chase is red

getting chased as a mccree is a nightmare like… he moves so slowly… once a winston tried to solo ult me and chased me, fast and glowing red and roaring down a corridor and it was just me combat rolling backwards. i killed him but i was. so fucking scared.

Do not support the Red Cross

As someone who’s been in the middle of Harvey, Ike, Gustav, Katrina, Rita and probably any hurricane that’s hit Louisiana in my life, I urge you to not support the Red Cross. Every time they’ve come to “help” they’ve made it worse on the locals and the people they’re trying to give aid to.

For this I’ll use the most recent and most appalling, Harvey. As you probably know Houston was devastated by this storm. Where I live opened up our two biggest centers for the people that the Cajun Navy and other rescuers brought in. Of course the Red Cross took over these centers and within a few days everything crumbled. 

People were I live are incredibly generous and helpful during events like this because we’ve all been through it many times. Every time there’s been a disaster in Louisiana is when you’ll see the community helping each other with anything they might need.

So during Harvey, people here were treading flood waters and gathering all of the clothes, food, and hygiene products they could find. They took all of this to the centers and they started being turned away. They didn’t want to accept clothes donations unless they were brand new, which is appalling. These people left their homes only wearing the clothes on their backs which were covered in flood water, which contains many harmful bacteria. They weren’t going to care if there’s a mustard stain on a shirt, not as long as it was clean and dry. There were people who had been there for days and didn’t have shoes. Both centers have industrial wash rooms for clothes, they could have washed them if need be. Having something is better than nothing.

The most atrocious of it all is that they wouldn’t accept food people made. People here love to cook, we’re raised doing it. Being cooped up in a house for days on end with no work and the kids missing school meant many gumbo pots were being used. These people decided to donate it to the Red Cross, and it was thrown away. Even though they didn’t have enough food to feed the people there. Popeyes, a very popular franchise, had their employees go to work early and prepare food for the people at the shelter. The Red Cross threw it all away. Other restaurants donated hot food, and it was all put in the dumpster. I understand them being skeptical about homemade food because they don’t know people’s intentions, but to turn away restaurant food is wrong. Especially for them to accept the food and then throw it in a dumpster instead of telling the business they couldn’t take the food and the business would have been able to bring it to people that needed it.

Through all of this they just wanted people to donate money. They had the news broadcasting about “families don’t want to be seen digging through clothes on a table to find new ones.” BULLSHIT, we’ve been through this before and clothes are clothes. Giving these people a voucher to Walmart isn’t going to help them when the closest Walmart is 15 minutes away and they don’t have a vehicle or a way to get there. 

I’ve heard from so many places that the Red Cross shouldn’t be trusted, but now that they’ve pulled this shit in my hometown I know better. The local sheriff’s department got the go to chase off the Red Cross, and people from all over the city brought in hot fresh food for the people there. They got them all clothes and shoes and went and bought things for these people to make sure they were at least comfortable. The state then took over and transported the willing ones and all of the pets to Alexandria to a mega shelter where they’ll have more long term care as these other two storms come to be.

If you want to help with the effects of this storm, please find better places to donate! The Red Cross is the most popular and they’re not putting that money to good use. I don’t have links of places so if any of you do please add them here for people to see. It makes me sick to see this happening and I want to do what I can to inform people.

Non artist struggles

That moment you want to draw something but remember that you struggle to draw stick figures and circles


Hello there! It’s me, back again with neon mood boards.
It took me three hours to compose these and not because I’m slow! I needed to find the right signs and change the colours of a lot of them, so that they would match the character.
Jack: light green
Dr. Schneeplestein: blue
Marvin the Magnificent: white
Chase Brody: yellow
Jackaboy Man: red
Anti: dark green


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Annabeth: There’s no “I” in “team”, Percy.

Percy: Yeah, there’s no “U” either! So if I’m not on the team, and you’re not on the team, nobody’s on the team! The team sucks!

blue cookies and cherry red lips

Soooooo I haven’t written anything in a (very long) while, and I realized that I’ve been doing nothing and that I should be at least writing something, so here you go. Basically, it’s a percabeth candy shop thing. Enjoy.

Percy absentmindedly looked through his phone, not noticing the bell ring as the door opened. He was so used to the bell that he barely noticed it anymore. It has been 11 years since the shop opened anyway, and he’d come home to the candy shop ever since then.

His mother, Sally, got the idea of the candy shop when he was 5 after she realized her success with baking and making candy could attract people. So, with her emergency money and a couple of investors’ money, she bought a small place for a candy shop with an apartment above it. She remodeled the place and after a year, she opened the shop and ever since then it had become his safe place where he could hide from bullies and Smelly Gabe.

He heard someone clear their throat and hastily hid his phone and shot up from the stool he was sitting on. The moment he looked at the customer did he realize that he probably shouldn’t have been on his phone and maybe sprayed on some cologne or something.

The customer was a very very, pretty girl with golden princess curls that made him want to reach out to touch the silky locks. She had stormy gray eyes that were looking at him piercingly and he realized that he’d never seen those color eyes before. She was standing with her arms crossed in a school uniform he recognized, belonging to a school in the more posh side of Manhattan where he’d had a swim meet at once. He stood there like an idiot staring at her until she cleared her throat.

“Um,” He coughed. “hello. Welcome to Sally’s Candy Shop.” He scrambled to say, his hand flying to his neck.

She chuckled at him, mirth dancing in her eyes, making him awkwardly smile. “Do you have any candy that isn’t,” she looked around at the candy, “blue?”

He laughed, now at ease. “Oh yeah, it’s a sort of inside joke I have with my mom and it led to an obsession with blue food.”

“And what’s the inside joke?” She asked, a smile on her face.

“Basically my ex step-dad and mom had an argument about how food can’t be blue, so my mom just went ahead and dyed all of our food blue for the rest of the week until he admitted that he was wrong.” He chuckled at the memory of Smelly Gabe’s face of having to admit that he was wrong.

She laughed. “So, your mom’s the owner of this place?” 

“Yeah, she bakes everything in here. I help her and all, but between school and swim practice, I can’t really help her as much as I’d like to.” He shrugged.

“You swim?” She shifted her weight to her other side.

“Yep. I’m the swim team captain of Goode High.” He said, fiddling with his hands.

“Goode…” She said, thinking, “Oh yeah! You guys came to our school a couple weeks ago, right?” Before he could say anything, she added, “You’re the guy that everyone was talking about, one of the best swimmers in the state right now.”

He blushed and bit his lip, playing with his lip ring. “I guess you could say that.”

She chuckled leaned on the counter, putting both hands on it. She was looking at his lip ring. He took the time to notice how her nails were painted a dark red, going with her meticulously done uniform and her cherry red lipstick. Once again, she was very pretty.

Another customer entered the store and interrupted his musings, making him realize that he was staring again. She glanced at the customer, noticing her arrival, and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear glancing back at Percy.

“So, what’d you like?” Percy asked.

“What do you recommend?” She smiled and Percy felt like he needed to take a photo of her smile before he could forget it.

“Now,” He leaned closer to her and felt her do the same. “I gotta tell you a secret, but you gotta swear that you won’t tell anyone.” He grinned and she nodded and felt them get closer. He lowered his voice, “I normally don’t tell anyone about this because I like to keep the leftovers to myself,” at this, she laughed, “but the blue cookies are the best.”

She grinned. “Then I’ll take those.”

After a moment, he leaned back to get the cookies and realized how close they were. “Be right back,” He said to her and went to the back and grabbed a batch of cookies that he kept hidden. 

He went back to the counter put the batch on the counter. “Only because you complimented my absolutely fabulous,” he flipped his blue tipped hair dramatically, “swimming skills,” she laughed at his actions and remained grinning, “I’ll let you try a couple for free.”

“Hmm. I’ll think about complimenting you again next time too, but I’m afraid I’d inflate your ego even more.” She said, taking a cookie and he laughed out loud.

She bit into it and she let out a small moan at the taste and Percy practically melted. In his mind, he thought of a thousand better ways to make her moan again-

“This is so good.” She said, interrupting his train of thought.

He coughed, glad that he had such tan skin so his blush wasn’t very noticeable. “Now you understand why I hide them?” He asked.

She took another and nodded. “How much are they?”

“Free for you,” He replied.

“What? No. I’m paying you.” She protested.

“Nope,” he shook his head as he put the cookies in a bag for her. “My treat.” He handed her the bag, “The only thing I want is your name.”

She rolled her eyes, albeit fondly and took the bag from him. “It’s Annabeth.” Annabeth, Percy thought. Pretty name. “Yours?” She asked.

“Percy,” He answered. She took some money out her bag and put it inside of the tip jar. 

He rushed to protest, but she stopped him. “Don’t worry about it, Percy.” She turned around and as she was leaving, she asked, “By any chance, is your favorite color blue?”

“Maybe.” He replied. She grinned at him and opened the door to leave to the store, and he decided that he didn’t need to take a photo of her smile because he wouldn’t be able to forget it.

Aaaaand then he realized that he left the other customer in the store waiting for quite the long time judging from the impatient tap of her foot and her accusing stare. Shit

That Saturday, she came in wearing a blue skirt and a blue ribbon in her hair and asked for another batch of blue cookies. He didn’t let her pay again, and she might’ve given him her number.

If y’all didn’t notice, I put a little bit of Punk Percy and Girly Annabeth. But only a little bit. Oh, and thank you for reading!