I received some more Assassin’s Creed charms this week, designed by the lovely yosb. I bought Ezio, Yusuf, Connor (front and back) and Shaun, and they truly show great quality. I always like to buy custom things, they’re always so unique and I like to think that I encourage artists to keep going at the same time. I really love my little assassins B3 !

You can check out yosb on Tumblr as well as her store by following the links here:



This lucky necklace features a silver pewter pendant with a 4 leaf clover, embellished with a Swarovski crystal.


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I’m very scared my family will be on the streets soon. We literally have no income other then my brother’s and that’s only 1/2 our rent. We can’t even afford food right now. If you have suggestions on how to help me too, my ask box is always open.