( clara ochoa / aesthetics )

the girl your mother didn’t even notice to warn you about / the girl who’s already written up her ideal obituary / the girl who only shows affection by of cutting glances and shared lip gloss / the girl who doesn’t know how she sounded before her voice lost its tone / the girl who would trade her family in for a lifetime supply of milkshakes / the girl who makes a sport of crying wolf / the girl whose presence is alarming / the girl who got too lazy to count rosary so she switched to sin / the girl who razes her nails too sharp / a girl.


( remy o’hara + text posts )

gentleman snarker / genius bruiser / chivalrous pervert / momma’s boy / high school hustler / ladykiller in love / the chessmaster / collective groan / missing steps plan / crazy jealous guy / moment killer / precision f-strike / took a level in kindness / undying loyalty

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal