Seriously my dashboard is perfect, and these flawless blogs make it perfect. I want to wish you all guys a happy New year/Christmas and thank you for inspiring me or just made me smile even once. I adore your blogs and I wish I was you. this is in 3 parts: resources/Vanessa/other fandoms. 

1. -timebomb charmingcoloring drunkandcoloring fuckingphotoshop psdvanity pscs5 yeahps welovetemplates fontsource 

2. abcde; babyv djhudgens elenaannecrawford

fghij; fallenforhudgens foxxyhudgens fuckyeahvanhudgens gimmevanessa h-hudgens heartvahudgens huddgens hudgenslicious hudgensnews hudgensportugal hudgenswag hudgsdale incrediblemisshudgens jglovezanessa

klmnopqrst; lovelybabyv thehudgens thenextveehud

uvwxyz; vahudgenz vanessaannes vanessahismylife vanessahuds vanesahudgens vanessasvanity vanessaworld vanhudgensdaily vashleyz vhudgns whenitsnotalright youmean-everything zac-vanessa 

3. abcde;  aryadrotningu bex-chan dracoharrys dracomafloy edgeofdestiny

fghij; fuckyeahemmastone fuckyeahselenita fuckyesmileycyrus ginnyweasley hellodraco hellyeahdemi holdup-s hotncolds imaslytherinbitch jamespotterness juicynights

klmnopqrst; l-annies lightthefuze mizzdemilovato morningsuns mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou obsessedmiley ofabeautifulnight ohtonks parfaitewatson santasnaping

uvwxyz; voguecyrus watsonspam worldoffeelings