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Early Morning Drive

A cute, flirty little Jax x Reader at four in the mornnnnnn.

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You sit in the corner of the clubhouse, trying to ignore the blaring music and giggling women enough to finish off your work. You’d promised Gemma that the accounts for TM would be sorted by tomorrow, and you didn’t want to let her down, especially since you’d only had the job for a couple months.

The unmistakable sound of smacking lips makes you clench your fist, the other hand holding the pen squeezing so hard the plastic begins to bend, the nib digging painfully into your palm.

Slamming your notebook shut, you grab your bottle of water, almost sending a croweater flying as you barge your way out of your seat. Fortunately, nobody notices as you force your way past clouds of smoke and tangled bodies, until your foot finds the start of the ladder.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you reach the top of the roof, inhaling the uncontaminated air and appreciating the silence, the dull thud of music and distance police sirens being quiet enough for you to deal with.

Many minutes later, you drop the pen upon the pages, smiling in accomplishment. You check your phone, the time displaying just past four am, the hours having slipped away from you whilst shifting through the piles and piles of bank statements and receipts, the information now stacked neatly upon your pages.

You slip down the metal ladder softly, not wanting to wake whoever was releasing the animalistic snores that were currently filling your ears. With expert skill, you manage to locate your bag underneath the mess of empty beer bottles and naked bodies, slinging the strap over your shoulder before tiptoeing towards the double doors, soundlessly moving between them and out onto the parking lot.

“You’re late tonight.”

You jump at the intrusion of company, your heart thumping desperately inside of your chest. “Is this the walk of shame?”

You roll your eyes, smiling slightly, before making your way over to the male, leaning against the pillar in front of him. “I hope my hair wouldn’t look this good if I was doing the walk of shame.”

Jax grins in response, his nimble fingers tapping delicately on his cigarette, the ash falling away onto the concrete. “Depends on who’s bed you were leaving.”

“How about yours?” you hum bravely, enjoying the raise of his eyebrows, the shock in his expression evident. His eyes drink you in as they dance down your body, burning lust heavy in their gaze.

“That can be arranged.” You blush furiously, feeling out of your depth, wishing you hadn’t made the stupid joke in the first place. You clear your throat, turning your eyes to the side, your legs shaking with anxiousness.

You turn back to his alluring stare, the humour sitting on his lips causing you to relax, something you always found yourself doing around him. “You off home?”

You nod in response, crossing your arms as you watch him crush the stub of nicotine under his foot, the action so simple yet even that makes your heart clench. “Fancy a ride?”

The teasing in his tone let’s you know the innuendo is purposeful, you shaking your head as your lips curve upwards, unable to control your responses around the charming biker.

“Thank you for the offer, but I’ll be fine, honestly.” you respond, the words slipping from your lips only ringing half true. “No point in making you go out of your way.”

“What if I told you I wanted to?” he challenges, the playfulness gone from his face, replaced by a serious yet welcoming expression. The intensity in his eyes is almost too much as you search for words, your vocabulary a bustle of jumbled letters when under his spell.

“Really?” you ask quietly, your voice unstable as you fumble with your bag strap, trying to seem less nervous than you truly feel.

“I’d be honoured.” he confirms, his pearly whites making an appearance as he grins at you. A hot flush rushes up your body as you bite the inside of your lip, unable to control the flapping of butterflies within your stomach.

“I’d like that.” He swipes his tongue across his lower lip at your words, seemingly pleased at your response. “Lead the way.”

He does as you say, your footsteps following just behind his as you make your way over to his Harley, your arm slipping through the other strap of your back pack, ensuring it’s not going to fly off during transit.

“You ever been on a bike before?” he asks, no judgement in his tone, just curiosity.

“Nah. Always wanted to, though.” you admit, running your fingers along the metal machine. “Seems exhilarating.”

“Well,” Jax starts, fitting a helmet gently onto your head, his fingers brushing against your skin as he clips it shut. “I hope it lives up to expectations.”

“I’m sure it will.” you whisper to yourself, admiring the way his arms flex as he starts the engine, the bike roaring to life under his touch.

“Hop on.” You do as directed, mounting the bike rather well considering its your first experience, though your fingertips hesitate, not knowing where to grab onto. “Around my waist, darlin’. Don’t be shy, now.”

You’re glad he can’t see you as your cheeks turn scarlet, your arms wrapping around his torso, his chiseled stomach resting underneath your touch.

After you’re holding on properly, Jax double checks with you one more time before zipping out of the lot, a slight squeal leaving your lips as you tighten your grip around him. The wind rushes through your hair as he guides you through the empty roads, the street lamps accompanied by the early morning sky creating a beautiful glow upon Charming.

No matter how loud the engine rumbles, or how fast it seems to go, you know you couldn’t feel more safe than you do right now, and part of you wishes you could stay this way forever.

You feel yourself deflate as you approach the familiar street, Jax pulling smoothly to a stop outside of your house. Trying to hide the disappointment in your face, you hop off the bike, Jax killing the engine before kicking out its stand.

“Thank you.” you say, his fingers brushing yours as you pass him your helmet, your other hand attempting to smooth down the stray tendrils upon your head. “I see why you love your bike so much.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” he smirks, his confidence shining through. “Maybe we could make it a regular thing.”

You freeze, not expecting those words to leave his lips in the slightest. Your shock must be evident, a chuckle leaving his lips as he reaches out to you, sweeping a loose lock of hair behind your ear. “See you tomorrow, darlin’. Sweet dreams.”

Just like that, he’s gone, speeding down the sleeping street, leaving you a mess of nerves and excitement in his wake.

A/N - I’m backkkk!!! So so so so sorryyyyyy I’ve been gone for what feels like forever. I lost my inspiration, then my phone deleted everything and I just never got around to getting the app back on my phone. But I wrote this this morning, within maybe an hour or so, so I’m hoping this is the start of getting back into it! I really hope you guys liked this, thank you for all the continued support while I’ve been gone, it truly means the world to me ❤