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The Final Proof

*A lot of people have come up with this theory, but it’s so perfect I had to write it down.

They say you learn the most from your mistakes. Mine came as I was watching “Murder Most Foul” and Charming said this:

I hadn’t really been paying enough attention to realize that he was talking about the sleeping curse that the Evil Queen had placed on him and Snow, so my mind immediately went to: What other curse needs to be broken? Luckily for me there is another curse that needs to be broken. Many of you know this, but it’s the curse that is keeping everyone in Storybrooke.

What we don’t realize is which part of the curse is still active. It’s not the dark aspects of the Dark Curse - that was broken by Emma as was prophesied/dictated by Rumpelstiltskin. No, it’s the other part that the pesky imp created that is trapping everyone here still.

The Savior curse. Think about it. The only reason Emma Swan is the Savior is because Rumplestiltskin made it so. In theory, Emma was no longer supposed to be the Savior after she broke the Dark Curse. Everyone was supposed to go back to where they were from, but that didn’t happen. Which means what? That portion of the curse, that tiny little drop, is a curse all in itself, and it too needs to be broken. When it is, Emma’s fate as the Savior will be broken; she will live.

Now you ask: But Emma was given the Shears of Destiny or whatever to cut herself from her fate and no longer be the Savior and she didn’t take it!

Well, we know how Rumple’s curse works right? A pair of pretty scissors wouldn’t break this curse because only one person has that power: Emma herself.

We’ve come full circle. Once upon a time Adam and Eddy pitched the idea that the curse would take seven years to fully break. Now we’ve reached that point. Once Emma breaks the Savior curse, Rumple’s spell that he placed on her life will break. Her Hero’s Journey will be complete, and she will return to her life in the real world, where no one needs her to protect them.

(I’ll come back to this in a minute)

So we know what needs to happen. Here I take it a step further and answer:


It turns out that we have that answer too:

Ah yes. True Love. Here’s where I know I’ll lose half of you because “Once Upon a Time is obsessed with Captain Swan. Why can’t you see that, you’re blinding yourself, stop perpetuating nonsense, wake up blah blah blah blah.”

Well, I’m going to counter that with: Why is Emma still the Savior then? If Once Upon a Captain Swan is genuinely the entire point of this show, why is Emma still fated to die?

Answer: You can’t break a curse where you’re the Savior of the fairytale characters with one of the said fairytale characters.

Here you respond again with: “Well, Smartypants, you call yourself a Swan Queen shipper, but you’ve just contradicted yourself. You think the Evil Queen can break the curse with Emma? She’s a fairytale character too!”

Well, reader, you are very clever indeed. But shall I provide you with my next exhibit:

While it was super fun to watch, Split Queen was not just done for the optics. It was a setup for endgame. The Evil Queen may be a fairytale character, but Mayor Regina Mills (like Emma and Henry) is a completely original creation of our world. Which means, like Emma, the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, she can live a completely normal life outside of the Enchanted Forest.

I was trying to figure out the purpose behind bringing Wish Robin Hood back, and this line really explains it:

The writers are priming us for a much bigger version of this concept. Robin is the first test of the portal system. Will it allow someone who isn’t supposed to be “real” stay in the “real world”? We know Storybrooke, by our standards, isn’t a real place, it’s a refuge for fairytale characters from many realms, so it makes sense that he passes the test in this case, but what about Regina? Will she, a person who isn’t supposed to be real, be allowed to live somewhere like Boston or New York if Storybrooke doesn’t exist. This first trial proves that yes, she will be able to because something about her is connected to our world (that thing is literally the writers themselves). They have Regina grapple with this issue- Why was wish Robin able to come here?- because she’s next, and she needs to know that she’ll be okay when she tries to stay in this world.

If Regina remains unconnected to the Evil Queen, she should be able to help Emma break the curse and remain in this reality. Will it really be True Love’s Kiss that frees Emma from the Savior Curse and sends everyone to where they belong?

I would hope.

I also hope that I’ll find $2000 on the street tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

But it’s certainly the most reasonable solution since literally every curse is broken with True Love’s Kiss…

Have you ever wondered why there’s never been a True Love’s Kiss with Emma & her parents or Emma with Hook? Perhaps part of that is because True Love’s Kiss can only work with people who are from the same reality. Since Regina had True Love’s Kiss with Henry, that means she’s a part of his reality. Part of her belongs in our world. Emma has never shared True Love’s Kiss with Hook because he isn’t a part of her reality. He’s still a fairytale character. They can get married, she can choose that life, but that means she will remain tied to her fate as the Savior. She will always be connected to the Fairytale world. She will eventually die for them.

But if somehow, Regina Mills is Emma’s true True Love; if two “real people” who were created in this world- Emma Swan the bail bonds person, and Regina Mills the Mayor- shared True Love’s Kiss (not saying they’ll make it gay like they should) then the entire curse could be broken.

I just don’t see any other way they could go with this. The show has always foreshadowed that Storybrooke isn’t supposed to last.

We know there’s going to be a “reset” for the show…

And we know that Regina is no longer connected to the Evil Queen. Everything is setting up for the fairytale characters to return to their world.

But what happens next?

A good story always comes full circle, but the hero returns home with more knowledge and is in a better place. Odysseus goes on a crazy journey with a bunch of messed up shit but eventually makes it back home. Dorothy wishes she could experience life over the rainbow, but when she does, she learns that there’s no place like home. Harry Potter steps onto Platform 9 ¾ for the first time alone, and in the last book he steps on with a family. So if in the Pilot we see Emma in her lonely Boston apartment, wishing on a star to no longer be alone, it only makes sense that the last time we see her, she’s in her Boston apartment but she isn’t alone- she has a family.

We know Henry will be a part of that family, but it’s safe to assume that Regina will be there too, because of this promise:

Unfortunately all magic comes with a price, and my prediction is that price will be that everyone forgets that any of this ever happened.

I’m grounding this theory in the fact that the last time there was a reset, that happened to half of the parties involved: Emma and Henry 

In that scenario, the Dark Curse was destroyed. The Dark Curse’s purpose was to create Storybrooke, so once it was gone, Emma and Henry forgot that Storybrooke ever existed… But everyone in the Enchanted Forest still remembered Emma and Henry because the Savior Curse still existed- they all remembered the Savior. They were able to go back and get her and recreate the bridge between our worlds because Emma was still the Savior. Once the Savior Curse is gone, everything will be wiped out. Everyone will forget that the Savior existed, and why she existed. All the fairytale characters will return to their world where their stories will play out, and all the characters from our world will begin to lead a normal life.

That life for Emma and Regina could very well be together. It’s not guaranteed, but it would certainly explain why the writers have made an effort to keep Emma and Regina apart in Storybrooke while maintaining a certain amount of tension between them- because their story isn’t meant to play out in Storybrooke. It would also explain why it’s not a topic of conversation for any of the writers or actors- it’s a major plot point,  and talking about it would be a spoiler. Lastly, Adam Horowitz said himself that they weren’t queerbaiting:

If they’re planning on having Regina be a part of Emma’s new life free from the Savior curse, then technically this isn’t a lie.

But could they make it so that Emma and Regina’s relationship is merely as platonic co-parents in the real world? Of course. But at the end of the day we would still be right: Swan Queen would still technically be endgame, and it’s still a hell of a lot better than Captain Swan.

Damn, he smells good

Regina: Emma, will you tell your pirate to stop leaving his stuff next to my Heart Collection ™?

Regina: *throws jacket to Emma*

Emma: yea, sure.

Emma: *holds jacket to her face and breathes deeply*

Regina: Tell me you didn’t just sniff that. You guys are pathetic.

Emma: What? He smells really good.

David, wistfully: Yes, like leather and the sea and Something Uniquely Killian. *sigh*



David: *looks down and shuffles his feet* Well….we, uh, hugged…for just a second… in a manly fashion. Very, very masculine hug… couldn’t help but notice…*cough*…

David: Please don’t tell Snow.

My review of BatB (2017): part one

So … I finally got a chance to see the film today. After years and years of waiting for a live-action remake of one my favorite Disney movies, I’m sad to say that I left the theater feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.


First the things I hated/disliked:

Emma Watson as Belle. Wow, talk about bad casting. To think I actually once thought she would be a good choice for the role, but that was before I knew this film would be a musical. Back when I still had hope that she would grow as an actress. I tried to remain optimistic. I wanted to wait and see for my myself if she had improved, but the truth is … no, she hasn’t. If anything she’s even more boring, stiff, snobby and unemotional than ever. Her singing isn’t even singing at all imo. It’s sounds more like she’s just talking but with music playing in the background. She’s really, really auto-toned and hearing her “sing” next to truly talented people (like Audra McDonald) is just embarrassing. She is by far the weakest part of the whole film. It only makes the way people have been hyping about her version of Belle all the more silly. What is so groundbreaking about Emma Watson’s portrayal??

One of the biggest problems with her in this role is that Belle is supposed to be the most interesting girl in her village, but EW is about as interesting as a plain slice of bread. She also lacks the warmth, charm and vulnerability of Disney’s animated Belle. EW’s version comes across as bored, snobbish and unemotional. She doesn’t come across as a daydreamer - as someone who genuinely feels like an outsider. Instead she gives off an arrogant vibe that says “I’m not like other girls”. She even says at one point “Oh, I’m not a princess” - and not in a humble way like Ella does in Cinderella (2015) - no, she says it like she actually hates the title of ~princess. As if that were something offensive?? I can’t understand why the people in the village (especially Gaston) are so fascinated by her. To make this more believable Disney should have cast a more charismatic actress.

I could give Emma Watson a pass for what she did to Hermione, but I will NOT give her a pass for what she did to Belle. Mainly because I hate the attitude she’s been having towards animated Belle/live-action Cinderella. These characters are very special to me and I don’t like seeing people put them down. Also, Emma’s brand of feminism is shit and completely old school imo. I hate how much creative control she had on this film. Here are just some other things she did that really annoy me:

1. How can you sign on to do a period film when you refuse to wear a corset/stays???? Like seriously… I hate that her reasoning for not wearing them is because it’s apparently “un-feminist”. Yeah, because it’s super feminist to define women by what they wear. Let’s act like Cinderella isn’t an admirable person because she did house work and wore stays. Let’s pretend women like Jane Austen weren’t total badasses because they wore corsets.

2. Why make Belle an inventor? Why not make her a writer instead? This never seemed like something the animated Belle was interested in. Sure, it’s possible she would learn some of these things from her dad, but it still seems like such an odd character change to me. I might be alone here but this also came across as Emma/the script writers saying to me: If a woman doesn’t invent something or make “history” somehow, then her story is not empowering or even worth telling.

3. And out of all the cool/weird things she could have invented … why a washing machine? I know it’s because she’d rather read books instead, but this comes across as more dissing towards women who do house work. Has this Belle ever washed a dish by hand?? Would it really be so awful for her to just wash her clothes by hand like everyone else?? Even in today’s modern age (with lots of different electric appliances) people still do things by hand.

4. According to Emma, her Belle is an “active princess”, but I can’t remember her doing many other activities except reading. Did I miss something? As far as I can tell Cinderella was way more busy than this Belle was. Ella not only did house work but she also did farm work, horseback riding AND she did it while wearing a corset/flats. Emma promoted this new Belle as “Not your mother’s Disney princess” (this from the recent Vanity Fair issue) and yet I don’t see what’s so amazing/progressive about her version of the character. Throwing away your corsets and exchanging your flats for boots is not enough to “wow” me.

There’s a lot more I want to talk about, but I’ll save that for tomorrow in part two of my review.


Captain and Commander

A/N: Happy (Belated) Birthday @captainlbradz! I know how you have been on a Killian with a cat kick lately, so I figured I’d add to it :) Plus, there’s some heavy Captain Charming in here, since it is Captain Charming Week and all ;) I love you, my dear. And thank you to @spartanguard who looked it over, and to @cocohook38 for the extra gifts in the form of these wonder art pieces. I hope you like it!!! 

“Dad, I’m worried about Killian.” Emma leaned against her desk at the sheriff’s office, looking down at her father, who was engrossed in the day’s edition of The Storybrooke Mirror. When he didn’t immediately acknowledge her, she ripped the paper from his hands and turned it to she could see just what he was reading. “Really? The comics?”

“What? I love Garfield,” David admitted while turning slightly rosy in the cheeks.

“Did you even hear what I said? Or was your mind too occupied with thoughts of lasagna?” she asked flippantly.

“I’m sorry. What’s wrong with Hook? Is he alright?” There was a sudden urgency to his tone now that he was paying attention.

Emma pulled out the chair at her desk and sat down, looking at her father earnestly. “I think he’s lonely.”

“What do you mean? He has you, Henry…me…” Emma couldn’t help but smile at the way his tone lightened when he said “me.” The bond between her father and her pirate may have started rocky, but it definitely has strengthened over time. She and Snow had shared many a laugh over how close they have gotten.

“I know that, but Henry is only there so often, and then when we go to work, he’s at the house by himself.”

David contemplated what Emma was telling him, and it didn’t take long for an idea to form. Emma would thank him later, he was sure of it.


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how do u feel about hook and hooks relationship with emma? :0

honestly i hate him. there’s no way to sugarcoat it. he was the worst part of the finale for me, all about him is just man pain. even the way he freaking speaks, he was yelling at charming for absolutely no reason at the bottom of the beanstalk, like wtf man? find your chill. i also think the entire relationship between him and charming is forced, which the writers shoved down our throats but i never really felt would have happened if it wasn’t for emma? like every moment david is with hook is like a sacrifice for emma’s benefit, because he is now her husband. i don’t feel like any of them really like hook, and you could see that especially in the finale, all they do is for emma. exhibit a) snow’s face when she saw him fallen by the beanstalk, and how she cringed when he called her mommy like honestly get any nastier hook i dare you, exhibit b) my personal favorite: how he is nothing without emma. at that point where the enchanted forest was getting destroyed, all the others were supporting each other. snow and regina exchanged a look, then charming held onto to snow and neal, and regina and zelena were there for each other whereas hook just stood there. no one even looked at him. they don’t really care about him when emma is out of the picture. i don’t think he fits in that family, i never did. bur again, they make the effort for emma. all of them do. 

as for his relationship with emma, i think it’s warped. they lie to each other all the time, they are not good for each other, and they turned co-dependent as fuck and both their characters turned into love interests. that relationship destroyed hook and emma as we knew them, and it was the worst character assassination of the show. i really hate cs i think it never should have happened. i have ranted enough about cs here to do it again but yeah, i think it’s pretty clear i dislike them and there are so many reasons for it i simply don’t feel like typing them out again

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I'm glad you enjoyed the twist but my problem is that for me it kind of doomed/ruined CS, because I just really can't see a believable way for Emma and the Charmings to forgive him and come back for this, like how can Emma want to marry him now or the Charmings want to have him in their family? And I know they've forgiven Regina for worse but she's not going to marry into their family. This just seems too convoluted to actually work out and just seems gratuitous to me. I'm happy for (cont)

(part 2) for every who is and will enjoy this plot twist and angst, I truly am, I just hope I was able to do the same but I cannot, I feel they crossed a line they won’t be able to satisfactorily cross back for me :(

Well, first I am truly sorry that you can’t enjoy it. I hope the way it plays out lets you change your mind …

But for me, this is all about intent.

Captain Hook didn’t kill David’s father … he killed a guy who had witnessed him killing the king’s guards. I mean, yeah, it turns out it was David’s father but …

The Charming family knows how bad Killian was. He told them how he killed his own father. He admitted to Emma that he killed a guy who called him a name. He was a villainy villain who only cared about himself and his vengeance … and now it turns out that there is a real face on one of his victims.

It’s not like he knew this for years and hid it … he just found out and he’s going to have to wrestle with what to do … even better, we’re going to see him talk about his feelings on the subject! (and here I thought Emma would be the only one emoting to Archie!)

So, I have full confidence that he will confess this to Emma within the next few weeks and set out to make things as right as he can.

It’s a test for Hook but also one for the heroes … someone deserves forgiveness only when they haven’t hurt you directly? Nope, that’s not something a hero would do.

I am just so thrilled to find out that Hook has such an incredibly juicy plot in 6B. It’s going to be a hell of a ride!

Friendly reminder that A&E wrote this scene

With the musical episode one week from now I think it’s a good time to bring this scene back - especially since so many people have already noticed how this wedding and the way Emma is dressed/coded is a repeat of the Wish Realm, where Emma was a walking wish fullfillment of her fairytale parents’ expectations, a meek and docile and… singing princess.

Until Regina caused her memories to come back, that is. And this is what the ‘real’ Emma had to say about her princess self:

And this is what Regina had to say about her:

If you look at this scene as a foreshadowing of the musical and of what will happen with those two women during it, it starts to be really interesting. Also a little heartbreaking. Since the CS wedding takes place then, I think Regina will have plenty of reasons to not consider Emma as Hook’s bride, wearing an extremely traditional wedding dress, her favorite model… especially if Snow’s spell will cause Emma’s songs to be all about Hook.

This exchange ends with Emma acting as if she was embarassed about this whole thing. Like she didn’t want Regina to see her like that:

This episode was written by Kitsowitz and at the beginning I thought it was them kind of trying to tell the audience that they know the musical was rushed and it will be a disaster because of that and it’s them who are embarassed with the result… but now it makes much more sense.

It looks like some sort of foreshadowing - of Emma conforming to Charmings’ expectations of her as a feminine princess again even if she’s aware that’s not who she really is and she quietly despises the person she has to become to the point when she would dissociate and call her princess self ‘that other person’, of Regina being heartbroken after hearing what Emma sings about and not liking a second of it - and of Emma not wanting Regina to hear all of this and secretly being embarassed. Just when I thought they couldn’t throw more shade at this wedding, turns out they did in previous episodes.

With recent press spoilers about Snow accidentally casting a singing spell while being pregnant with Emma, I think we have our confirmation that the musical will be heavily influenced by Snow’s wishes and expectations. So yeah, looks like in a way it will be the Wish Realm all over again, me thinks.

30 totally pedantic questions I have after watching Beauty and the Beast

1. So, did Mr. Potts and Mrs. Cogsworth not live at the castle? Because the voice over tells us the curse affected everyone who lived at the castle so it would be kind of odd for them to not have been affected.

2. Like the dog was but not them?

3. Did the Enchantress create the town they all lived in?

4. Did she let Maurice and Belle move to the town of presumably ageless cursed amnesiacs stuck in a repetitive cycle of life because she knew Belle could break the curse?

5. What do you think the odds are on the writers of this movie having seen Once Upon a Time?

6. Were Le Fou and Gaston castle inhabitants that got away, or were they new residents to the town as well?

7. If they were new, then was the Enchantress just stacking the deck, so to speak?

8. Or did she just get bored and decide Gaston and Le Fou were entertaining?

9. Were the people who lived in the town rich nobles who just forgot who they were? Because Prince Dickhead wouldn’t have been inviting peasants and commoners to that party in the beginning.

10. How long were they actually cursed for?

11. Did the Prince’s mom die of the dreaded “mom in a Disney movie disease?”

12. Why would turning more into a wardrobe make you sleepy? Is it the doors as eyes thing?

13. Why didn’t Belle use the teleporting book thing to go to her dad?

14. Did the screenwriters forget they’d added that to this version?

15. How did I forget that “I use antlers in all of my decorating!” is from Beauty and the Beast?

16. But seriously, what was The Enchantress’ long game? Because I can get cursing the selfish prince to teach him a lesson.

17. Less so the lesson in cursing the house staff but whatever, collateral damage, but what was the lesson in cursing the loved ones of inhabitants of the house to forget them?

18. And then to live as a beggar in the village to, I guess see if anyone performed an act of kindness?

19. Like, these people attended a party, they didn’t do anything wrong?

20. Maybe The Enchantress just really likes pretending to be a beggar?

21. Was Le Fou and Mrs. Potts mid battle team up the best part of the movie? (It was).

22. Was it great that two of the reunited couples were inter racial and it was done just as casually as the other reunited ones? (It was).

23. Was all that ridiculous homophobic nonsense really because Le Fou and that one guy who liked wearing a dress took one single spin in a dance together?

24. Like you literally could have blinked and missed it?

25. Because if so, then did Mulan cause people a similar no-homo panic?

26. Because the plot of that movie was literally a guy and a girl disguised as a guy falling in love feat. 3 guys who loved cross dressing and dudes naked together? And Mushu biting asses?

27. Did Maurice really think people were going to believe him and the crazy lady who lives in the obvious witch hut in the woods over the most popular guy in the village?

28. Did the fact Belle always had the one side of her dress tucked in ruining the symmetry drive anyone else a little crazy or was it just me?

29. No but it’s crazy that Le Fou was kind of the best part of the movie? Because the foppish sidekick is such a tired stereotype, but Josh Gad really did a great job making him this character you could actually like.

30. Are these questions mostly just in jest and this really is a cute movie with charm and style that is definitely worth a watch? (They are and it is).

But can we talk about how Killian still thinks David “wants better for Emma”, even before he remembered he killed David’s father, even after all they’ve been through together as a family? Does he even feel part of it yet? 

Can we talk about how when they all toasted in the beginning, “to family”, he just clinked his rum flask to their champagne glasses, but then turned away, like he felt he didn’t really belong?

Can we?

Or is it just too painful?

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If you don't mind, can you share what you loved about the sneak peek? It was discouraging to me, to see emma have no faith in him.

Yes, I would love to share!!!!

That isn’t discouraging to me at all … and pray tell, where was all this outrage at Killian in yesterday’s promo when he said that Emma was going to think he abandoned her? Were you mad that he came to that conclusion.

Lemme break it down:

Emma is putting away Killian’s stuff and looking at everything very lovingly and longingly. She is heartbroken and probably feels like she pushed him away. I mean, she gave him the ring back and told him to find the guy she fell in love with and now … it looks like he took her advice. She is sad and probably wondering what she did wrong. It’s not so much about not having faith in him but more believing that she will never have that happy ending because she pushes people away and that’s why they abandon her (DO Killian said as much last season)

Plus, we already saw the sneak peek where Killian knows this is what she is going to feel because he knows her better than anyone. Her initial reaction is going to be that he left. Gideon is after HER, why would she think anyone was after Hook?

And then she gets to the bar and there are vikings playing pool which is cool by itself but there is her support system for the night. Her mom … drunk LOL and Regina actually being a good friend. One of my biggest problems with this friendship has always been that it seems one sided to me but this is Regina stepping up and planning a distracting night out for her friend and that’s what I want to see!

Emma and Hook’s relationship resonates with me because it’s so real. Snow & Charming I love but I feel like that kind of “we shall do everything together” type of love is very hard to relate to. Emma and Hook are more on a level that I can understand and they still get epic moments. Emma’s issues are never dismissed but Hook understands them and vice versa.

I’m just really excited for this one … and the rest of the season!!!

I don’t think the world has enough ambulances for all the CSers that just died.

tale as old as next time: the blanket fort’s beauty & the beast review

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Basically, this is me and probably the rest of the of Beauty & the Beast fandom right now. 

The good news:  the live action movie is nice and entertaining enough, with its own kind of charm.  The bad news:  the original animated film is still complete and utter perfection.  The live action movie can’t even hold a candle to it. 

And no, I don’t think it’s unfair to compare the two.  If you create what is really an unnecessary remake of the legendary Disney animated film that forced the Academy to create a category for Best Animated Picture, because it could and should’ve won the actual Best Picture Award, then you’ve got some seriously big shoes to fill.  Good remakes and re-imaginings have been done before (the Charlton Heston Ben-Hur, anyone?).  This movie needed to be balls-to-the-wall amazingly good. 

The problem is that it’s just in that category of “okay,” “nice” and “it’s entertaining.”  

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(Spoiler time - you have been warned)

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I really want the last season of Once to be really mundane. No magical beasts, no curses, just… Henry going to school and Regina complaining about something stupid Snow said and Emma and David running the sheriff’s station and family game nights and just regular people scenes like tonight’s bar scene. Is that too much to ask?

All we know about the little girl in the finale is that she had a bad home life, right? I don’t know who she is, I don’t even have a theory, but I want Captain Swan to adopt her. Like, maybe it’s just temporary at first. They take her home for a few nights until they figure out what to do with her. And everyone is so kind to her. Emma, Killian, Henry, Snow, Charming… They all treat her as if she’s always been a part of their family. But she’s still waiting for the day they get rid of her, because that’s all she’s ever known. And Emma, who remembers being in that exact same situation 1000 times before, is determined to keep her. And really, after getting to know her, none of them can imagine their life without her in it. And gradually she begins to believe that they all really do love her. And in CS’s house, you look at the walls, and you see her in all their family pictures. And pictures with Henry on the first day of school. And pictures of just her. And the first time Killian and/or Emma introduces her as their daughter she nearly cries. And when Emma gets pregnant she gets scared again that they won’t want her anymore, but they’re just like, “You’re gonna be a big sister!” And they all live happily ever after!

Fic: How Lucky We Are (6/?) (M)

Author’s note: Thank you all for your patience! This verse is so much fun; I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did writing it.

Summary: What happens when a revenge obsessed pirate meets a princess at a ball?

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 6

Emma stared at Tinkerbelle, flabbergasted. Nothing made sense. “Not Blue? Tink, you must be mistaken. That makes no sense!”

Tinkerbelle simply looked worried and sad. “Emma, I know what I saw. I’ve known Blue for a long time. That fairy wasn’t her. I swear. It’s hard to forget the woman who banished you.”

If Tinkerbelle was right, then the corridor was no place to discuss such things. She grabbed the other woman’s hand and nodded up the hall. “My room’s just ahead. We can talk there.” She could also find out if Killian was back from his interrogation.

Emma threw open the door, looking around eagerly for her pirate. “Killian? You here?” Only silence greeted her. “Killian? Tinkerbelle is here?” More silence. Don’t panic, she thought wildly. There could be a dozen reasons he wasn’t back yet.

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still obsessing over the fact that killian had no hesitations to climb that stupidly massive bean stock again just for a chance to get him back to emma. didnt matter that the last time they did it, they both almost died, like there was no thought even there, he was gonna do that and no one, not even charming, was gonna stop him, and to make sure of that he basically just spills out the first time he fell in love with his wife to her dad to make him really understand that he would do literally anything to get back to the love of his life

Is it just me who’s really happy to see Snowing disagreeing about Captain Swan’s wedding. I can totally just imagine Snow wanting Emma to have this huge wedding with the big princess dress and Charming being all like no, I know that’s not what Emma wants. That’s just how I see it going down? Honestly, super happy to see this. I can’t wait.

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Going with ur previous answer, they could also put Emma in a coma like charming was in season 1, that would explain them needing her for at least 1 ep and allow them to just reuse scenes of her lying in bed as necessary. It would also allow them to keep her young and explain why she's not trying to get back to killian from some separation.

Very, very true. She could also be cursed or in a coma or some other magical element that’s keeping her from Killian. I really do think that stuff with Emma in the finale in regards to Killian is the key to Killian’s arc in the 7th season. I’ve been thinking that since I watched the episode and nothing really panned out from it. Those were very specific moments that had no actual follow through and I think that was deliberate. Same way the Operation Best Man came up in the recap, but never once came up in the finale itself. Why was that there then? What key does that hold to the story if it’s not a part of the episode itself…

Unless you got someone on Netflix binge watching the series and carrying right on into Season 7, with no four month break in between and an entire season to watch in real time like us live watchers… then it makes sense to have that be a key moment to recall from the narrative…