Simple “Around The House” Charms
  • basil in the home will attract money
  • thorny branches over the door will help repel evil
  • eat a pinch of thyme before bed to give you sweet dreams
  • cut an apple in half. give one half to your partner, and the other half to yourself. eat for a prosperous relationship!
  • throw rice or burn cotton to induce rain
  • lilacs to ward/rid unwanted spirits
  • add lemon juice to your bath water for purification
  • throw oats in your garden for bountiful harvest
  • eat a peach to aid decision making

here’s one update! 1 out of 8 charms I have done with ddadds :) (this was before i did minor changes on them) I have already ordered them in–hopefully they’ll turn out great!
fhet kitty stickers should be arriving today! ahhh