Operation Magic Strawberries

For Ashley, Swan Believer heavy, Captain Swan obviously, bits of Captain Cobra + Swan. Neal is still alive and the witch defeated. Take place in the future.

> And because we all need a break from the angst

F for fluff, S for sexy times and too much sugar and sweetness.

Prompt: Emma gets pregnant and Henry has a hard time with it.

Her fingers tap against the wooden island of the kitchen in an infernal staccato. She never had done this before, - it wasn’t like Neal had left her the time.

God she couldn’t let her thoughts wander places. Especially the one called Neal and the bitter taste it still left on the tip of her tongue.

Biting her tongue, she got off her seat and opened the fridge, putting six eggs on the counter. Killian liked her omelettes, every morning, he would hate one quickly before they would both leave for the station.

Omelettes were good. Nice and delicious with butternuts on it, or chocolate, or sugar, whatever.

Emma beat the eggs, with an energetic wrist, trying to forget about the tick tock of the clock above her head, in a few, Killian would be home in a few. She was happy Henry was staying over at Regina’s and Robin’s, she couldn’t deal with both men tonight.

Maybe she should do the omelettes salty instead of sweet, but at the same time, Killian loved his sweet omelette, it was safer, right?

Five omelettes and one half baked pie (horribly cooked of course) later, Killian was coming in. He had dropped the leather pants for jeans, -damn he looked handsome in those- and a basic v neck pull over. Still a pirate though, he hadn’t given up the earring or the necklace nor the rings, but that, Emma would never recognized it out loud, she loved those things about him, and she was glad he was still him. Her pirate with all his shiny stuff.

She pretended to ignore him, focusing on the pie in the oven -though it was hopeless, it was a disaster - she was a disaster and-

Killian wrapped his arms around her from behind, his chest hard and warm pressed against her back, he kissed her neck tenderly. “Cooking already? Are you sick Swan?”

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