charred skull

“Kylo Ren [actually] Has Friends”
No seriously. He swears. Actual friends. The shirt proves it.

What makes you think he has no friends? Who told you that he’s a pitiful angry dork who is so intensely lonely that he abducts pretty girls on the flimsiest pretense, and talks to the charred skull of a relative he never met? He demands to know who told you! He will END them! Oh, and did you know Kylo Ren has an eight-pack?

The Living Ghost (part 1/4)


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Fic info: takes place right after The Empty Grave. Rating: General. Pairings: Lockwood/Lucy and Holly/her ‘flatmate’. Ao3 link: here 

I leave for one minute and you let me get nicked again.

“You were gone for a week!”

Yeah, whatever. Some friend you are.”

Lucy comes home to find the skull missing. On their quest to get him back, Lockwood & Co. discover that the secret to eternal youth might not have been the only thing the Orpheus Society were striving towards.

Part 1 – The Theft

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Yoongi huffed as he shoved the phone back into his pocket and walked the short way to the house. The modern styled house stood lonely, the lights still gleaming from the inside as he walked in. All of the guys stood in the common area, as Yoongi went straight to the staircase.

Woah, there! Yoongi hyung! Jimin called out, but Yoongi completely ignored. Where have you been? We were pretty sure we were all going to become uncles by the time you got back! Jimin continued, giggling as he followed him down the stairs.

Can you not see that I’m heading downstairs? Yoongi growled as he turned on his heels to look at the younger roommate, the rest of the guys looking over the edge of the stairwell at the angered demigod. The room became hot and Jimin looked at Yoongi with wide eyes.

What’s going on? Jin called from upstairs, but Yoongi glared up at him.

I’m heading to the Gates. Yoongi snarled and Jin’s eyes went wide for a moment.

Did you – He started to ask, but Yoongi held up his hand.

I’m going to the Gates. He turned and walked into his room. Walking up to his closet door, it was easily disguised, opening the door and walking to the back of the closet, he felt for the handle. Opening the door once more, he walked down the staircase.

He’s taking his merry fucking time getting here, isn’t he?! Yoongi could hear Hades screaming at Phobos and Deimos, also known as Fear and Dread.

S-s-sir, you called him f-f-five minutes a-a-a-ago. Yoongi chuckled as he heard Phobos stutter to his furious father. Phobos couldn’t hold a normal conversation with anyone without getting a panic attack, while Deimos spent most of his days hating everything around him.

FIVE MINUTES TOO LONG! Hades head was a raging shade of red as Yoongi walked up to the towering god. Hades stood well above the height of any man and was intimidating, but Yoongi had dealt with his father’s fury his entire life and couldn’t care less.

You know, if you don’t start relaxing, you’ll end up in the Styx. Yoongi murmured as he shoved his hands in his pockets. Hades looked at his son, fire in his eyes as he looked down at the small stature of his half-human offspring.

Do not speak to me that way, Yoongi. Hades growled and Yoongi looked around.

Where are the rest of the Guilty Joys? Yoongi looked at Phobos and Deimos, who looked around with him. The Guilty Joys were almost like gatekeepers, standing at the entrance to the Underworld to greet everyone with horror. But today instead of nine, it was just two.

Yoongi, I didn’t call you hear so you could critique the Joys. Hades murmured and swung his arm over. The gates of the Underworld opened and Hades ushered his son onto the boat with Charon, the skeletal gondolier who spent his afterlife paddling in the new souls of the dead. Yoongi didn’t look at the skeleton soulless man, simply turning around and looking at his father.

What’s going on, dad? He asked and Hades looked down at him.

We have a lot to speak about. Hades grumbled and Yoongi wanted to roll his eyes, but he knew better.

Alright. What about? Yoongi murmured and he could feel the heat rise.

Hermes came to the Underworld today. Hades spoke through gritted teeth, his eyes were black, his skin a bluish tint, and his face gaunt and unnerving. He told me he was checking up on you and you’ve gotten involved with a mortal.

The words tumbled from Hades’ mouth and Yoongi felt his breathing hitch. He thought he had more time before he would have to breech this topic with his father, but alas, here he was and Yoongi felt a fire grow inside of him.

Father, I’ve only just met her. Yoongi spoke calmly and Hades threw his arms up in the air.

You will not meet with her ever again. Hades spewed and Yoongi squinted. They now stood on the edge of the River Styx, the fire burning from Hades’ rage was unbearable, but Yoongi called upon the cold. The river began to freeze as Yoongi stood before his father.

You do not control me anymore. Yoongi spat. The river continued to freeze and Hades looked on with astonishment, he knew his son was powerful, but this was showing a new force of nature. I will speak to her again. Yoongi said before stopping the freezing of the Underworld. Hades chuckled.

You were always a stubborn child. Hades spoke calmly. It always amazed Yoongi how quickly his father could change his tune, but he also sensed a bit of fear in his father’s actions.

Yea, well I learn from the master. Yoongi retorted and a hearty laugh came from Hades’ lips.

Well there is one more thing I need to speak to you about. Hades said, beckoning Yoongi into the large castle-like structure that stood in the middle of the fiery Underworld. Yoongi walked passed Cerberus, the three-headed dog that he saw as a pet, and various other strange decorations, like skulls and charred candlesticks. This burned down mansion was his home for many years, but now, he saw it as a chore to visit. Hades led his son to the large dining room, it laid vacant, its high arched ceiling, and expansive table were impressive, but no one really came to the Underworld for the dinner parties.

Yoongi pulled out a chair and sat down, allowing Hades to use his power and shrink in size. His once looming stature was now that of a normal man as he sat down at the head of the table. Yoongi looked at his father.

So what do you need to speak about? He asked and Hades smiled, his smile was like shark teeth. Waving his arms over the table, a miniature model of Mount Olympus appeared. Yoongi could feel his eyes wanting to roll once more. Since the beginning of time, his father had made it his mission to take down Zeus, but nothing ever worked. He now sat in the middle of the Underworld listening to his father try to convince him that this time he could do it, but all Yoongi could think about was how you were probably sitting alone in your apartment.

Yoongi wasn’t wrong. You had left the common area of your apartment to sit in your room adjacent to the kitchen. Your eyes staring mindlessly at the ceiling as you spun the fidget spinner around in circles and sighed. Sitting up, you walked out to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, when you noticed that Yoongi’s wallet was sitting on the counter. Walking over to it, the curious part of you wanted to sift through its contents, but your better half told you to just walk it over to the house. So as you grabbed your shoes, you wrote a quick note for your roommate.

Hey, this Greek myth guy left his wallet. He lives next door, I’m gonna drop it off. If I’m not back in a few hours, call the cops. *jk, don’t do that!

Anyway, keep up the studying! Hwaiting! – Y/N

You signed your name, grabbed your phone, keys, and Yoongi’s wallet, and fluttered out the door. Not knowing the kind of mess you were walking into.

Author’s Note: I know it might seem impractical, but I like to think that Yoongi isn’t scared of Hades. Maybe that’s just me, but I think he would almost just find Hades’ behavior to be unbearable.   



Trigger warnings for violence and child abuse.

EDIT: OK FINE also warning for inaccurately portraying the american witch trials and ignoring rowling canon of magic people making the flames harmless. I’ll say the Barebones family just made shit up for that good old righteous Aesthetic.

When Credence was a young boy, Ma took him and Chastity to Salem for two days. He was given a brand new suit of black with shoes so shined that he kept kicking his feet up to look at them until Ma scolded him for fidgeting.

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