making an entrance || Jefferson / Open

Sorry we’re late

It simply did not have the same ring to it, but the still-queen-thank-you, hardly minded. Not when her ‘date’ this evening was sure to cause as much a stir as she herself. Honestly she couldn’t imagine why she had even been invited in the first place. Charming thought simply restricting her bar privileges if she chose to use magic would keep everyone safe? Please.

Aside from that, she was hardly going to be the biggest threat there anyway. But the so called Prince was ever the fool, and she felt no desire to make him see that. Less entertainment for her if he stopped. 

Dressed ostentatiously and grandiosely, Regina stepped from her carriage, taking the hand of a guard, and eyed the castle with a touch of disdain. She couldn’t really give a real explanation for her arriving – nothing more than wanting to cause a stir. She did so despise all who laid within…

Hearing movement from behind, she turned to lay a dark but satisfied smirk at her date for the event as he finally exited the carriage as well. He wasn’t normally one ot keep her waiting, but, unfortunately he didn’t have the aid of magic to quickly correct the ways in which they had both become disheveled on the journey here. 

“I do hope you’re prepared for stares, my dear…” she drawled, looking almost eager to strike fear back into the hearts of her formerly oh-so-loyal subjects.

Prince Charming’s Ball.  There wasn’t really any reason for Rumple to be there.  He doubted that there was anyone there who actually wanted him to attend.  But he’d decided to come anyway, if only to enjoy the reactions of people who were afraid of him.

As always, Rumplestiltskin liked to make an memorable appearance, and so he didn’t walk up to the castle like most people were doing.  Instead, he simply transported himself inside, right into the ballroom, arriving in the usual cloud of purple smoke.  As the smoke around him cleared, he surveyed the room, taking in everyone who had arrived so far.

It's Tradition • Emma and Charming at the ball

Though he would never outright reveal it to her, Charming had been looking forward for this moment since he heard that he and Snow would be having a girl; the moment where he would teach her the thing a father should. As fate would have it, he was not there to teach Emma how to walk, talk, ride a horse or use a sword, but at the moment, he was certain that time would allow him to share this one moment with his daughter: their first dance.

The smile of excitment due to the party atmosphere now had a hint of hope as the prince made his way towards his daughter. She looked absolutely stunning; he couldn’t help but feeling rather proud at himself for having urged her to wear a proper ball gown for this.

          “Good evening, m'lady.” The prince greeted, playfully. “Are you enjoying yourself?”