anti-anxiety charm

things you will need:*

  • a pouch - i used yellow, for happiness
  • a sharpie
  • an item that is tied to you, preferably emotionally, small enough to fit inside the pouch - i used a pendant in the shape of a peace sign that my best friend bought for me
  • a white candle
  • vanilla essence
  • honey
  • lavender oil
*note: magic is personal, and tools are just that - tools. i tried to use things that most people would have in their homes, but if you want to switch lavender oil for a lavender scented spray? go for it. as long as the associations of what you’re using relate to your purpose in some way, and you’re careful about it, ingredients in spells can be switched around and personalised as much as you like.

  • draw a heart symbol on the pouch in sharpie marker
  • pour some of the vanilla essence, lavender oil, and honey over the item you’ve chosen
  • hold the item over the candle (i tied yarn to mine to avoid burns)
  • imagine your anxiety drifting, burning, or melting away - whichever image is the most helpful. if you want to say something, you can.
  • i repeated steps 2-4 twice more for extra kick, but you can leave it at that if you prefer.
  • place the item in the pouch and pinch closed.
  • hang it over your bed, your door, or put it on your person.

Pokemon In A Bottle Charms

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COMING SOON!! Just wanted to post an update on these charms sets. Got the charms today. Once I get the rest of the materials in I will put them together and they will go on etsy. Keep an eye out for the official post :) ❤️💛💚💙💜 #merch #etsy #comingsoon #potions #potionseller #charms


Eeveelution charms are here! Apologies again for terrible photos, I’ll finally be getting a new camera soon..

I’ll get them ready for shipment tomorrow and mailing them wednesday! Thanks so much to everyone who preordered, as always the support of my art means so much! If you’d like to get in on the first shipments you can get them here -

I’m happy with how they came out, I hope everyone else is satisfied with them as well! I’ll be doing the rest of the eeveelutions in the next couple of months.

Money Attracting Charm

Dried basil
Bay leaf
Green candle
Dime bag
Bergamot oil

Light the green candle. Crush up the basil and bay leaf into tiny pieces and mix with the salt. Pour the mixture into a dime bag, and add a drop of wax, a drop of bergamot oil, and the penny into the bag. Keep the bag in your wallet or piggy bank to attract money.