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Tapos na sa ojt. Im so happy kasi tapos na mga pag gising ng maaga tapos mga byahe pero ang sad din kasi yung mga tao na naging close muna hays tapos mamimiss ko si crushies chase and soy :-( pumunta kami kay mam sam kanina tapos si chase lang nakita namin dun tapos tumingin siya hays tas wala si soy, hahahahahahaha sad bakit parang ang gulo ng kwento ko ay basta

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Coffee shop AU iv for Billy/Teddy? with Teddy as the barista cause you know Billys the one who's too shy to give his real name lol

Okay, I went kinda off the book with this prompt (from this list). But I couldn’t help myself.

Billy and Teddy are both girls here.

crash course over coffee
(read on ao3)

Up until a month ago, Teddy had not liked working mornings.

Mornings were always busy, the buzz of cranky customers waiting for their first coffee of the day enough that Teddy felt wired without drinking any herself. She much preferred the later shifts, the slow trickle of customers as they grabbed something warm to go before heading home, that satisfying feeling of locking the doors and turning up the music and putting the store to bed.

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone else that works with her has early classes this semester, which means that Teddy is stuck doing mornings, often with not enough support. It’s almost enough to make her wish she was still in classes. Almost.

So yes. Teddy did not like working mornings.

Then the girl started to come in.

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  • Me : Chase ba't babae lang pwede tumawag ng baby sa isa't isa. Daya no?
  • Chase : Ay baket gusto mo ba ko maging baby?
  • Me : Tangina, ang sabi ko lang. Bakit unfair ganon.
  • Chase : Hays may gusto ka sakin ano, baby?
  • Me : Putangina wag ganyan tol.
  • Chase : Ssh shh calm down baby boy, you're mine.