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YOI x Only Shop (Series 1: Sundae) Acrylic Bottlecaps 

Original Release Date:
January to March 2017

Featured Characters (17 Total):
Viktor (Original + Secret Versions), Makkachin, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Christophe’s cat, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Phichit, Seung Gil, Seung Gil’s dog

(Each also comes with its own customized bottle cap)

All the ice cream colors are somewhat color-coordinated to their respective characters, but Yuuri and Yuri - for some reason - are the only ones actually having a taste. Leo actually gets his name written into his chocolate garnish, and for the first time, Christophe’s cat makes a merch appearance alongside other pets! Maybe they like the sundaes, too… 

Other items in the Only Shop series!



I updated my shop with all my leftover stuff form conventions! You can get zipper pouches in many sizes, brooches, magnetic bookmarks and zine, comics and sketchbooks!

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Blue willow teapot charm by Nadia Michaux


Hellooo, guess what came in today!! All my charms have arrived today, so I’ll start mailing preorders out this weekend. I have a lot of preorders to go through, so I may not get to all of them this weekend– I’ll do my best though to get them out asap! Thanks everyone so much for your patience.

I’ve also finally finished the overwatch crossing pals as stickers ohoh, which was my ultimate goal! I’ll be selling them as a full, kiss-cut sheet with all the heroes (and a few pachimaris) on them.

Regular charm orders will be up sometime next week after all preorders are sent out, and sticker sheets will go on sale tomorrow! I’ll post another update when I do~

Snowing college au- In any universe (1/?)

The Snowing college au literally no one asked for!

David and Mary meet in a coffee shop on campus when David takes Mary’s usual table. Both are too stubborn to move.



Mary heaved a sigh as she pushed through the surprisingly heavy glass door. There was a slight chill in the air, but not enough to warrant a coat yet, she absentmindedly noted. One of her arms was laden with heavy books and several notebooks, but with her other she pulled out her phone ready to scan to pay for her coffee at the Starbucks on campus. She had only been at the college for a month but already the barista shot her a knowing smile.

The oldest woman took a dramatic look out of the window as though it was about to tell her something that wasn’t already abundantly obvious. “Let me guess, hot chocolate?”

“With cinnamon.” Mary smiled back though she didn’t really need to. She knew the older woman, who was known by the students so affectionately as ‘Granny’ that it was even on her name badge, would add it anyway. Mary mused about the oncoming assignments and papers she had to write, and knew she should probably call her stepmother back before she called her again, as she waited for her drink. She was so lost in her thoughts she hadn’t heard what Granny had said to her. “Pardon?”

“I said, your table’s taken.”

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