🎇 Accio Item Finding Spell 🎇

a harry potter inspired spell for summoning lost items from their hiding places

🎇  gather: bay leaf, green string, cardamon, yellow candle, a wand

🎇  wrap the wand with the bay leaf and green string 

🎇  burn cardamon on yellow candle

🎇  gesture with the wand around the flame

🎇  chant “accio!” and blow out the flame

🎇   use the candle’s energy to guide you to the missing item, or wait for it to turn up. 

Witch Dough(Stim Toy Recipe)

I thought this would be really useful for the neurodivergent witches out there! It can be used to invoke an element/spirit/deity/etc or to make an aspect of your life more prominent(such as luck/love/friendship/peace)!!

Base Dough Ingredients:

  • Cornstarch
  • Hair conditioner
  • Mixing bowl
  • Disposable gloves(optional; mixing it up gets pretty messy)


  1. Put 1 part cornstarch into your mixing bowl
  2. Put 2/3 part hair conditioner into your mixing bowl
  3. Put on your disposable gloves and mix! 
  4. If your dough is too stiff, add more hair conditioner. If its too sticky, add more cornstarch
  5. The desired consistency is more fluffy and malleable than play dough, but less sticky/stretchy than slime
  6. Store your product in an airtight container or a ziplock bag

Now onto the magic part! Here are some ideas for what you can do;

For Luck:

  • Green food coloring
  • Tigers eye/Jet/Aventurine crystal chips
  • Nutmeg/Allspice
  • Green glitter

For Protection:

  • Dark blue food coloring
  • Salt
  • Silver/white glitter
  • Clear quartz/obsidian crystal chips

For Love:

  • Red/pink food coloring
  • Pink salt
  • Rose quartz chips
  • Heart shaped/pink glitter

To activate your spell, charge and play with your stim dough! Be sure to wash your hands before and after using!

- Mod Faye
(P.s In case it wasn’t obvious, this dough is NOT edible)

anonymous asked:

I thought I was the only one who was disappointed with Gravity Fall's finale (and the last 1/4 of GF overall tbh). Around when it aired I saw a ton of praise and love for it. Oh sure, there may have been a couple criticisms but no one seemed nearly as disappointed with it as I was. It made me sad cause I love Gravity Falls a lot, I wanted to love the finale but it just didn't cut it for me. I agree with everything in your post.

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what do people call the things you attach to charms??? like usually charms have a loopy key cord thing attached...i'm totally stumped as to what to search for to buy them :D

Kiriska: You may be looking for…