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jstor is a wonderful resource, but it’s also dangerous because you’ll start out reading articles related to your lit essay and then before you know it it’s 3am and you’ve wasted the whole night reading about the perceived threat of witchcraft towards fishing vessels in 18th century dorset

Barbie Cosplay Appreciation Post

***All credit to the owners of the cosplays and their Instagram accounts.

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why plagg’s grumpy ass is good for adrien

so when i first started watching ML, I was lowkey pissed about the fact that Adrien got the asshole kwami

like, don’t get me wrong, i love Tikki with Marinette… but poor Adrien has such a shitty life that honestly he doesn’t need some rude grumpy cat spirit fucking things up for him further

like why couldn’t my sad cat son have a positive, supportive kwami like Tikki?

i was salty

but recently… i’ve realized that Plagg is actually perfect for Adrien

think about it. plagg consistently does 2 things:

1. piss adrien off

2. break the rules

you may thnk that these are not good!!! but ur wrong

think about it: adrien is the Perfect Son. he’s a model. he’s gotta smile allllll the time and be perfectly polite and constantly impress important people. he’s not allowed to express anger at his father or nathalie because they’ll just make his life more hellish. he’s literally forced to constantly be calm, cool, collected, AND charming. adrien is literally not ALLOWED to be angry

so what does plagg do? make him angry. plagg helps adrien stop repressing all his emotions. he makes himself a convenient target for adrien to express his frustration towards. he gives adrien an outlet for all of his irritation. and in doing so, he lowkey reaffirms that it’s okay for adrien to be angry. plagg is like the one person adrien can actually get away with being angry at, and plagg delights in it. it AMUSES him to see adrien angry. it’s actually a really healthy way for adrien to get out his frustrations, as clearly plagg isn’t hurt or offended when adrien gets pissed at him

additionally, adrien is clearly the type of dude who doesn’t break the rules. ever. like, the day that he snuck off to school was probably the first time he had ever actually done something he wasn’t supposed to. he’s been trained his entire life to be obedient, and there’s a 95% chance he has a complex about breaking the rules. he probably has a heart attack every time he even thinks about stepping out of line as his civilian self. so what does plagg do? break the rules and get him in trouble

plagg helps show adrien that some rules are stupid and ought to be broken. he demonstrates that the world isn’t gonna end if adrien does something wrong. he helps adrien get comfortable with the idea of not being perfect and messing up sometimes. he pushes adrien to be a little bit less rigid and obedient, and a little more human and flawed

in his own grumpy way, plagg is showing adrien that it’s okay not to be perfect and allowing him to really be himself, not just the actual poster boy of a perfect son

tldr; plagg is actually lowkey helping adrien recover from years of psychological trauma

i got back from the con today with merch and i had to clear out a whole tier of my bookshelf that usually holds art supplies to have display room for my overflow of anime shit =_=;

Haha, but what if, instead of secretly collecting Ladybug merch and obsessing over her, Adrien likes to collect little presents that he thinks she’ll like, but he’s just never had the courage to give them to her


Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017

First part of the show was very urban, Parisian looks, than collection became ultra floral; lot’s of bright color dresses with graphic and flowers effect, until the finale when model Coco Rocha strolled down in a organza wings wedding dress without shoes. For me the best silhouette was exit 42: White jacket and white trousers embroidered with flowers and green long shirt printed with exotic flowers, worn by Jenaye Noah daughter of Yannick Noah. She was so elegant!

“For this season my inspiration came from stress of the city that makes me feel to go to nature, to go to a simple and essential life. I wanted to create joyful, peaceful, funny, charming and romantic collection. It is the story of the town girl that changes and transforms from a very urban person that goes to countryside, citizen that becomes a farmer! “ said the designer Jean Paul in the backstage in a short interview.

reasons ffxv is unplayable:

-you cannot jump on top of cars and do sick stunts
-you cannot date prompto