charterhouse square

Florin Court

Florin Court, located on Charterhouse Square in Smithfield, is a wonderful example of an Art Deco block of flats. Built in 1936, it has a distinctive curved façade overlooking the square. When it first opened to residents, there was a porter, a public restaurant, cocktail bar, and clubroom, all now gone – though the basement swimming pool and roof garden survive to this day.

The building is probably most famous for playing the part of Whitehaven Mansions in the television series Agatha Christie’s Poirot, with both exterior and interior shots being used to portray the home of the Belgian detective and his little grey cells. Curiously though, the building’s external and internal layouts are nowhere near as symmetrical as Poirot would have liked – no doubt a cunningly concealed secret by the show’s producers during the 24 years it featured.