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Hi Atan, I was wondering if you'll be restocking on your Owari no Seraph Charms? The artwork for this set is very beautiful, and I'm happy that you made Guren (he's one of my favorite characters from the series, and there's not much fan art on him). Will you be making more items for Owai no Seraph? Also, will you be making items for any other shows?

Hi there!

Yes, I was planning on restocking Guren and Shinya and making a couple of new charms too (I’m currently working on a couple of light novel designs). Thank you so much for liking my work so far! (●⌒∇⌒●)

I don’t have plans for charms of other series at the moment.


★ I have new goodies and bundle packs and stuff up in my shop! Starting off February with some cuteness but some items are very limited so get em before theyre gone ★

Also pre-ordered charms and stuff will be sent out this week! Thank you everyone for the support : >

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i’m in search of more blogs to follow and to meet fellow witches! i’m a fairly new witch myself, and would love to befriend other practitioners of magick so i won’t be so alone on this journey. that being said, please don’t hesitate messaging me if you’re looking to discuss witchcraft, or just interested in casual conversation!

Knot Magic: A Spell to Ease Connections and Dependency

I originally designed this little charm for my mother who had some severe trouble letting go, so to speak, which was severely impacting my relationships and mental health.  Knowing that it’s impossible to make a family member forget about you entirely, and not wanting to completely break off my relationship with her, this was designed to work as sort of a charm version of The Game – you know, it allows the other person to stop focusing on you so long as you don’t remember it exists.

Now, I made mine months ago and it has proven effective – to the point where it’s also affected my younger brother who’s in a similar situation – our relationship is honestly better than it’s ever been since I was a kid.  But I’ve since lost the actual charm (you’ll see why at the end of the instructions).  So this is more going to be a general guide on how to design your own rather than a step-by-step on how I made mine; which is better, I think, because it means you can really customize it.

What You Need:

  • Embroidery floss (I used three different colors that represented memories and forgetfulness/banishment to me – mostly associated with air and water)
  • Beads and other small objects you can weave into the charm (I used clear (air, memories) and red (banishment) seed beeds to boost the memory/banishment connection, and chainmail links to help really lock the spell in)
  • A small-ish object that connects the two of you and can be tied to the end of the charm (I used a penny with a heart cut out of it that my mother had given me years ago)
  • A junk drawer, shelf, the bottom of a large purse, or something where you do look but not often

What to do:

  1. Knot off the end of your floss and start working the Chinese staircase knot (tutorial here; I know there’s probably a less offensive name but I genuinely cannot find it, I’ll just refer to it as the spiral staircase knot from here on out; I chose this one because the act of deciding to try again, getting burned, and choosing to never try again … until next time was such a circular dance)
  2. Switch colors (if applicable) and add beads/findings as you see fit
  3. You might find it useful to repeat (either out loud or just in your head) what each aspect is intended to do as you build the charm
  4. Keep it relatively small, something that can be jostled around and inconspicuous (mine was about 2-3 inches)
  5. When you have it at your preferred length, tie the connecting object to the end of it, knot, and snip off the floss ends if necessary
  6. Take it over to your junk drawer or shelf or whatever you’re tossing it in, tell it (either out loud or in your head), as if you’re telling the person, that they will only think of you when you see or remember this charm
  7. Drop it in and forget about it.
tarot charm

items needed:

  • tarot card that corresponds to your intent
  • a small item 
  • candle
  • piece of paper/pen
  • string
  1. light candle
  2. write your intent on the paper
  3. wrap paper around item and bind it with the string while focusing on your intent
  4. lay your item on top of the tarot card - i used a tumbled amethyst crystal
  5. let the item charge while the candle burns out
  6. carry the charmed item with you