chase edgings

Annabeth: Good job, guys. Now if Leo and Percy would finally get back, we could find out what they’ve done.

Piper: Oh, I can tell you what they’ve done. Zero, zip, zilch. I’m forgetting something. Oh, yeah, goose egg!

Percy: Guys, look! Smoke!

Annabeth: A campfire.

Leo: This monster builds campfires?

Annabeth: Give me the “Valdez serves a purpose” speech again. Quickly?

Leo: Yeah! I’ve only heard the “Valdez is idiot” speech, which is also very good.

Percy: Okay.

Leo: Okay, or you don’t have to.

Percy Watches Moana
  • Annabeth: *calls Piper at 3 in the morning*
  • Piper: Annabeth what in tartarus
  • Annabeth: help me please
  • Piper: okay what's going on
  • Annabeth: I let Percy watch Moana
  • Piper: ...
  • Piper: oh no
  • Percy: *in the distance* I'VE BEEN STARING AT THE EDGE OF THE WATER
Frost (Chap Fourteen)

You guys. This chapter. I love it. NSFW but ugh I love it.
Can’t wait to hear what you think.
OH AND THE END I cannot wait to hear what you guys think of the little twist I added!!!


Enjoy the hell out of this :)

Tony was in awe of Loki.

He had never seen anything so beautiful in his life.

Inky black hair spread across the pillows. Dark blue skin that looked nearly black in the shadows, then glowed when the fire danced over it.

He was warm. Tony knew the tingle in his fingertips was all he could feel of the shocking cold he knew was rolling off of Loki’s body, but all he could feel was the heat he was buried in, the life pouring from the strong heartbeat beneath his palm.

Loki was beautiful, every gasp and moan from his lips, every tremble when Tony moved just right, the way he reached for Tony like he would be lost without him.

And those red eyes that sparked and snapped as Loki’s pleasure spiraled upwards.

All of him was just so…beautiful. All the words Tony knew, the languages he could speak, and somehow there was the only one word that said it all.


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Sam Winchester

Summary:  Sam Winchester and you get trapped together.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 465

Warnings: smutty

A/N:  So, I had this dream…

Unbetaed, so apologies for any mistakes.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

The rumors were true.  Well, mostly.  Sam Winchester is tall, but also a lot more intimidating than you’d imagined.

He’s sharper too; more edge to him than you’d heard. Of course, it could be the way he’s looking down at you; all predation.  The two of you managed to get locked into a storage closet after realizing you were both hunting the same creature.

There’s a moment of strained silence, where you keep moving closer to each other, then his large, rough hands find your hips and pull you in.  Bodies pressing into one another; straining to touch at any point.  Lips joining as if the air your lungs crave can be found in each other.

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Smitten Kitten (Chapter Eleven)

Steve and Tony bond.


Enjoy some fluff and light smut :)


“How you doing big guy?” Clint clapped Bucky on the shoulder and flopped onto the couch next to him.

“Not good.” The soldier bit out. “They’ve been in there for hours.”

“I imagine this is difficult for you.” Wanda said sympathetically, and left Visions lap to sit on Bucky’s other side, encouraging him to lay down with his head on her legs. He sighed, but took the offer of comfort and she worked her fingers through his hair slowly. “I cannot imagine sharing my mate with anyone.”

“There is no need to ever worry about that.” Vision pressed a light kiss to her lips as he passed and Wanda smiled up at him, then down in sympathy at Bucky.

“It is good of you, to allow Steve to bond with him first. Sweet of you.”

“Gentler.” Bucky grunted. “Just our nature. Wolf bonding leaves bruises, didn’t want him hurting for Steve. We cant both take him at the same time, not the first time, so have to take turns.”

“You are a darling for that.” Her accented voice soothed him, and Bucky felt himself start to relax a little, closing his eyes.

“Is he alright?” Natasha asked quietly and Clint shrugged.

“I’ve never had to wait while my mate bonded with another shifter, so I can’t really say.”

“Mmm.” Natasha nodded in agreement and kissed him long and slow, trailing her fingers over his jaw. “Come to bed with me mate. I’m ready for a nap.”

“Hey guys.” Clint jumped to his feet. “I’m gonna go um– you know what? I don’t actually need an excuse. You’ve all seen Tasha. See you in a few hours. Bucky, stay strong man.”

“Bucky, remember what we talked about.” Natasha warned, and he nodded.

“Either one of us hurts Tony, or makes the bonding difficult for him, you’ll set us on fire. Yeah, I got it.”

“Good.” she bared her teeth in a snarl.

“Leave him alone.” Wanda reprimanded. “This is difficult enough without you threatening bodily harm.” Bucky groaned and buried his head further in Wanda’s lap. “Poor thing.” She whispered. “I will stay here with you as long as takes.”

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writing prompts

Here’s a few rp/writing prompts that I was thinking about but am too lazy to write myself. Feel free to use them as you please! (If you post it somewhere, though, send me a link so I can check it out!)

1.       Person A has a super-power, Person B finds out and tries to convince Person A to be a superhero, but Person A would rather keep living a normal life. Person B is really insistent.

2.       Person A wants to learn how to play an instrument, but finds it really hard to focus when their teacher is damn, so hot.

3.       Person A steals Person B’s spaceship, and Person B is determined to chase them to the edge of the galaxy to get the ship back.

4.       In a soulmate AU in which you have a tattoo for the day you will meet your soulmate and another one for the day they will die, person A has only one tattoo.

5.       They are both actors and they love to share their romance on social media.

6.       They want to get a divorce, but they can’t decide who will keep their cat. A lawyer is involved and everything. They fight around the cat so much it runs away. While uniting forces to find their beloved cat, they realize they still have feelings for each other.

7.       During a road trip with friends, Person A’s car breaks. The group decided to stay the night in a nearby motel, where Person A meets Person B, a weirdo who says there’s aliens in the desert and that they’re running out of time. They might be just drunk. Or not.

8.       Trapped with Person B in an elevator, Person A takes a board game from their backpack and invites them to play. The whole thing is very weird but kind of relaxing.

9.       Person B haunts Person A’s house. Person A is tired of feeling scared and starts treating Person B like a pet.

10.   Person A calls an uber and their driver is their ex. It’s a bit of a long drive and they finally get to say some things to each other that they had been avoiding saying.

I’m okay, I’m good

“Okay, okay, okay, okay,” Philip chants. “Okay, okay.”

Lukas is behind him and arms are tight around Philip’s middle, but Philip still shakes more than he wants to. They’re in the shallow end of the pool and he keeps trying to tell himself it’s just like the tub, which he likes. But he can’t reach out and touch the ceramic walls, and despite Lukas’s close proximity, he isn’t surrounding him in the same way he does in the tub.

Philip tries to remind himself that this pool is nothing like the pool from his childhood where it happened. Completely different. It’s inside, way smaller, and there are only two other people here, an old couple hanging onto the edge in the deep end. He thinks that’s why Lukas picked it, because it’s calm and away from all the insanity of the rest of the gym. No kids.

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The sleeveless dress, the armless
chair, my fingers chase the edge of
abandon. A hope chest stored in my
heuristic heart owns quiet wings,
humble familiars, roots of comfort
entangled with my pulse. A gravity
surreal, dust lumbered, the pollen
of my weeks poised and prevalent.
Sweet song of silent repose, dangling
petals from the bough of my hauteur
favour. The zenith of my fate befallen,
ivory tower of naught, a cloistered
mind’s lofty occupation, skimming
the surface for sapient channels,
practicing riddles beneath the stone.

broken street lights through finger smudged windows. i couldn’t sleep and if the ceiling had come falling down i don’t think i would’ve noticed but in a good way. one night i kissed a girl with a hummingbird heart beating too fast and eyes that chased me to the edge of the world. actually maybe i didn’t kiss her but maybe i should have and maybe that was the first time it occurred to me that some girls are the beginning of summer when they look at you.

she was the sort of candy that’s sour but don’t get me wrong i mean it in the very best way. like her eyes crinkled around the corners like her leg twitched when she was nervous like she always said she was scared of people but dear god she scared me. scratch that i didn’t know how to breathe with her. or without her. so i guess i was screwed from the beginning.

we whispered secrets and watched them dance around like smoke rings. she asked me my first kiss and i told her about a dare in the fifth grade and others since and she had eyes like cornflower blue like the tip of a swiss army knife like when her lips met mine it was not the first time but it was the first that mattered.

looking at her was like living inside a photograph. like clumsy hands. like christmas lights. oh but kissing her was like galaxies spinning. like summer storms. kissing her was opening a door and knowing you’re home.