chase is red


Just a coloring practice because I’m getting rusty 😌 and I’m trying to get my old art style back or to mix it with the new one? I’m so uncomfortable when it looks slightly different 😣 so Becca’s my study for this

She is dazzling in gold, literally I used gold to shade her hair 😂

Becca is @playchoices‘ the artwork’s mine

Edit : detailed

I just realized that the Kanes are approximately 3 to 4 years younger than Percy and his friends. Percy was sixteen during the attack on Manhattan and Sadie said that she was twelve during the events of the Red Pyramid, which took place a year or less apart based on the release dates of the books.

This has got me thinking that Percy and his buddies have this cute older-sibling relationship with the Kanes, teasing them, helping them out with their personal issues with some elderly knowledge, tutoring them with class, all sorts of things that big brothers/sisters do.

Plus, Magnus would be three years younger than the Kanes as well! I could see them enjoying being older than another pantheon’s hero for once!