Not Perfect

SPN FanFic Drabble

Dean x Reader

638 Words

Warnings: Excessive Romantic Feels. SFW, Fluff

A/N: Nonnie sent me this ^ and sparked a little ditty. Hope you like it. 

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It wasn’t perfect. There was no sparkling princess-cut diamond, no artfully designed filigree, the band wasn’t totally smooth, but it didn’t matter. Those details belonged to a perfect ring, and that ring was the dream of a child; a teenager who longed for a new life, for a fairy tale and a fantasy that would never come true.

Fairy tales of princes and magical godmothers, of gowns and balls and crystal tiaras were a distant memory; long ago forgotten in the face of the real world monsters I met everyday. Kinda hard to believe a handsome man on a white steed would sweep you off of your feet when you’re dripping in vamp blood and turning over graves.

My hero doesn’t ride a horse or swing a fancy sword. He drives a classic car and carries a shotgun. He wears stiff denim and clunky boots and soft flannel. He smells like leather and oil and coffee. He drinks till he’s calm and he screams when he’s not. He kills when he has to and saves everyone he can. He’s not a prince by birth or by title, doesn’t have a penny to his name, but he’s good enough for me. I’d take him over Prince Charming any day. I would rather stare into those deep green eyes than anything on this Earth. I would rather taste his plump lips than any sweetness known to man. I would live and breathe and die in his arms, and do it happily. Dean Winchester is my love.

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Maynard Road | Widger Architecture

Behind a charred larch exterior, this London loft extension contains a pair of plywood-lined bedrooms that double up as quiet study spaces.

British studio Widger Architecture designed the extension for a first-floor flat in Walthamstow, east London. The brief was to transform the old attic floor into new living spaces, including two generously sized bedrooms.

The sloping roof presented an issue with head-height, which Widger Architecture got around by building a dormer window that spans the entire width of the property. This new addition creates a flat ceiling for the two bedrooms.

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