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I have watched 121 episodes of OUAT and never felt as disappointed

As I am right now, and this is even after my expectations were as low as can get!

1) Hook being a shadow of himself, all calmed down about Regina finding Emma, while he sits and wait? When was he ever like that????????

2) Princess Emma was the worst thing I ever seen, and for me this is not the version of Emma that we would have got without the curse. Total waste of potential.

3) With all the talk about Hook in the AU we didn’t even see him, how wonderful.

4) Regina being to Emma what Hook was to Emma in 3x12? Really? Why don’t you just hand over the show for SQers to write it? (They actually used the same lines to convince her…)

5) Even the captain charming scenes were bad. How did they manage to ruin also that?

6) Neal being the ultimate hero, with his picture hanging on the wall? Really?

The potential was so great with that “what if” thing and they just throe it down the trash.

And the worst part is that my expectations were so low, I thought it could only get better, well they proved me wrong. I never felt a bigger desire to throw up during an episode. At least I have 2 months to recover because right now I’m too angry to even want the hiatus to over.

Captain Swan + mistletoe (merry christmas @justanotherwannabeclassic! from your ouat secret santa, me!)

When Emma doesn’t tell Killian a thing about the Charmings’ Christmas gathering, he feels a bit down. But of course, he’s still not really truly part of the family yet, he couldn’t really expect to be a guest for the gathering. So he decides to spend Christmas in his trustworthy Jolly Roger.


Mistletoe everywhere.

His eyes can see nothing of his lodgings but the tiny plant, hanging from every possible place. Well, that’s an exaggeration, after all, it’s just the roof that’s covered. But he still can’t look away.

“Merry Christmas, Killian.” a sweet and playful voice calls from the back of the room. That voice. His face cracks into a smirk as he steps into the room, stopping right under the first mistletoe.

“Think you’re so funny, Swan?” he jokes as Emma walks up to him, a mischievous glint in her eyes. She dances a bit, her dress skirts moving like a bell, and smiles openly at him.

“I know I am, Killian.” standing on her tiptoes, she places both hands on his chest and plants a loving peck on his smiling lips. “I thought we could spend our first Christmas together, well, together.”

“What about your family?”

“Family lunch tomorrow. Tonight, it’s just ours.”

That word fills him up with a warmth he simply doesn’t want to let go. Then, places a soft kiss on her eyebrow, “Ours.”

Here’s the other take on that script tease though: the one where Killian is giving David a pep talk. Because David is technically under a sleeping curse right now and his daughter is having visions of her own death and he hasn’t spoken to his wife in days with no end in sight, and now Emma is gone, and the Evil Queen is threatening everyone he loves again, and there’s no Snow to believe in him and no Emma to fight at his side.

But there’s Killian Jones. And when Killian realises that David is berating himself, doubting himself, blaming himself, he steps in. He reminds him about which one of them is the hero. Killian is the one who did bad things, not David. David is the man who saves the kingdom and defends the people and fights the dragons. He has nothing to blame himself for.

He is Prince bloody Charming. Killian is Captain Hook. Not the other way around. So if there’s blame to be passed around, Killian will take it, and David can go and be the hero and fight the Evil Queen.

(And David listens. And then he nods, and agrees, on one condition: they’ll both do the hero thing. Together.)

I generally liked the episode last night but I’m getting frustrated. I get that CS can’t be front and center in every ep but we’re now coming up on 6x09 and we’ve missed seeing important milestones play out like Killian actually moving in, waking up together or even just doing things as a couple… making/eating food, just being TOGETHER. They made such a big deal over “move in with me” and now there’s just a few domestic crumbs being tossed.

I just don’t get it and it’s pissing me off. 

CS is really the only thing I’m interested in, I tune in every week for them. While I enjoy the other stories Snowing, promises of Captain Charming, Captain Cobra and Jaladdin, it’s all a means to an end… I want to see Killian and Emma being together as a couple and doing couple-y things damn it… or even running around together courting danger! Grr.

honestly like…emma/snow is such a mess and on top of everything else, it’s really disappointing that the show just…hasn’t addressed this in years and probably never will again (because every single relationship in emma’s life–including her relationship with her son–pales in comparison with cs). even if we’re apparently all moving on from snow and charming tossing newborn emma into the void to fend for herself for nearly thirty years (even if i can tell you emma sure hasn’t, and now probably never will), snow at the very least owes her an apology for everything that came after…prioritizing her own desire to ~reconnect~ over emma’s very real pain, maybe acknowledging that she got to live in a peaceful bubble with no memory of emma for twenty-eight years while emma jumped between foster homes wondering why her parents left her on the side of a road. or maybe an apology for readily deciding to leave emma again to stay with charming in neverland (emma should have taken priority, period) or openly admitting she wanted baby neal to give herself “another chance” at raising a child from birth. like baby emma and baby neal are interchangeable and the very real and very wounded adult emma gets no say in any of this, somehow. 

i mean i don’t…need or want a morally perfect snow, but imo snow (and charming, but to a lesser extent if only because he has the personality of cardboard and his relationship with emma isn’t anywhere near as complex) is pretty much the cause of dark swan, at what point is she going to answer for that…at what point is that going to be discussed at all…actually did dark swan even happen or was it just a collective fever dream we all had, because it sure seems like we moved right into emma rescuing hook and talking about hook and doing nothing but aggressively Performing Heterosexuality for all of 5B instead of taking even a millisecond to deal with her very serious trauma 

ouat season 5 so far

from someone who hasn’t watched any of season 5

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So I was thinking about how there was so much focus on fathers and daughters in 5x12. Both Regina/Henry Sr. and Emma/Charming. In different ways, of course; one daughter wanted forgiveness from her father, the other daughter received constant help and assurance from her father that they were going to get back her lost love and do this together as a family.

I was also thinking about how both Adam and Eddy are fathers to daughters (or at least I know Adam is; I think Eddy has a girl too but I’m not sure) and how they’ve talked about writing the women in the show for them. At first viewing, I thought the scene with Regina and Henry Sr. was perhaps a bit too simple: she asked for forgiveness and he gave it right away and hugged her and things were all right. Then they got to part on good terms after he had met his grandson, and it was lovely. But still seemed somehow easy.

But then I started thinking about it some more. About how it was certainly a personal message from A&E to their own daughters that they weren’t ever going to stop loving them, no matter what they needed to do and what happened to them in their lives. I thought about my own dad, who sends me emails of things he thinks I would like and happily shares and brags about everything I do on Facebook and has tried many times, through many of his own incredible challenges, to help me and be there for me. It’s complicated being an adult woman living on the other side of the ocean, when I’ve had my own issues connecting with my parents like Emma (and also like Emma, I seem to do it better with my dad than with my mom.) But my dad LOVES being a dad, always has, has always told us we are the most important things in the world and can do whatever we want, and loves his daughters (he has three, so yes) very much, and in the event that I somehow messed up terribly, hurt him, and wanted to make up with him, I wouldn’t want him to ask for the laundry list of x,y,z, what have you done, what complicated plot dynamics did you execute and how was your characterization progressed.

I would just want him to hug me and forgive me.

Just like what happened last night with Regina and Henry Sr.

It’s not always about what a character “deserves.” Not always about what a character “should” do or merit.

Sometimes it’s just about this.

God can you imagine though

Liam doesn’t like Emma right off the bat, because well, protective older brother mode and all that, and maybe he kind of just gives her the set down in front of the family.

And then Charming steps in and is all “eXCUSE me, that is my daughter, bro.”

And we get a Charming/Liam kinda going nose to nose. (!!!!!!)

And Emma and Killian are just sort of standing back like “guys no, this really isn’t necessary”

But the two stubborn arses are in total defense mode, not listening.

“It’s not like Hook was an upstanding citizen when he set his sights on my daughter. Pirate and all that. But he proved himself and we–”

“Oh, I see. So he’s had to do all the work to prove himself worthy to your family, yet you lot didn’t think I would demand the same?”

“We just walked into Hell for him!”

“A hell she put him in!”

And this goes on for a bit but then the mission kicks in and because they are basically soul twins OF COURSE they eventually start fighting side by side and totally digging it and maybe Hades shows up all threatening to Killian and Emma and the two of them just form this like WALL-O-PROTECTIVENESS and are simultaneously like “back OFF bruh” all stern voices and clenched jaws and then when Hades poofs away they look at each other and finally share a bro nod of respect and 

Strangeness & Charm (2/?)

Killian Jones is a pirate captain down on his luck after a falling out with the Evil Queen. Emma Swan just found out she was the Savior. Their shared goals bring them on an epic quest to liberate the kingdom once and for all. It’s a lot easier said than done.

Chapter One

AO3 & FF.Net

They continue trading barbs throughout the day, much to Killian’s displeasure.

“As much as I appreciate your help,” she says the last word as if it’s anything but. He’s mildly irritated by her tone. They’ve been walking since he convinced her to accept his - not at all sarcastic - help, eager to evade the queen’s next advance of guards. Just because the two of them can fight doesn’t mean they should be over-exerting themselves. “Did you come here with any semblance of a plan to, I don’t know, defeat the Evil Queen once and for all and save the kingdom?”

“You’re the Savior,” Killian points out. “Seems more of your job, really.”

Emma’s expression sours. She speeds up, a little, forcing Killian to work harder to match her stride. “Right. And you decided to track me down because…”

He sighs heavily. “As I said, you’re not the only person the queen wants dead.”

“So, what, double it and we suddenly both become safer?” her voice is drenched with skepticism.

She truly wasn’t this unfriendly when he brought Geppetto in to Ingrid. Given the circumstances, however, he finds it difficult to blame her entirely.

“Two is better than one. I figure you could use a hand.”

“Is that supposed to be a joke?”

“Well, love,” he replies with a tight grin, attempting to be charming. “I don’t know. Do you want it to be?”

He - valiantly - fails.

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imagine Charming and Killian bonding over their jealousies though.

“I mean… I know she loves me. But still, you know, he’s a demi-god. He’s so handsome and strong and just amazing.”

“I know how you feel.”

“Wait, you do?”

“Aye. Twice now I’ve been in competition with myself for Emma’s affections. And both times she seemed to like the other me better. Not that I can blame her.”

“Oh. Yeah, that’s… yeah. Although, at least it was actually you.”

“That’s exactly what worried me, mate. And it’s not like Emma and I were, you know. At the time.”

“Fair point.”


“Did I tell you my twin brother showed up, too, and kissed Snow?”



“That’s bad form.”


“Well, mate, I wouldn’t worry. She married you, and you have the kind of love story that parents will tell their children generations from now.”

“Hmm. True. Thanks, Hook.”



“And, uh. Same to you. You know, in case you get caught in another time travelling alternate dimension…”

“I—well, it’s a little different, I mean, we’re not—you know.”

“Married? You could be if you’d finally get your act together and ask her.”


“Dave, did you just—?”

“Huh. I guess I kinda did.”

“Thanks, mate.”


outside of cs in this episode though, like we got so much?? saw that Ursula was never really a villain, just someone who’d been hurt (although that doesn’t excuse any bad thing she might’ve done during that time). Killian’s nod to Elsa and Arendelle (TEARS). Nod to Killian once being Pan’s servant. Gold’s plan. Ariel’s return (I enjoyed the fact that both Zelena!Ariel and actual Ariel slapped Killian for the Eric thing). Snow and Charming’s continual paranoia about Emma turning dark of her own accord, stemming from their secret and the guilt that goes with it.

this was just a fantastic episode.

The DARK ONE Curse

Gather round, shipmates … 

All this bad, manipulative, toxic behavior … it’s from a Dark One curse! It’s not supposed to be healthy! It’s a way for the writers to play with the worst parts of the characters. Like Snow and Charming under the effects of the original Dark Curse and again under Shattered Sight …

They are supposed to be bad for each other right now!!!

The darkness is basically a way to show how love can be twisted when it is used against someone.

Emma straight up manipulated Hook and lied to him … 

You know when you have that massive argument with your partner and you’re just really pissed off with each other? Just imagine that, only you are the darkest person in the world, so imagine what that would be like. But that’s not to say that he doesn’t love her. They still have the ability to love, but when you get pissed off as the Dark One, that’s serious business. (x)

The first thing Killian did when Emma became the Dark One was to trust her and give her the ability to choose. The first thing she did was lie to him and make sure she could control him.

Now, WHY did she do that? Because she is the Dark One! And she makes bad choices! So she tried to make it up to him and then screwed up even more! So he took advantage of that and knew that he could manipulate her right back.

But just take away the three good things for Captain Swan from this episode:

  • Their first scene in Camelot proved that their love can overcome the darkness. She asked him to focus on their future and when he did the Rumple in his head disappeared.
  • Crushing Emma’s heart was never an option for him.
  • For the last few seasons we have seen Killian fight for their love. Now it is Emma who is doing the fighting and we are seeing just how deep her love for him truly is.

Hold on, shipmates! We’re going to get through this!

My reactions to 4x13
  • The Charmings have rose patterns on their sheets. How kitschy lol
  • Snow: David, where the fuck are you at?!
  • Maleficent: SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER! Me: Villains really love doing that.
  • What did Snow do to you?
  • Mal: I got your baby trololololo
  • Relax, Snow. It’s just a dream.
  • Snow-I can’t stop thinking about Regina-White
  • Kristin Bauer’s eyes though
  • I’ve never seen anyone cut lemons with more sass than Granny
  • Granny trolling Cruella like a boss
  • The way Regina takes Henry’s hand
  • Cruella: These are blood diamonds I have, you know? Me:
  • Regina, don’t forget the frosted donuts!
  • How long is that tentacle wtf?
  • Belle: Did you just come here to be cruel? Me:

Cruel…Cruella…Get it? HAHA

  • Someone get Rumple a new cell phone plz
  • Rumple creepily touching Mal’s ashes though
  • Regina: Just you and me, Robin and Roland… Me: Yeah, ‘cause they spent so much time together
  • Regina: That feeling was the closest I’ve been to happy. Me: Er, excuse me. What about when you adopted Henry??? I thought he was the one who finally filled the hole in your heart and gave you a happy ending after the curse was cast. WTF is this shit?! It’s like that stupid “the only people who believe in me are you and Henry” line from 4A.
  • And also why is she saying all these things in front of Henry? She basically tells him that he isn’t her world anymore although she’s always insisted on that before
  • Please stop ruining Regal Believer moments with OQ talk
  • Why is everyone lying to Emma? (Everyone except Regina and Henry of course.)
  • The tree of wisdom…so the Deku tree from LOZ?
  • Does Belle have a photographic memory or what? It’s the only explanation for her being able to tell that some random brown box is missing.
  • Cruella: Is there a problem, Sheriff Chiseled Chin? Me: You’re awesome!
  • OMG the red fluffy seats though
  • Snow: Where’s Maleficent? Me: Maleficent is about to fuck shit up!
  • Maleficent thinks the show needs less talking and more action. Well, I agree.
  • What is that old computer? Petition to upgrade Storybrooke’s technology.
  • Oh look, Hook brings Emma lunch. What a romantic gesture. But when Emma brings Regina lunch it’s not bc #NOHOMO
  • I love how Regina opened up to Emma on their “lunch date” whereas Hook is still the same old liar and dishonest when it comes to Emma
  • Hook: Enjoy your witch hunt. Me: Yeah…I’d rather watch the Witch Hunt episode right now.
  • David: We’re going on a hike! Me:
  • Oh look, Emma-human lie detector-Swan doesn’t question her parents any further
  • Regina: Wifey, where the hell have you been?
  • Yes, keep touching her Regina!
  • Emma: Regina, Regina, wifey, calm down!
  • Snow: How can we stop the EQ’s curse? Tree:
  • That tentacle bitch slap!
  • *Regina apologizes to Gepetto* Me: OMG this is so important! She’s only ever apologized to people she really cares about before. Look at that character development! LOOK AT IT!
  • Maleficent is a living pregnancy test
  • Mal: Your child might turn out to be just like us. Snow: You mean a… Me: Yes, a lesbian witch.
  • Ursula: My tentacles are bored. Me:
  • Snow: We have to tell Emma everything! *1 hour later* Snow: Regina, Emma musn’t know about what we did to Mal! Me:
  • Emma(to Hook): You’re not that person anymore(…)I’m gonna choose to see the best in you. Me: Oh, another thing that’ll be considered romantic. I’m having S2 Swan Queen flashbacks(But here she’s Regina. I know her. I believe her). But you know, #NOHOMO am I right?
  • Emma, why are you so stupid lately?
  • David(was it David, I don’t remember): Because they’re villains and we’re heroes. Me:
  • Maleficent’s pregnancy confirmed!
  • Snow, she’s a mother just like you and you deny her your help just bc she’s a “villain”
  • I thing Snow loves meeting people in the rain at night
  • BellexWill
  • Wow, she got over Rumple fast. In the last episode she had a small breakdown and now she exchanges saliva with Scarlet. Why can’t any woman just stay single for more than 10 seconds?
  • *Snow’s dramatic speech* Regina: I don’t understand. Me:
  • Snow: Because of us Mal lost her child. Me:
  • To sum up: Regina, stop crying over your 5 day relationship! + everyone’s lying to you, Emma(except Regina and Henry)

I just watched the new episode and askjdhlkdfhgsdjfkghdagf



so this week on things that made me freak out

  • David’s look of weary resignation when Dopey starts turning into a tree
  • Regina still struggling with the lure of the Dark Side even while trying to help Emma with hers… sorry dear but really you’re playing with fire, in several ways. Emma won’t thank you for that. Well, okay, she did just there, but you know.
  • … oh look, Emma’s very emphatically not thanking you for it now.
  • Charming giving Henry dating advice is the cutest thing ever (and I’m really glad it was him and not Hook because while I adore Captain Cobra I’m not sure I trust Killian to keep it PG)
  • actually Charming in this episode, period. He’s really being his best smiling big-hearted charming self here and I feel like we didn’t see enough of that lately and I love it
  • Captain Swan have gone from antagonistic flirting and arguing in front of Emma’s parents to full-on making out in front of Emma’s parents and no one batting an eyelid
  • I like how a guy gets killed at a ball and everyone’s just kinda “ah well”. Happens every other week, probably. Those silly knights and their swords.
  • nooooo Emma this is not who you are, stop it
  • Killian walking away from Emma, yes it’s kind of heartbreaking but mostly I AM SO PROUD OF OUR BOY
  • don’t anyone ever tell me again he’s only after the booty
  • because he could have had it right there and then
  • Furies and the underworld and the ferryman SIGN ME UP
  • HENRY, a second first meeting with your lady already, you are your mother’s son aren’t you
  • Emma love stay away from the dagger and this cleaving-yourself nonsense, it never ends well
  • … see? That was a warning shot.



I just love so much the possibility and development of Emma, Killian and Henry like a family, because they share so much traits:

Getting tied up

(It’s really a Charming family tradition)

Getting free

Finding each other

(No matter time or space)

Courting danger in forest

(That look Killian send Henry)

Adorables stunned expressions

They like the sea

(It’s a place of peace and rest for them)

They such a beautiful family:

(Please don’t tell me they don’t look like parent looking over their boy)

Sharp Dressed Man


She swallows hard when she enters the room.

When Killian and her dad had been selected, along with Will, to stand with Robin at the wedding, she hadn’t really been surprised.  She had been slightly more surprised when Robin somehow settled on blue as the color of choice for the groomsmen.  But nothing could have prepared her for the sight of her true love, standing beside her father, dressed like that.

He fidgets uncomfortably with the tie, hand still adorned with a multitude of rings.  Charming only chuckles, clapping him on the shoulder.  “You’ll get used to it,” He whispers, then kisses Emma on the cheek on his way to check on Robin and Will.

Emma just stands there, taking in the sight, mouth slightly agape.  Killian raises an eyebrow, grin spreading across his face.

“See anything you like, love?”

Emma’s mouth snaps shut, and she saunters up to him, tucking her fingers under the lapels of his jacket and tugging him close.  Their lips meet before he can say anything more.  After all this time, that’s still all it takes to render him speechless.  His hand sweeps up her back and comes to rest against the back of her head, drawing her close as he deepens the kiss.

When they pull away, it’s his turn to be speechless.  Emma smirks.  “Just wait until you see my dress.”

Killian’s smile lights up his whole face.  “I’m sure you’ll look every inch the princess you truly are,” He breathes.  “But I must go now–the groom and his merry men will be searching for me.”

Emma nods, pulling him in for one last peck before they depart.  She stands on her tiptoes and whispers in his ear, “Hope nobody needs the deposit back on that thing, because I plan to tear it off of you the second this thing wraps up.”

His eyes rocket to his hairline, but she’s already gone–scampering out the back door, towards where Regina and the other ladies are getting ready.

In the days to follow, Killian will have to admit that he was very distracted during the wedding.

And you know what?

I kind of really dig how there were no out and out CS scenes last night?

Like OK, don’t get me wrong, Of course I want these bbs on my screen together 24/7, but their relationship was still there – it was brought up in the Captain Book wee chest scene, it was brought up between Emma and Charming, they were in communication with each other…

But that’s the thing – it was a background hum while these two bonded with other people and advanced story lines amidst other important relationships. I just love that so much, and if anything, I think it only makes CS more well-rounded and stronger as representation of a healthy relationship.

I’m gonna be honest. I’m so confused by Once Upon a Time right now.

This episode still would have been great for me and left we with hope because of the obvious CS and Nimue/Merlin parallel EXCEPT that they had Emma randomly say “she still loves you” to Merlin about Nimue. That threw me all the way off.

Like, is there actually a chance that they’ll have Nimue/Merlin and CS make up at the end of this season and be all in love? REALLY? 

Also, I just don’t get the formatting. The guest characters are taking up WAAAYY too much time. It’s to the point where it almost seems that EVERYONE is useless from Regina, Hood, Snow, Charming, Belle, Rumple, Henry & Zelena. The only ones getting real screen time and character development this season are Emma and Hook. It just doesn’t make sense.

Also, in season 1- Emma and Regina got so much screen time. Or even in the Peter Pan arc, there were A LOT of characters working together in a group but they all still got developed. They all felt involved. They all had story lines that made sense and did not make them seem useless and powerless. Seriously, WTF is up with Regina and Snow being so “weak” and dumb now. Why the hell is Regina- A MAIN CHARACTER AND FAN FAVORITE- getting so little screen time?

I am just so so so so confused. I don’t like this at all. The beginning of this season started off so promising, but I think this is turning out to be my least favorite season/arc.

Idk. I’m pretty nervous about next week. We all know that it’s entirely possible that they will be “planting the seeds” of Mulan/Ruby. If they do that, I honestly 90% sure that I will stop watching the show. Not just because of SQ, but because my favorite character is in a HORRIBLE plot, my favorite actress is getting VERY little screen time, and the show is just dumb now. Like how did it go from season 1 to….this?

The ratings aren’t super great. So the show might end next season. If they haven’t shown evidence of any canon SQ by now, they never will. ESPECIALLY if they’re giving us Mulan/Ruby. And ESPECIALLY if they continue to build up CS as some “epic romance”. Because we all know, even if he dies, he won’t stay dead.

Basically, I’m gonna drink some wine next Sunday as I watch. And I hope my heart doesn’t sink as I see my worst fear confirmed-that Ruby/Mulan is the queer relationship.

Next week is the turning point for me.

Wow, just saw an SQer actually compare how Emma reacted to Hook lying to her about Ursula and how it didn’t matter, to what her parents did to her. Saying, that it didn’t make sense that Emma was okay with Hook lying, but when her parents lied it was a different story.

Like, really?  You are going there?  You want to know the difference?  The difference is that what Hook did had nothing to do with her and happened decades before she was born.  And what the Charmings did had EVERYTHING to do with her.  They sacrificed another baby just to make sure she grew up pure and good…they took went to desperate lengths to make sure their baby turned out the way THEY wanted.  

If you can’t see the differences in that, then you are seriously delusional.