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Anonymous asked: Hi, I am playing someone who was raped but is acting as if it didn’t happen at all but I feel like that’s playing a rape victim wrong, I know every victim is different I just think she would handle it differently. Do you have any tips, guides or know links on how to play a rape victim? Please and thank you.

[Trigger Warning] Firstly, I’d like to emphasize that as long as you take it seriously and realistically, you can’t play a rape victim wrong. A character that acts as if the event didn’t happen, as in they are purposely pretending it didn’t happen and refusing to talk about it, actually is a fairly common reaction, however, it’s an incredibly unhealthy one. By denying the event occurred, the victim will not try to seek proper help and fix the wound. The person is putting the dirt under the rug, not allowing anyone to see the problem, but it’s still there unresolved. 

However, as much as I could go on and elaborate more on this point, I doubt that’s what you are looking. Your problem is that you have this character and her reaction to the event doesn’t fit her personality and character to you, correct? Her bio said she reacted this certain way but the way you have developed her in your mind, it doesn’t make sense? Oh, what a dilemma I have been faced with many times. 

I would urge you to talk to your admin since it is a clear change of the bio. Explain why you believe her reaction should be changed and elaborate. Don’t just say it doesn’t make sense to you, but tell the admin why. If you are able to explain yourself well, I can’t image an admin having a problem with that, especially after they’ve already chosen you for that character. If they don’t for whatever reason, I would honestly consider leaving. If you can’t connect with the character or they don’t make sense to you, you won’t be able to play them as well as you can and it won’t be as fun for you. 

Now, just to make sure I’m not totally jumping over the topic and because I’m not 100% sure what you mean by acting as if it didn’t happen, I’ll go on another point. If you mean that in the bio it literally says that the rape didn’t affect her and she’s just a happy-go-lucky girl who was not damaged at all by this, that doesn’t seem right at all. Talk to your admins right away about that being changed. Serious issues should be taken seriously and not swept under the rug, as said earlier. It’s unrealistic and honestly disrespectful to write a bio where rape is just tossed in there to add something but no effects are left on the character. You have to fix that. 

When it comes to tips, I urge you to honestly watch some interviews or stories of rape victims. You will notice that all reactions are different, but have things in common. All affect the person in some way, shape, or form. Reading about a rape victim is one thing, but at least for me, it really starts to click when you watch the person talk about what they went through themselves. The things you see in their eyes, their body language, and even the tone in their voices is what brings everything together.

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