The signs as cliché characters in a movie.
  • Aries :the badass character who constantly kicks ass and fights people but is a good person deep down.
  • Taurus :the funny parent that always bakes stuff and offers a hot chocolate to everyone who feels sad.
  • Gemini :the ultimate handsome villain who builds and army to destroy the world but gets killed off by the hero in the end.
  • Cancer :the super shy character who is really sarcastic and into books but ends up falling for the popular boy/girl.
  • Leo :the popular character who is secretely a huge nerd and ends up realizing "being popular" isn't everything.
  • Virgo :the nerd character who's basically a genius and constantly saves everyone's ass.
  • Libra :the great character who has a lot of potential and remarkable quotes but doesn't get much screentime.
  • Scorpio :the typical bad boy/girl, super badass but ends up revealing their "tragic backstory" to the love interest.
  • Sagittarius :the hippie parent who's constantly high and talks about yoga and animals and drugs all the time.
  • Capricorn :the evil teacher who is revealed as the ultimate crazy villain at the end.
  • Aquarius :the best friend who is super sarcastic and funny 100% of the time and always makes a fool out of themselves.
  • Pisces :the tragic "evil" character that was treated badly in their childhood, but becomes good toward the end.

Venus Signs:

Aries: You love all things new, exciting and bright just like you. You seek to be challenged in life and love. You want a partner who will stand up for themselves even if it’s against you, you like that quality in a person. You want to be at the center of the world and of your relationships, but you give back tenfold when treated as such. You need a lot of romance and physical affection. You have high expectations when it comes to love and relationships. You have a tendency to put your partner on a pedestal which often leads to disappointment if not worse. You fall hard, you trust and love unconditionally and in this you find your greatest strength and weakness. You can also seek conflict in a relationship which is fine when kept from getting out of hand.
What attracts them to a partner: strength, humor, a dynamic nature, ambition, caring, adoring, constant excitement, fiery
Venus Detriment in Aries: Aries is the Sign of self, Venus is the planet of partnership, this can lead to difficulties for an individual. They worry about themselves first in a relationship and may feel anxiety.

Taurus: Comfort trumps all else in your life. You enjoy the finer things in life but when it comes down to it you want a simple life. In ways you are more traditional than the average person, you may believe in staying chaste until marriage or that you want to have a home with a white picket fence in the suburbs or simply that you should see your date to the door or they you. You aren’t interested in trends and the like. You are a highly physical person, you believe in what you can see, you express yourself through the physical, and you need to be loved physically. Gifts and physical displays of affection are the most important things to you. You are extremely caring and devoted to your partners but you can become possessive.
What attracts them to a partner: security, common sense, patience, dependability, financial security, serious nature, someone who will actively pursue them
Venus rules Taurus, making this position natural and strong. Venus in Taurus means one has all that they need to have a healthy, loving relationship, they just need to utilize it.

Gemini: You need excitement in your life, and to you that means a lot of friends, outings, and social events of all kinds. Forget about hearts, to you it’s all about the mind. You want a partner with a sharp mind, someone who you can talk to for hours at a time, who can always leave you wanting to hear more. You love puzzles and challenges so you need a partner who will keep you on your toes, always bringing something new to the table when you least expect it. Partnership is key to you in all areas of life but especially when it comes to love. Your greatest strength is communication, whether verbal or physical, you know what makes people tick and how to express yourself even if it’s solely subconscious.. Your greatest weakness is your insatiable lust for what’s new, it makes it hard for you to have a steady and committed relationship.
What attracts them: versatility, wit, humor, flirtation, lightheartedness, someone open, doesn’t need to possess them, laid back

Cancer: Love, friendship, and family are your main focus in life, you hold them dear and recognize their importance. You need close relationships with others to feel alive. You care for those around you in whatever way you can because you want to show them how much you love them. Home is where the heart is, your personal motto. You are traditional in some ways, especially when it comes to your home, keeping mementos, eating at the table, cooking from scratch, and the like. You try to hide your insecurities and sensitivity behind a veneer of perfection, calm, and dignity even when you are a mess on the inside. Like a crab you want to hide it all away in your shell. Your greatest strength is your loving and caring nature. Your greatest weakness is your inability to always process or express your emotions.
What attracts them: security (especially financial), sensitivity, intimate, traditional, romantic, values family and friends, thoughtful

Leo: Romance and drama are your favorite things in life. When you fall in love, you dive in headfirst and give it everything you have to give. Love, intimacy, and gifts. But you need your partner to do the same. You need them to fawn over you and adore you with complete sincerity. You must know that they truly feel all of that love that you do. Your loyalty is unmatched, when you find the one you will stand by their side no matter what. Your greatest strength is not only your loyalty but your caring nature, you will do anything for your partner, give them anything, whatever you can. Your greatest weakness is your pride, it can be used against you, especially in a relationship, to draw you in. This can leave you suspicious and cynical about relationships.
What attracts them: elegance, spirit, boldness, romantic, nurturing, patient, adoring, bright, loyal, devoted, passionate

Virgo: Relationships are difficult for you. You are a perfectionist when it comes to love - nothing is ever good enough. You have high standards, you expect a lot of others but especially of yourself. You are private and often quiet. You are often repulsed by the messiness of relationships. You feel anxious about letting others into your life because you aren’t sure if they’ll let you down, judge you, or if they simply won’t understand. You would rather stay safe than take such a huge risk. Despite this, you secretly long for the fairy tale romance, for someone to sweep you off your feet or for you to dote on. Your greatest weakness is your pickiness, you hardly ever want to give anyone a chance and end up alone. Your greatest strength is your complete devotion once you do find that perfect partner.
What attracts them: intelligence, sincerity, diligence, patience, traditional, classy, thoughtful, self assured
Venus Falls in Virgo making the individual more concerned with appearances than character.

Libra: You are a lover above all else. Partnership, commitment, and mutuality are all key. You need relationships in your life, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself without them. You are happiest when in a romantic relationship. Marriage is very important to you, it’s simply a must. You can be a physical lover but also intellectual, you want to connect mentally and talk constantly with one another. Your biggest weakness is your concern with appearances, you might not give someone a chance just because their tie is a little crooked or their hair out of place, or you might stay in a negative relationship just because you two look so good together on the surface. Your greatest strength is your understanding of others and your desire to give them what they need.
What attracts them: manners, elegance, class, common sense, cultured, fair, considerate, determination, romance
Venus rules Libra meaning that Venus in Libra is a natural position, that when Venus is in Libra an individual has what they need to love and be loved.

Scorpio: You are a deep, passionate, and bold. You are a loyal person though you don’t expect the same of others, you expect them to do wrong by you in fact. You can be manipulative of your lovers and use sex to get what you want. You can easily become obsessed with sex and somehow see it in everything. You either cling and become possessive or are too aloof and can shock others by vacillating between these states. You are not the type to be fooled with, you are a serious lover and become vindictive when wronged. You are a little quirky and are interested in the occult in one way or another. You express your love instinctively, physically, and spiritually. You don’t care for flattery or romance. Your worst characteristics are your suspicion of others and your desire to manipulate others. Your best, your complete and unyielding loyalty.
What attracts them: deep, intelligent, passionate, somewhat possessive, bright, energetic but quiet, carries themselves with strength
Venus in Detriment: Venus in Scorpio causes the individual to worry and feel anxiety. You will desperately seek stability through a partner instead of caring for yourself.

Sagittarius: You need freedom no matter what. You can’t feel tied down by a partner or relationship. You need a lot of space. You are extremely generous and love to make others happy. You aren’t prideful, you aren’t above any experience. You love life, you love exploring, love to learn and grow. You are extremely playful and always joking around. You need spontaneity in your love life, plenty of fun and lighthearted romance. Family and friends are so important to you, they’re the light of your life. You aren’t afraid of those who are different from you, in fact, you are drawn to them. Your greatest weakness is your fear of commitment, no matter how much you love someone a relationship can intimidate you more than anything else. Your greatest strength is your acceptance of others, your understand and compassion.
What attracts them: idealistic, spiritual, fun, free-spirited, adventurous, straightforward, honest, understanding, a best friend

Capricorn: You are extremely practical and down to earth but surprisingly romantic. You dream of being swept off your feet or to be someone’s knight in shining armor. Underneath all of your strength, determination, and levelheadedness, you are soft and shy, completely vulnerable. You want someone who can acknowledge this and accept it and your strength, who understands that you can be both and respects both. You may seem cold or aloof, but this is how you love, by being a shoulder to lean on, by showing some tough love. Your greatest weakness is your fear of showing others who you are on the inside. You still don’t understand that letting your guards down is the greatest strength of all. Your greatest strength is your respect of others, you realize what they need and feel and though you may not be the most emotional you can still understand them better than most.
What attracts them: reliability, status, drive, intelligence, inner strength, thoughtful, caring, someone to lean on, secure, sensual

Aquarius: You are friendly, open, and eager to socialize with others, yet you are afraid of relationships. You have seen it all, really, so you know how messy things can get, you’ve seen the hurt and the pain. You just don’t want to be tied down by a person or by past hurts. You have a bad habit of seeking out unstable relationships or partners because you think this means freedom. You don’t care for gender roles or anything very traditional, you can’t stand anything restrictive, prejudiced, or unequal in life but especially in love. You expect your partner to be exactly that - a partner. Someone equal to you, who will work alongside you and you them, and is your best friend. You need that feeling of romantic intimacy and platonic intimacy in a relationship, odd as that may be. Your worst characteristic is your fear of commitment, you need to learn that a relationship doesn’t mean you’re possessed. Your best quality is your open mind, you accept people as they are and don’t expect them to change for you.
What attracts them: free-spirits, an open mind, intelligence, respect, friendship, laid back, fun-loving, intellectual

Pisces: You were born to love. You are highly intuitive and sensitive to the emotions of those around you. You can take on the emotions of others making what you feel beyond sympathy. You may have some psychic tendencies. You love everyone and see the beauty in everything. Highly spiritual, you often feel as if you are one with the universe or meant to help others. Respect is key to you, you respect the earth and all living beings on it, and expect to receive that respect in return. You are extremely romantic, you believe in soulmates and fated love of all kinds. Two souls destined for each other, always meant to be one, that’s the kind of love you seek. Your greatest strength is your sense of equality and respect for others, it’s key to a relationship. Your greatest weakness, your extreme sensitivity to others can cause you to suffer needlessly.
What attracts them: tenderness, sensuality, sensitivity, accepting, open and close, friendship, cares for humanity and the environment
Venus Exalted in Pisces, this position is remarkably healthy. Individuals with Venus in Pisces were born to love, it comes naturally to them. They do not lust, they adore, cherish, and respect based on the heart and soul. Soulmates and universal love are meant for Venus in Pisces. This is one of the most beautiful and natural positions of the Zodiac.

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Horror genres and sub-genres, arranged in convenient flow chart form

There is more to horror movies than mere blood, viscera, and severed limbs stacked like kindling. In fact, cinematic terror comes in a whole rainbow of permutations, each with its own peculiarities and delights to offer the thrill-hungry viewer. To the non-Fangoria-reading outsider, this may all seem a little baffling and disorienting. So many strange, sick, little sub-categories! Where does one even begin? But those wayward souls need worry no longer, for there is now a handy, easy-to-follow flow chart that plainly and logically arranges horror genres and sub-genres using the convenience of color coding. This particular diagram is credited to the aptly-named, no-frills Simple Film Reviews blog, which offers to-the-point movie reviews.

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Zodiac Wheel.

The Zodiac is an imaginary belt of the Heavens, within which are the apparent paths of the Sun, Moon and Planets. The belt contains twelve Constellations of Stars (hence the twelve Signs of the Zodiac) and each of the twelve Signs are governed by one of these four Elements: Earth, Fire, Air or Water. Astrology plays a big part in the Zodiac, as it is the actual study of influence that the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets have on an individual at the time of their Birth (which creates all the Sun/Moon/Rising Signs of the Zodiac).