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If Gil, Uma and Harry were to go to Auradon and be good how do you think that would work/go ? Like headcannons or AU style, please!

- Uma is super uncomfortable around the princesses. Like she thinks they’re so judgy and proper. So when she has a class full of them without any of her friends she tries to make friends with them. She ends up being best friends with Audrey.

- Gil is the first one to try out for tourney. He’s not very smart academically but he know good strategies when it comes to games.

- Harry doesn’t know where he fits into Auradon, so he takes it upon himself to explore the land so he can be familiar with it.

- Uma and Harry being Gil’s #1 fan when it comes to tourney

- Harry and Uma being very reluctant about giving up their hook and necklace.

- Mal talks to Uma one day and apologizes for everything. They become friends and integrate her former pirate crew into their group

- Harry and Evie pretend they don’t like each other. Every time they see each other they wrinkle their noses and ask “why are they here” but it’s all fake. They hang out without everyone on top of the school

- Gil and Chad are best friends. Something about doing dangerous and stupid things being people together

- Ben and Uma are leaders of Auradon. Uma commands the armies and Ben is the King

- Harry and Evie build a secret tree house out on the beach. They watch the Isle and the stars at night and cuddle.

- Uma, Mal, and Jay find them curled up together so they secretly put them on a boat and float them out to sea as a prank

- they don’t find them until three days later. Harry and Evie explained they had fish for lunch and Harry had taught her a few things

CSers: Ugh I’m so mad I can’t believe Killian didn’t get to tell her, why’d the writers have to do it?

Also CSers: THEY’RE ENGAGEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey <3 Could you write some headcanons about Dizzy? She's so adorable! (and if I'm not asking much, can you write one including Chad? They're step-cousins after all) Thank you :3

Yes of course! No trouble at all!

- Dizzy makes it off the island hiding in the trunk of the limo headed from the Isle to Auradon

- When they realize she’s there, Evie is extremely protective of her. She’s only afraid they’ll treat Dizzy like they did to her and the others when they came.

- One day Dizzy asks Evie, “So Cinderella’s here right? When can I meet her?”

- Evie drops her sowing machine and Harry barely catches it. “What?”

- ‘I want to meet Cinderella.”

- “Dizzy, that’s not a good idea-” Dizzy runs away from the room as quick as she can. She knew she wouldn’t be able to convince Evie to help her, because she’s been shielding her from everyone.

- Evie lunges in Dizzy’s direction, but Harry’s strong arms wrap around her waist. “It’s ok, she needs to know her family.” He whispers into her ear as they sink to the ground.

- Dizzy runs off and accidentally runs into a rather large teen. His golden hair blinds her from her spot on the ground.

- “Hey! Watch where you’re going-” The boy stops himself when he realizes he was yelling at a kid. He stoops down on the ground and cocks his head sideways. “Are you lost? Do you need some help?”

- Dizzy doesn’t know what to think. “My name is Dizzy.”

- The boy chuckles and reaches for her colorful hair. “That’s funny, you’re hair’s makin me dizzy right now. So colorful.” His smile grows when he sees her giggle. “I’m Chad.”

- “Can you help me look for Cinderella. She’s my step aunt.”

- “Let’s go. I know where she might be.” He scoops her up and lifts her to where she sits on his shoulders. She immediately takes the time to admire Auradon from a tall view.

- He throws an apple up at her and a note is posted on it. ‘Go ahead and have a date night, I got her xoxo Chad’ it says. “DIzzy throw that at Evie. Through the open window.”

- Chad chuckles when she complies. “Let’s go see dear Cindy, shall we.”

- They walk through Auradon and Chad makes sure to tell her which shops have the best food and which ones have the best clothing. Dizzy braids his hair as he talks.

- Chad takes her to Charming castle. DIzzy nearly falls from his shoulders when he calls out “Mom, I’m home!”

- “Mom? You’re my step cousin!” Dizzy jumps from his shoulders and tackles him into a hug. Cinderella approaches and introduces herself. 

- The next thing Cinderella says surprises Dizzy. “Dizzy, I want you to live with us.”

- Dizzy has no words instead she dives into Cinderella’s open arms with tears in her eyes. 

- A few weeks go by and Chad and Dizzy have gone into a habit of playing board games every Wednesday night. One night, when the window is open, an apple flies through the window and hits Chad straight in the head followed by two laughs. ‘Keep her safe. Or we’ll hook you. xoxo H and E’ 

Family Ties (pt. 2)

Part Two

Pan x Reader

Part One

Part Three

*Im so glad people are liking this! Thank you so much for your guys support!

I stand next to Pan as we wait for the Storybrook group to arrive at the planned spot.

“Do you think they’ll fall for it? You dressed as Henry?” I questioned.

“Of course. They’re so desperate to find Henry, that they would believe it was him if it was a rat dressed in his clothes.” Pan sneered at me, as he shot me an annoyed glance.

“No need to take your anger out on me. I’m not the one who’s breaking the rules.” I said as I leaned on the tree I was standing near.

“Sorry. But, you know how long I’ve been waiting  for this, and if they ruin this for me…” Pan goes silent as a look of pure rage covered his face.

I nod my head in understanding, then in a quiet voice I said, “You’re not the only one whose been waiting for this, Pan. We all have. And, we want this just as bad as you do.”


We stand in silence, just looking at each other as we wait for their arrival. A few minutes later I notice the bushes in the distance begin to move and the sounds of leaves being crunched under feet. A smirk meets my face as I point in their direction and say “It’s show time.”

“No one’s here. Maybe your spell was wrong, Regina.” Snow said.

“Yes, blame me… again.” Regina drew ought.

“Guys… Hold on. Is that… Henry!” Emma yelled excitedly.

With a cocky grin plastered on his face, Pan turns around and said, “Hi, Emma.”

The smile leaves her face as she barked out, “Where the hell is Henry?”

“I heard from my lovely assistant here, that you broke the rules. And that’s just not fair, now is it? I expected more from you all, especially you captain.” Pan taunted. I watched Hook as he purposefully avoided my gaze.

“Give Henry to me.” Emma demanded.

“Sorry. Can’t. Don’t you know? Cheaters never win.”

Emma went to take a step towards Pan when  I let out a sharp whistle to signal the lost boys to emerge from the spots among the trees. The boys swarmed the surrounding area, each one was armed with a bow and arrow.

“Watch out for their arrows. They’re laced with dream shade.” Hook warned.

Pan and I watched from our spot by the trees as the lost boys begin to shoot their weapons. After a few minutes of an intense battle and countless amounts of arrows, I see Jared, one of our oldest lost boys, tackle Emma to the ground. They roll around trying to fight for control when Emma pins him to the ground and presses a knife to his throat and yelled, “Where’s Henry?! Where is he?!”

My face goes blank then quickly filled with worry and anger as I instantly feel my protective instinct kick in, at the sight of one of my boys in danger. I feel my hand grow warm as a ball of fire erupted in my palm. I begin to take a step forward, prepared to rip Emma off of Jared, when Pan grabs my arm, halting me. I whip my head towards him and gave him a confused and worried look. He gives me a blank stare and slowly pulls me back before nodding behind us.

I turn my face towards that direction to see Ben, our youngest lost boy, only three years old, half hiding behind the tree, watching me with a fear covered face. I rapidly extinguish the flame and rush towards Bens side. I crouch down and pull him close to my body.

“Ben, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at the camp.” I questioned slowly.

“I wanted to help scare the bad people away…” He whispered as tears filled his eyes.

“Shhhh… It’s okay the bad people are going to leave soon.” I soothed as I rubbed his back and picked him. I walked back and stood next to Pan, as Emma jumped away from Jared. Pan let out a whistle and all of the lost boys huddled together behind Pan and me.

“Remember what I told you. That map will show you where Henry is… only when you stop denying who you really are. I’ll make sure to give Henry your regards.”

I hand Ben to Pan as he leads the lost boys, each one cheering and shouting,  back to the camp. I watch as they run off and disappear into the woods. I turn towards Emma and say, “If you ever lay a hand on one of my lost boys again, I’ll kill you.”

Regina smirked then said,“ What happened to you being the nice option?”

I smiled back and said,“I am the nice option, but I can be a real nasty bitch when I have to.”

I then turn towards the rest of the group and say, “You should have listened to me the first time. Pan doesn’t give second chance lightly, so if you mess this one up, I can promise that you will never see Henry again.”

I turn and begin to walk away when I hear a silent Snow whisper, “Why are you doing this?”

I look at her and say, “Doing what?”

“All of this! Taking Henry, these ambushes, this game?!”

“Look, we don’t have to do any of this. You can forget the map and use all the magic you want, hell you can even use your expert tracking skills. But I can guarantee that no matter how close you think you’re getting to finding Henry, you’ll be a thousand miles away. So I suggest, you all drop that hero act, you love putting on so often, and actually, follow the rules for once in your lives. Because it is, your one and only chance of seeing him again.”

“How could you do that to a parent? To a mother? Always having her child, who she loves, cares about, and misses, so close yet just out of arms reach.” Emma said. “I know you understand what I’m saying. Because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have reacted the way you did when I was yelling at that lost boy.”

I stare at Emma acting completely unaffected by her words, even though I know it’s true. That I cared for each and every lost boy and would die if it meant protecting them. That’s when Snow steps forward. “What about that little boy? Ben, was it? Don’t you think his family misses him? That they want him back?”

I look at her and say, “We are Bens family. We’re all he has.”

“What about his mother and his father?”

“Like I said, we’re all he has. A few years back, Ben randomly showed up on the island. We had no clue how he got here or where he came from because the shadow didn’t bring him. And for weeks, every night, we would hand him to Pan’s shadow and have him search everywhere for Ben’s family, hoping to put him where he rightly belonged. And every morning he would return with Ben. After a while, we just gave up. Assumed his family died in a shipwreck and that he just washed ashore. So we are his family.” I explained.

“Well, what about you? Doesn’t your family miss you?” Snow whispered. I look at Hook, and I can visibly see him freeze at her question.

“Pan’s my family. The lost boys and him are all I got. They’re all I need.”

“What about your parents? Don’t you care that they’re probably searching for you?” Snow wondered.

“Well, considering my mother died when I was two, I know she’s not worried about me.” I replied.

“What about your father?” David questioned.

“He knows where I am, he just doesn’t care.”

“I’m sure that’s not true.” David said.

“Oh, it is. But if you don’t, believe me, you could alway just ask him.” I said with a smirk laying on my face.

“How the hell are we suppose to do that?” Regina snapped.

“When I introduced myself I probably should have been more formal. Let me try again. Hi. My names Y/N. Y/N Jones.”

The group’s eyes all go wide with realization as they connect the dots.

“Wait that would mean…” Emma whispered.

“Aye. She’s my Daughter.” Hook said as he stepped forward.

Es tan hermoso, cuando con sólo una mirada se puede ver el amor😍

Ahora si Disney se atreve a decir que no son pareja plañirán por el resto de sus vidas.

It’s so beautiful, when with just one look you can see the love 😍

Now if Disney dares to say that they are not a couple will mourn for the rest of their lives.

crd: @auliicraval

Once Upon An Abandonment

Request: I have an idea, the OUAT gang stuck are stuck in another world but I have a twist. The group (Emma, Regina, Henry, Charming’s, Hook) but when they stumble across a local bar/tavern/inn they find the reader aka Regina’s 20yo daughter who’s a spitting image of her mother, hiring herself as a mercenary. But when they ask for help it’s all business and will only help for money because she dislikes her mother for getting rid of her as a little girl and still holds a grudge.

A/N: (Alright, I’m not gonna specify said other world because that’s just too confusing for my poor little brain to handle haha c: if you know of some place (real or otherwise) that fits this description, please feel free to imagine it happening there, I’m not the boss of your minds! Xx )

Word Count: 2496

Emma and Regina had been deep in conversation for hours, trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, Hook and Henry slipped away, looking for some information on where they were. The area they were in was a forest, the kind they always seemed to find themselves in, but something seemed different about it. There was no bushes or small plants on the ground, apart from a thick coating of moss which was springy underfoot. The trees were tall, with smooth bark, and their branches started about half-way up, so it was like they were under a thick roof. Added to this weird aura, was the fact that the trees were massive, they had huge diameters, like something out of a story.
Henry and Hook had been walking for about half an hour when they heard voices. Excited by this, they followed them, but right when they were where the voices were loudest, they couldn’t see anyone, and then Henry noticed something. He walked over to the nearest tree, where the roots had been cleared to form what looked like a pathway to the trunk. The springy moss revealed no footprints, however.
Hook followed Henry’s gaze, and walked to the trunk, and gently pressed his hand against it. Part of it swung open, and Hook and Henry exchanged a grin. They went into the tree, and saw a basket, like the type you’d see on a hot air balloon, which was attached to a pulley system. They stepped into the basket and started to pull themselves up. It was surprisingly easy, and Henry said they probably used advanced engineering to make it that way.
The voices got louder the higher up they went, and when the got to the top, they came across another door. Hook glanced at Henry and rested his hand on his sword. “Ready mate?”
Henry nodded, and Hook pushed the door open with his hook. Instead of some secret lair, or whatever they’d been expecting, it looked like a tavern of some sort. Hook and Henry walked up to the counter, and Hook gestured to the man behind the counter. “Mate, would you mind telling us where we are?”
The barman frowned. “You’re the fourth lost travellers to come through here in a month, somethings going on.” He looked around the bar and nodded to himself. “Go sit at a table, I know someone who can help, for a fee. I just gotta find her.”
Henry nodded and the two of them went to a table, Hook ordering himself a rum along the way. He was just sipping on it, when he frowned, and gave Henry a kick under the table. “Look’s like your mum found us, let’s hope she’s not pissed.”
Henry frowned, and turned around. “I don’t think my mus is about 20…”
Hook glanced at his rum and put it back down on the table. “I guess I’ve had too much already.”
The Regina-lookalike was walking with the barman, and he nodded towards Hook and Henry, which made Hook frown slightly.
She walked over and sat down beside Henry, resting her elbows on the table. “I hear the two of you need to get back home. I can help you, for a price.”
Henry frowned. “What’s your name?”
“Y/N. Why? You don’t need my name for my help.” She frowned at Henry.
“Sorry, but you look really like my mum.” Henry took out his phone and showed Y/N a picture of the whole gang.
“They’re here too.” Hook added, noticing the clenching of your jaw.
You looked at him, trying to remain poker-faced. “Then it’ll cost more. Twenty silver pieces per person. And unless you can afford another two hundred for the Evil Queen, she can stay here.”
“She’s not the Evil Queen anymore, she’s changed. She’s my mom!” Henry protested.
“I don’t care if she’s a bloody angel, she’s the reason I grew up an orphan and now have to sell services in order to get food.” You took a deep breath, trying to get your anger under control. “Do you have the money to pay me?”
Hook nodded. “Aye lass, we do. And we have enough to pay for the Queen too.”
Henry frowned. “But-”
“Then we won’t have enough to pay for a roof over our heads tonight, I know lad. We’ll sleep under the stars, it’s character building.” Hook gave Henry a ‘shut up right now’ look.
“You can sleep at my home.” You sighed. “Don’t want you dying. It’s not safe on the ground after sundown. Where are the rest of you?”
“In the forest.” Henry frowned. “Are they in danger?”
You stood up without answering, and gestured for the two H’s to follow you. You paced out of the bar, and into the lift. Once the two were in it with you, you dropped the rope and the basket fell at full speed. Henry and Hook looked scared, but you knew the springy moss on the bottom was enough to slow your fall and leave you uninjured.
After landing, you exited the tree trunk and gave Hook a hard look. “Hide all your weapons, and anything metal. Where are the others?” The thick foliage had meant that it was almost as dark as night, with a green tint to it.
He set off running, taking off his hook and putting it into one of his pockets, you and Henry following after him. When you reached the others, they were surrounded by dark, shadowy creatures with long claws. Their claws were the only solid part of them, and they used them to slash at the four in the clearing.
You slowly walked up, taking every breath with caution. The creatures all turned towards you, and you made sure not to breathe in their shadows, they didn’t like that. Making a curious clicking noise with your tongue, you signalled with your hand for everyone to get behind you, which luckily they did. You took the key to your home out of your pocket and held it out behind you, waiting for someone to take it. “It will tell you the way. Take it and go. I’ll catch up to you.” Someone carefully took the key out of your hand. “Go, now!”
The beasts growled at the raise of volume in your voice, so you resumed making your clicking noise. It confused the shadows, distracting them from everything else, and they were curious about it. The only problem with this tactic was that they tended to eat things they were curious about, or rip them to shreds. The sight of metal sent them into a frenzy, and they liked chasing things that ran. This was all you knew about the shadow-creatures, but it was enough. You took a coin out of your pocket, keeping it hidden in your hand, and then flung it behind the creatures, as far as you could.
They immediately rushed after it, and you turned and sprinted in the other direction, as fast as your feet could carry you. You knew they were coming after you, the sounds of them destroying the coin had only lasted so long. You burst into your home and slammed the door shut behind you, dropping the beam-lock down just as the shadow-creatures started clawing at it.
The Evil Queen had a ball of fire in her hand, and the blonde one had her hands up ready to cast a spell. The two Charmings, who you recognised from your time in the Enchanted Forest, had weapons drawn too, a bow and a sword.
“Don’t bother.” You sighed. “They’re immune to magic and weapons.”
“But what if they get in?” Henry frowned. “How will we fight?”
“They won’t get in.” You shrugged, flopping onto your bed, which was really just a very thin mattress with a thin blanket on a frame. “Did you see all the scratches outside? They haven’t got in yet. They’ll disappear when it gets light again, try get some sleep.”
“Do they stay there all night?” You had your eyes closed by now, an arm flung over your face, so you didn’t even know who was speaking.
“Yup. That’s why I can afford this place. The higher you go, the more expensive everywhere gets. The creatures can’t climb. Now please go to sleep, I’m tired.” You rolled over so your back was to them, and soon fell asleep, used to the noise of the creatures trying to get into your home.

Emma had her head in Hook’s lap, the fingers of his non-hooked hand running through her hair. She was dozing, exhausted.
“Mom, why does she look so like you?” Henry whispered.
Regina sighed. “She’s my daughter. I had her after your father died.” She nodded at Snow, who nodded. “But I gave her up, at the time I had no room for anything in my life but revenge. My father looked after her for a time, and when she was about six, I sent her away to another land and enacted the curse. I guess she remembers.”
Snow frowned. “You gave up your own daughter? Who was the father?”
“That’s not something we need to discuss.” Regina sighed, laying down. “We should get some sleep.”
“Are you kidding? With those at the door?” David frowned, obviously tense. “What if they get in?”
“The lass seems pretty sure they won’t.” Hook nodded towards you. “Look, sleeping like a baby. I trust her.”

The next morning, you woke before everyone else, but not wanting to interact, you stayed facing the wall pretending to sleep. Once the sound of the creatures trying to get in stopped, you stood up and gave all the others little kicks to wake them up. “We have a long way to go before dark.”
Once they were all up, you pulled on your jacket. “I don’t have any food, so I hope you’re used to going without.”
“What? Why don’t you have any food?” Regina frowned, and you just ignored her.
“Y/N, why don’t you have food?” Snow asked gently.
“It’s expensive.” You shrugged. “Do you have the money to pay me with you, or do I need to wait until you get back to your home?”
“It’s back home.” Emma frowned, picking up on how intent you were to ignore Regina. “We live in a town called Storybrooke, but you’re welcome to stay there, if you want. It’s safer than here, and there’s food, and shelter there.”
You shook your head, and removed the beam that keeps the door shut. “Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve survived this long on my own, I’m sure I can keep going like this as long as necessary.” Stepping out of your home, you gestured for the others to follow you and walked through the woods. You were the only one who knew the way on the ground, as everyone else rarely even came down to ground level.
You walked in silence, the others following you, until Snow and David came up to walk beside you, one on either side.
“Here to try and charm me, Charmings?” You scoffed.
David couldn’t help but crack a grin. “We’re here to find out where we’re going, actually. How are we getting somewhere that you’ve obviously never heard of?”
You sighed with a slight smile. “Obviously I found the brains of your gang cult thing. There’s a portal we’re going to, it can take you wherever you want to go.”
“And you too.” Snow cut in, exchanging a look with David when you turned and gave her a frown. “I’m not coming with you, even if she wasn’t here, I don’t accept charity.”
“That’s a shame, because we actually have a job that we need someone for.” David made sure to sound disappointed, dangling the bait.
Much as you tried to resist, it was very tempting. “What job?” You asked cautiously, signalling to everyone to avoid a patch of moss. You knew from experience it was basically a sinkhole, and if you went in, it was very difficult to get out.
“We have a son, Prince Neal,” David began.
“And as we always get sucked into these adventures, we could really use a babysitter.” Snow finished.
“What makes you think I’d be the person for that job? For all you know I could be just like my mother.” You argued.
“Well, you’re risking your life to help us because you need to earn some money. I’d imagine you’d be willing to not risk your life and be given a place to stay, for a steady income.” David gave you a smile, and you knew you were convinced. He knew it too.
“Fine.” You muttered. “But I’m not doing anything that involves the Evil Queen, and you’re still paying me for getting you back to your home.”
“That’s a fair deal.” Snow smiled, wrapping her arm around your waist and gently squeezing. “Welcome to the family, Y/N.”
“Um, thanks?” You muttered, not really sure how to deal with someone being nice to you like this. “We should reach the portal soon enough, you guys are fitter than I expected from a bunch of royalty.”
“We don’t like to think of ourselves like that.” David admitted. “But you should get used to being surprised, Storybrooke is a lot different to here.”
“I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I’m used to moving around a lot.” You shrugged.
After that, you all walked in silence for about an hour, until you came across the portal. It just looked like a pool, but you knew it was much more than that. “Just jump in, and think of where you want to go.” You explained.
Henry went through first, followed by Regina, then Emma, and then Hook.
You looked at Snow and David. “Seeing as I’ve never been to Storybrooke, I’ll need to go through with you guys.”
They nodded, and each took hold of one of your hands, joining their free hands. Together, the three of you jumped into the pool, and when you opened your eyes, you knew you were in Storybrooke, and you had another fresh start.

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My Feelings About Possible Season 7

I am hoping this is the last season, and I actually have hoped this before Jen made her announcement. Here’s why - the show needs to. The writers and handlers haven’t been as careful and as thorough as they could have been with their storytelling. They have been careless and painted themselves in so many corners and empty narratives, and honestly TV and how it’s being consumed by the audience is changing. This is not a time in this industry to be careless if you want to keep going. New things are breaking the mold and taking our attention away from a show that started in 2011. I am happy how things seem to be ending. I wish Robin had not died so Regina would be truly happy, but otherwise I feel like the story will wrap for everyone with more or less their happy ending. Have Emma and Hook ride off into the sunset. Let Jen take her most deserved time off - as some one who worked themselves into migraines and exhaustion (which I know she suffers from both), she is making a wise and healthy decision. Get Josh and Ginny raising their boys and maybe back on TV when they are ready. Have Robert go back to being the Indie king he is, and back home. Put Lana and Colin on TV and movies- anything for Colin really. I would watch him paint walls and listen to him read the phone book. It’s just time. We have so many episodes and moments from all these wonderful actors and characters to look back on. My favorite season is the 3rd one, specifically time spent in Neverland. I find myself watching it over and over again. We aren’t losing anything!! It’s always there for us!! Always!! That’s what’s so awesome!! Captain Swan isn’t ending! This isn’t a goodbye to Ouat. The fandom will hang around. I will still watch the show when I need a little pick me up. I will still read the canon correcting fanfiction!! LOL!! Thank god! Anyway, it will be okay. If they do keep on, well I will still watch, yes of course, but sometimes it’s just okay to let the audience have the story. Everyone is tired I think, even some of us fans in a way. I don’t want to feel like the actors are trapped in a show and I don’t want to be trapped watching a show only out of loyalty. Let everyone move on to their endeavors and Ouat will be as organic as it is. My god we have made so many worlds just inside this fandom with fanfiction, fan vidding, giffing, fan art, etc. It’s impressive, it’s awe inspiring. It’s not going to disappear. It may not be as prevalent but it’s still there. I am not going to beg for this to continue when I know it won’t be anywhere near as good because I am afraid of losing the show. We aren’t losing anything. As long as the actors and crew and workers prayfully can get work after production shuts down, no one lost anything. We were apart of a great shining moment that doesn’t ever stop shining, but it’s just like stars in the sky. There will be another moment and that one day too will settle right beside this shining moment. All we have to do is look at the sky every night to see it :)

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I don’t think the world has enough ambulances for all the CSers that just died.

Family Ties

Part One

Pan x Reader

*This is my first ever imagine so I hope the quality is okay! Let me know if you enjoyed it or want more! Thx!


I watched from the trees as the group of unsuspecting intruders walked with caution and determination below.  Just as Pan had warned all of the lost boys about. The one person he didn’t warn me about was him. That bastard of a pirate. After everything he had done to me, he now had the audacity to walk on our land. But no matter, he wasn’t the one Pan wanted. That was Henry. And my Job was to find out their plan and report back to him as soon as possible. As I watched from my spot on a branch in the treetops I heard their whispered conversation.

“Don’t hold your breath.” The raven haired woman spoke.

“Whats that suppose to mean?” replied the blonde, who was known to the lost boys as the savior.

“Don’t you see what he’s doing? Every second we spend talking about this is another second were not looking for my son.” She yelled.

“You got a better idea?” the Savior stated.

“Magic. If there’s a lock on there, I’ll find a way around it.” she said as she reached for the map.

“Pan said it had to be me.”

“I’d listen to Emma, love. Breaking Pan’s rules would be unwise.” Stated Hook.

“I’d second that,” I spoke, “it’s good to know that some people like to play by the rules.”

I saw him freeze, his eyes were frozen to the ground as the others drew their weapons and searched for the source of my voice. After a few second the blonde one, who he referred to as Emma, spotted me sitting in the trees. She pointed her sword towards me and shouted.

“Who are you? Why are you watching us?”

The others looked in her swords direction and followed her gaze to me and moved into a stance that showed their readiness to fight.

“Everybody calm down, I’m not here to fight. Pan just sent me to ensure that you all knew how to properly play the game.”

“That didn’t answer my first question.” Emma murmured.

“Patience savior, you’ll all find out soon enough.”

“How did you know that?” She questioned. “That I’m the savior.”

“Well, Pan of course. You didn’t think he hasn’t done his research on all of you, did you? Now, how about you each tell me your names?”

“I thought Pan did his research?” questioned Snow.

“He did, but that doesn’t mean he gave me pictures of your faces to match your names.”

“Whats the point in this?! What kind of game are you playing here?” the woman shouted.

“There’s no game. I’m just trying to be friendly.” I said with a slight smirk, “How about this, I’ll start. My names Y/N, now it’s your turn.”

“Enough of thi-”

“I’m Snow, that’s my husband David, our daughter Emma, Regina,” Snow said as she pointed to each person “ and that is-”

“Oh, I know who he is… though I wish we never met.” I spit out as I quickly shivered in disgust. “Moving on! So I see you still haven’t found the key to that puzzle yet.”

“This map is pointless!” Regina snapped. “If you’re really trying to be friendly why don’t you lead me to my son.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. It’s not part of the game.”

“Screw your game!” Regina shouted.

As Regina lifted her arm a bright red and orange ball of fire emerged in the palm of her hand. She pulled her arm back and through it towards me with all of her strength.

“Nooo!” David and Snow yelled at the same time.

As the ball hurtled towards me I quickly lifted my hand and stopped the flame just inches in front of me. I slowly moved from behind the ball and watched as the flame fiercely flickered and cast a light upon my face.

“That’s an unexpected twist.” whispered Regina.

“Did you really think that was going to work? That Pan would send ANYONE that wasn’t able to take care of themselves?”

With a Push of my fingers, I flung the flame into the tree closest to Regina.

“Diffenitly not. Actually, he sent me because I was the kindest out of all of his options. He was hoping you might have seen it as a courtesy. But, since you don’t want to play nice or follow the rules, I guess pans going to have to change the game.”

I gave them all one last look and rapidly twisted my hand, and enclosed myself in a cloud of green smoke. Seconds later I’m standing in the middle of the lost boys camp. I walk over to Felix, who was leaning on a tree watching the lost boys dance and cheer around the campfire.

“Where’s Pan?” I inquired.

“With Henry, trying to convince him to join in on the festivities.”

I turn around and begin to search the surrounding forest for the original lost boy and the newest recruit. After searching for a couple of minutes I find the two sitting on a fallen tree.

“Henry, don’t you think that if they were coming they would be here by now?”

“They’re here I can feel it.” Henry spoke confidently.

“But there not. I can feel every person, being, or thing come onto or leave my island. And since you, Tamara, or Greg came, no one else has. I’m sorry Henry, but they aren’t coming.”

Henry stood up abruptly and yelled, “I don’t believe you! They love me and will rescue me!”

He then turned and ran past me back towards the camp. Pan quickly stood and proceeded to try to chase after Henry, but I softly grabbed his arm and pull him back.

“Let him go and let that sink in for a bit. It’ll give him a chance to notice their absence.” I whisper.

He silently agreed and turned to face me fully.

“Now,” I say with a tone of seriousness,“We have a problem.”

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