chart nerdery

Speaking of which, this amateur-hour Excel sheet I keep on the number of songs at number one on the Billboard Hot Latin chart per year shows the catastrophic effect that Billboard’s recent changes to their policies have had on chart diversity; 2013 had the fewest #1s since 1986, when the chart only ran from September to December.

Every one of the 2013 hits was from established stars (Marc Anthony and Romeo Santos both appear TWICE), and NONE was from a woman. Only Shakira, presumably, will be able to break that stranglehold once she finally releases any new music. The disgusting thing is that it came right on the heels of 2012, the most diverse year the chart had ever seen, which found room for the middle-aged Gloria Estefan, the teenaged 3BallMTY, Brazilian sertanejo, Guatemalan balladry, five women, and seven acts who had never before made the top spot. But even so, you can see the specific moment when Billboard made its decision to stop paying attention to genre-specific radio for its genre-specific charts and just classify everything by iTunes genre tag: only one song (credited to Wisin, Yandel, Chris Brown and T-Pain) reigned between October and the end of the year.