Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person B: We don't always get along but
  • Person B: *starts to sling arm over Person A's shoulders*
  • Person B: we
  • Person A: GET off...
  • Person C: *cracks up*
  • Person C: Great character showing moment, you guys.

*Harry’s first kiss as seen by Lily and James*

James: She stayed back!

Lily: Calm down James

James: No.. but.. she.. she stayed back with Harry.

Lily: *nodding* I am aware, it may be nothing.

James: He has been swooning over her for months now, this is something.

Cedric: The- uh- I’m just gonna go check on my father. *leaves*

Lily: *scolding* You idiot.

James: Cedric come back, she’s talking about you.

Cedric: *stops on his tracks and listens* She was always a bit too emotional for her own good, it must be hard on her.

Lily: It is and if you don’t want to stay we understand. 

Cedric: It was never that serious with her you know dating and all, I liked her very much but it hadn’t been that long when I- you know. 

Lily: Still, it must be hard for you, too. Go check on your father dear.

Cedric: *smiling* Thanks, Lily.

James: *whispering* Lily!

Lily: What?!

James: *excited* Mistletoe!!

Lily: What the bloody hell is a nargle?

James: Do you remember that Scamander kid in Hufflepuff son of Newt Scamander the writer of–

Lily: *eye-roll* I know who Newt Scamander is Jamie

James: He talked about those th– THEY ARE KISSING OH MERLIN

Lily: The exact same reaction as Sirius honestly you two are incredible.

James: Shush Evans, my boy is having his first kiss

Lily: And we are watching, only if he knew.. He would probably hate us.

James: *grabby hands* Hands Harry haaands!

Lily: *teasing* Like you didn’t stand still when I first kissed you, I had to stand on my tiptoes because you wouldn’t even lean in!

*Harry’s back to common room as Lily and James have a discussion about their first kiss*

Lily: Why isn’t he speaking?

James: He just had his first kiss ever???

Lily: And?

James: He’s in a state of shock Lils.

Lily: I wouldn’t have shut up.

James: People are different, Sirius didn’t shut up for an hour after Remus kissed him.

Lily: *laughing* Ronald is you when they kissed though, look at him cheering.

James: Why is Hermione treating this like a Arithmancy essay?

Lily: She’s a highly logical girl, probably doesn’t think there’s much to it really.

James: If Cho can feel all of that at the same time and still stay alive, someone give this girl a medal.

*Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have* 

Lily: Yes Hermione! YES. I mean why doesn’t Harry fancy her?

James: Don’t be ridiculous Hermione likes Ron.

Lily: What?

James: Well now we know where Harry got his obliviousness. Don’t you remember the Yule Ball?

Lily: I do but they are so different.

James: *raises and eyebrow* Evans. Your argument is invalid because you married me.

Lily: You are right. I just hope he has the decency to ask her on a date.

James: He will, don’t worry. 

Lily: *skeptical* It took you months to ask me out.

James: *sarcastically* Could it be, I’m just gonna have a wild guess, because I was afraid you would hex me?

Lily: Shut up Potter.

James: You say that every time I am right.

Lily: *mortifying stares*

James: Alright, alright.

Harry: From now on, we will be using code names. You may address me as Eagle One.

Harry: Cho is “Been there, done that.”

Harry: Ginny is “Currently doing that.”

Harry: Hermione is “It happened once, in a dream.

Harry: Malfoy is “It I had to pick a guy.”

Harry: And Ron is “Eagle Two.”

Ron: Oh thank God.

Signs as HP Ships

Aries: Drarry (Draco + Harry)

Taurus: Hinny (Harry + Ginny)

Gemini: Romione (Ron + Hermione)

Cancer: Tedoire (Teddy + Victoire)

Leo: Charry (Cho + Harry)

Virgo: Frangelina (Fred + Angelina)

Libra: Fremione (Fred + Hermione)

Scorpio: Wolfstar (Sirius + Remus)

Sagittarius: Dramione (Draco + Hermione)

Capricorn: Jily (James + Lily)

Aquarius: Grindeldore (Grindelwald + Dumbledore)

Pisces: Larry (Luna + Harry)

Ships I wouldn’t have minded to see a spinoff series of/needed more screentime/deserve more recognition/want a better ending for

personal opinion, pls dont roast me too much lol


Wallet cabinet by Pierre Charrié and Maison Fey

The Wallet cabinet is a wooden shelf structure, covered with leather, that closes with invisible magnets. The idea was created by Pierre Charrié and Maison Fey and initiated by the Péri’Fabrique program to be show cased at the Designers Days Festival in Paris.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know some good psds/templates/picspam etc for making mock blogs for extra part of character audition? Thanks

So I’ve never done a mock blog before, or ever made external things for an audition before, so I don’t have any go-to things that I already know of off the top of my head. So I instead just started thinking about what I’d do if I were to make extra things, and here is just basically a dump of templates/insp ideas that I’d probably take a look at/consider using. 


Inspiration from


  • Make a playlist (8tracks is great)
  • Make regular gif moodboards (ex1, ex2, ex3)
  • Make a page for headcanons
  • Make a character video

Those are just some of the stuff I’ve come across. If you’re in the need for more inspiration, I know most of the rps where people are actively making graphics and whatnot for their auditions usually have some sort of inspo tag that the rpers can put their creations in. So if the rp you’re interested in does have a tag like that, I’d check that tag out if I were in need for some inspo. 

And on a sidenote, I also have this tag on my multifandom that I put pretty/nice gifs and edits under to look back on whenever I want to make something or need some inspo, so if you’re like, desperate for inspo, you can also check out my tag there. Most of the examples for the inspo part are posts that I have in that tag. Anyways, I hope you found this helpful, lovely!

acciotomriddle  asked:

Harry/Charlie for the rare pair question? :)

This is kind of cliche, but I would love to explore Harry’s healing process while he takes time away to work in Romania with Charlie. They’re both grieving, working through their regrets and sorrow. It’s grounding to have Charlie around, he’s strong, not just physically but also mentally. He calms Harry, shows him how to turn the thrumming energy inside him into something productive.

Dragons are similar to Harry, Charlie tells him. They’re volatile and guarded, they’ve got their temper but they’re also vulnerable behind their hard exterior. They want to bond, to trust, but they’re rightfully wary after being hurt by smugglers for so long. Charlie teaches Harry how to get them to open up, how to gain their trust and affection; not noticing that unknowingly, he’s doing just the same to Harry.

Draco Cho Potter, you were named after the only people that managed to deny The Chosen One. One was a Slytherin and he was the finest piece of ass to ever live. The other was a Ravenclaw and she didn’t know what she wanted. Anyways. Go to school, eat your vegetables and don’t be late in your Transfiguration classes.
—  Harry Potter and The Sensibly Named Child, Part 1