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here are a bunch of AMAZING fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of august. I recommend that you read these great fics in september, if you haven’t already!! also check out the HL Summer Fic Exchange!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. How Far We’ve Come 32k

“This is Harry Styles,” Chiron offers.

He’s beautiful. His eyes are a stunning green, the color of new foliage. The new kid’s limbs are long and lanky—he looks extremely uncomfortable and uncoordinated. Louis internally smirks to himself, guessing the kid probably won’t be too skilled with a sword, or a bow, or anything sharp, most likely. His hair falls to his shoulders in sets of loose, brown curls. The color is rich and luscious, resembling soil so much that it looks like flowers could sprout from his hairline at any moment. But Louis’ eyes are stuck on his soft looking lips, pink as flower petals and slightly parted as his eyes scan the horizon of the camp.

“Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, Harry.”

2. It’ll All Come Up Roses 4k *

Louis was leaning against the railing of the bridge, looking down at the water completely lost in thought when he heard someone approach the bridge from the side that he came from. Glancing up, he noticed Harry walking towards him, hands stuffed deep in his pockets, and seemingly lost in thought. Louis shifted his weight onto his other foot and stood up properly, watching quietly as Harry walked past him. Louis opened his mouth. He wanted to say something to Harry to break the silence, or at least to get him to notice him standing there against the bridge railing - but the words got stuck in Louis’ throat, and he snapped his mouth shut, going back to staring down at the water mindlessly instead. All the while, trying hopelessly to figure out what the fuck he’s doing with his life. Harry kept walking, and soon Louis was once again left alone to his thoughts.

Or the one where Louis really doesn’t hate his neighbor who keeps waking him up at the crack of dawn. Ft magic, Liam, Niall, and Zayn barely being mentioned, Harry and his fucking motorcycle, a date and a kiss.

3. Freeze This Moment in a Frame and Stay Like This 5k

Harry (not so) secretly crushes on the cute footie player and fills pages with sketches of him.

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rick probably never WOULD but imagine a pjo theme park 

  • a ride o’ love flume ride 
  • arena battles for entertainment, with mr. d as the presenter who sits in the chair (kinda like medieval times set up) 
  • you can get nectar in one of those cool collectible cups with the giant bendy straw and it has like a bunch of different characters to collect 
  • cabin specific merchandise 
  • a drakon roller coaster 
  • one of those theatrical rides where you sit down and get moved around and the screen plays in front of you - percy, annabeth, and tyson’s ride into the sea of monsters and getting swallowed by charybdis 
  • little greek myth facts littered throughout the parks written by Rick and put on plaques, or just like little commentary on a plaque in front of a statue of apollo: “do you see this? it’s me! that scary annabeth lady got someone to make it! ha, fantastic!" 
  • a hall of demigods "designed” by annabeth chase, that is a building filled with famous demigods and history and artifacts, like a little museum 
  • you can get ambrosia squares at a bake shop filled with demigod themed desserts 
  • the dam snack shop 
  • a hydra roller coaster 
  • a blackjack roller coaster, where before it starts, blackjack’s voice goes “ready to go, boss?” on the speaker 
  • another theatrical ride where they’re all escaping from luke and they use daedalus’ wings to fly 
  • chb merchandise 
  • idt Rick would want to hire face characters to walk around the park for any of his characters but i think it’d be more like the hp theme park where u see durmstrang students, so like maybe chb campers and cj campers 

there’s a lot more i can think about and a lot of the themes in the books are serious and not all fun and games but the age group for this series is middle schoolers and i think they’d like a theme park like this

Casual affair

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected sex, cursing, casual dirty talking? 

Summary: A casual thing becomes regular, there’s one rule only: No strings attached.

A/N: Inspired in P!ATD’s Casual Affair. A lot of sex comes under the cut. Feedback is love, feedback is life.

Originally posted by nooodle07

Hey, a casual affair
that could go anywhere
and only for tonight

You looked around you and prayed for the door to not creak as it tended to do. You sneaked inside and the sight made you smile wickedly. The God of Mischief was lying on his bed with the light of his side table on and a grin that matched yours.

In a split second, and by means of his magic you thought, he was already overpowering you and keeping you in place between the cold door and his also cold body. His breath brushed your lips, and his emerald-green eyes pierced all the way to your soul.

“I’ve missed you, princess” he growled, keeping his mouth just millimeters away from yours, “so, so much…”

“Why keeping me waiting, then?” You retorted.

He snickered mischievously, and what you thought was going to be rough, was completely gentle. His lips pressed against your own and his hands moving along the curves of your frame were soft and they lingered on your skin as if they didn’t want to let you go. You felt him sighing in joy when he found an uncovered spot of skin.

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Aerial view looking southwest of Lower Manhattan’s Financial District, in Spring, 1971. 

The Twin Towers of World Trade Center (Minoru Yamasaki & Associates-Emery Roth & Sons, 1973) under construction are visible at far right, with the U.S. Steel Building (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1972) under construction and Woolworth Building (Cass Gilbert, 1913) surrounding them. The Cities Service’s Art Deco tower (Clinton & Russell, 1932) are on left, and One Chase Manhattan Plaza (Skimdore, Owings & Merrill, 1961) and Marine Midland Building (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1967) are on the center.

Photo: Unknown.

MARK | “Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.”

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Mark |  Drabble | masterlist

req; no. 13 and mark pls ♥

Drabble Prompt: 13. “Meet me on the roof in ten minutes

AN: i got carried away lol

After spending hours practising for your groups upcoming comeback, you sat against the practice room’s wall scrolling on your phone. A few Dream members entered the room to begin their practice. Along with them was Mark, who didn’t realise you were still in the room. 

For some reason he was behaving oddly, being more distant than he usually is. The other Dream members acknowledged your existence, it was only him who didn’t really bother saying hi. You stayed a little while and just as you were about to leave, a few 127 members entered. Naturally, you smiled. The elder members treated you like a sibling of theirs, you screamed “DOYOUNG!” and ran into his arms, wrapping your arms around him. “Y/N!” he mimicked your voice and laughed as he held you tightly, gently swaying you in his arms.

Mark who was mid conversation with Jaehyun, who made a joke about an event that happened in the dorms last night, turned his head at the sound of your voice calling someone who wasn’t him. He felt a little sulky as he loved both you and Doyoung yet neither of you hugged him. Jaehyun noticed Mark’s little pout, “Jealous are we?” he teased the younger. “No.” Mark snapped, the speed and harshness of his voice caused Jaehyun to laugh and ruffle Mark’s hair.

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Okay, why on earth aren’t we talking avout this???
This is the ultimate Percy Jackson cuteness!! He thinks about the future! My poor heart can’t handle it.

FYI: This is part of the “Crown of Ptolomy” that is set after the HOO series. And probably before MCGA and TOA.

Aerial view looking north of Lower Manhattan’s Financial DIstrict skyscrapers. Spring, 1970. The Twin Towers of World Trade Center under construction are on left. Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers with Empire State Building can be visible above, background.

Photo: Laurence Lowry-Rapho Guillumette.

Source: Yves Pélicier, Francisco Alonso-Fernández. “Enciclopedia de la Psicología y la Pedagogía. Vol. 4”. Madrid-París. Sedmay-Lidis. 1979

How Stony Turns Into Stuckony–because sometimes three idiots can not be trusted to figure shit out for themselves. Or something like that.

“The fuck are you doing, Stark?” Bucky hisses behind clenched teeth.

Tony, manipulative little bastard that he is, just blinks up at him, looking so fucking innocent Bucky knows for sure it can’t be anything but a scam and still can’t help but feel guilty about snapping at him.

You’re going soft, Barnes, he thinks for the fifth time in the last hour. Let’s hope it doesn’t get you killed today.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Tony asks, all wide brown eyes and pouty lips as he presses his body closer. Bucky is this close to shooting the pitiful moral left-overs he’s got to hell and lean that last inch in to fucking devour him.

Honest as Bucky usually is with himself he has to admit he’s not sure he’ll make it through this night without doing something he won’t regret as much as he probably should in the morning. Like fucking his best friend’s very hot boyfriend. It probably wouldn’t end their friendship, but Steve would definitely want revenge, and the whole trying to kill each other without actually killing each other, just to work together at the last possible second to turn a job around is really starting to get old.

“No, seriously, what are you doing?” Bucky asks again when Tony keeps wiggling restlessly and presses himself even closer, like he wants to crawl into Bucky’s skin or something. And seriously, they’re stuck in an air vent, there wasn’t exactly a lot of room to begin with.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did you miss the part where I told you I’m freezing my ass off because this is an air vent with moving air in it and some people don’t have the body temperature of a god damn furnace?” Tony snipes, indicating that he has been complaining about the temperature–he’s right, it is a little chilly, especially with the sweat of being chased through the building twice still clinging to them, and that will never be sexy–for a while now.

Maybe he needs to try this listening thing that Natasha keeps commenting on.

“Whatever,” he grumbles distractedly. Puts an arm around Tony’s shoulders and another below his head, because dislodging the human limpet is impossible and his muscles are starting to ache. Besides it’s not like it’s a hardship to cuddle with cute, snarky Tony who’s got far too much talent breezing through security systems like they’re nothing, looking damn good while he does it.

There’s a moment of silence as they both get comfortable, nothing but the sound of their breathing, even but a little too heavy for Bucky’s paranoia, before.

“You’ve got a reason for keeping both your hands on my ass too?” Bucky raises a questioning eyebrow, hopes Tony can see it in the dim light. He could have just ignored it or pushed him off of course, but come on.

Tony, unapologetic as always, simply tightens his grip. “It’s a very nice ass.”

Bucky, clinging to all the maturity and self-control he’s got, keeps his hands where they are instead of getting back at Tony with some very inappropriate fondling–because one, that’s fucking childish and can only lead to bad decisions, and two, you think sex in a car is overrated and uncomfortable? Try having it in an air vent. Or, you know, don’t try it. Seriously, man. Don’t.

“And what does your boyfriend think about you appreciating other people’s butt like this?” Bucky shoots back. It’s supposed to remind the both of them of the fact that all mutual attraction aside, one of them is not on the market, but instead it comes out sounding far more teasing than Bucky intended. Which does absolutely nothing to break the mood.

Steve’s thoughtful hum in his ear on the other hand does the job just fine. Until he follows it up with a, “His boyfriend agrees, you do have a fantastic ass,” that is.

Bucky inwardly groans. Right. The earbud. He still isn’t used to the earbud. He still isn’t used to working in a team. But also, what?

“You really do,” Tony nods, serious like he usually is when he stares at laser beams or locks, trying to figure out the easiest way to cheat his way through the system. “And it feels even better than it looks!” he adds happily.

Bucky feels something between flattery, a faint sense of embarrassment, and exasperation. Why did he think working with a team would keep his admittedly very attractive ass out of trouble again?

Speaking of the team.

“Not to cut through the audio porn or anything,” Clint cuts through Tony’s continued analysis of Bucky’s posterior, “But I’m trying to con a paranoid ex-CIA bodyguard into not killing my sorry ass, so could you please shut the fuck up?”

“Yes, well, if you’d done your job right we wouldn’t be stuck in this fucking vent in the first place!” Bucky growls, because how the hell can you miss the second guard route when you’re casing this place?

“Oh sure, blame me why don’t you–”

“It’s your fault, Clint!”

“Show time,” Natasha mutters, all business “Tony, Bucky, stay put until Clint gives you the all clear, keep yourselves busy. Steve, I need those codes yesterday,” which ends the erupting argument immediately.

They can be professional, occasionally.

Ah, whom is he kidding?

“How are we supposed to keep ourselves busy?” Tony asks incredulously. “We’re in an air vent.”

“Make out for all I care, just be quiet!” Natasha snarls back. Bucky still has that instinctive twitch towards his gun when she starts talking in that voice. It’s annoying but also understandable.

What’s less understandable is that Tony apparently decides to take Natasha’s advice, because suddenly there are a pair of lips on Bucky’s that have no business being where they are, nor are they supposed to feel so good, or move so perfectly or–

“Are they doing what they think I’m doing?” Clint asks with audible disbelief.

“It’s cute how you have to ask that,” Steve responds with an equally audible grin.

Steve. Shit.

Bucky jerks back.

“What the fuck, Stark?”

“Tony,” Steve sighs on the comms, the sort of affectionate exasperation that makes Bucky feel honest to god ashamed. Like he’s going to hell for this, rather than all the other, bloodier shit he’s done.

“What?” Tony says defensively. “He kissed me back!”

Which is not the part Bucky thinks Tony needs to be defensive about–but then what does he know about relationships?

“Tony, we’ve talked about this,” Steve laughs. He sounds so amused Bucky wants to punch him in the face. “You need to use your words.”

Really, Steve is worryingly unconcerned by his boyfriend’s actions. Bucky narrows his eyes. There are plenty of stunts he’s pulled Steve must still want to get him back for, and this is beginning to look suspiciously like some twisted sort of payback. He hasn’t figured out Tony’s angle yet, but he’s undoubtedly got one as well.

“Okay, okay,” Tony breathes. He’s tensing up now, though, and Bucky isn’t surprised when a minute passes without either of them saying anything. Eventually though, his patience is rewarded. 

“So the thing is,” Tony starts, then suddenly seems unable to stop, the words pouring out of him faster and faster, until the mesh into each other, become almost impossible to understand, “I’ve had a crush on you for a while now, but that’s okay, I talked it over with Steve and looked it up on the internet and there’s this thing some people are where they’re kind of a little in love with more than one person at the same time and Steve and I have been talking about what’s fine and what isn’t and I really should’ve started by asking what’s fine for you but I got distracted and I wanted to kiss you for so long and I’m not gonna apologise for that but I’m sorry I did it instead of checking with you first. But I like you and I want to do it again if you don’t mind and you and Steve can figure out whatever you want whenever but I’d really like to date you both.”

Bucky…blinks. Tries to take in the mess of an explanation that’s just been thrown at him–kind of feels like it’s burying him, with the way his thoughts are swimming, if he’s entirely honest.

“Holy shit,” Clint whispers in genuine terror. “I can’t believe Tony is the mature, let’s talk about feelings guy in this crew.”

“I can’t believe I still don’t have those codes,” Natasha snaps. “Steve!”

Bucky ignores them both.

“You want to date me?” he repeats slowly, and no, it doesn’t sound any less far-fetched the second time.

“And have very hot threesome sex,” Tony agrees with a nod.

“Do you guys have to do this now?” Clint whines. “There are reality TV shows for this shit, you know.”

“Shut up, Barton!” Bucky growls. Then, a little softer–but only a little–to Tony, “Why are we doing this now?”

Tony shrugs, a fluid motion that Bucky feels with his entire upper body. The reminder of just how close they’re pressed together does little to help his focus.

“There just never seems to be a good time to bring up crazy, wild three-ways in polite conversation, you know?” he asks, in that way of his that sounds completely serious and utterly ridiculous at the same time.

“So you thought cozying me up in an air vent with our entire team listening in on us would be the right time?” Bucky can’t not roll his eyes because Tony.

“Well,” Tony tilts his head in consideration, “it didn’t seem to be the worst time.”

The saddest part is that he’s right.

[An hour later after they narrowly escape yet another security team–those fuckers are everywhere, damn it–Bucky slams Tony’s back against the nearest wall and kisses him breathless.

“Not again!” Clint groans in exasperation.

He’s still not convinced of Steve’s motivation but Tony is too damn readable for his own good, and Bucky has got time to figure his and Rogers’ shit out. Besides, the team is starting to grow on him.]

I have no clue what happened to this. It was supposed to be MCU, then morphed into a sort-of Leverage AU? Also banter. *shrugs* I hope the ridiculousness makes up for my inactivity these past (and future) few days :)

What Do You Mean We’re Out of Money!?

Here you go @azlinne ! Hope you enjoy this, it’s my first attempt at writing several egos in a prompt! Tried to make it funny and light-hearted! I had to retype this on mobile, so please ignore any grammar or spelling problems :)

“We’re out of money? What do you mean we’re OUT OF MONEY?!”

All of the egos around the table flinched when Dark’s aura shot out and filled the room with intense feeling of dread and fear. Silver, the Jims, and Bing were already hiding under the table to avoid the demon’s stare. Dr. Iplier, Ed, Bim, and the Google upgrades were hanging their heads, clearly intimidated by Dark’s display of anger. The younger egos, Yanderiplier, King, and Artie, were in the hallway outside of the office, and even they flinched at Dark’s harsh tone. The only ones in the room who could hold their ground against Dark were the original Google, the Host and Wilford.

If anything Wilford seemed to be enjoying the show. He did nothing to hide his amusement at Dark’s fury, and he shrugged casually to infuriate the ego more.

“Mark called today and said we used up all of our funds, and that he wouldn’t give us any more until the end of the month.” Dark’s shell cracked, and the egos closest to him tried to subtly moved to the other end of the table.

“How did this happen? Google, you were meant to keep track of our financial activities.” Dark turned on Google, and the android glitched under the pressure. Bing peeked up from under the table and stuck his tongue out at Google, but he hid again when Dark turned his glare to him.

“I check on our finances twice a week, and we had more than enough funds to last a few months when I last checked. That was two days ago, and I did not withdraw any money in this time. Someone must have gained access to our account and used the money.” Google stared at Wilford accusingly, and the pink ego gasped mockingly. He put a hand on his heart and faked a pained look.

“Googly, you hurt me, but I’ve stolen that access code months ago. And it wasn’t me, I don’t use money. I just take, you all know this.” The egos all nodded in agreement; yeah, that made sense. When was the last time Wilford pay for anything? Never, most likely.

“So if it wasn’t Wilford…then who was it?” It was one of the Jims who spoke up, though nobody knew which one it was. Neither Jim made any move to come out from under the table, but it was good question.

“Host, you know who it was, right?” Dr. Iplier turn to his friend, but he was shocked to see the Host was smiling. “The Host is aware of who the guilty party is, but he decides he will leave it to the group to discover. The Host believes this will be an entertaining meeting after all.” He continues to narrate, though he speaks under his breath so the others can debate the issue. Dark growls in annoyance, but eventually leans back into his chair. He keeps his head high and stared down condescendingly at the egos around him.

“Fine. The further this goes on, the worse the punishment will be. I suggest you don’t leave me waiting, I am growing impatient.” The group of egos began looking around the table, wondering which one of them was the guilty party. The Host and Wilford were the only ones who looked unbothered by the situation, which frustrated Dark to no end. It was Silver who spoke up next, from under the table.

“C-Can’t we see what th-the person bought? That might t-tell us who took the money?” The four androids were already shaking their heads, and it was Green who spoke up. “No, Mark already took away our access to the account. He’s also not answering our messages, so we can’t expect any help from him.” Dr. Iplier frowned and stood up from the table.

“I swear I didn’t take the money, I’m sure Host can vouch for me on this. I have patients I need to attend to and-” The doctor yelped when a knife was suddenly thrown at his head, missing by mere inches and landing in the wall behind him. He glared at Wilford, who was giggling madly and twirling another knife in his hand. “Wilford, what the fuck!?”

“Nobody leaves until we figure this out. Hosty was right, this is going to be fun!” Wilford sat criss-cross on the table, placing his head in his hands and waiting for something exciting to happen. Dr. Iplier slowly sat back down in his seat, keeping a close eye on the knife still in Wilford’s grip.

“The Host nods his head and vouches for his good friend, Dr. Iplier. He is not responsible for taking the money.” The Doctor smiled at his friend, and the Host resumed his quiet narrations. “Well, whoever took the money spent over two thousand in the span of two days.” It was Red who inputted this information, and Wilford gave an impressed whistle. That was a lot of money, even he knew that.

“It was probably Ed! He’s always trying to make money!” Bing poked his head out again and glared at the salesman, who punched the table in outrage. “How dare you accuse Ed Edgar of stealing! I earn all my money through my sales; by the way, my son is still up on the table for anyone interested!” The egos groaned as Ed shamelessly promoted his business. Google turn the Bing with narrowed eyes; the two androids despised each other.

“Ed Edgar is not intelligent enough to have stolen all of that money. In most situations, it is the guilty party that points fingers first. How do we know it wasn’t you who took the money, perhaps to try and one up me? You’re pathetic.” Bing ripped off his glasses, and his golden eyes glowed in anger at the android.

“I-I don’t think Bing would do that. Besides, he’s not very good with keeping secrets. He would’ve told someone what he did by now, right?” It was Silver who spoke up shakily, and Bing high-fived him gleefully. “Yeah, maybe it was one of your clones. You guys are always getting new equipment for your labs.”

“For the last time, we are upgrades, not clones, you idiot!” Dark watched the interaction with defeated eyes; they weren’t getting any answers soon. He would’ve intervened already, but he was beginning to get a headache just from watching them argue. He feels like he’s already aged three years from witnessing the stupidity taking place in front of him.

“Alright, so Bing, the Googles, Ed, Wilford, and I have already claimed we didn’t take the money. That leaves the Jims, Silver, and Bim…so which of you four was it?” Doctor Iplier narrowed his eyes, and he reached a leg and kicked Silver; the “hero” cried out in pain.

“Well it w-wasn’t me! It’s not like I could even type on a computer, my gloves are too big!” Wilford tilted his head like a confused puppy as he stared at the ego with disgust. “Do you not take that suit off? How do you shower?”

“T-That’s not the point! Point is, I didn’t take the money!” Google nodded his head in agreement. “As I said with Ed, Silver is not nearly intelligent enough to access the accounts without our knowing. That leaves the guilty party to the Jims and…Bim?”

All of the egos looked over at Bim when Google finished his statement in a questioning tone. They saw Bim, who looked to be sweating bullets, had been slowly pushing his chair back from the table as the arguments had been going on. Google raised an eyebrow at the ego.

“Bim…did you take the money?” The TV-show host blinked at his fellow egos before he took off, pushing open the door and sprinting down the hall. They could hear the younger egos crying out as Bim ran them over in his escape.

All of the egos were frozen for a second, staring at each other and waiting for someone to make the first move. It was Google, who screamed after Bim and chased him down; the other Googles were right on his tail and yelling after the ego as well.

“Oh, this is gonna be good!” Wilford giggled, pulling out his pistol and following the Googles out the door, pink smoke drifting behind him obnoxiously.

“Wilford, no guns!” Dr. Iplier ordered as he ran out of the room, and he was followed by Bing and Ed, who were more than eager to see some action. Silver and the Jims slipped out from under the table and ran in the opposite direction to avoid the drama.

This left Dark and the Host alone in the office.

The Host was laughing now, and despite his headache, Dark couldn’t help but join in. The Host had been right…that meeting was rather entertaining. He was still going to strangle Bim the second he got his hands on him, and his headache was getting on his nerves; but it was amusing to watch him being chased around the building by a group of psychotic egos.

“The Host believes he and Dark should not miss the free show. The Host extends a hand out to his friend and asks if he wishes to see what happens next.” Dark smirked and took the Host’s offered hand.

“I would be delighted.”

When Zombies Attack|

Happy Halloween! Here’s a smut based off last weeks run ep.

Genre/Warnings: smut, crack? Public sex

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2k



“Why the hell did we even come here?” Yoongi complains as his sweaty hand holds on tighter to yours.

“I thought it would be fun.” And in your defense you did think it would be. You’ve never actually been to an amusement park during Halloween. So when your friends invited you guys, you agreed.

Everything was going great until you actually entered the park. The amusement park was littered with actors playing zombies. Chasing everyone around, jumping out and frightening everyone.

Though it was fun in the beginning, watching Yoongi pretend as if he was defending you from the zombies. When in actuality he was just as scared shitless as your were. Your heart couldn’t take it anymore. And you could tell Yoongi’s heart couldn’t take it any longer either.

So when Jungkook suggested going to the haunted house Yoongi was at his wits end. And quite frankly so were you.

“I think we’ll skip out on this one.” You say to the group. And you can hear Yoongi sigh in relief. He’s probably silently thank you as well.

Seokjin and Hoseok also try to get out of going to the haunted house but, Namjoon promises to protect Seokjin and hold his hand the whole way. Still Seokjin is weary of going and, then a Namjoon whispers something into his ear that makes Seokjin blush. Finally he relents and agrees to go, for whatever his boyfriend has promised him.

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| Stars of Fate. | Ignis x f!reader NSFW |

Here is a long ass fic to celebrate reaching 400 followers the other day! I adore each and every one of you, thank you for sticking with me and my crazy ass self. 

You were never one to believe in the concept of fate, that was, until one Ignis Scientia stepped into your life one day when looking at a pastry.

7039 words.

Some say that repeated coincidences do not exist, that for too many variables to combine means that whatever continues to occur must be fate. Some said that it applied to everything; jobs, money, friendships. In your experience, people had mainly applied the concept of fate to love, holding the idea that, no matter who you were, there was some sort of a happy ending for everybody.

You were slightly sceptical on the idea of fate yourself, in every form. You had worked hard to be where you were in regards to your career, your relationships with your friends, and so on. For someone to come along and say that none of that mattered because you were going to end up there anyway? Sod that, you believed that people determined their own destinies, took this so called ‘fate’ into their own hands.

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BTS Reaction - Their S/O Having a Sensitive Core

2k words | Reaction | Fluff [☁]

Request: “Hi can you make BTS reaction finds out his gf has sensitive core, even she wont do piggyback because she feel ticklish? Thanks! ”

A/N: So I saw this request on @sevenpabosandabunchoffans‘s account, when they said they couldn’t write it, which is by the way totally understandable. Some prompts are extremely hard to write for in general, however I have a super sensitive core to the point where if someone tries tickling me, it will just hurt and I’ll start crying begging them to stop, but they think it’s just me laughing and etc, so I felt I would be able to write for this prompt! Anon, if you’re still out there looking for this reaction, I hope you find this and enjoy it! Thanks to @sevenpabosandabunchoffans for allowing me to write for this prompt! Also, I apologize for the lack of content… I promise I will post more!

Requests are open, and I hope you enjoy!~

-reactions under the cut-

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I hope not to be annoying but I was wondering if you could do a BTS as jealous boyfriends? I love how you write ♡

thanks for the compliment and the request, anon! this kinda excited me. it’s not smutty but it is steamy. there’s a sprinkle of fluff to garnish. enjoy.

P.S. requests are never annoying. keep them coming.

BTS Reaction | To Someone Flirting With You |

Introduction: You’re at one of the hottest parties of the year with your boyfriend. What could go wrong? Apparently, your good-looking boyfriend noticing an equally good-looking man being a tad too friendly with you is what could go wrong. 


You don’t have much trouble finding Jin at the bar, his shoulders guide you to where he sat. As you flop into a stool next to him, he passes you a little glare. “You can’t trust men who flirt anymore these days.”

You smirk, knowing what this was all about. “Aren’t you a man who flirts, Jin?“

“Yes, but I’m me. I’m talking about other men.“ Jin swivels around in his chair to face the party behind you. He glares at the man who had been talking (a lit bit of flirting) with you most of the evening. “Especially, good-looking men. Other than me, of course.”

“Jin, you’re hilarious when you’re jealous.“

“Jealous? No way. Neither am I joking.“ He places a finger under your chin and moves your head so he can bore into your eyes. ”Men can be very smart when they want to. First they’ll say they just want to be friends. Next time you blink, you’ll be eating food cooked by another man.“ He sniffed in distaste as he caught another glimpse of the ‘other man‘.

You realize there’s a small possibility Jin might be drunk. “I promise I won’t eat food cooked by any man other than you, Jin.” You leaned forward and asked the bartender for some water. “Besides,” you swivel back to face him again. “He doesn’t like me that way.”

“AHA!” Jin exclaims, startling a few party-goers who had come for a drink. “He told you that, didn’t he! That weasel! Now, in a few days, he’ll call you, pretending he– “

“I meant- he probably doesn’t like me that way because he has…other preferences.“

Jin blinked. “Oh.” 

You shake your head. “You’re embarrassed now, aren’t you.“

“A little.“

You sigh as you sip your water. “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine tomorrow.”

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(have you ever noticed how beautiful his eyes are?)


The party is, as usual, boring Suga. Garish music and drunk people should amuse him, especially when he’s  the only one sober, but all he feels is a sense of distaste and pity. The only thing that proved a comfort to him as this one director yakked into his ear about his latest ‘masterpiece’, was you. Every time he felt the urge to tell the director what he really thought about his masterpiece, he would rake through the milling crowd to spot you. And when he did spot you, a shock would speed from his feet to his head, pulling the corners of his lips into a smile which he tried very hard to hide.

But this time, when he found you though the crowd, he did not smile at how hot you looked in that black outfit of yours, neither does he smile when he sees you laugh. All he can see is the other man with a hand on your upper arm. And believe he does not smile.

He’ll be at your side in an instant, face not betraying even a trace of the jealousy that boiled in his chest, and the bewilderment at his own reaction that simmered right underneath.

He slides a hand under your arm, holding your elbow with a gentlemanly ease that did not match up with the thoughts running through his head. “_______. We need to go now.“

You turn away from the man and smile at him. “Huh?”

“Someone from the studio called. We need to go.“ He fully ignores the man watching the both of you. Yoongi leans in and kisses you like nothing was wrong. “I think I left my jacket at the bar. Could you please get it for me?“

Still perplexed from the sudden kiss, you nod and head in the general direction he pointed at. He watches you walk away for a moment, fists deep in his pockets. When you’re appropriately out of sight, he turns towards the offender and pours every evil thought he’s had since he noticed him flirting with you into that single glare.

Truly, if looks could kill.

Later, when you walk outside with his jacket and find him waiting near the car, you can’t get a word in before he’s pulled you in for another kiss, this one longer and more frightening because of the sheer fervour behind it. When he finally allows you to breathe, all you can say is, “What on earth was that, Yoongi? I thought we had to–”

He’ll wrap his arms around you, tightly crushing you to him and murmur into your neck, “The things you make me do, _______.

Rest assured, you will not be using the bed to sleep tonight.

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Everyone knows him as the screaming ball of sunshine, but two things and only two things could bring out a different, unyielding Hobi. The first was dance, the second was you. Unfortunately, you discovered this the hard way.

When he sees the man flirting with you, and you ‘seemingly’ not declining him, he won’t step up and make a fuss. Neither will he make an excuse to get you away from the particular man. He’ll just step back, and arms crossed, one leg propped up on the wall, watch you from the shadows. Later, when you look around for him, it’s a shock when your eyes spot him half hidden in the corner, watching you search for him and yet not making a move.

When you ask him where he was, he’ll choose not to answer but to just grasp your hand in a way that promised many things. It doesn’t promise violence, or rage or even displeasure. It promised that something you felt when your favourite teacher gives you a bad grade, or chides you for talking in class. Except that in case of the teacher, this feeling did not send shivers through you, shivers that made you anticipate.

During the car ride home, he doesn’t say a word, but just keeps a hand over yours the whole time. Occasionally, when you reach a traffic light, he’ll take some time to sweep some hair behind your ear, deliberately letting his fingers brush the skin under your jaw, then letting them skim down your arm back to your hand. Everything he does heightens your senses and quickens your breath. By now, you’ve realized that you’ve done something wrong, but you can’t figure out what exactly you did, neither can you summon the will to ask him. He doesn’t look at you even once throughout the ride.

When you get home, he watches you as you take your coat off and hang it up. You decide to test the waters with a tentative, “Hobi?”

He sighs. Then he steps closer, letting his lips barely touch your forehead in a mockery of a kiss. “Jealousy doesn’t suit me. Please don’t ever let someone other than me flirt with you again.” You start with surprise as you realise the man at the party you don’t even know the name of is the cause behind Hobi’s sudden change. Or, you think to yourself, it could be the fact that you let him flirt with you even though you were with Hobi.

“Hobi, I shouldn’t have– I didn’t mean to–“

He breathes out, his breath gently stirring your hair among other things. “I know you didn’t mean to. I’m just…jealous. I’ll be fine tomorrow.“ Relief and longing almost makes you weak as he kisses you, hands in your hair. You inch closer to him, trying to initiate an appropriate end to all the brooding silences and loaded looks that passed tonight.

Keyword being trying. Hobi takes an abrupt step back and grins at your flushed skin. “Tomorrow, maybe. I was thinking I should sleep on the couch tonight.”

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The both of you walk to the car after what you deemed to be a nice bash.“That was a great party, wasn’t it?“


“The party. Did you enjoy it?“

He sniffed, running a hand through his hair. “To be honest, no. Remind me never to bring you to a party with other men.“

Straight to the point. That’s Namjoon for you.

You laugh and clap your hands at his grumbling tone. “What? Kim Namjoon, are you telling me you’re jealous?! Is the sky falling?“

He threw his hands up and groaned. “I wish it would. Even that would be better than this.“

You slid an arm around his waist. “Aww. My Joon is jealous. I’m glad I stuck around to listen to that man harp on about his new book. He was cute, though.“

He stops walking and pulls you in by your arm. “You can do better than that, ______.

You grin at his cloudy expression, and wrap your arms around his neck. “I already am.“

After a moment of deliberation, he pecks you on the lips, just a fleeting touch to remind you all is not forgiven. “Come on. I’ll take you out for dinner.“

“Oh no. We’re going home and finishing what you started.“

“You might regret that.“

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In your quest to find a place to hide from the flirt who just wouldn’t take a hint, you leave the party altogether, ending up in a apparently empty hallway that seemed to lead to particularly nowhere. You sigh as your shoes pinch your feet. You’ve been standing for so long you wonder why they weren’t numb yet.

You’d wanted to leave ages ago, but Jimin wouldn’t reply to your texts, neither would he answer your calls. Not wanting to leave without him, you’d decided to escape the stubborn man and find some place to hide and rest your poor feet while you’re at it.

You had kicked your shoes off ages ago. It seemed that your feet throbbed in time with the music that seeped through the walls. You sigh and look around for somewhere you can sit, but when you spot a footstool, you find someone has already occupied it.

Relief rushes through your head. “Jimin!“

He looks up, startled out of whatever reverie he was in. The corners of his mouth droops when he sees it’s you. “_____.” He notices your shoes dangling from your fingers, and his face changes to one of concern. “What’s wrong?”

You wave your hand. “Nothing’s wrong. I was running around looking for you, and my shoes weren’t the best to begin with. My feet are killing me.“

“Oh.“ He awkwardly dusts off his pants and stands up. “You should sit down. Come on.“

You look at him in doubt. His behaviour…it was unusual. He always had a smile in store for you. And the way he wouldn’t look at you directly or that he spoke only in short clipped-off sentences…you didn’t like it.

You warily sit down. “Jimin, is everything okay?“

He crouches in front of you, and gingerly stroked the reddening lines your shoes had left on the back of your heel. “I should be asking you that. Why were you running around anyway?”

You pursed your lips, disappointed as he avoided the question. “Well, for one: I was looking for you. I tried calling you but you didn’t answer.“

“I left my phone at home. I didn’t realise. I’m sorry.“

You shake your head, reaching down to place a cool hand around your blistering toes. “That’s not the least of it. Believe it or not, Jiminie, there was this guy from the party who just wouldn’t take a hint. I told him I was with someone else, but he kept following me around. Jesus, it got so annoying I had to leave the party and run a wild goose chase around the building to find you.” You sigh and straighten up. “And now I’ve finally found you. All’s well that ends well, right?”

You get no answer. Jimin looks bewildered as he takes in your words. “That’s it?

“What do you mean? Of course that’s it. My feet hurt because I was running away from a creep who–“ You stop when you see the relief and his sudden smile. “We’re not talking about my feet. are we? Jimin, did you think I would cheat on you?“

“Of course not–“

Your heart thuds when you realize he was sitting out here probably all night, thinking you didn’t want him. “Oh, Jimin.“ You takes his face in your hands and kiss him, just a simple assurance that you could never think of being with someone other than him.

When you break away, he shuts his eyes tightly and purses his lips. “I was jealous. I was being stupid.”

“Yes. Very stupid.“ You place a kiss on his cheek. “Let’s go home.“

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Your phone buzzes as V texts back. Thanking the heavens that he isn’t lying dead in a gutter some where, you open the text to see what explanation he gave for his sudden disappearance.

Except that he doesn’t. You see that he has only sent two cryptic messages as an answer to your question of where he had escaped to.

T: Outside in the garden

T: If you’re coming here, bring some cheese

You frown at the cheese part. You liked to tease Tae for being strange occasionally, but this was a whole new level. You sigh as you realise you were not dressed for a hike through the gardens. Tae better have a good reason for this.

Later, you swat a hanging tree branch away, and plant your hands on your hips. “Tae?”

“Over here.“ His voice, slightly slurred, floats up from a bit farther away. You trudge through the semi-darkness to where Tae has sprawled on the grass. “You’ll get grass stains on your clothes, Tae.”

“Well, I’ve already been on the grass for more than an hour. Might as well lie“ here for a bit more. Did you bring my cheese?”

“No, I …didn’t.” You notice a bottle next to him. “Tae, are you drunk?“

He grinned at you, and picked the wine bottle up. It was already half empty. “Only a little. Some fine wine, I must say. Shame you didn’t bring the cheese.” He focused on you, albeit with a little effort. “I dropped by the kitchens and managed to convince the head waitress.” He pouted. “Are you jealous?”

You laugh and decided to give up and sit down next to him. A conversation with a drunk Tae was way more funnier than worrying about grass stains. “Not yet. Was she hot?“

He nodded vigorously. “Very.“

“Maybe a little bit.“

He sighs and fold his hands over his chest. “I flirted with a hot waitress who gave me wine for free, and you say you’re only a little bit jealous. Maybe I should go find that man from the party who was flirting with you.”

You’re shocked to realize this talk of jealousy stemmed from him seeing that man from the party flirting with you. Tae had disappeared soon after that. You breathe out slowly. “That was nothing. He was just someone who couldn’t take a hint. He doesn’t mean anything to me.“

He clicked his tongue. “I hate being jealous.“

You lie down next to him. “I hate being jealous too.“

“When do you get jealous? I barely have any social life outside going on tour, the boys and you.“ His tone isn’t accusatory, but merely conversational. You knew this was the wine speaking, not him.

You turn on your side to face him and prop your head up on one hand. “Don’t forget the millions of fans that worship your every move and freak out every time you you bite your lip. That’s a pretty good reason to be jealous.”

He looks at you in disbelief. “My ‘fans’ are awesome, but they’re not you. You don’t have to jealous because of what they do.They’re just having fun.”

You poke his side. “I know that, silly. What I’m saying is, there’s always a reason to be jealous. That doesn’t mean you have to be.“

His eyes grew wide like a child’s. You resist the urge to laugh at his poor alcohol tolerance. “What do you do to not be jealous? What’s the secret, ______?”

You raise a hand and trace the lines of his lips. “I just remember none of them gets kissed by you like me. And none of them gets to keep you in on Saturday mornings like me.“

He grabbed your hand. “That’s a good thing to remember.“

“It is.“ You notice a blade of grass in his hair and sighing, pick it out. “Let’s go home. I don’t think I’m up for making love on a dirt floor, yet.“

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We’re all familiar with Jeonlous, so I don’t think I need to elaborate as much. 

Just one word.


The day after the party, you just decide its better to stay home than to waste all that concealer on a hopeless case. Even as you cast him a glare while you announce this, Jungkook only smirks.

Nobody messes around with Jealous Jungkook.

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P.S: I’m sure the Hobi one was a surprise to most of you. But if you want to see where i drew inspiration from, you should check out that bangtan bomb of jhope’s reacion when jin forgets the fire choreography before a show.


Alpha!Brett x Reader

~ Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Word count: 1 462


It was with doubt and a slight ounce of regret you walked through the main entrance at the Animal Clinic. You and Brett had been asked to meet up with both of your old packs to discuss the future and Deaton had offered the clinic as a safe space for you to talk.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry this may be too personal, but I was wondering, since you give great advice and have such a good grasp of the human condition, do you ever fall into the same follies of your askers? Do you have trouble applying the theoretically “correct” action to situations even though you understand dynamics so well? How do you reconcile such a high degree of self-awareness with sometimes making mistakes anyway? I just want to know if it’s possible to reach a point where life is easy because of knowledge

This is a common line of inquiry that comes up when one reaches a certain point in development and I’ve touched on it a little here and there. I can tell you about the experiences of many, not just my own. Throughout my life, I’ve encountered a lot of people who might consider themselves “spiritual truth seekers” in terms of wanting knowledge or answers that would, in one way or another, make life easier. I divide these people roughly into two camps: 1) those who had all they needed materially but were still deeply dissatisfied with life and didn’t understand why, and/or 2) those who sought relief from their long-running psychological issues (perhaps depression, addiction, abuse, etc). I cannot claim that I was as deeply dissatisfied with life as them (though I had my unhappiness) or that I suffered as much as some had (though I’ve had my pains). I was more of an observer because I am interested in studying how people construct meaning in life. Many of them had spent a lifetime reading books, listening to teachers/gurus, attending workshops, communing with fellow seekers, roaming the world on spiritual pilgrimages (if they could afford it). Yet, with all the claims I heard of having “learned so much” on their journey, for many, their problems never really went away or got that much better, and the act of “seeking” itself came to define their identity as it gave them purpose in life when they couldn’t quite find what they were looking for. I won’t criticize these people because I empathize with their motivation; doesn’t matter who you are, pain and suffering are not easy to deal with and it makes sense to seek a remedy.

The more time I spent around such people, examining their ways, beliefs, values, and emotional motivations, the more I realized that many of them were not truth seekers but actually “light chasers” - they wanted the “light” of knowledge to overcome the “darkness” of suffering. Some people may argue that “light” is the same as “truth” because “truth shines a light”. In theory, that may be correct. However, in practice, light chasers actually live in delusion because they only want to acknowledge what is “good” or “positive” in life and hope that this will somehow magically sweep away what is “bad” or “negative”. They believe in what is essentially “mind over matter”, that you can somehow wish away the badness. This often results in splitting oneself down the middle in order to get rid of the “bad” half. They construct a persona that is, for example, full of “lovingkindness” and strive to be it, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better person, but what happens in those inevitable moments when you are most definitely NOT full of lovingkindness? I believe that how a person behaves in those moments is when you finally see the full truth of them; you not only see the light that they hope to be but also the darkness that they try to suppress. If you only understand the self in terms of “light” or “strength” or “intelligence” or whatever “positive” trait, it is like trying to know what the moon is by looking only at the lit side, the result is that your self-knowledge is only half of what it could be and there is another half that you disavow and thus have no awareness of. 

I’ve witnessed groups/communities of so-called “enlightened” people devolve into infighting, jealousy, backstabbing as soon as real disagreements arose, on par with office politics in any toxic corporate environment. Then the members would withdraw in extreme confusion and existential crisis, their entire world shaken because they could no longer avoid the fact that they were not the enlightened people they believed they were. Light chasing easily turns into a destructive impulse because you eventually want to violently “force” or “cut” the bad things out, to exorcise what you define as “evil” in yourself and the world. The world is unforgiving in that it does not hesitate to reflect the truth to you, which is why light chasers often confine themselves to like-minded social bubbles. But, eventually, a light chaser is confronted with the reality of darkness and they feel compelled to eliminate it in order to preserve the illusion of light that they have dreamt up. The more you try to push away darkness, the more it creeps over you until it consumes you in your weakest moments (this is what inferior grip is all about).

Therefore, if you want to pursue self-development, you cannot leave the dark side of yourself unexamined. Some people thank me profusely for giving them hope for the first time in a long time, while others accuse me of being too negative/critical and tell me to f**k off. I fully own both assessments and both are true, because I personally believe that you cannot achieve real lightness of heart without confronting the real darkness of the soul. Dancing around a problem or trying to transmute it into something more palatable to one’s sensitivities is just stalling or evasiveness. I believe that the real learning begins when your sensitivities get triggered by uncomfortable truths about yourself because then you are facing down your dark side. However, not everyone is at the stage of ego development where they are psychologically stable enough to handle seeing the truth of themselves, so I often say that the ideas on this blog are not for everyone. If you had approached me at 15 and revealed to me the full extent of my dark side, I might be in a prison or mental hospital today - there is a natural course of development that should be honored. Most people stubbornly want to see themselves in a positive light because ego is a fragile thing and it is much much easier to build heavy defenses around oneself than to forge real self-esteem. To really grow as a person requires nurturing strength and humility, a very tough combo to pull off. Strength is the willingness to bear the burden of knowing darkness but without succumbing to it. Humility is fully admitting ignorance so as to be completely open to learning the truth.

Self-development is not the same as striving for a perfect ideal. Thinking that you know what is “perfect” is like claiming omniscience, it is somewhat arrogant to believe that you (and only you) know what is the best path or the best way. You can always try your best or work to the best of your ability, but it is not useful to believe that you know what is The Best. Perfectionism is just another form of light chasing because it involves building a persona to hide your cracked self-esteem and/or trying to bully the world into being whatever makes you feel good in the moment - all about ego. Perfectionism easily devolves into a destructive impulse that violently strikes at whatever one deems “imperfect”. There is a subtle difference between trying to contort yourself or the world into an image of perfection versus trying to become the person you are meant to be. The former is fakery or delusion that makes almost everything into your enemy, it is a constant struggle against the tide as you deny darkness, and it leads to psychological fragmentation and a hateful attitude as you gradually succumb to darkness. The latter is discovering the truth of who you really are in this world, becoming mature enough to know that light and dark are two sides of the same you, and it leads to a deep sense of wholeness and empathy.

Jung basically believed that confronting individual darkness was the solution to collective evil. You are both the light and the dark. If you see the wisdom in this statement, there is nothing to “reconcile” because the dark will not feel as though it “haunts” you unless you only want to see yourself in the light. For instance, the prospect of making a mistake will not loom over you and produce ever-present fear and insecurity unless you desperately strive towards the image of “a person who never makes mistakes”. Ironically, the more you fear making mistakes, the more likely you are to make mistakes because your mind is too riddled with dark emotions to see clearly. When you fear making a mistake, you fear seeing your imperfection, you even fear feeling fear, then all of your effort is spent on trying to keep your inner darkness away - your ego becomes a black hole that sucks away your mental energy. When you accept that bad exists, then your mental energy is freed to think about how to handle it, as opposed to wasting energy on things like regret, rumination, complaining, or beating yourself up. As you say, my advice to others proves that I am well aware of the many pitfalls that people (which includes myself) can trip into, in fact, I could not possess some of the knowledge I possess without having fallen flat on my face time and again. Why is falling a “bad” thing if these situations yielded me so much useful knowledge? Because falling is painful? Yes, but not all pain is bad. Some kinds of pain are self-inflicted and some kinds of pain disappear quickly if you understand why they appeared, so it is necessary to become more discerning about the different kinds of pain, but you cannot do that if you just shove all pain away into the darkness at the first hint of discomfort. If you don’t appreciate that the pain of making mistakes can teach you invaluable lessons, then perhaps you may say that you really have failed.

You ask whether there is a point where knowledge makes life “easier”. If by “easier” you mean some ideal version of life where you are able to do everything perfectly the first time every time and nothing ever feels hard, then the answer is “no” because you are light chasing and denying the reality of human nature and what it means to live a physical existence. If by “easier” you mean that you are more capable of handling difficulty, disappointment, and failure, then the answer is “yes” because, when you no longer fear these “dark” things, your being is lighter and your mind more open to seeing and handling situations objectively. In living life fully, you cannot avoid every pain, challenge, mistake, setback, or problem, but you can learn to face the truth confidently, without undue fear, resistance, or self-loathing.

“There is no doubt that healthy-mindedness is inadequate as a philosophical doctrine, because the evil facts which it positively refuses to account for are a genuine portion of reality; and they may after all be the best key to life’s significance, and possibly the only openers of our eyes to the deepest levels of truth.”  – William James


genre ― angst, fluff | soulmate!au

pairing ― taehyung | reader + bodyguard!namjoon

synopsis ― To fall in love again―or maybe not.

words ― 8,250

There was something strange about today, you didn’t know if it was good or bad but it did make you feel uneasy. It was like something was tugging at your stomach as you arrived at your father’s business with Namjoon.

“I’m being serious we have to be careful,”you told your mother, who was mocking you. Thankfully your bodyguard, Namjoon, did listen to your worries and stuck with the two of you, looking around every step you took.

“Ah, maybe it’s because you’re going to finally meet your soulmate. It’s about time, you’re getting old,”she teased as she pushed the button to the elevator.

You furrowed your eyebrows and crossed your arms but the question did make you wonder, could it be? Everyone found their soulmates in various ways; some people dream about them, others have their name written on their wrist, there are some that read each other’s mind. But none of these options applied to you making you wonder if your soulmate was still alive or not.

You looked to your left and saw Namjoon’s wrist that he had covered, his soulmate’s name crossed out indicating they were no longer alive. You sighed,”I’ll survive if I don’t find them.” You’ve lived 25 years without them and you were perfectly fine just the way you are right now. The elevator doors opened, the two bodyguards walked out first before you and your mother could.

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Aerial view looking north of Lower Manhattan’s Financial District, in spring, 1969, showing the new skyscrapers that be changing the local skyline.

Left, the landfill that will be used by Battery Park City’s proyect and the steel skeleton of World Trade Center’s North Tower (1 WTC. Minoru Yamasaki & Associates-Emery Roth & Sons, 1973) began to rises behind Art Deco’s Dowtown Athletic Club (Starret & Van Vleck, 1930) red tower.

Center, above Battery Park are the new 40-story black-glass and aluminum negro del One Battery Park Plaza (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970) under construction with the new Seamen’s Church Institute (Eggers & Higgins, 1968) tower. Above can be seen the Wall Street’s area skyscrapers with Irving Trust (Voorhees, Gemelin & Walker, 1931), Marine Midland Trust (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1967), One Chase Manhattan Plaza (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1961) and 40 Wall Street (Henry Craig Severance-Yasuo Matsui, 1930) buildings.

Right, next Staten Island ferry terminal, are 50-story 1 New York Plaza (William Lescaze & Associates-Kahn & Jacobs, 1969) under construction with the Manufacturers Hanover Trust  Building(4 New York Plaza. Carson, Lundin & Shaw, 1968) and excavation works for future 2 New York Plaza (Kahn & Jacobs, 1971) and 55 Water Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970-1972) buildings. Above are Art Deco’s City Bank Farmers Trust (Cross & Cross, 1931) and Cities Service (Clinton & Russell, 1932) towers with the modern 80 Pine Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1960) and the cluster of new buildings under construction: 77 Water Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970), 95 Wall Street Building (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970), 100 Wall Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1969) y and 130 John Street (Emery Roth & Sons, 1970). Next East River’s docks are First National City Bank (Emery Roth & Sons, 1968) y 120 Wall Street (Ely Jacques Kahn, 1930) buildings.

Photo: Ralph Amdursky.

Source: Hornby. “Photographing America. Know the Land and the People …through Photography”. New York. Crown Publishers, Inc. 1976.