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So… what keeps you awake at night on the worst of days, guys? You know, besides, rollercoasters, fish and… chinese fingertraps?”

Song: Safe and Sound as sung by Sam Tsui
I like experimenting with characters and finding out what makes them tick, or what could. Besides the fears stated above that we are all familiar with, I have my own take on what Milo, Zack and Melissa fear the most. Too long to post here, but maybe one day I’ll go in more detail with a comic or something. It’s certainly something I would love to share with everyone ^^ For now, have these :)

Not Your Average Zutara Fic Rec

So I’ve gone through a LOT of Zutara fanfiction, probably too much if I’m being honest, and finding good fics can be really hard. When looking up fic rec lists I’ve noticed that a lot of the lists are just the same select fanfictions recommended over and over (We get it, everyone and their mother loves ‘His Majesty Prefers Blue’ and ‘Stormbenders’ [I never finished HMPB, sue me]). 

So this list is for all of you who are in my shoes and can’t seem to find anything besides the same ten or fifteen stories recommended and are desperate for something new. Everything listed is complete! (If I listed the incompletes/abandoned stories I’d have a lot more chaptered stories listed… RIP ‘The Confrontational Approach’…) 

I have a lot of bookmarked stories that I have yet to read and am in the middle of (Almost caught up on @firelordandlady ‘s ‘Say Anything’!), so I’ll try to update this when I finish something I think deserves a recommendation. 


In the Same Candlelight by Like a Dove

In a world where there is no war, Zuko and Katara spend their summers together. Growing up is messy, embarrassing, and at times sad, but they think it might be okay because they have each other. Edited summary.

I know. I KNOW. I LITERALLY JUST SAID I WASN’T GOING TO RECOMMEND FANFICS THAT ARE ON EVERYONE’S LIST. But I NEED to mention this one. I spent so long not interested in this fic. I don’t like drastic AU’s, or modern AU’s. My taste is strictly canon divergence, so I didn’t think I would like this. I WAS SO WRONG. Trust me, if you are like me and don’t like big AU’s, read this anyway. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Characterization is still so spot on, even with such a different take. Aang is precious. There is nothing but fluff, fluff, and fluff. It will melt you. You will probably die and your spirit will rise up smiling and beaming out rainbows and sunshine. That’s what happened to me. 

Lilacs and Lily Pads by sadladybug

A tale of clumsy courtship and calamitous court weddings, featuring awkward family encounters, floral mishaps, cultural complications, and good old fashioned fluff and conflict. Takes place in the five years following war’s end. For Zutara Week 2016. A prequel to Bones.

Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow is a very commonly recommended Zutara fic (And for good reason, I shed many tears reading it). But this two-shot (A companion to Bones, a smut one shot) by the same author is really underrated and beautifully written. It follows Zuko and Katara as they try to plan their wedding, as well as shows two scenes from before they got engaged that solidified the relationship to be one they knew would last. Just really well done overall and very very sweet. 

EDIT: I talked with the author and apparently it isn’t finished?? But they are apparently working on the next chapters so yay!! And each chapter is independent so it doesn’t feel unfinished.  

The Slow Path by Tazainian Devil

Eight years after the fall of Ozai, Aang returns to the friends he left behind - Taang, Zutara, Sukka

This is technically a Taang fic, and if I’m being honest I kind of just skimmed through the non-zutara chapters, but the Zutara storyline was good enough that I think it’s definitely worth the read. And the overall plot has a great premise. Be warned, it has a sequel that was never finished. 

Another Word For Alchemy by FanPanda13

Five years have passed since the Avatar defeated Fire Lord Ozai, and the members of the Gaang have all gone in their own direction. But when Aang invites them all to a Peace Summit at the North Pole and tells them of his new project, for which he will need their support, the group comes together again for adventure, fun and romance. AU. Zutara. COMPLETE.

So this fic is crazy for me. At first, it started as just really good natured fluff. The writing wasn’t anything fantastic (Although I loved how it broke the 4th wall and didn’t take itself seriously), and there were some definite OOC moments. But I had so much FUN with it. The plot (while definitely not the focus as everyone is more concerned about when Zuko and Katara will get together) was interesting, and there were some really sweet moments. It was also HILARIOUS and I had multiple moments where I genuinely laughed out loud. But then about five chapters before the end, the quality SKY ROCKETED. As the plot and mystery come together, the characters all come together in a moment that truly feels like it came from the show. Even the writing quality increases by a lot and I was genuinely shocked and impressed. Definitely recommend. 

Kyoshi Hold ‘Em by cupid-painted-blind

When a blizzard shuts down the fourth annual Peace Summit, the group has to find some way to pass the time. /Zutara, Taang, Jet/Mai, Jet/Everyone, Sukka

If you’re looking for a good crack fic, look no further. It’s post war and utter nonsense. Jet is alive for some reason??? No one questions it and he’s shipped with pretty much everyone. It’s funny, it’s decently written, there are drinking and sexy time shenanigans, and overall just lighthearted. Also, it does a great job of being a crack fic without crossing the line and becoming unfunny and just a trash fic. A lot struggle to find the balance and resort to going over the top and ridiculous, but this one does a really good job. 

Come With Me by Steamboat Ghost

Coauthored by fuzzytomato. Troubled over his newly restored honor, Zuko finds solace in the familiar guise of the Blue Spirit. In a chance meeting with the Painted Lady, a friendship is forged as the two heroes seek to help the Fire Nation’s neglected.

I’ll admit it: I’ve never gotten into Blutara fanfictions. I only read the first couple chapters of HMPB and dropped it after the tree scene. I don’t know, it felt really OOC for me and I may go back and read it again just because EVERYONE raves about it, but IDK. I’ve never been a huge Blutara fan because while I love the concept, I’d much rather see the Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit come together as equals. Most fics present Zuko behind his mask to Katara, and it feels imbalanced. There aren’t a lot of stories where we see their alter persona’s come together even though that’s the entire point of the parallel between the two. Insert this fic. I only wish there was a sequel dealing with Zuko in the Gaang after these events. Hey, a girl can dream. 

A Zutara Story Anastasia by LastSunset

Katara, the only suviving waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, joins two con men, Zuko and Iroh, while a fearful admiral chases for her death. A Zutara Story. Based on the movie Anastasia.

So this isn’t so much a retelling of Anastasia but with Katara and Zuko as it is a fanfic version of the movie but with the characters names and world changed. It takes a lot of lines from the movie. But WHO CARES? It’s Anastasia and Zutara!!! What more do you need??? 


this burden you bear by cowlicklesschick

Word travels, and war stories will be told round campfires and on freighter ships until every person in the world knows what Master Katara did for the new Fire Lord. She fights the burning in her throat at the thought of people knowing why she had to heal him in the first place. Post-war Zutara.

This is an angst-with-a-happy-ending, which I say is the absolute BEST type of angst. Katara deals with the guilt of what Zuko did for her as the Fire Nation celebrates what she did to save his life during the Agni Kai. The two come together beautifully while struggling to see the feelings they both share. Really well written and like I said, it has a happy ending, which we all need. 

The Best of Me by Laririn-Shadow

The night before his eighteenth birthday Zuko wraps a bandage around his left wrist. He has a country to run and no time for frivolous things. It will make everything easier if he waits. Zutara Soulmates AU

Soulmate AU’s usually aren’t my thing (With the glaring exception of one Until Dawn Soulmate AU, but that’s besides the point), but I really enjoyed this oneshot. It isn’t sweeping or insanely romantic and the reveal isn’t “OMG I’VE LOVED YOU THIS WHOLE TIME” But it’s a subtle love that grows, which I really like. 

snuggling dysfunctional cats by emletish

Toph thinks Katara and Zuko were a ridiculously, incredibly, stupidly adorable couple. There is only one problem, they were not actually going out. This confuses Toph. could stand alone or be read as a companion peice to my stalking series

Fun fact: Before this oneshot, I had only ever read one fanfiction over 200k words, and had no desire to read another one again. And then I read this. This one shot was so fantastic that it was the reason I ended up reading the ‘Not Stalking Zuko’ trilogy (Also by emletish), which totals almost 900k words because this companion piece had me so sold. Yeah, it’s THAT good. 

my salvation, he’s not anything by sarsaparillia

Let’s run away and start another war. — Zuko/Katara.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can I say? I love the ‘Let’s run away together, consequences be damned’ trope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Time is Ripe by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2012 Day Seven: Seasons. There are many stages that a heart goes through before it can finally be ready for the love it was meant to have. The road is often a rocky one but eventually, it leads you home.

A oneshot for the Zutara Week 2012 prompt ‘Seasons’. Not too much to say about it. Short, sweet, and well written. What more do you need? 

Serendipity by Boriqua-chan

Iroh goes hunting for tea leaves and finds something…interesting. /Zutara week, day 1/

Secret relationships! Fluff! Happiness! And all from Uncle Iroh’s perspective!! Everything I love in one great oneshot! 

Too Close for Comfort also by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2010 Day Three: Pain. After watching “The Ember Island Players”, no one is in the mood for teasing. But a little slip of the tongue leads to the painful realization that the play was more accurate than they were willing to admit.

There are two Zutara plots/tropes that I am a complete and utter SLUT for. The first is the ‘Let’s talk about that EIP show’ trope. This is one of my favorites. 

The Color of Truth is Red by Mrs. Pettyfer

Written for Zutara Week prompt “awkward.” Zuko and Katara discuss the Ember Island Players.

Another post EIP oneshot

Enlightenment by Blade Quill

Choices are made on the day of Zuko’s coronation, and sometimes, enlightenment is just the simple truth at hand. Zutara. AU of the final moments of the Book 3 Finale

The OTHER plot/trope I’m a slut for is finale rewrites. LET ME SEE THEM COME TOGETHER AFTER HE TAKES LIGHTNING FOR HER. Ugh, I love it. 

Framework by profoundlycan

What if in “Sozin’s Comet” Katara had come into the room instead of Mai? Zuko/Katara. Prequel to Schema.

 Another finale rewrite! Let’s just get Mai out of the picture here… 

Lightning Shocks the Heart by drunkzutarafeels

Why do our hearts remain dormant until a climactic moment makes time stand still?

And here’s yet another finale rewrite. There is a really popular Zutara gifset that someone animated of the Agni Kai ‘Thank you’ scene, but Katara kisses Zuko after she hugs him. This is the fanfiction equivalent of that gif set. 

Sunrise by lewilder

The days go on and on, and even if she feels more comfort from the moon, Katara learns to cherish the promise of each new sunrise. Zutara AU, largely finale-centric. Oneshot.

LAST FINALE AU I PROMISE. Really sweet, starts right after The Southern Raiders and goes past canon. 

all the ghosts we cannot kill (we learn to love) by raisindeatre

Zuko and Katara; the moments we didn’t see. Or: Maybe we are all somebody’s ghost. And maybe sometimes we can be more than that.

“…My quarrel has only ever been with you, Zuko,” she says, his name sharp on her tongue. “This has only ever been about me and you.”

“You’re wrong,” he rasps, his voice rough in the late afternoon sunlight that falls around them, tangles them in golden nets. “This has only ever been about me and the Avatar. Not you and me. What we hold between us has nothing to do with it.”

This is a really beautiful one-shot that follows a battered, war torn and hardened Zuko and Katara through the scenes we DIDN’T see throughout the entire show. A Zutara must-read.

Drabble Collection/Series

And Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Advocaat

A collection of humorous and crack-tastic oneshots corresponding to the days of Zutara Month

Really great Zutara Month themed drabbles, and it contains the only body swapping plot that I’ve read and really enjoyed. Also the chapters ‘Potential’ and ‘Festival’ are some of my all time favorites. 

Zuko Was No Coward by hootowl

Zuko was many things, but a coward he was not. A collection of Zutara100 prompts. Title may change.

Definitely some heartbreakers and angsty drabbles in here, but all well written and thoroughly enjoyable. If you read ANYTHING from this list, read chapter two of this drabble collection. I MELTED when I read it. It’s perfection. Aunt Wu’s prediction has always been a plotline I’ve loved in Zutara fanfiction, and this one just does it PERFECTLY. 

Zutara Week 2012 by ichilover3

A collection of oneshots inspired by the prompts for Zutara Week

Not much more to say. The first, third, and fourth prompts are my favorite from this series. 

Zutara Week 2015 by bianca_anna

It started at a tea shop and ended with forever. My entries for Zutara Week 2015. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh my GOODNESS. So they’re Zutara Week prompts, but all set in the same universe. The Zutara!Family depicted in these drabbles has become my headcanon. I’ve seen many a Zutara family, but this one is by far my FAVORITE. This is now my official family for them. I want the very last chapter fully animated because it’s so good and epic and I want more of this families adventures. 

inktober no. 15 & 16

Gon & Killua from Hunter x Hunter hehe ♥

PJO Headcannons

The Seven Plus and fears.

Percy is afraid of losing the ones he loves. He always has been. He always will be. He is also afraid he’ll never be good enough though that fear has grown less intense over his years in the demigod world.

Annabeth is terrified of spiders. It used to be the same level of fear as the other members of the Athena cabin but ever since she and Percy were pulled into Tartarus by Aracne it’s gotten worse. She has panic attacks at the smallest of spiders. She hates it. Percy has planted peppermint around the Athena cabin and anywhere else he can to repel spiders anywhere Annabeth might be. The Demeter cabin helped.

Piper is afraid of losing her family and afraid that one day Jason will realize that she’s not worth him. She knows it’s silly but she can’t help it.

Leo is terrified of loss as well, though he’s more afraid of being the cause of it. He also has a healthy, and slightly ironic, fear of fire.

Hazel fears death. She’s experienced it once and knows what it’s like to wander the fields of Asphodel endlessly. She doesn’t want that again. She doesn’t know it but there’s a place in Elysium reserved for each member of the seven.

Frank also has a healthy fear of death but he fears failure more. Failing to protect Hazel, failing to be a good Praetor, failing himself.

Jason fears losing himself again. He has never felt more empty than he did when he didn’t know who he was and where he belonged. He doesn’t want to feel that again.

Reyna fears weakness. She knows it’s human nature but she can’t help but fear it. She is a Praetor and to show weakness in front of her legions is one of the worst things she can imagine.

Will fears fighting. He knows he’s not good at it. He sucks in fact but he goes out there anyway to try and heal the wounded and keep his friends and family alive but he knows if it comes down to a fight he’s going to lose and that scares him.

Nico fears tight spaces. Ever since his time in the jar he can’t stand enclosed spaces. He’s ok in elevators for a time but not for long. If he’s stuck in anything smaller than an elevator he finds himself, in his mind at least, trapped back in the bronze jar and can’t breathe. He once had a panic attack like this in a closet in the infirmary. The Stolls, not knowing about the jar, had locked him in as a prank. Despite the light not working he couldn’t shadow travel out as his fear was overwhelming. Will found him passed out two hours later. Jason and Percy had a firm talking to with the Stolls that ended in two broken ankles and a severely sprained wrist. Will kept the Stolls far away from Nico while they were recovering.

Nico is also afraid of lighting. This is because of the time Zeus attempted to kill him and Bianca but instead murdered their mother. Any time a storm is let into the boundaries of Camp Half Blood Nico slips into his Cabin and hides. Jason once followed him and found the son of Hades trembling under his blanket. He comforted Nico and they ended up watching movies together on the tv Leo had installed into the Hades cabin for the remainder of the storm. This has become something of a tradition with them and if Jason isn’t available Will is more than happy to step in.

☆☾ Starset Sentence Starters ☽☆

                                                     First Light

  • Events we think to be inconsequential can affect the future unintentionally.
  • ❝ What if you had the power to affect monumental change?
  • Would you let fear consume or would you overcome?
  • We sent a message into the past; a warning!
  • We can change our fate.
  • We can change the future.
  • We can change the past.

                                        Down with the Fallen

  • I have seen an empire falling.
  • Hopeless, can you hear me calling?
  • Light the way and I’ll follow where you go
  • Can you tell me what is real? Cause I’ve lost my way again.
  • Can you tell me how to feel?
  • ‘Cause I don’t feel anything now that I’m down here again.
  • I’m down with the fallen again.


  • I can see you running every night from the same darkness–!
  • If you just say the word I’ll be there at your side. 
  • ❝ You make me superhuman. If you need me to, I’ll save you.
  • If it means the death of me, I won’t let go.
  • If I’m lost in the world’s shadows, I’ll use the light that comes to me from your halo.
  • When you’re backed against the wall I could be the one who’s always there to break your fall.
  • You’re not alone.❞
  • You’re the sun, you’re the day.


  • All my life they’ve let me know how far I could not go.
  • Inside the beast still grows, waiting, chewing through the ropes.
  • Who are you to change this world?
  • No one needs to hear your words.
  • Won’t you come digest me?
  • Take away everything I am–bring it to an END!
  • Could you come and change me?
  • Make me fall–make me BLEED!
  • Take away everything I am!
  • I will hide myself below–I’ll be what you wanted–!
  • Kept inside, I won’t let go–’til I burn beyond control!


  • I hear you calling from behind the star fields.
  • I feel you radiating energy like eternal northern lights. 
  • I will travel the distance in your eyes.
  • I will find you..

                                                It Has Begun

  • Even a well-lit place can hide salvation. 
  • It’s a map to a one-man maze that never sees the sun.  
  • That’s where the lost are the heroes and the thieves are left to drown.
  • But everyone knows by now that fairy-tales are not found.
  • But nothing could ever stop us from stealing our place in the sun.
  • We will face the odds against us and run into the fear we run from.
  • It has begun.

                                                    My Demons

  • Mayday, Mayday, Our ship is slowly sinking.
  • They think I’m crazy, but they don’t know the feeling.
  • They’re all around me, circling like vultures.
  • They want to break me and wash away my colors.
  • Take me high–and I’ll sing–!
  • You make everything okay–!
  • We are one in the same–you take all my pain away!
  • ❝Save me if I become my demons.
  • I cannot stop this sickness from taking over–it takes control and drags me into nowhere.
  • ❝ I need your help, I can’t fight this forever.
  • I know you’re watching–I can feel you out there.
  • Take me over the walls below–fly forever.
  • Don’t let me go.
  • I need a savior to heal my pain.

                                             Point of No Return

  • There’s a memory of how we used to be–I can see it through the flames.
  • Forget the lies and pain–I can’t go back now.
  • The ashes call my name!
  • Pouring the fuel–fanning the flames–making the past an unreachable place–!
  • Break your habit and melt your chains!!!
  • Embrace the fear, chase the fight–the glow of this fire will light up the night.
  • The bridges are burning, the heat’s on my face–it makes my past an unreachable place!
  • I know this is the point of no return.
  • It’s uncomfortable, but such a beautiful desire.❞
  • There’s something sinister about the way it hurts when I watch it burn–but I can’t go back.
Monsta X: ideal type/who they'd fall for

Shownu:  might be a huge and intimidating bear when you first look at him, but he’s all squishy and soft on the inside. I bet he’d absolutely love a cute significant other, who does lots and lots of aegyo to make him weak in the knees. He’d want this person to be reliable, since he’d always be down for them no matter what. Someone who captures his heart as soon as he meets them, and he’d have it no other way- he wants to be totally knocked off his feet.

Wonho:  since he’s so mysterious and hard to figure out at times, I think he’d be with someone with similar aspects. He wouldn’t reveal his feelings too quickly, in fear of chasing them away, and slowly works his way into this person’s heart. He’s inevitably charming and could totally get anyone he wants, so it’ll be a challenge to catch his interest and keep it. But once they have, Hoseok would have no hesitation to give all his heart and body.

Minhyuk:  he’s got such an appealing outlook on life, and this could interest anyone who’s gotten close enough to him. Definitely isn’t vulnerable, despite his behavior, and guards his feelings heavily, not wanting anyone to get close enough to break his heart. He’d fall in love slow and steady, probably with someone who he’s met and known for several years- someone who’s already like a best friend to him, but always had been something more in his mind. Doesn’t have an ‘ideal type’, he’d rarher get to know the person on a complex level and know them like the back of his hand.

Kihyun:  okay so I totally see him going for the 'badass rebel’ type, as this would keep the relationship exciting and interesting, always. Plus, I don’t think he’s as innocent as he seems lmao. I don’t think he’d like to be with someone who’s constantly wanting to stay at home and have everyday routines- he wants adventure in his life, and would love to find a best friend turned lover in the process. So if you could awaken the excitement and rush within him, then he’s already head over heels.

Hyungwon:  he’s such a complicated person bc he’s so quiet most of the time!!! I think he’d eventually want to settle down and be in a VERY serious relationship, and give the other person whatever they want/need, bc he isn’t the type to date casually. He’d go for someone who doesn’t act cute all the time, and knows when to take things seriously, but still has a lighthearted side to them. He’d think of this person as his everything- his best friend, the love of his life, and he’d be similar to them in many ways.

Jooheon:  all aegyo everything, this boy will not settle for less. He’d love someone who challenges him everyday, all while staying cute and taking care of themselves and their appearance. He’d look for someone with similar interests, and that’s probably how he’d meet this person- maybe at a sports game or a friend’s concert. Would want to do absolutely everything together, bc all he wants is for someone to join him in the adventure of life.

I.M.:  this kid has a very distinct way of thinking and behaving, and I think if someone captures his attention from day one, then he’s all in. Unlike some of his hyungs, he wouldn’t want to befriend you first, and would make his feelings known before you mistake his intentions. He’d want someone who is full of love and support, and be a shoulder to cry on when the stress is too much. They’d also better be okay with him making the relationship public, bc he’d post nonstop pictures (vague ones like holding hands, matching shoes, and no one knows who this other person is lmao).

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Little details you don’t notice at first (1/?)

-Even most likely comforting Isak and chasing away his fears while having his arms around Isak’s waist (or holding his hand).


Note: Hi Everyone. I wrote a Thing. Many thanks to @mulder-fight-him and @kateyes224 for encouraging me to write it and for making it not suck. As this is the first Thing I’ve written in over a year, I’d appreciate any feedback. Except the feedback of “You suck, this sucks, never write again.” My brain tells me that every time I write a Thing, I don’t need you telling me that too. :-) 

She is a coffee connoisseur. Dripped from a contraband coffeemaker in a dorm room during an all-nighter to try to understand biochemistry. Gulped without tasting, still scalding hot, as she ran between patients. Sipped from a mug that warmed her hands as her eyes twinkled at her lover in his parents’ cabin after an unsuccessful ice fishing expedition.

And then…Styrofoam cups in police stations, ranging from barely palatable to resembling raw sewage. Fuel just to keep up with her brilliant partner and his spooky leaps of logic. Picked up from gas stations and drive thrus, as they ran from case to case. Chipped mugs in diners with free refills, as they tried to find enough motivation to chase down endless dead ends on the search for the one lead that would answer the question, slay the monster, save the day. Pots made in a dingy basement office and then ignored as their arguments about the merits of the case energized them more fully than any caffeine could, where winning meant they would stay in the musty dark room but losing meant traipsing through fields in the rain and chasing Bigfoot. She’d never admit it, but she there were times when she preferred it when she lost, because losing meant a new chance to share a secret world with this man, one no outsider would ever understand.

She had opinions on the quality of coffee around the country. She could tell whether she’d have heartburn from it with just a sniff of the air as she walked into the convenience store – often before the bell on the door had stopped chiming. She knew which chains refilled their carafes regularly and would request stops there.

One convenience store in Utah had no coffee, the Mormon cashier saying that caffeine was against his religion, but could he interest her in a coke instead? Mulder had laughed as she had ranted about ignorance, the comparative levels of caffeine in cola versus coffee, her First Amendment rights, and the heartburn caused by the carbonation for the next 50 miles.

But she didn’t remember the taste of the most important cups of coffee in her life.

The mug she left half finished at her mother’s kitchen table after scattering her father’s ashes, claiming a work emergency so she could make a quick escape because she couldn’t handle expecting her father to join them any second, complaining that they hadn’t saved him any, stealing sips from her mother’s cup as they talked and he waited for a refill to brew.

The disposable cup Mulder had pressed into her fist in a Minneapolis field office, giving a statement as she tried to regain her professionalism after losing her composure in front of 20 agents.

The pots she made in her mother’s kitchen, drifting on autopilot after they had buried her sister. That day, she tried a bag of “Tranquil Moments” herbal tea Melissa had left in the cupboard and had once tried to make her drink because it “isn’t healthy for you to be running around nonstop, Dana, you need a chance to breathe too.”

The cup a week after her first round of chemo, which tasted like metal covered in dirt. She had spat it back into the mug and thrown up in the kitchen sink. For months afterwards, she’d silently accepted every cup Mulder offered her, but threw it out as soon as his back was turned.

The coffee breaks she’d shared with Mulder while they were stuck on Kersh’s fertilizer duty, walking down the street to the hipster coffee shop with the twenty year old whose facial hair changed weekly. After one particularly awful session in the AD’s office, Mulder had asked for an application, and the barista laughed, assuming he was joking. She was only half sure he wasn’t.

A thermos full of Irish coffee as they propped themselves against the chain link backstop of an abandoned baseball diamond, talking about everything and nothing, still feeling the heat of his body pressed against her back and wondering if she should have turned around and kissed him when she had the chance.

The slow brews she’d shared with Mulder on lazy Sunday mornings, the taste chased from her tongue by Mulder’s slow kisses.

The ones she’d refused while pregnant and nursing, the lack of sleep and caffeine adding a dream-like state to the months, so that when she looked back at that time, it took on an otherworldly sheen. (It didn’t help that any explanation of those two years sounded absurdist to any outside observer – “My partner was abducted by aliens, returned dead, buried for three months and then exhumed because he wasn’t dead, just in stasis.” “Even though I had no ova due to experiments conducted on me against my will by a shadow government, I had a baby who was considered the greatest single threat to an alien invasion and consequently was in constant danger until I gave him up for adoption.”)

The cup that sat on her mother’s table as she tried desperately to explain herself, (“I don’t think I’ll ever understand,” her mother had responded tearfully), her own tears blurring her vision as her mother kissed her grandson goodbye for the last time.

The rushed caffeine fixes on the run, cups she picked up at 5AM in truck stops, wearing a hoodie that covered hair dyed blond, brown, black, and even for a little while back to red, while Mulder hid in a run-down motel room. She couldn’t remember the taste of anything during those months, fear chasing all the flavor away.

And then, once again, gulping scalding servings down between patients, children this time, as she saved other people’s babies because she was unable to care for her own.

Impromptu coffee dates with Mulder, him sipping his morning coffee with bleary eyes and bed head, her drinking a cup of decaf before bed, smelling of antiseptic soap and latex, fighting sleep because she hadn’t seen him in three days and she missed him.

The cup she made all alone in his kitchen (no longer hers, all her belongings packed up and in the back of her car), leaving the pot mostly full so he’d have something to drink when he ambled out of his lair, washing the mug so it wouldn’t sit in the sink for days before walking out the door.

Then one day, the coffee pot ignored once again in the basement as they discussed cases, tentatively at first as they tried to regain their footing, then found themselves and each other again. One morning, as she dropped her briefcase off in her area, looking at his desk in his office, she wondered if she hadn’t found herself back in the same endless circle. Then Mulder had shaken her out of her musings with a hand on her shoulder and a discolored mug as an offering. Their fingers touched and she realized that they aren’t circling back to the start but traveling onwards together.

The coffee Mulder made as she tried to arrange her mother’s funeral, untouched in the carafe as she thought about her reuniting with Ahab and Missy, and jealously wishing that she’d be with them soon (but only for a moment before pushing the forbidden thought out of her mind).

And then, one night, the specialty coffees Mulder brought to her apartment, sitting untouched on her kitchen counter as they fell into bed together again. She made a fresh pot for him the next morning.

Closing In (a show canon ficlet from Alec’s POV)

He took his sister inside to safety, relieved that she came to her senses, worried for her state of mind and physical health, but she’s back and he will do whatever it takes to help her through it.

He hears a sound that makes him freeze in movement and strain his hearing. It’s a mingle of clanging, screeching and screaming as if he were under water. When he rushes out of the room, he sees a blinding white light spilling from every window and crevice from the institute’s walls, through the roof of the cathedral into the night sky.

He stands frozen, his lungs so tight he can barely breathe, his stomach turning into knots.

His body wills his feet to move, faster, down the stairs, taking too many steps at a time yet sure-footed, and he hurries into the institute’s main hall, his legs slowing as his eyes take in the view before him. Bodies, corpses, so many of them.


Somebody activated the Soul Sword and killed them all.

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Man In Uniform {Part 3}

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Nightmares, angst

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: James Barnes is the local neighbourhood cop known for saving cats from trees and walking people home at night. It just so happens that he lives in your apartment building, in the apartment across from yours.

Prologue X, Part 1 X, Part 2 X

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Freedom Part 2 (Greaser!Peter Parker x Reader AU)

Originally posted by septodragon

Request: hi doll i was wondering if i could request a kinda greaser!peter parker au? like he saves you from your dick boyfriend and idk fluffy shit lmao sorry if this prompt sucks

Read part 1 here

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I had trouble getting inspired. But, here it is, I hope it’s not too terrible!

- Written by Kat - 

When Peter finally stopped, pulling the motorcycle into a parking structure attached to a small apartment building, you were half asleep. Your arms were wound tightly around his waist, your body pressed against his back, loving the warmth that radiated from him. Coming to a space next to the stairwell door, Peter stopped the bike, kicking out the stand, before carefully pulling away from you and climbing off the bike. You groaned at the absence of warmth, the cold night air washing over you. You pulled Peter’s jacket tighter around you, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. You looked around curiously; you had never been in this part of the city. Your father had always told you nothing came from this side of town but trouble.

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Rebelcaptain fic: Take me out tonight (6)

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 

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Chapter 6: die 

    She woke with a dead arm and a scratchy blanket over her.

    Jyn Erso was used to waking up quickly. From the moment her eyes were open, she would be alert and wary. Being on the run from the Empire didn’t leave many opportunities to relax, so she was always ready at a moment’s notice to run, fight or face whatever else the day might have been throwing at her. But opening her eyes now, she felt warm and groggy. For a second, she couldn’t figure out where she was as she stared at the hard lines of the ship cabin around her.

    Then Cassian’s arm around her tightened.

    He must have taken her jacket off for her and gotten them a blanket at some point, because it was his body she could feel pressed up against her back. His arm looked like it was just casually tossed over her waist, but running a hand down it told Jyn immediately that he was as tense as anything. Even in sleep, they couldn’t completely relax. They would always be on guard, or running from something, never truly free of stress or worry …

    But he was there.

    And she was there.

    Normally they never got more than a day with each other and here they were, still together.

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hellsbellssinclub  asked:

Quiobi, no.1 with Qui-Gon as a Sith and Obi-Wan as a Jedi?

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s world is black and white.

There is good and there is evil.

He is a Jedi and therefore he is good.

Raised as the last Padawan Learner to the venerable Grand Master of the Order, Obi-Wan has strived all his life to be the perfect Jedi, the epitome of the light. He has ruthlessly chased out fear and anger from his heart, has excised all that would tempt him down a darker path shaded in charcoal, ebony, and onyx. He knows the shades of ivory that mark the path of the truly righteous like the back of his hand.

He is an example to the Order, to those initiates who feel they will never be chosen, encouragement to those Knights who fear that perfection is out of their grasp, and a subtle reminder to masters to think twice about their preconceived notions.

If Obi-Wan Kenobi can become a paragon of light, the finest of his generation, Master Yoda’s true heir, then anything is possible.

Through the light all things are possible.

Except… that is all Obi-Wan can see.

There is no color in his world, no vibrant blues, no ruddy crimson or a delicate yellow. The world around him is as black and white as the lessons handed down to him from a grandmaster who has evolved beyond caring about the color of a flower or the particular shade of the sunset.

After 800 years of shades of grey, Yoda needs no gaudy, saturated rainbow to tell him that sunlight dappled through the leaves of a sweet oak in the Room of a Thousand Fountains is beautiful. He simply accepts the world that he sees as it is. He does not need color nor does he want it.

“A Jedi craves not these things, Obi-Wan,” Yoda tells him and Obi-Wan does his best to listen to his master’s wisdom, to tell himself that there is beauty in the shift from radiant white to ecru to charcoal and the inky wash of night time.

It works for the most part.

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i feel safe in the five a.m. light [x]

link awakes. panic curls in his belly, heartbeat chasing the lingering fear of an untraceable nightmare. there’s sweat under his tailbone, in his armpits, and at the back of his knees, and as he forces himself to breathe slow, a cool breeze sweeps in through the open dorm room window and prickles his heated skin.

he counts ten big breaths before rolling over, heavy body gently rousing as the mattress gives beneath him. he blinks open his eyes now, weary and blurry, and focuses on the clock atop the drawer. its square, green numbers hum back at him - 4:58 in the morning. he waits for a moment, hoping to catch the switch of a new minute, but doesn’t. instead, link groans and sits up, pulling his knees to his chest, and stares blankly at the jacket draped over the back of his desk chair.

rhett sleeps quietly beside him, weighty and soundless. the warmth of his long body hovers inches above his skin, and link knows if he were to put a palm on the upturned expanse of his belly, he’d soak up his friend’s ability of a peaceful sleep. he keeps his hands at his knees, though, and instead studies rhett’s face. his handsome features lay slack in sleep, not even the barest hint of a worried crease between his brows. he is, as always, a masterpiece. 

he’s here now, in link’s bed, because the night before, link had been anxious. as it often can be, link’s brain was struggling to overwork itself on nothing but the strain of a long day, and everything was threatening to snap. so link had called rhett over, knowing his presence and the sound of his voice would calm him. it had, sending link right off to sleep, but apparently, rhett had followed. that happens sometimes, when rhett’s worn himself out from talking and doesn’t feel the need to walk the three steps to his own bed. link doesn’t mind, though.

link admires the sweet blond lace of rhett’s lashes before turning away, suddenly bashful. he observes the room around him, awash in the low silver glow of a morning not yet risen. the dim light is still and grounding, and a few bold songbirds chirp from their perches outside. another whisk of wind comes through, this time kissing link’s cheeks and neck, and tempers him. his heartbeat has calmed now and continues to slow as he counts every poster or photograph on his bedroom walls - there are twenty-three. 

next to him, rhett shifts. link remembers the cool, level tone of his voice the night before and the familiar touch of a hand on his thigh, and how it took only rhett’s simple existence to bring link down to earth. yes, it’s not a stretch to say that rhett always makes link feel safe, as it’s been since that very first year. with rhett beside him, link can take on the world, every anxious moment of it.

link feels blessed for that, for rhett. silently, he thanks god for the boy in his bed.

and the boy, it seems, hears him. rhett rolls over, throwing one long arm out behind link and over the bed. if link had been sleeping, rhett’s arm would have fallen ‘cross his chest, and judging by the way rhett squirms and groans now, sleepy smile on his young face, link thinks he might have soon played rhett’s teddy bear. rhett shuffles closer to the spot link would have been, and link suddenly feels very warm.

with rhett here, his nightmares are gone, be them waking life or no. with rhett here, link knows he’s not alone, he’s loved, and he will always be protected. with rhett here, link feels safe in the early morning light.

smiling now, link shoves rhett over and lays back down. rhett wiggles closer, and link turns his head to check the bedside clock. a few soft rays of golden sunlight fall through the open window as link catches the impossible frame between this moment and that one. 

anonymous asked:

lily cannot just tell us that yuuris gonna buy viktor a collar and then not give us that excellent material

play party au – they get collars ! !! !

yuuri buys viktor a fucking collar im dead. deceased. death by play party au rip me put this on my gravestone

@forovnix @farashasilver @skatinggays

Yuuri is nervous.

No, that’s a bit of an understatement. ‘Anxious’ might be a better way to put it. ‘Petrified’ would be just as kind. The street just outside the window of this quiet little bistro is completely devoid of tall silver-haired Russians with heart-shaped smiles, despite Viktor having sent him a message about how he’s on his way over at least five minutes ago.

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Bête Noire (Acts of Intimacy #7)

I keep swearing I’m going to wrap up the Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Prompts, but I’m just having so much fun with them. Much thanks to Jenniferjuni-per for sending in this prompt: forehead or cheek kisses! Thank you very much for being patient as it took me forever to finish this :)

Just for a reference, I picture Jyn’s section very soon after Scarif, but Cassian’s several years later, once the Rebellion is settled into Echo Base on Hoth.

Quick Warning: Both Jyn and Cassian wake up in various states of panic attacks (Though I’ve never written one before, so I’m not sure how well I conveyed it here) and Cassian gets focused for a minute on some of his past assassinations, so if any of that bothers you, I would encourage you not to read!

Other stories in the series: Previous Work // Next Work

Words: 1908 

AO3 / / Below the Cut!

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