charts and graphs are cool guys

Hello Cherubplay! I wanted to ask if you could help spread around a survey I’m doing. I saw that a few other fandoms have done something like this, so I’d like to see what sorts of people make up the Homestuck fanbase. Once I get a large enough sample size, I’ll pore through the data and make some fancy charts and graphs and share the information with everyone. Over 500 people have already completed the survey. I’d really appreciate it if you would fill out the survey here!

PS: Your site is wonderful.


So this is a thing. I’ve filled it out and it’d be cool if all of you guys did too, if only to placate my unhealthy fetish for graphs.

Is stealing the second highest form of flattery? 

Two fans told me about a Progressive post on Instagram. One sent me a screengrab. It seems Flo HAS been putting her spare time to good use. By visiting Coolness Graphed. 

Or, it could just be a coincidence. 

I didn’t invent bar graphs and probably wasn’t the first to think of rating the coolness of any given topic. BUT this style bears more than a passing resemblance to the 1000+ graphs I’ve posted online and 52 featured in Coolness Graphed: The Book.

If I DID inspire Progressive’s social media team to create this “coolness” graph, I’m flattered, and I’d love it if they invited me to help out next time. I’m not saying I’m the world’s biggest Progressive fan, but if they’re gonna model graphs after mine, the least they can do is ask me to help or say “Hey, this guy inspired us to make our own graph.”

Let’s talk over ice cream, Flo. I’ll have sprinkles too. 

RC Jones