How to Enchant Items

To enchant an item is to infuse it with magickal energy. This energy can come from a variety of sources, including planets, crystals, herbs, or even yourself. 

Some individuals use the words “enchant” and “charm” synonymously as a way to describe the process of infusing something with energy, but for the sake of this post and due to my own beliefs, you enchant something and it then becomes a charm. Alternately, a charm can be something with its own innate energy, like a crystal or herbal amulet. 

The process of enchanting is extremely versatile and there are many ways to do it successfully, so long as you keep your intent clear in your mind. My personal preference when it comes to enchanting items is to allow 12-24 hours (overnight or a full day) for the item to be infused with energy and become a charm - although, this is completely left up to the individual spell-caster. 

Here are a few ideas on how to enchant items, in no particular order:

  1. Surround the item with crystals of corresponding intent
  2. Surround the item with herbs of corresponding intent 
  3. Place the item in a jar filled with herbs that represent your intent
  4. Place the item in front of a candle and meditate on your intent 
  5. Anoint the item with an oil, charged water, or crystal elixir of corresponding intent 
  6. Hold the item in your hand(s) and visualize it filling with the appropriate energy 
  7. Hold the item in your hand(s) and speak your intent aloud
  8. Craft a sigil or symbol to keep near the item in an envelope or sachet
  9. Sew, stitch, or carve a sigil into the item (thanks @stormbornwitch !) 
  10. Write your intention on paper and keep in an envelope with the item 
  11. Pair the item with a corresponding runestone or tarot / oracle card in an envelope 
  12. Take the item and put it in a box with other items that represent your intent such as crystals, herbs, talismans, amulets, etc. 
  13. Bury the item in soil with herbs and/or crystals that match your intent (please don’t put salt on your lawn though, unless you want dead grass)
  14. Pass the item through incense smoke that matches your intent 

edited on 5-30-2016


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