charvelle holder


Given the chance to lay next to you, I’d curl up in a second.

Have you wrap your arms around me like paper to present,

morph our bodies in to a perfect crescent,

and make the moon believe she’s staring at her own reflection.

Then you’d whisper in my ear, “this is everything. this is perfection.”

And I’d coo in approval, unable to imagine anything more pleasant.

by: charvelle holder

Aggravations (a poem in the works)

By: Charvelle Holder

Crickets “Creak - Creak” throughout the day

no longer reserved for the night,

as the silence between us

consumes the hours of our lives.

Tumble weeds roll by, stirring up the dust.

The same dust that makes it’s way

to the back of our throats

causing the few words uttered to

sting and burn us both.

The drip… drips of the faucet

seek to drive us mad.

… We’re not really frustrated at it,

but rather the friendship we once had.

There’s a mirage in the distance

and I’ll keep walking if you will too.

I think this could fix it all,

my hope and determination will get me through.

And if I get there first, I’ll wait for you.

I will wait till the year is new.

But no…

now that won’t do.

Something tells me it doesn’t matter

what I say or do,

I can never get through

to you.