charred forest

~22 Have Entered The Forest~

Scarlet stared wide-eyed at the destruction before her. There was nothing but charred forest for what felt like miles. What had once been the beautiful Flint Forest was now a graveyard for all the growing life that it had once been filled with. Tears swelled up in the woman’s eyes. Her heart ached for the loss of the growth around her. How could something like this happen?! She fell to her knees and silently pushed her cupped hands into the ground, the ashes easily going into her hand like sand, while her wide-green eyes stared at the black dust. She hesitantly dropped it and growled. “I will avenge you.” She whispered as the sky started to blacken, signs of a storm approaching. She didn’t know who had done this, or what for that matter, but she didn’t care. Someone had destroyed part of her life, something she loved, and for no reason. She wouldn’t let it be passed as nothing. She stood slowly as a glare made its way onto her face. She breathed out a rough sigh and clenched her hands into tight fists, anger swelling up into her. It was rare the woman was so cross, but this crossed the line. They were going to pay.

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I built a house out of wood
using solid oak logs
heaps of straw for the roof.

I built a home in the woods;
I built a shelter for two,
but you
had other dreams to pursue.

Useless logs, useless straw,
this house won’t be a home
my dreams won’t come true.

I built a house in the woods,
a shelter
for two,
a home
for you,
then watched it burn down,
‘til nothing was left
but ashes and

A charred open space amidst
a forest in bloom,
as a reminder that sometimes
dreams won’t come true.

Scorched earth, barren ground;
my only memory of you.

- M.A. Tempels © 2016