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I was wondering what protection pennies are, and how they work/how you can create them?

As a child I remember my grandmother always putting pennies above the doors and the window, I never questioned it, it was just something she did. I had totally forgotten about it until I moved to the US. I began doing readings at a small book store called Unicorn Books and Gifts. On my first day there I closed the door and was hit by a penny. I noticed another above the door. After speaking with the owner I learned that one of the other readers puts them there for protection, just like my grandmother.

 I later questioned my grandmother about it. She told me that it is a “old gypsy charm”.She told me that it is ideal to use a horseshoe or nails, but pennies will give you a little extra “luck”.

What you will need

  • Pennies
  • Salt
  • Jar
  • Your intention

Place the salt and the pennies in a jar or any container that you have at hand.

Leave for a week. The salt will cleanse the pennies. It will remove any unwanted energy and give your pennies a protection boost.

Once cleansed, hold the jar of pennies and salt in your hand and set your intention. (To protect your thresholds)

I like to imagine the pennies surrounded in white light. White to me means protection but find whatever works for you.

Once you have set your intent place two pennies above your doors and windows. Place one at each end of the frame. I like to imagine a white protective light joining the two, creating a protective barrier. Only those with the “greatest of good” for your home will be able to cross it.

Once or twice a month replace the pennies with fresh ones. Place used pennies back into the salt to cleanse.

For a added protective boost I like to also draw a line with Dragons Blood between the pennies.

I hope this helps

Brightest Blessings


Bearded men bottles could have been filled with urine and hair to ward off 17th century witches

A set of four salt-glazed bottles, adorned with stylized face masks of bearded men who seem to be showing varying levels of malevolence, could have been used as protective charms or as antidotes to witchcraft, according to new speculation surrounding the excavation of two Hampshire cottages in 1981.

Anne Leaver, who lived opposite the construction site for a British Telecom exchange building in Abbotts Ann, led members of the Andover Archaeological Society to the suspected former homes, where mechanical removal of surface layers revealed brick flooring and footings, a flint-lined wall and a bottle in an upright position beneath a hearth.

A second, inverted bottle was found under a hearth. Two more – one inverted, one upright – surfaced nearby, each containing a cork bung and reflecting designs from the early 16th century Rhineland, commonly found in England from the 17th century. Read more.


I made some charms! Honestly, I just made them so I can own them myself, but since I’m selling these at fanime, I figure I might as well make them available to you guys first.

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Edit: Oh god I forgot luffy’s scar. I am a dum. The final version will have a scar.

Simple Luck and Wealth Charm

This is one I’ve been using for a couple months now.

Take a single penny, or the lowest valued coin in your currency, and pass it through the following trails of smoke:

  1. Sage or Rosemary – to clear its current energy
  2. Clove, Patchouli, or Sandalwood – for luck and wealth

Then place it in front of your bedroom or front door, facing inward. As you walk over it each day you’ll take with you some of its energy.

Recharge the penny as needed, but monthly at the New or Waxing moons are recommended.