charter week

I think I am about to retire from SA. As long as
A. This weekend (2nd date) with the daddy goes as planned. He already gave me my allowance so just need to make sure we still like eachother, which we do!
B. Either my pot date from last night or my charter pot date next week turns out.

And when I do I want to help everybody be successful in the bowl!!
I’m a huge believer of karma and positive energy and I want to spread the love (or wealth ;) )

I literally love all you girls 💕💖💞💗


Entitled Paparazzi since all these photos are just literally stolen. 

All of which are taken during the 43rd MSU-IIT Charter Week Celebration. GO CON!

Now the next 2 photos are somewhat scripted:

Why on earth was I super shocked? Didn’t remember this moment. Oh well, amnesia hormones just activated!

Friends said I looked “Like a Boss” walking. We were holding our plastic cellophanes with our uniforms in it. Yay!

“Papapapata giling giling” The official song for the Dance Craze. OPM!

“Alms alms, give me alms.” Okay.


Good evening, folks!