charro bean

I slept the day away.

I’ve had a sore throat and achy joints for the past few days. It’s a lot of why I haven’t been around tumblr much. I pushed through it and worked full-time last week, hung out with an old friend on Friday night, and saw another good friend for lunch yesterday. Nick and I had planned on going out Saturday night, but we were both too tired. We did check out a restaurant that we haven’t been to in years, and found out it had changed for the better. This morning I went grocery shopping, and picked up Sophia from a sleepover. When I came home this afternoon, I fell asleep and napped for almost 5 hours.

Now I’m making pork chops, Mexican rice and charro beans for dinner. I’m not sure if I lost a day or got the rest I needed. I’m still feeling a bit groggy from daytime sleep.