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You know which artists need more appreciation? Artists that put time, effort, creativity, and care into their visuals. Artists whose music videos are whole films. Artists who have a distinct vision for their videos. Artists that direct their own videos. Artists who understand how visuals and sound can work together to create something beautiful. Those artists. 

Tag your favorites. Mine are below. 

Han Jisung is underrated.

Han Jisung can do almost anything.

First off: He’s an amazing person who does anything for his friends and their happiness.

He always plays around and jokes to make others laugh. He’s very kind and caring. For example, The time he held Minho’s hand when he was going to rap.

Jisung has been one of the first if not the first person to walk up and embrace their members when they were eliminated as well as approach them first when they came back.

He’s  an insanely great rapper, he might not be the fastest but he’s one of them who delivers the most feeling with his words.

He writes great lyrics which results in a relatable song. 

He’s a rapper but personally i think he has incredible vocal ability and i would definitely rank him higher in vocal ability than other kpop vocals.

He is great at dancing. i’d make him a low-key member of the dance line in Straykids.

His visuals. I’m speechless. He’s beautiful and just his way of looking at things immediately gives me an insight of what he’s feeling. Visual line.

He learns fast and appreciates us STAY’s just as much as the other members.

Now i am incredibly biased but looking at Jisungie from any other angle where he is just a member of a group i’d still think the same about him.

Han Jisung’s skill is one of the reasons i decided to dig deeper into Straykids.

Jisung’s my ultimate bias in the entire Kpop world.

A thank you to the authors

I want to write

I want to write

I want to write

but every time I put my

pen to the paper

the words I want to write

fly from sight.

I want to write,

to take my world

to its tallest height.

To exclaim my ideas

with hardly a fright,

and build all kinds of worlds

with all of my might.

I want to write

I can see it in my mind

a world so filled with beauty

I want the world to see.


when I go to write it

It always dawns on me

to show the world this ethereal beauty

is simply not to be.

So here I sit and see

The worlds that others build for me

I sit here and I read

and am glad, at least a bit

that some of my thoughts are freed.

I just want to say thanks to some of the amazing authors out there that make amazing works when I can not and allow me to enjoy them!

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and so many more, thank you for the work you do!!

Shout out to all the black writers out there!













And so many more💙

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this has been said before by numerous people but I so admire how Jack doesn’t promote or give-in to toxic masculinity. it’s so …refreshing? to have someone who uses their influence to welcome people into this positive atmosphere, and also know that men, specifically, can show emotion, cry, be affectionate with friends, etc. and that doesn’t make them any less of men. 

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