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Obsidian (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Taehyung (V)

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Murder mystery, smut

Word Count: 6,147

Summary: The world of magic is divided into dark and light, witches and warlocks, choice and fate. You’re a prodigy of light, a witch who works within the police force. You’ve heard of Taehyung in passing, spoken in whispers as the warlock of dark who has the world holding it’s breath.  All this changes on the night you’re assigned as security for a mysterious singer named V and you come face to face with Taehyung himself. What happens after that might be fate.

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Percy Watches Moana
  • Annabeth: *calls Piper at 3 in the morning*
  • Piper: Annabeth what in tartarus
  • Annabeth: help me please
  • Piper: okay what's going on
  • Annabeth: I let Percy watch Moana
  • Piper: ...
  • Piper: oh no
  • Percy: *in the distance* I'VE BEEN STARING AT THE EDGE OF THE WATER
Smitten Kitten (Chapter Eleven)

Steve and Tony bond.


Enjoy some fluff and light smut :)


“How you doing big guy?” Clint clapped Bucky on the shoulder and flopped onto the couch next to him.

“Not good.” The soldier bit out. “They’ve been in there for hours.”

“I imagine this is difficult for you.” Wanda said sympathetically, and left Visions lap to sit on Bucky’s other side, encouraging him to lay down with his head on her legs. He sighed, but took the offer of comfort and she worked her fingers through his hair slowly. “I cannot imagine sharing my mate with anyone.”

“There is no need to ever worry about that.” Vision pressed a light kiss to her lips as he passed and Wanda smiled up at him, then down in sympathy at Bucky.

“It is good of you, to allow Steve to bond with him first. Sweet of you.”

“Gentler.” Bucky grunted. “Just our nature. Wolf bonding leaves bruises, didn’t want him hurting for Steve. We cant both take him at the same time, not the first time, so have to take turns.”

“You are a darling for that.” Her accented voice soothed him, and Bucky felt himself start to relax a little, closing his eyes.

“Is he alright?” Natasha asked quietly and Clint shrugged.

“I’ve never had to wait while my mate bonded with another shifter, so I can’t really say.”

“Mmm.” Natasha nodded in agreement and kissed him long and slow, trailing her fingers over his jaw. “Come to bed with me mate. I’m ready for a nap.”

“Hey guys.” Clint jumped to his feet. “I’m gonna go um– you know what? I don’t actually need an excuse. You’ve all seen Tasha. See you in a few hours. Bucky, stay strong man.”

“Bucky, remember what we talked about.” Natasha warned, and he nodded.

“Either one of us hurts Tony, or makes the bonding difficult for him, you’ll set us on fire. Yeah, I got it.”

“Good.” she bared her teeth in a snarl.

“Leave him alone.” Wanda reprimanded. “This is difficult enough without you threatening bodily harm.” Bucky groaned and buried his head further in Wanda’s lap. “Poor thing.” She whispered. “I will stay here with you as long as takes.”

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Fast cars, illegal street racing, bloody fists, and public sex. Keith is only ever interested in a one night stand, get what he wants and leave before anyone can get too close. If you leave them first, they can’t ever leave you. But why does he want a second taste of Takashi Shirogane?

Everything is falling apart. Shiro is lost in addiction, trying to block out the memories of an accident that cost him his arm and his future. Keith is racing long the razor’s edge, chasing the adrenaline high and running on instinct alone with no sense of self-preservation. It was only a matter of time until they crashed. How do you even start picking up the pieces?

PAIRINGS: Shiro/Keith
RATING: M this chapter (M- for implied abuse, implied suicidal thoughts, drug use. Overall fic is rated E.)



quiet constellations 

word count: 1520
notes: futurefic, compliant to 316, dreaming in ‘if onlys’ + established
a/n: i wrote this a million years ago in an attempted fix-it collaboration with @margueriitecaine. i thought about this today, rereading it, and still loved what i wrote. so i wanted to share it.

The cabin is dark, light slipping through the crack as she opens the door. She can see Bellamy tangled in their sheets, the golden expanse of his back illuminated by the moon. Leaving it open to guide herself towards the bed, Clarke eases herself onto the edge, sitting with her back to his sleeping form, barely allowing herself to relax.

“Clarke?” Bellamy stirs behind her.

She looks at her hands.

She feels the bed shift as he sits up.

“Where’d you go?” he asks, glancing over to her spot, now empty and cool to the touch.

Her heart hammers against her throat.

“We’ve been good for a long time now, haven’t we?”

Bellamy crawls towards her, settling right behind her back. His hands automatically circle her waist and pull her into his chest. Clarke tips her head back when his lips find the exposed skin on her shoulders.

“I just–” she starts, then stops with a frown. After a second she collects herself and says, “You’re not going anywhere, are you?”

It’s not really a question for him.

“Clarke, what is this about? Of course I’m not going anywhere. We’re not running anymore. None of us are.”

Clarke turns slightly, his lips near her temple.

“Everything was so much, all the time. But I’m here, with you, and I don’t feel like I’m carrying it all on my own anymore.” She squeezes her eyes shut, trying to combat the wave of emotions coming at her. “You’re the realest thing in my life.”

Bellamy tightens his embrace. “Clarke, a lot of real shit has happened. People we’ve loved, we’ve trusted, we’ve cared for, we’ve tried to protect– those people have died, or gotten hurt, or– or left.”

They don’t mention them by name.

Clarke slowly lifts her head, she’s barely on the bed at this point, Bellamy surrounding her. Getting to her feet and turning, Bellamy’s body chases her, finding the edge of the bed. He drops his feet to the ground, and Clarke remains in the cradle of his thighs.

His hands rest on her hips, looking up at her with wondering eyes, careful eyes.

Clarke’s hands cup his face, tracing his jaw, her thumb dipping into the dimple in his chin. His whole body radiates heat, like his whole being does. Everything about Bellamy is warmth. Her eyes finally find his, and it’s overwhelming. They see into hers, exposing every part of her. Every truth. Every insecurity. Every flaw. Every beautiful, broken thing.

Her brows knit together, thinking too hard.

“Stop thinking so lou–”

“I love you.”

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Quietus Chapter 50 - Sneak Peek

The bridge loomed ever closer, a beautiful, imposing structure carved intricately from stone. But it lacked any side railings, and as Sakura and Suigetsu set foot upon it, the sea deity realised right away that getting across was likely going to be a perilous venture. He had to carry Sakura. The Furies would have no reservations about driving her over the edge and chasing her down into the misty, bottomless chasm below.

But just as he moved to grab her, all three Erinyes abruptly rematerialized right before them, circling them in a frenzied whirlwind of shrieking fury. Suigetsu shouted out, briefly losing his balance. Sakura screeched, forced backward from the shock of their sudden appearance, and lost her footing, toppling toward the edge of the narrow bridge. The Furies broke from their circle and viciously surrounded her, tearing at her clothing and hair with the force of the air that accompanied their hurricane movements. Somehow they were able to damage the fabric without physically touching her with their claws. Sakura, alarmed, lost grip of Kusanagi, and shielded her head instinctively, protectively, screaming as the horrible, sanity-stealing voices raged mercilessly in her ears.


“Thisss shall be your tomb!”

“Damned isss your sssoul!”

“NO!” Sakura ground out through tightly grit teeth, beads of perspiration forming on her brow with the concentrated effort of trying to block the hellish voices out. “Get out… of my head…!”

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop their words from resonating inside her skull.

An angry yell split through the air, as Suigetsu retrieved Sasuke’s sword and lunged at where the Furies were moving in a cyclone of rage around Sakura. He stabbed at them with the blade, forcing them to briefly part, but they retaliated aggressively and quickly. Two of them dissipated into plumes of smoke as he attacked them with a combination of Sasuke’s blade and powerful waves of water, only to reappear, screaming with such force, that even the water deity’s ears were afflicted, and he momentarily lost sight of Sakura in the pandemonium the Furies caused.

That brief moment was all the third Erinye needed to assault a disorientated Sakura, who stumbled, lost her footing – and plummeted straight over the edge of the bridge, her ear-splitting scream echoing loudly in the hollow darkness.

“Shit! SAKURA!” Suigetsu’s stomach lurched as he immediately realised what had happened. With a snarl of frustration, he forced the Erinyes back with another powerful wave of rotating water, and raced forward, his eyes frantically seeking Sakura’s falling form in the bottomless abyss far below-

-only to find her clinging onto the underside of the bridge with a precariously glowing hand that looked like she’d channelled…

He blinked in surprise, briefly awe-struck.

Was that… chakra energy?

He didn’t have even a second to contemplate how she was doing it or to be impressed. He wasted no time in reaching down and grabbing her, hauling her back up onto the bridge – at the precise moment the Furies regrouped and charged at them again.

Suigetsu knelt with his back to Sakura, summoning a howling wall of water around them.

“Get on!” He shouted. Sakura, half-gasping, half-sobbing, crawled onto his back, gripping onto him as if her life depended on it. Immediately he launched forward, the defensive funnel of water continuing to rotate around them, warding the Furies back as Suigetsu transported them over the bridge as fast as his immortal legs could carry him. Gritting his teeth with resolve, he summoned another surge of flowing water that rose up from the ground and hopped onto it, riding it like a wave, allowing them much faster passage. He hadn’t wanted to resort to using too much of his abilities, because he needed to preserve chakra in case they ran into any further hiccups along the way. However, Suigetsu realised that the only real chance they had at escaping the vicious Furies and getting to the surface was for him to fully utilise the power of his element.

The Erinyes chased them tirelessly, their features terrible, contorted with cold wrath. Sakura’s stomach lurched as Suigetsu glided over the liquid flood he’d summoned, surfing left and right, taking sharp turns and rollercoaster circles that made her head spin. She briefly lost track of everything over the combined noise of the whirling force-field of water, the ear-splitting cries of the vengeful Furies and the throbbing of her head. When the world finally stopped revolving, she found that Suigetsu had drawn to a stop beside a pair of gargantuan, beautiful, intricately carved gates set between rock faces that seemed to tower up endlessly above them, disappearing into darkness. The gates were illuminated by a pair of large torches that blazed blue flame. Beyond the metal barrier was endless mist that billowed through the bars, freezing to the touch.

Sakura blinked dazedly as Suigetsu let her down, the magnitude of realisation hitting her as she spied the precise, thin slot set in a large, circular steel Uchiha crest, located in the middle of the gates. A slot meant for a sword.


Watch out for more sneak peeks coming soon! Hope this gets the excitement level rising again.. long wait is nearly over, dear readers! ;)

marauderswho  asked:

"Hey, I said stop!” Maybe fun Romione?

I had about a million ideas for this prompt before I landed on this one… turns out I’m also a sucker for HBP missing moments. I hope I delivered on your request for fun Romione! 💕


Hey, I Said Stop!

He’d praised himself on the idea to go swimming almost immediately. It was just the two of them - Ginny was up in her room writing a terribly long letter to Dean Thomas and Harry wasn’t arriving until tomorrow - and Ron quite liked having Hermione all to himself. Sure, his throat had gone a bit dry when he first saw her in her swimsuit, since it was rather more revealing than her Hogwarts robes, but he’d managed to recover from that and now it was just… nice. To be with her, to goof off in the pond behind the Burrow, and for once let themselves be the sixteen-year-olds that they were.

She was gathering her hair away from her neck, face tilted toward the July sun, as he snuck up behind her. For a moment he was distracted by her fingers wringing pond water out of his hair, but then he came to himself again and used one large hand to splash a wall of water onto her shoulders. Instantly she spun around, doing her best to look affronted even as she bit back laughter.

“That’s so rude, Ron,” she scolded him as the corners of her mouth twitched. “My back was turned, that’s not fair.”

“Yeah?” he smirked. “Well, as you’re facing this way now…”

Closing his fists tightly just under the surface of the water, he sent forceful jets of water directly into her face. She released a laughing shriek and backed away, attempting to splash him as she went.

"Stop!” she squealed, squeezing her eyes shut against the onslaught of water. She was still laughing, though, so he kept going, chasing her to the edge of the pond. “Hey, I said stop!”

Just as she spoke, he inadvertently fired another stream of water directly into her open mouth.

Pushing her hair out of her eyes, Hermione spat out her mouthful and glared at him. Ron, with a fist held up to his mouth, stifled a laugh. The problem, as he saw it, was that even when she was angry, he found her adorable.

"Sorry,” he chuckled, sloshing toward her. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to-” And then, before he could overthink it or stop himself he was hugging her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, her hair under his fingers.

Immediately Ron became brutally aware of just how much of their skin was touching and how he could still detect the scent of her hair through the pond water and how, most miraculously, she was hugging him back. She was hugging him back.

"Sorry,” he muttered again. “I wasn’t… aiming, I promise.”

“It’s okay.” Her breath was warm on his neck as she spoke, sending a shiver racing down his spine. The water around them suddenly felt very warm and Ron’s lungs seemed to have ceased function and her fingertips still dug into his back-

“Ron!” His mum’s voice, magically amplified, filled his ears and he jumped away from Hermione. “Lunch is ready, dear.”

“Well, let’s go,” said Hermione, suddenly sensible.

Ron nodded, feeling the playful vibe of the morning slip irretrievably away from him, and turned to climb out of the pond. He had just taken a step when a massive wave poured over his back, shocking him into a sort of paralysis.

Behind him sounded satisfied laughter, and he peered over his shoulder to see Hermione, knee-deep in the pond, hands on her hips, wearing the biggest grin he’d ever seen.


you can find more four word prompts here!


Always Dreaming wins Kentucky Derby 143

It was the Derby where it was often said a longshot had a chance because so many questions remained about the field, including the top contenders. Off as the favorite himself, Always Dreaming, a son of Bodemeister by Empire Maker gave us the right answer to those questions with a convincing victory of 2 ¾ lengths over a track rated “wet fast”.

Fractions: :223, :462, 1:11, 1:371, 2:032

Always Dreaming gives trainer Todd Pletcher his second Grade 1 Kentucky Derby win and jockey Johnny Velazquez his second Derby win as well. Always Dreaming has now won four races in a row, his previous race being his graded debut in the G1 Florida Derby.

Lookin At Lee was second, Battle of Midway was third, and Classic Empire fourth.

Always Dreaming was the fifth favorite in a row to win the Kentucky Derby, but Lookin At Lee and Battle of Midway helped boost the exotics. The $2 exacta paid $336.20, the $1 trifecta $8,297.70, and the $1 superfecta was paid $75,974.50.

Patch and Thunder Snow update

So notes the official chart: “PATCH chased off the rail, edged up between rivals leaving the far turn, was checked and bounced around with GIRVIN near the five sixteenths causing him to lose any chance and came up empty.”

“THUNDER SNOW (IRE) was extremely rank and bucked hard nearly unseating his rider in the opening sixteenth, was pulled up and walked off.”

Complete order of finish and press conference video below.

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Hi can I ask for #4 kiss prompt w/ oikawa? Ty~

Aah! One of my fave baes!!! 

Prompt:  4) speaking normally, then after the kiss their voice is hoarse

Yet another volleyball was served, the sounds of it hitting the floor at an inhuman force echoed around the gym.

You sat on the bench as your boyfriend repeated this process over and over. It had been over an hour since everyone else on the team had left, but Oikawa, and, by extension, you stayed behind. Not that your boyfriend knew that.

He grabbed another volleyball from the basket and took a set number of steps back. His eyes remained closed as he tried to concentrate, breathing in and out slowly. After a few seconds, his eyes snapped open. Oikawa tossed the ball up, chasing it edge of the court before slamming down on it as hard as he could.

Just like the last time, it was out of the court.

“Dammit! Why can’t I…”

Huffing harder than usual, Oikawa was turning to get another ball when he finally noticed you. The shock of seeing you caused him to jump slightly and do a double take.

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Vincent and Cerberus in DoC

So while poring meticulously over screen caps with @exsiliumductoris​, I just noticed something interesting about Vincent and Cerberus in DoC. Namely, when he is armed with it and when he is not.

Well first of all, the first thing I noticed is that in CGI animation they have the holstered Cerberus facing grip outward or grip forward, and on the gameplay model and cutscenes featuring it, they have the grip facing backward (as it should be on a thigh holster on the same side of his body as the hand he shoots it with).

^ Puppies facing down/toward the back of his body (the dog heads are the sights on the top of his gun, so the grip would be facing in the opposite direction)

^ puppies facing upward/toward the front of his body (meaning the grip is facing back)

^ and in this scene the grip is just straight up perpendicular to his body, flapping all around (though maybe it’s meant to be pointing forward and is literally just flapping too much because he’s running)

Now considering the shenanigans going on with Zack and Buster Sword in CC (i.e., he holds it facing one way in cutscenes and another in battle—yep, go check it out!), this isn’t entirely surprising, because why on earth would separate departments of Squeenix’s modeling and animation teams actually communicate with each other about details??

What IS interesting, though, is that while hunting for more inconsistencies like this, I noticed there are some times when Vincent is NOT wearing his holster/gun at all:

  • Every time he visits Lucrecia’s cave, whether he’s dreaming it or not.
  • The opening scene when he’s lounging on his hotel bed in Kalm.

At first I noticed the scene in Kalm and thought this was a continuity error, because as we know he is very suddenly disrupted by Kalm coming under attack immediately after this and jumps out his window shooting at things. But actually, there’s about a minute or so during which we’re shown Deepground attacking Kalm and not Vincent, and when we return to Vincent again he’s crouching in the window and holding his gun.

So here he is definitely without his gun at 07:19 (and by the way we know his cellphone is sitting on the table nearby from an establishing shot immediately preceding this)

One second later, he hears the missiles and turns his head.

And here’s the next time we see him, at 08:04, holding his gun. (We also know he has collected his phone from the table, because he jumps out the window then uses it later without ever returning to the hotel room, which is destroyed seconds after this shot.)

So, idk, there’s just a neat little tidbit in which we can presume that Vincent spent the 45 seconds in between hearing the missiles incoming and actually taking action going “oh shit where’s my gun, where’s my phone, where’s my keys, DID I TURN OFF THE TV??”

Also, did he like get in, go “ugh I can’t wait to take this damn holster off but I’m gonna leave my shoes on and chill” or what? (We briefly speculated that maybe his entire body is a prosthetic and Vincent is in fact just a head and this is why he’s always fully dressed at all times. >.> )

But okay, onto the actual possibly meaningful observation here:

^ This is from the opening animation, which is either a dream or a memory. Maybe he was actually physically at the cave at some point and is reflecting back on that time while sitting on the bed, or maybe he’s just totally only there in his head. (I have thoughts about both possibilities but I’ll leave it out of this post for current irrelevance.) He’s not wearing his gun or holster.

^ This is from the next time that he imagines being in Lucrecia’s cave, after he transforms into Chaos in Edge, chases Rosso away, passes out, and Shalua collects him and brings him to the WRO. In reality, his body is currently unconscious in Shalua’s lab, but in his head this is where he is and he’s unarmed.

^ This is where he currently is in reality, and it’s easier to tell when seeing this animated but Shalua left his gun and holster on him when she put him in there.

^ So here’s the next time that we see him dreaming of being in Lu’s cave. It’s hard to tell because of the soft lighting effects and blur but I’m pretty sure he’s still without his holster. This is after Rosso takes the Protomateria from his chest and Yuffie saves him (Vincent gets rescued by women a lot, I love it), so right now his body is in the Shadowfox van and Yuffie left him armed as well:

The next time we see him taking a spirit trip to Lu’s cave is when her data fragments crash into him when Shelke brings him the Protomateria. This one’s interesting:

Holster, but no gun! He’s literally wearing his empty holster, in his head. (Why??) This is the only time we ever see him with an empty holster when he’s not holding his gun in his hand, I think. (Idk, maybe they just goofed? I mean the way his hand is there looks like maybe they just used his “Vincent is currently holding his gun in his hand” model and just took the gun out and really didn’t bother adjusting his hand joints at all, which probably don’t have articulated fingers anyway.)

This is what Vincent’s doing currently in the real world:

Which, granted, doesn’t use a holster anyway, as Chaos!Vincent prefers to just materialize Death Penalty out of thin air:

And the next and last time that we see Vincent visit Lu’s cave is arguably the only time we actually seeing him do so in reality and not just in his head, and it’s at the end of the game, after the credits roll. There’s no good angle of his right hip/thigh while he’s actually inside the cave except maybe this one:

But if we are to assume continuity then this shot of him outside the cave with Shelke seconds later tells us he is not wearing his holster:

So, this one is particularly interesting because he actually went there physically in person and is unarmed, and idk but that just seems like a strange choice for Vincent Valentine. We know that this cave is in a remote location deep in the mountains, so did he travel there unarmed? If so, where did he leave his gun and why would he make that journey without his weapon?

Did he take it with him but he purposely takes it off when he goes inside the cave? Why? Does he leave it outside in some kind of show of respect or squeamishness about Lucrecia “seeing” him armed?

Or does he take it into the cave with him and then take it off for comfort purposes, like he seems to have done while lounging on his hotel bed in Kalm? Like, “Well I’m going to be here for a while and I’m not ‘on’ at the moment so I might as well make myself comfortable”?

Did he lose Cerberus when he lost Chaos? Why? And why his holster with it? (For the record, I’m leaning toward “no” on this one, but I suppose there’s no proof against it.)

Now, I didn’t scour every second of ACC and DoC, but I did scrub through both movies a bit and look for other scenes in which it might make particular sense for him to be unarmed, but I didn’t find any. This tells me two things:

  1. This was done on purpose. Like, they didn’t just forget to add his gun in to these scenes. They made a conscious decision to leave it out.
  2. This was purposely linked to Vincent specifically being in Lucrecia’s cave and his room in Kalm and apparently not anywhere else.

And keep in mind that they couldn’t even bother to give Hojo a second model in which he’s young or a Lucrecia a third model in which she’s pregnant but for some reason they went out of their way to give Vincent a “no gun or holster” model (and even a “holster but no gun” model) exclusively for use in scenes in which he is sitting in Lucrecia’s cave.

So that’s today’s Analysis By Ravy and I’d love to hear any thoughts anyone else might have on this curious but seemingly purposeful bit of Vincent behavior, or if anyone else can spot other scenes in which he’s unarmed and not a Turk or transformed.