Usually we like to take things seriously well, not usually, but today Sofía and I had to take a break to take this pic because we’ve finally finished Monstera’s makeover!! From now on Monstera Apparel doesn’t exist anymore since we are thinking of expanding in the future and now we’re officially Monstera New York. Now we should probably start looking for more people to work with because we are literally 3 people in the office xd

i’ve been watching su since the first season was coming out, so i guess it’s time to start drawing fanart!
some simple head sketches to see how I can handle different characters with my style. I love how simplistic is design of the characters, so artist can interprent it in unique ways


Dessie: “May I call you Elder Sister…I-I-I’m sorry…As expected, never mind that!”
Tatsumi: “It feels as if I really have a big sister when I talk with big sis Nanami~”
Collin: “U-um, you know…Nanami-san…I think of you like my big sister. ”
Tigre: “Even though I have a big sister of my own, it feels as if I get another one whenever I talk with Nanami-san.”
Shark: “…That’s why, I wish that Nanami was my real big sis. So, won’t you be my big sis?”

Suddenly Nanami got another 5 more little siblings since she has started to live by her own, but not that I am complaining though. In fact, I’d love to adopt Yaichi, Sumomo, Noel, Alma and Witchie into my lil siblings brigade as well even though they don’t really mention these kind of lines.