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Casual affair

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected sex, cursing, casual dirty talking? 

Summary: A casual thing becomes regular, there’s one rule only: No strings attached.

A/N: Inspired in P!ATD’s Casual Affair. A lot of sex comes under the cut. Feedback is love, feedback is life.

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Hey, a casual affair
that could go anywhere
and only for tonight

You looked around you and prayed for the door to not creak as it tended to do. You sneaked inside and the sight made you smile wickedly. The God of Mischief was lying on his bed with the light of his side table on and a grin that matched yours.

In a split second, and by means of his magic you thought, he was already overpowering you and keeping you in place between the cold door and his also cold body. His breath brushed your lips, and his emerald-green eyes pierced all the way to your soul.

“I’ve missed you, princess” he growled, keeping his mouth just millimeters away from yours, “so, so much…”

“Why keeping me waiting, then?” You retorted.

He snickered mischievously, and what you thought was going to be rough, was completely gentle. His lips pressed against your own and his hands moving along the curves of your frame were soft and they lingered on your skin as if they didn’t want to let you go. You felt him sighing in joy when he found an uncovered spot of skin.

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Aerial view looking north of Lower Manhattan’s Financial DIstrict skyscrapers. Spring, 1970. The Twin Towers of World Trade Center under construction are on left. Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers with Empire State Building can be visible above, background.

Photo: Laurence Lowry-Rapho Guillumette.

Source: Yves Pélicier, Francisco Alonso-Fernández. “Enciclopedia de la Psicología y la Pedagogía. Vol. 4”. Madrid-París. Sedmay-Lidis. 1979

rick probably never WOULD but imagine a pjo theme park 

  • a ride o’ love flume ride 
  • arena battles for entertainment, with mr. d as the presenter who sits in the chair (kinda like medieval times set up) 
  • you can get nectar in one of those cool collectible cups with the giant bendy straw and it has like a bunch of different characters to collect 
  • cabin specific merchandise 
  • a drakon roller coaster 
  • one of those theatrical rides where you sit down and get moved around and the screen plays in front of you - percy, annabeth, and tyson’s ride into the sea of monsters and getting swallowed by charybdis 
  • little greek myth facts littered throughout the parks written by Rick and put on plaques, or just like little commentary on a plaque in front of a statue of apollo: “do you see this? it’s me! that scary annabeth lady got someone to make it! ha, fantastic!" 
  • a hall of demigods "designed” by annabeth chase, that is a building filled with famous demigods and history and artifacts, like a little museum 
  • you can get ambrosia squares at a bake shop filled with demigod themed desserts 
  • the dam snack shop 
  • a hydra roller coaster 
  • a blackjack roller coaster, where before it starts, blackjack’s voice goes “ready to go, boss?” on the speaker 
  • another theatrical ride where they’re all escaping from luke and they use daedalus’ wings to fly 
  • chb merchandise 
  • idt Rick would want to hire face characters to walk around the park for any of his characters but i think it’d be more like the hp theme park where u see durmstrang students, so like maybe chb campers and cj campers 

there’s a lot more i can think about and a lot of the themes in the books are serious and not all fun and games but the age group for this series is middle schoolers and i think they’d like a theme park like this

MARK | “Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.”

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Mark |  Drabble

req; no. 13 and mark pls ♥

Drabble Prompt: 13. “Meet me on the roof in ten minutes

AN: i got carried away lol

After spending hours practising for your groups upcoming comeback, you sat against the practice room’s wall scrolling on your phone. A few Dream members entered the room to begin their practice. Along with them was Mark, who didn’t realise you were still in the room. 

For some reason he was behaving oddly, being more distant than he usually is. The other Dream members acknowledged your existence, it was only him who didn’t really bother saying hi. You stayed a little while and just as you were about to leave, a few 127 members entered. Naturally, you smiled. The elder members treated you like a sibling of theirs, you screamed “DOYOUNG!” and ran into his arms, wrapping your arms around him. “Y/N!” he mimicked your voice and laughed as he held you tightly, gently swaying you in his arms.

Mark who was mid conversation with Jaehyun, who made a joke about an event that happened in the dorms last night, turned his head at the sound of your voice calling someone who wasn’t him. He felt a little sulky as he loved both you and Doyoung yet neither of you hugged him. Jaehyun noticed Mark’s little pout, “Jealous are we?” he teased the younger. “No.” Mark snapped, the speed and harshness of his voice caused Jaehyun to laugh and ruffle Mark’s hair.

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Aerial view looking north of Lower Manhattan’s Financial District, in spring, 1969, showing the new skyscrapers that be changing the local skyline.

Left, the landfill that will be used by Battery Park City’s proyect and the steel skeleton of World Trade Center’s North Tower (1 WTC. Minoru Yamasaki & Associates-Emery Roth & Sons, 1973) began to rises behind Art Deco’s Dowtown Athletic Club (Starret & Van Vleck, 1930) red tower.

Center, above Battery Park are the new 40-story black-glass and aluminum negro del One Battery Park Plaza (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970) under construction with the new Seamen’s Church Institute (Eggers & Higgins, 1968) tower. Above can be seen the Wall Street’s area skyscrapers with Irving Trust (Voorhees, Gemelin & Walker, 1931), Marine Midland Trust (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1967), One Chase Manhattan Plaza (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1961) and 40 Wall Street (Henry Craig Severance-Yasuo Matsui, 1930) buildings.

Right, next Staten Island ferry terminal, are 50-story 1 New York Plaza (William Lescaze & Associates-Kahn & Jacobs, 1969) under construction with the Manufacturers Hanover Trust  Building(4 New York Plaza. Carson, Lundin & Shaw, 1968) and excavation works for future 2 New York Plaza (Kahn & Jacobs, 1971) and 55 Water Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970-1972) buildings. Above are Art Deco’s City Bank Farmers Trust (Cross & Cross, 1931) and Cities Service (Clinton & Russell, 1932) towers with the modern 80 Pine Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1960) and the cluster of new buildings under construction: 77 Water Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970), 95 Wall Street Building (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970), 100 Wall Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1969) y and 130 John Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970). Next East River’s docks are First National City Bank (Emery Roth & Sons, 1968) y 120 Wall Street (Ely Jacques Kahn, 1930) buildings.

Photo: Ralph Amdursky.

Source: Hornby. “Photographing America. Know the Land and the People …through Photography”. New York. Crown Publishers, Inc. 1976.

Shuffle the Deck

For a while now I’ve had a very docile plot bunny about a Happier Star Wars AU, the basic premise being what if the order of Qui-Gon’s Padawans got switched up and everyone was better off because of it. Until yesterday I’d never written a word of this plot bunny, but last night this one scene grabbed hold of me and demanded to be written.  There’s a whole story built up before and after this scene, but I’ve tried to make it clear enough to stand by itself, since I’ll probably never get around to writing the rest of the story.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@quiobiweek, this is probably the closest I’ll come to having a contribution for this week. If background QuiObi counts, let me know and I’ll add this to the AO3 Collection.

~ and now, a snippet:

Anakin keeps his face all but plastered to the window as the shuttle flies from the Senate Rotunda to the Jedi Temple.  From the seat beside him, Padawan du Crion leans over Anakin’s shoulder and points out various landmarks as they travel through the skies of Coruscant.  The young Jedi has an endless stream of stories, whether of criminals he has chased into this building or that canyon, or where the best local diners can be found for a meal during an illicit trip to the underlevels of the great city-planet.

(mobile users, there’s a cut here)

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↳ To fall in love again―or maybe not.

genre: angst, fluff | soulmate!au

pairing: taehyung | reader + bodyguard!namjoon

words: 8,250

There was something strange about today, you didn’t know if it was good or bad but it did make you feel uneasy. It was like something was tugging at your stomach as you arrived at your father’s business with Namjoon.

“I’m being serious we have to be careful,”you told your mother, who was mocking you. Thankfully your bodyguard, Namjoon, did listen to your worries and stuck with the two of you, looking around every step you took.

“Ah, maybe it’s because you’re going to finally meet your soulmate. It’s about time, you’re getting old,”she teased as she pushed the button to the elevator.

You furrowed your eyebrows and crossed your arms but the question did make you wonder, could it be? Everyone found their soulmates in various ways; some people dream about them, others have their name written on their wrist, there are some that read each other’s mind. But none of these options applied to you making you wonder if your soulmate was still alive or not.

You looked to your left and saw Namjoon’s wrist that he had covered, his soulmate’s name crossed out indicating they were no longer alive. You sighed,”I’ll survive if I don’t find them.” You’ve lived 25 years without them and you were perfectly fine just the way you are right now. The elevator doors opened, the two bodyguards walked out first before you and your mother could.

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Alpha!Brett x Reader

~ Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Word count: 1 462


It was with doubt and a slight ounce of regret you walked through the main entrance at the Animal Clinic. You and Brett had been asked to meet up with both of your old packs to discuss the future and Deaton had offered the clinic as a safe space for you to talk.

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The 64-story Chase Manhattan Bank world headquarters building. One Chase Manhattan Plaza, between Nassau, William, Pine and Liberty Streets. Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, architect. 1957-1961. View looking northwest from William and Pine streets. Summer, 1970.

Photo: Unknown

Source: “La Economía Mundial”. Biblioteca Salvat de Grandes Temas. Vol. 35. Barcelona, Salvat, 1973.

Auntie June Came Early (Male Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: All Male Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warning: Period time~


Request: I love your blog! You are an amazing writer, I love the way you describe situations! Id like to ask one shot where the reader is in her days and Nat and Wanda are away, and the male avengers got nuts because they think she might be in a lot of pain and overprotect her and dont let her do anything, not even move, and she complain about the pain just once and they all freak out and she thinks is hilarious! Xoxoxo

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You’re period was due next week, but because of a series of unfortunate events, you woke up with blood on your bed sheets. You groaned, getting out of bed and changing your sheets, before going into the group chat you had set up with the girls while searching for pads to tell them you had started bleeding early.

However it seemed you picked the wrong group chat and accidentally sent the message to all of the Avengers.

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#8 - “I mean, there’s no way you could be Spider-Man, right?” PART TWO (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: You make an attempt to guilt-trip your boyfriend into telling you the truth about his superhero identity after he lied to you about it last week. What happens next is meta.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: Yep!

Warnings: Guilt-tripping, mentions to guilt.

A/N: I am so glad you guys liked the first part to this imagine. I had so much fun writing it, as I did with this second part, so I hope you love this one just as much!



Peter flicks through his chemistry textbook as you lie watching the television in front of you. You feel as though he’s only here to say that he’s seen you, and perhaps that’s your fault. Ever since you were discharged from hospital, things have just been difficult for you. You’ve been told you can’t go back to school until the doctor tells you it’s okay to do so, and your parents have pretty much put you under house arrest. It makes seeing Peter and your friends a little more difficult, and it gives you way too much time to think; time to think about all of the little white lies Peter has told you in the past; time to think about how you knew there was something fishy was going on but you were too much of a push-over to call him out for it; time to think about how your boyfriend used your injury and fear to manipulate you into believing you “imagined” things.

You’re struggling to forgive him for lying to you, but the problem is, he doesn’t know that you know he’s lying to you. And even if you told him you know, he would yet again tell you you’re just confused, shooting you down once again. You don’t know much about relationships and how they’re supposed to work, but you’re sure this isn’t it.

“…do you think Spider-Man has a girlfriend?” You suddenly question, deciding that after a week of asking him if he was Spider-Man is long enough before you can mention him again.

Peter takes his attention away from his book for a moment and looks at you, before narrowing his eyes in response. “How am I supposed to know?”

You shrug, “I wasn’t asking if you knew, I was asking if you thought he had a girlfriend. There is a difference.”

“Well, do you?” He responds, throwing the question over to you to answer.

You sigh, “I don’t know. I hope so, but I hope she’s nice. He doesn’t deserve someone who…well, who wasn’t nice?”

“I’m sure his girlfriend is lovely, if he has one.” Peter replies without taking his eyes away from his textbook.

You bite your lip, hoping to get a little more out of him. Whilst a large part of you knows he is lying to you, there is still that small part of you that wants to believe what he told you is true – that you were just hallucinating. It wouldn’t be so unbelievable…but, him being Spider-Man would make so much more sense to you, and that’s something you can’t ignore.

“I hope he isn’t lying to her though.” You continue, watching Peter’s reaction.

His eyes lift from the page he is reading and focus on the floor in front of him, indicating that he’s trying to think really carefully about what he says next.

“I’m sure whatever decisions he makes in his life, he is making them because he thinks they’re the right ones.” He reassures.

“But what if they’re not the right decisions?” You push.

He still refuses to look at you, but you can tell by the way he’s biting his lip that he’s growing slightly irritated.

“I mean, having a boyfriend that lies about anything is bad enough…but finding out he’s lying about being a superhero? That’s even worse, don’t you think? I mean, it’s HUGE.” You deliberately pressure him, “…it’s definitely means for a break up.”

His body suddenly jolts as he places his text book on his lap and gazes at the wall ahead of him, “You think so?”

“Yeah!” You say enthusiastically, trying to sound as subtle as possible. “I mean, say, you were Spider-Man like I thought you were in my confused state. I would want to know something like that.”

“You would?” He enquires, curiously, obviously playing with the idea of me knowing his secret.

You nod, “Totally. For a lot of reasons.”

You sit up carefully and face him, alerting him to pay attention to you.

“I mean, I would understand your hesitation to tell me would be because he would want to protect me. You know what they say, the more you know the more likely you’ll get hurt? I guess that would be the angle you’d be coming from, so I wouldn’t begrudge you of that.” You begin to explain, wanting him to know that if he does come clean to you, you will be more understanding than he might think. However, you don’t want him thinking that you’d just roll-over and accept his betrayal.

“But all it would really prove to me, is that you don’t really trust me as much as I thought, or that you don’t respect me or this relationship enough to share everything with me, you know? I am completely open and honest with you about everything because I feel totally comfortable and safe with you knowing everything there is to know about me, so it would be a massive slap in the face if you couldn’t do the same with me.”

You notice the expression on his face has gone from consideration to sadness, as if the thought of me thinking that he thinks that of me has hurt him. For all you feel bad, you need him to know this, because you also need him to know how you feel for him.

“But, I’d also want to know because I think Spider-Man’s awesome and he’s fought with the Avengers which makes him even more awesome!” You smile, deciding to put a light-hearted spin on the conversation. “Plus, I once saw this movie with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone where Andrew’s character needed a cut on his chest bandaged so he went to Emma’s character to do it, and I just thought that was super cute and now I kinda want to do it in real-life!”

A small smile on his face appears. “But seeing as you’re not him and I would hate for you to get hurt like that – speaking from experience – I guess I’ll just have to give that one a miss, huh?”

He nods ever so slightly, as you give him a small peck on the lips, before flopping back down onto the sofa bed to watch some more television.

Peter goes back to reading through his textbook, but you can tell he’s feeling agitated as he can’t seem to sit still as he reads. Perhaps you went the wrong way about it, but you couldn’t think of another way. You’re pretty much confined to your house and your garden so you can’t go out looking for the answer, and you have no way of contacting Spider-Man himself, which is the only other way you could think of doing it.

A few moments pass, and you hear an unfamiliar ringtone go off. It’s a weird tune to a song you remember hearing in a film once, not that you can remember the name of the film or anything. Peter immediately jolts from his position and checks his phone, stopping the ringtone and shoving the phone back into his bag. He leaps up and begins scrambling his notes together, throwing them into his textbook and putting them in his backpack. You watch him, knowing why he is getting so flustered.

“Urgh…I…um…I gotta go.” He stutters.

You furrow your eyebrows, “So soon? You only just got here.”

“I know, babe, I know.” He coos, kissing my forehead. “But Aunt May’s been bugging me to do my chores since I got out of bed this morning. If I don’t go now she’s messaged me, she’ll skin me alive.”

“Slight exaggeration there, Peetie?” You grin.

He rolls his eyes, “Yeah, look, I gotta go. See ya, love ya, bye!”

And with a slam of the door, he’s gone.


“Are you just sleeping down here tonight?” Your Dad asks you before he leaves the room.

You nod, “If that’s okay?”

He smiles, “Of course, sweetie. Whatever makes my little angel happy.”

You smile back to him as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead and leaves the room. You turn the volume down on the television knowing that your parents are on their way to bed, as you flick onto the news station to see today’s events.

“Spider-Man has stopped a bank robbery in Manhattan. The event unfolded late in the evening and took over an hour for the webbed wonder to get all of the hostages out of the building before chasing the suspects throughout the city. The suspects are now in police custody. Here’s Eddie with more.” You listen to the newsreader.

You sigh. You promised yourself you wouldn’t let this bring you down too much. You were sure that the conversation you had with Peter today would have been enough to encourage him to tell the truth, but seeing as he hasn’t done so, the relationship seems pretty much doomed. How are you meant to be with a guy who will lie to your face about something as big as this? You just don’t know if it’s possible anymore.

You switch the television off, and decide to read a book your mother got you from the store in the hospital. You normally do this when you’re beginning to wind down as reading before bed often tires you out more, but tonight you’re doing it because it’s easier for you to pretend to exist in the fictional world of the book than be slapped with the reality of existing in the real world.

You’re just about dropping off, when you’re startled by a knock on the door. You look at your phone and check the time: 11:56pm. Who the hell is knocking on the door at this time of night?

You climb out of the sofa bed, and you hear one of your parent’s moving around upstairs. “It’s okay, I’ll get it!!” You shout up, letting them know you’ll take care of it.

You turn the key in the lock and open the door. You stare back at the person looking back at you for a moment and convince yourself you must be dreaming. You’re still living in that fictional world. You close the door in their face.

It’s not until you take a few steps away from the door that you realise you aren’t dreaming. This is real, and that was Spider-Man at your front door. Your eyes widen for a moment, before you leap back to the door and re-open it. He’s still stood there, proudly in his suit, bunch of roses in-hand and backpack slung over his shoulders. You can’t help the smile that forms on your face as you stare back at him in awe.

“Who is it, sweetheart?” Your mom shouts downstairs.

Your instincts immediately kick in as you drag “Spider-Man” inside and push him into the living room, closing the door behind him. Your mom appears at the top of the stairs, “Who was it, sweetheart?”

You gulp, “Erm…no-one, it must have just been a kid thinking he was being funny. It’s okay, you can go back to bed. I’m fine.”

She looks at you suspiciously for a moment, before nodding. “Okay lovie, good night.”

“You too.”

The second you can no longer hear her footsteps on the floorboards above you, you return to your exciting visitor in the living room. His suit remains on and the roses are still in his hands, but his backpack is sitting on the floor at his feet. You look at him hopefully, wanting him to be the one to come out with what you’ve known since last week.

“I can explain.” He speaks sheepishly.

You shake your head, “Not yet.”

You approach him slowly, and stop when your faces are within just centimetres of each other. You reach your arms up to his shoulders and take hold of his mask. You gulp, taking a deep breath before lifting it ever so carefully. Your heart beats faster and faster the further you lift the mask off his head, and when those dreamy brown eyes stare back into yours, you can’t help but get a little teary-eyed. It takes just seconds after that to fully remove the mask from his head, and you hold it down by your side. His hair is messy from being trapped under there for so long.

You smile to him, warmly, as he looks back at you nervously. “I brought these to soften the blow.” Peter whispers, holding the roses out to you. You look down at them, and take them from his hands. “They’re…beautiful, but…what changed?”

He gulps and looks down to the ground for a moment. “I should have told you when you asked me about it in the hospital. I just…I panicked. I blamed myself for not getting to you in time, and tried to push the grief off of me and onto Spider-Man. I thought that would make it easier for the both of us. When you asked me if I was Spider-Man, I thought it was because you were going to blame him for you being stabbed.”

You look at him in a whole new light. You had never thought to think about it like that. This boy – your boyfriend- carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He saves people’s lives day-in-day-out. He does whatever he can to prevent this city from being under threat. But that always comes with pressure and responsibility, and not everyone he goes to save can be saved. He’ll have seen dozens of people be rushed to hospital because of a crime he could have prevented. He’ll probably have even seen people die. That’s hard enough for adults to deal with, let alone people our age. Whilst you’ve sat here and complained that he’s lied to you again, he’s been witnessing some of the most horrific things life could throw at you. You feel selfish. That’s all there is to it. At least you’re alive.

You place the roses and his mask on the sofa bed next to you and pull him into a hug. He hesitates before hugging you back. “I never did get to thank Spider-Man for saving my life, did I? Thank you.”

“You mean, you’re not mad at me?” He questions, with a confused tone to his voice, as he pulls away from the hug slightly.

You sigh, “I thought I would be, but I guess when I think in the grand scheme of things, there could be way worse things you could have been lying about.”

He shakes his head, “You have every right to be mad at me…like you were saying this morning…this is means for a break-up.”

You look at him sadly, swallowing as you do. “Peter, I said those things this morning to guilt trip you into telling me the truth. A lot of what I said I only said because I knew it would make you feel bad. If anyone should be mad, it should be you.”

He furrows his eyebrows, “So, you weren’t going to break up with me?”

You roll your eyes, “I mean…I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t crossed my mind…”

“…but none of that matters anymore. What matters is that you’ve told me the truth. You carry enough pressure as it is. You don’t need me complicating things even more.”

“I can’t believe you’re being so cool about this.” He replies, holding your face in his hands and stroking your cheek with his thumb.

You smile to him sweetly, “Well, you know what I can’t believe?”

“What?” He asks.

“I’m dating Spider-Man!” You exclaim as quietly as you can, not wanting to wake your parents up or having them find out Peter’s secret too. You don’t think they would react as cool as you. For all they like Spider-Man for saving your life and they feel safe knowing he’s looking out for the city, to find out you’re dating him would be a step too far for them.

The two of you laugh, and he glances down to his mask and up at the ceiling. You look back at him confused.

“You know you were telling me about a movie you’d seen with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone that you kinda wanted to re-enact with Spider-Man in real life?” He begins, biting his lip. You nod your head. “Well, I haven’t seen that one, but I have seen this other one with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst and they do the most awesome kiss you’ve ever seen. He’s basically hanging upside down and they kiss…upside down!”

You giggle, “Yeah, I…don’t think I’ve seen that one.”

“Well, I don’t have a cut on my chest that you can bandage up, so that won’t work this time around.” He elaborates, before shooting you a mischievous look. “But, we could always give the upside down kiss a try?”

You throw your head back in laughter, “Okay, Spidey. Let’s give Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst a run for their money!”

He picks up his mask and puts it back on. You watch as he climbs up the living room wall and onto the ceiling, before dropping down slowly on his web. He stops when your faces are on equal level. You reach out your hands and pull his mask down to reveal his lips, before connecting your lips with his.

Today will go down as a lot of things. Not only have you successfully manipulated your boyfriend into revealing his biggest secret and had the chance to thank him for saving your life last week, you also achieved the hottest and most perfect lip-lock you have ever had the pleasure of achieving. Here’s to plenty more!

couple of horndogs, these two

oily massage turns in to an oily dickin’ (what a plot twist amirite?) ft. brotherly teasing

~1600 words (and minimal editing)

Thor admires his brother from behind as they dry themselves off after their bath. A smirk graces his face as Loki grimaces and hisses softly, his movements awkward and stiff after a long overdue bout in the sparring ring. He admires the bruises left scattered over his brother’s creamy skin, taking them in shamelessly and greedily, knowing that the potion Loki had put in their bath would make disappear within hours. The medicinal scent of it lingers in the muggy air, sitting in the back of his throat.

When Loki bends forward to pat the water off his bruised shins, Thor finds himself unable to resist the temptation his brother’s ass presents. He pulls his towel from where it’s wrapped low around his hips, sneaks up closer without a sound as he twirls the fabric between his hands.

The snap echos off the tiled walls. As does Loki’s high-pitched yelp and Thor raucous laughter.

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Release of Transformers The Last Knight Director's Cut in DVD

Please help!

Transformers The Last Knight was supposed to be more than 3 hours of running time but some people complained about this, so they cut about 40 minutes of the movie, scenes that would make the movie better.  The editing feels weird and bad.

The scenes are:

Autobots vs Decepticons in Michigan

Autobot Chase, building falls in London

Lennox in a C-wagon in London

Optimus: “Earth must die”

Bumblebee vs Nemesis Prime: Bumblebee runs towards Prime

TRF Bridge Scene in Arizona

The backstory of Optimus Prime and Megatron

And maybe there could be more scenes.