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Oh, it's Tuesday! Spoils thought: George and Ben play wrestling. Ben plays dirty for sure, but mostly George gets him pinned. Sometimes he lets his little husband win, though. (They both won in the end).

George loved to play wrestle with Ben. A little chase around their chambers was the start, until George finally wrapped his arm around Ben’s middle and pinned him to the bed. Then the giggling would start, and Ben would shriek and protest as George let him try to break the hold. He was feisty, George gave him that. Not afraid to push as hard as he could.

And every so often that deserved it’s own reward, where George would let his grip slacken, and Ben wriggle free. Let him take him by surprise and straddle him. Let Ben pin his wrists above his head and declare himself the winner, smile wide and triumphant. How beautiful he looked in moments like those. George always admired Ben with a healthy glow and red cheeks, panting, plump lips pressed into a glorious smile.

“You’re losing your touch, old man” Ben laughed, wiggling his hips over George’s cock. George smiled, his breath still escaping him.

“You’re stronger than you look.”
How Chevy Chase’s Bad Attitude Led to Home Alone
History could have changed completely if he‘d only been nice to Chris Columbus.
By Katey Rich

Thanks to Chevy Chase we can all enjoy these GIFs

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