Thalia asks her to go to her little brother Jason’s concert and her seeing this smoking hot guy playing bass and singing like nobody’s business and not even recognizing percy. And then BOOM confrontation and BAM make out session

Percy and Annabeth looking at Mrs O’Leary be like
  • Percy: Get a load of that dog
  • Annabeth: Get a load
  • Percy: Get a load of that dog
  • Annabeth: THAT DOG
  • Annabeth: Look at it!
  • Percy: Get a load of it!
  • Annabeth: get a load of it!
  • Percy: Look at that dog!!
  • Annabeth: Look at it!!
  • Percy: WOOOAH
  • Annabeth: wooohoo!
  • Percy: Woo
  • Annabeth: YEAhh
  • Percy: WOOOOO
  • Annabeth: woohoohoo!

The “Oh my God I’m so sorry my dog usually doesn't jump up on people like this” Percabeth AU


Perfect romances only happened in fairy tales. Maybe not the Grimm fairy tales, but fiction nonetheless. To Annabeth, romance was few and far between. No one had ever told her that after college would be one of the most lonely times in life. All of her friends had gone their separate ways - moved to different states, found regular jobs, got married, had babies - and no one had time for anyone else anymore. Piper was the exception but even then it was hard. She was busy with her wedding plans and figuring out where to seat people at the reception dinner and Annabeth had… nothing.

Well, she didn’t have nothing nothing but she didn’t have a fiancé or a house or even a cat. All she had were her books.

It wasn’t what she pictured her life to be at twenty-three working in an office in Manhattan for a tyrannical architecture firm in a cubicle where the only source of natural light came from the “sunroof” overhead. And by “sunroof” it was more like a porthole that was mostly in shadow from the other high rises downtown. Honestly, the architect who designed the building for architects should be ashamed. She kept telling herself that one day she was going to be able to start her own company and make someone else endlessly paint model trees for weeks on end, but it was getting harder and harder each day to convince herself it would ever happen.

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Where the Wild Things are - Chase O'Leary

absolutely destroying his home town of port mac