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I don’t get why some people don’t like barbie movies!!!



















pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.


Take The Lead In Your Story
↪Epic Winter: Ep. 3 | Ice Castle Quest

gay culture is rewatching your favorite shows and thinking you should have Realized™ a lot sooner because HOOOWOW do you have a type

Drowning in Jealousy

Request: “I love your writing! If requests are still open can you do a Draco smut? Like maybe he hears that she’s been hanging out with Potter and gets extremely possessive and decides to claim her as his? It’s up to you though as long as it’s Draco smut.”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: a lil (public) smut, jealous teasing playful draco!

A/n: for the sake of this fic let’s just pretend Hogwarts has a swimming pool OKAY? Okay.

It took a while to find Draco, his message so cryptic it was a borderline psychotic poem. His mother had inappropriately named him; he better suited “Drama”, although you didn’t think you would’ve fallen for him as hard if he boasted a name as ridiculous as his flamboyant attitude. But nevertheless, you found his pale body floating in the blue water of the school pool, relatively undisturbed as other students found more fun in the shallows. The smirk that graced his lips signalled his supernatural ability to sense whenever you were near, the fact both intimidating and endearing.

Meet me in my element, where you’ve sentenced me to wrinkle in despair.” You repeated the note he’d left, standing with your arms crossed at the edge of the pool.

He chuckled, rolling off his back and swimming over to the side, where he propped his arms up on the lip of concrete and gazed above to your impatient expression. “It got your attention, didn’t it?” He purred. “And you were smart enough to solve it. Well done, darling.”

“Don’t coddle me Draco, a ten-year-old could have figured it out.” You retorted through a teetering smile. “So what is this despair I’ve sentenced you to, hm?” You questioned, taking a seat and dipping your legs in the warmed water.

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Barbie cosplay idea!

OMG So I was listening to the OBC for Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and I just got a great cosplay idea.

Okay, so Cinderella has two amazing transformation dresses (peasant-to-ballgown and rags-to-gold) and I started thinking: wouldn’t it be awesome to do that with a Barbie transformation too?! So I thought of some of the transformations that might work in this style:

- Clara’s nightgown to Sugar Plum Princess dress (Nutcracker)

- Odette’s peasant dress to swan ballgown (Swan Lake)

- Annika’s Cloud Kingdom dress to the Wand of Light gown (Magic of Pegasus)

- Liana (or Alexa’s) peasant dress to princess gown (Diamond Castle)

- Blair’s school uniform to princess dress (Princess Charm School)

- Kristyn’s recital costumes (Pink Shoes)

- Alexa’s Zinnia dress and gown (Secret Door) [personally, this is the one I want to make]

And of course, there are a ton of other Barbie transformations that would make cool costumes. I thought these would be the ones the “Cinderella” method might work best on. What do you guys think?

madfictionaluniverse  asked:

Hey <3 Could you write some headcanons about Dizzy? She's so adorable! (and if I'm not asking much, can you write one including Chad? They're step-cousins after all) Thank you :3

Yes of course! No trouble at all!

- Dizzy makes it off the island hiding in the trunk of the limo headed from the Isle to Auradon

- When they realize she’s there, Evie is extremely protective of her. She’s only afraid they’ll treat Dizzy like they did to her and the others when they came.

- One day Dizzy asks Evie, “So Cinderella’s here right? When can I meet her?”

- Evie drops her sowing machine and Harry barely catches it. “What?”

- ‘I want to meet Cinderella.”

- “Dizzy, that’s not a good idea-” Dizzy runs away from the room as quick as she can. She knew she wouldn’t be able to convince Evie to help her, because she’s been shielding her from everyone.

- Evie lunges in Dizzy’s direction, but Harry’s strong arms wrap around her waist. “It’s ok, she needs to know her family.” He whispers into her ear as they sink to the ground.

- Dizzy runs off and accidentally runs into a rather large teen. His golden hair blinds her from her spot on the ground.

- “Hey! Watch where you’re going-” The boy stops himself when he realizes he was yelling at a kid. He stoops down on the ground and cocks his head sideways. “Are you lost? Do you need some help?”

- Dizzy doesn’t know what to think. “My name is Dizzy.”

- The boy chuckles and reaches for her colorful hair. “That’s funny, you’re hair’s makin me dizzy right now. So colorful.” His smile grows when he sees her giggle. “I’m Chad.”

- “Can you help me look for Cinderella. She’s my step aunt.”

- “Let’s go. I know where she might be.” He scoops her up and lifts her to where she sits on his shoulders. She immediately takes the time to admire Auradon from a tall view.

- He throws an apple up at her and a note is posted on it. ‘Go ahead and have a date night, I got her xoxo Chad’ it says. “DIzzy throw that at Evie. Through the open window.”

- Chad chuckles when she complies. “Let’s go see dear Cindy, shall we.”

- They walk through Auradon and Chad makes sure to tell her which shops have the best food and which ones have the best clothing. Dizzy braids his hair as he talks.

- Chad takes her to Charming castle. DIzzy nearly falls from his shoulders when he calls out “Mom, I’m home!”

- “Mom? You’re my step cousin!” Dizzy jumps from his shoulders and tackles him into a hug. Cinderella approaches and introduces herself. 

- The next thing Cinderella says surprises Dizzy. “Dizzy, I want you to live with us.”

- Dizzy has no words instead she dives into Cinderella’s open arms with tears in her eyes. 

- A few weeks go by and Chad and Dizzy have gone into a habit of playing board games every Wednesday night. One night, when the window is open, an apple flies through the window and hits Chad straight in the head followed by two laughs. ‘Keep her safe. Or we’ll hook you. xoxo H and E’ 

You know what I want? I want Lancelot, Arthur, Gwen, Merlin and Morgana all in a happy polyamourous relationship. 

Arthur and Morgana are both the King of Camelot, because fuck gender roles. Gwen is the queen in title, but she’s more like the chief of justice and she does most of the trials and sentencing. Merlin is the the court magician and takes on the role of court physician after Gaius’ passing. Lancelot and Arthur take alternate weeks in leading the army. Lancelot, Merlin and Gwen take turns looking after Arthur and Gwen’s (but actually everybody’s because love makes a family) kid. Merlin and Morgana control magical affairs but they often clash on important points so obviously sometimes they just have to lock themselves in a unused room for a day and ‘have it out.’ 

Merlin always goes with Arthur when he has to go protect the people of Albion or go on quests. He makes sure the king eats and sleep, and he holds his hand a lot, which makes Arthur feel braver. Whenever Arthur’s gone, Morgana brings Gwen fresh flowers every morning to cheer her up, because she knows she worries. 

Morgana wasn’t sure about Lancelot at first, but eventually they develop a sort of easy cameraderie. She realises that they’re a lot more similar than she originally thought, and when Lancelot’s depression gets especially bad, it’s usually Morgana who’s able to talk him off the ledge. 

Merlin and Gwen never really get ‘romantic’ with each other, but they have a sort of qpp relationship. Whenever Morgana’s nightmares get especially bad, they cuddle up on either side of her in her bed and sing to her until she falls asleep. Arthur brings Morgana breakfast in bed the next morning looking sheepish. 

Gwen’s the only one who has a baby, a little girl. When she tells everybody that she’s pregnant, they all pile on for a group hug until Morgana shrieks out that they’ll squash the baby. Morgana and Lancelot are each holding of Gwen’s hands when she gives birth (Arthur is at the end of the bed, catching the baby). Merlin’s the only one who’s not there which is only because he’s walking around casting a protection charm over the entire castle because nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to hurt this child and her mama. Nobody ever lets him forget that he, the official court physician, was the only one to miss Gwen’s childbirth. 

This little girl grows up with so much love. She’s magical, of course, and Merlin and Morgana teach her how to use her powers as soon as she’s old enough to sit up. Every time he catches them Arthur mutters something about Uther rolling over in his grave, which Morgana promptly follows with a swift kick to his shin and a hi-five for Merlin. They also teach her to slow dance, but only because she demands that they do after she walks in on them in a fog of potion and magic, turning slowly in time with an enchanted harp. Morgana’s also the best at stories, but she’s also volatile, and as the child grows up she becomes adept at comforting her and keeping her in the light. The little girl never feels happier than when she’s squashed between her two mamas, giggling and playing dress up with pretty scarves and the royal jewels and watching from under soft fabric while Gwen strokes Morgana’s soft hand and Morgana runs her hands through Gwen’s curls. Gwen is the stable parent, the one who brushes her daughter’s hair every morning and teaches her to read, but she’s also a pretty badass mum and she takes the baby to trials with her in a sling. Arthur usually comes to her room after supper and tucks her in bed, and she can’t sleep without a tickly forehead kiss. Lancelot teaches his baby girl to fight and he shows her that it’s okay not to be okay all the time. Sometimes Arthur tries to help, but he and Lancelot usually end up sword fighting and then snogging, and their daughter just tiptoes away grinning, because, like, those are her dads and they make each other so happy. Arthur has been known to lock up schoolyard bullies when they make his girl cry. 

Gwaine and Percival are happily married (to each other, of course) but they usually come over for dinner at the round table. Lancelot is almost always seated between Merlin and Gwen because he still needs help feeling happy and they’re the best at cheering him up. Gwaine and Percival always have to sit next to each other, because they hold hands under the table. Morgana and Arthur sword fight in the dining room over who gets to sit next to Merlin (Morgana usually wins. She doesn’t mind when she doesn’t, because Gwen lets her sit on her lap). Arthur likes to escort Gwen into the dining room and pull out her chair, because chivalry isn’t dead, and Gwen really loves it when he shows some humility. 

Also Kilgarrah refuses to attend the wedding because he’s pissed off that they’re now five sides to the same coin. The final straw comes when Gwained turns up drunk and argues that he and Percival should be included, because they pretty much live with the others anyway, and the dragon flies away in a huff complaining about ‘seven fucking sides to the same fucking coin. He always comes back to give the princess joy rides, though.