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In the Company of Giants...again!

Spent the day on set at the Outlander studio, and had a great time. Was actually working today, doing PR videos and promo announcements for various countries (“Hello to all our Outlander fans in Scandinavia! Hope you enjoy Season Three of Outlander on Viaplay!” etc., etc….), plus a to-camera interview (they call it that because the cut out the interviewer’s questions, so it looks like I’m just talking straight to the camera) that Sony and Starz can cut up and use in little bits wherever they like.

Got Professionally Made Up–and I tell you, when a professional TV makeup artist makes you up, you stay that way, though the hair is a little less static. The lovely makeup person did do my hair beautifully, and with luck, that will have lasted through all the filming. I was standing in the hot South African sun through it all, though, and by the end, my hair had pretty much given up, so I just borrowed a hair elastic from Sam’s charming makeup person, Wendy, and tied it back.

Got to watch quite a lot of filming–deeply entertaining, as always. Pretty sure you’re going to really enjoy this season!

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Dear American Entertainment Industry,

Is it possible for a woman to have a successful career without having perfect hair, white teeth, a 26″ waist, and big boobs?

Dear British Entertainment Industry,

Thank you.

anonymous asked:

Hi, um, I'm a baby witch whose parents are very religious in Christianity and if they ever found out what I want to practice it would be the end of me. I still have a few years before I can move out, but I still want to be able to practice and learn witchcraft. Do you have any tips in how I can do that and not get my head ripped off by my parents??? Please?

My best advice for you would be subtle magick, like brewing tea (because tea is normal) and lighting candles, incense if you think that will be okay. Keeping a private journal so that you can write everything down that you want to do but are unable to, so that down the road you can go back to them and try them? Also, gardening! Herb gardens are harmless and there are lots of flowers with awesome properties that you can grow inside or out! Lavender is my personal fave. :) Charm jewelry and makeup for concealment, confidence, luck, ect. Spend time in nature or stargazing and use it as “witchy reflection” time!

City witches: The ones who whistle up buses to keep to their schedules and whistle the lights to change. The ones who hum and cast. The ones who write sigils up and down their arms on pens they found. The ones who write curses on scraps of paper and burn things with cigarette lighters. The ones create web alters, sigils for hundreds,email or text blessings. The ones who feel the twirling energy of crossroads and intersections. The ones who feel the buildings energies. The ones who know there are spirits in the air who sing with the trains that dance through the hills and the trucks that roar down the roads. The movement of every metal and the burning of the city lights. The ones who know the cracks in the pavement showing the bending of the city to the movement of the earth. Charming the jewelry, makeup, mirrors, bags they carry and wear. The ones who stitch magic into the fixes they make to their torn clothing. The ones who collect the rain water and the flowers that grow through the cracks in the pavement with surprising strength. The ones who keep plants on the shelves aiming for the light streaming through the window. The ones who hang wind chimes and spells on their walls. The ones who hide wards in the corners of the rooms. The ones who add magic to their baths and clear away harm full things that clung throughout the day. The ones who add protection to their key rings and use the keys to open doors and opportunities. The ones that know the magic of the pictures that hang on their walls or are kept on their phones and computers. The ones who meditate on buses and keep back strangers with a spark in their eye. The ones who dress with intent. The ones who use music everyday, tunes and lyrics wrapping spells into the air. The ones who charm their coffee in the mornings. The ones who make divinations from the clouds, pebbles in their path or colors of the clothing of strangers on the street. The ones who make use of what they have.


*puts on temporary glitter tattoo and takes selfies*