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anonymous asked:

What jobs would Arya and Gendry have in modern times?

the possibilities for this are endless. but just going off a standard au based on canon 

gendry would have a blue collar job. the fics where he’s a mechanic or construction worker have the right of it tbh.  but if gendry got a college education i could see him in like architecture or engineering. he’s actually pretty creative too so i could see him using that to his advantage with the former. gendry likes to make and fix things. 

its kind of difficult for me to pick one for arya bc idt she would want a 9-5 where she has to sit at a desk all day. i could see her bouncing between a lot of jobs because she can’t make her mind up. she goes from working in a restaurant to an animal shelter ect. she changes her major a dozen times too. but i could see her settling in a science field?? one where she can get outside like environmental. we know arya’s good with numbers but math careers are boring. i always entertain the idea of arya opening a wolf sanctuary. or she’ll just become a super spy lol