i walked around with a camera and took pictures of my friends. 

here are friends looking cool

(all pictures by me, friends shown that are on tumblr: jadespr1te trimizu shineko witchhearted kiirokuri hurk charmsandpandas gearstation)


I’m going to post about Katsucon forever; I’ve never had an experience like this! I was so happy cosplaying yowapeda everyday and I was surprised three times with Valentine’s as Ashikiba and then as Machimiya. And then look at all these incredible people I met, you all give me life *- *q 

Selfies with princemaru archtypic sumptus terminallyxsadistic mohawkdandy jiinsuke and Juice

Extra thank yous for the chocolate and gifts! Beautiful Machimiya print by soltian, machiara sketch by charmsandpandas, and I was given sticker stars by terminallyxsadistic *-* haha