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Ermmm well..... *takes a deep breath* I just love your blog soooo much and I wondered if you could do a headcannon where Yuri Plisetsky and Victor meet their s/o friends. Sorry if it isn't to your liking or you find it stupid.Thanks for listening!


-Charms s/o’s friends

-S/o is a bit worried they’ll fall for him

-I mean, who wouldn’t?

-He has a lot of trivial knowledge, so it’s easy to keep a conversation with him


-S/o’s friends think he’s the cutest person ever

-They’ve seen how he acts on TV, so they’re really surprise when they see him blushing and doing other cutesy things with s/o

-Even though he might act a bit cold at first, he’ll get along with s/o’s friends really good

-As long as they don’t force him to wear cat ears

Louis Fondlinson/Jealous Louis
  • Louis: I'm so angry at him. Look at him, just charming that interviewer with his stupid goofy smile.
  • Niall: Louis, you're smiling at him.
  • Louis: I am not! I hate him. Little bastard. Thinks he's so pretty with his luscious locks and his tits out on display like that.
  • Niall: You're still smiling. And now drooling. Classy.
  • Louis: Just listen to him. Telling his stupid stories in his stupidly deep voice waving his bloody huge hands around like some kind of big oaf. Poor girl, probably can't wait to get away from him.
  • Niall: Is that why she's leaning forward to expose her cleavage?
  • Louis: She is NOT! Is she? That whore. I mean--she can have him. Look at him, he's a mess today. Looks like someone smeared blush all over his face. Why is he so FOOKIN pink?
  • Niall: Because you're fonding at him. He can feel it. He has a Louis fond detector built right in.
  • Louis: Fonding at him! He wishes. Fookin flirty bastard.
  • Niall: You're the only one he 'FOOKIN' flirts with and you know it. Hence the goo goo eyes, dribble and return of Louis Fondlinson.
  • Louis: I have no idea what you're talking about. Look at that mouth though. It's so large, who would want to kiss that?
  • Niall: You, you stupid git.
  • Louis: It would be a public service. Gotta protect the rest of the world from those huge lips.
  • Niall: And his tongue?
  • Louis: If I must.
  • Niall: You need help.
  • Louis: I need that girl to get her FOOKIN HANDS OFF MY BOY'S THIGH.
  • Niall: And here comes damage control...


• him trying not to annoy you as much as he annoyed Lily
• Remus having him send you cute things
• him walking you to your classes when he can
• James bullying Severus less because you told him to
• you sometimes confused about if he liked Lily or not
• “Lily, do you like James…?”
• being too shy to ask him certain things
• “Remus, does James like Lily?”
• him teasing you
• maybe even kissing your cheek or forehead every now and then
• “Remus, how do you make a girl like you? I thought my charming ways worked..”
• “well, you’re stupid to think that.”
• “HAHAHAHAHA” -Sirius
• “can you tutor me, [y/n]?..”
• him getting distracted by you when you attempt to tutor him
• asking you to the Yule Ball
• sometimes being loud and obnoxious when you’re by, but not knowing he’s around you
• Sirius telling you he likes you
• but you think he’s lying
• because you think he likes Lily
• best friend would probably be Remus or Sirius, maybe Peter, who knows
• putting his glasses on your face randomly sometimes
• “your eyesight really is awful, James…”
• “do you think I still look hot?”
• trying to make you think he’s attractive
• getting frustrated when you’re not getting the hint
• “for godric’s sake, I like you!”
• “you’re kidding.”
• when that happens he grabs your face
• and kisses you
• hard
• on the lips
• gives his attention to you and no other girl, throwing paper balls at you to get your attention, grabbing your hand, running his fingers through his hair, and biting his lip, to convince you to say yes to agree on going on dates, and dating him — [sorry this is short and horrible. For some reason the damn format messed up so I put commas..]


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“You need some help?” Steve asked, walking up to where you’re filling in the mission reports. 

You glance up, the pen you were using tugging at your bottom lip, and nodded. “Yeah, thanks.” You passed him half the stack, even though you’d already done a majority of it, and started to get back to work.

“No problem, doll.” Steve smirked at you, but you were too busy writing to notice. 

Neither one of you noticed Tony Stark behind you, getting his suit off, just staring at your backs. Stupid Steve with his stupid 40′s charm and stupid boyish looks. Tony had liked you for a while, but you mostly hung out with Natasha and Steve. Tony knew then that it was more than unlikely that you would even look at him twice if he asked you out. No matter how many grand gestures he does for you- and he can do a lot.. 

Tony actually hung around until both you and Steve were done writing, (Him pretending to be tinkering away with his suit.) and you smiled at the Super Soldier, taking the papers he did. 

“Thanks, that saved a lot of time..” You smiled while organizing them. 

“Well I couldn’t let a pretty lady do them all by herself, now could I?” Steve grinned casually. 

You gave him a tight lipped smile, but your concentration was on the papers. 

Steve opened his mouth, about to say something else when you nodded. “Alright, I have to get these filed. Thanks again!” You grinned, walking towards Tony. The billionaire stood up when you walked towards him, and you smiled at him too. “Oh, hey you’re still here! I didn’t hear you,” You chuckled, crossing your arms over your chest. 

“Yeah. The suit needs some work. I’m probably going to have to take it to the lab,” What was wrong with him. He was like one of those nerdy high school boys trying to be a jock and flirt with the pretty girl with a nice smile. And damn did you ever have a nice smile. 

“Oh? I didn’t notice anything on the missions. You’re still as good as ever,” You grinned, and it took a minute for it to sink in. You were flirting with Him. 

Captain Spangles, the boy wonder could barely get a genuine smile out of you. And you were flirting with him. Suck that on, tighty wighty. 

“Damn right I was. I gotta fix the suit so I can keep up with you though,” Tony winked, finally kind of relaxing into his own ways. 

“What a charmer,” You chuckled. “Well I gotta file these,” You held the papers up. “Can your suit handle you taking a five minute break so you can walk with me?” You tilted your head, and Tony immediately dropped one of the gantlets on the ground. 


What even is flirting. I don’t.. What.. 

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Writing Prompt: Height Differences: “We’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up to work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it i hATE YOU but also thanks”

a/n: well this is shorter than intended, but i hope you like it anyway!

The spare mugs were out of her reach again. Why did they always have to be so high? She wasn’t even that short. At least she didn’t think so. Okay, next to her six foot co-worker she looked extra tiny, but that was it.

Speaking of her tall co-worker, “Can I get that for you?” he asked with his all too charming grin.

Ugh he was stupid cute, really nice, but also a total flirt. She did like him and they got along well when they were working. Still, she hated that she always needed his help.

“Yeah, please and thanks,” she muttered.

He reached up with little to no effort and handed her the mug.

“Thank you,” she smiled up at him.

“No problem, Smoak.”

Now she had to hurry and make a damn pumpkin latte for the skinny nerd that frequented the small cafe. He wasn’t going to yell at her for taking so long, unlike some of the customers that came in. She really never understood that. First of all, they weren’t a big chain like Starbucks and they were very calm, laid back even. Secondly, there’s no need to be rude anyway.

“Here you go, Barry,” she said, setting the coffee down.

“Thanks,” he grinned.

“Sorry Iris isn’t working today,” she gave him a teasing smile.

The grin on his face faltered a little. “I see Oliver is, though.”

“You shush,” she said in a low voice.

“You started it,” she crossed her arms.

“Felicity,” Oliver called.

She turned around and looked to see that a line had formed in the few minutes she had been talking to Barry.

“Shoot,” she rushed behind the counter.

She went to her usual spot and saw that Oliver had gotten some more mugs down for her. Her eyes moved to him and he was busy with making coffee and cleaning their usual mugs. This guy was the sweetest.

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